you won't believe what Elon Musk said about Tesla Stock Price today!

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You will not believe what Elon Musk said about Tesla stock price today! Does Elon Musk think Tesla is overvalued? Does Elon Musk think that Tesla is undervalued? I will talk about what Elon Musk said about Tesla stock price and give you my opinion on Tesla.

A lot of people think that Tesla stock price is overvalued but does the great Elon Musk think the same thing? Does he think that Tesla stock price is going to be lower or higher in 5 years? I will go in depth about this and give you my personal opinion about Tesla stock price.

Leave me a comment with your opinion about what Elon Musk said. Also do you think Tesla is a stock to buy at the current valuation? Or is Tesla a stock to watch?

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Well there he is the man the myth the legend himself Ilan musk aka, also known as Ilan Musketeer Ilan must get in many other names. How is that guy gotten a better look and as time went on, it just doesn’t make any sense.

He’s better looking nowadays than it was 20 years ago. I’m just still trying to figure out that one. But we got some big news in regards to Elan musk in what he has said here today about Tesla’s stock price. Okay, big news and I want to give my opinion in this video on basically what Ilan Musk has said about Tesla stock price here today because this is a big one. Okay, hope you guys enjoy today’s video.

As always, if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up. Let’s get into this case. Tesla stock price has already risen over 400% this year, but CEO Ilan Musk said in an interview that he thinks the company will be worth more in five years in an interview with Kara Swisher for the New York Times podcast, he says some critical mass of the market has concluded that Tesla will win I guess said musk on the stock price increase.

I’ve gone record and already said the stock price had been too high. And that was well before the current level will be for the current level. But also if you ask me Do I think if Tesla will be worth more than this in five years?

I think the answer is yes. This is a big statement of Elan musk because he’s basically saying the stock price is overvalued. However on the flip side he also believes in five years from now the stock price will be higher than it is today quite a dramatic thing let’s just give you a must on respect for men Okay,

There aren’t I mean how many said that the stock market for 12 years now okay taking this stuff super serious for 12 years I don’t know of another CEO I’ve ever seen that comes out and publicly says their stock price is too high or it’s overvalued something like that.

Like that’s just that’s next level stuff. Okay, that is super, super rare. I you just don’t find that if anything, you know, CEOs are trying to get stock prices up, not try to get their stock prices down just crazy. Okay.

In May, Musk tweeted that Tesla stock price was quote too high, which senate down 12% that day cover since he made those remarks which are just what four months ago or so, shares are up almost 200% on real. In the wide ranging interview musk also said Tesla at this point is not in mortal danger.

As it was say three years ago he added the thing that Tesla has been able to achieve is get to volume manufacturing and have sustainable positive free cash flow. From a car company standpoint. This is a real achievement of Tesla said Ilan musk Tesla should be measured by how many years we accelerate the advent of sustainable energy said Ilan musk. Wait. Interesting. Okay.

Now you see headlines all over the place here today. You must say Tesla stock might be overvalued but it might be worth more than five years. But just I mean, the fact that anything gets brought up in regards to Ilan musk saying the stock price could be too high or anything like that.

I mean, it makes you kind of think Tesla’s stock price must be down and down and down and down and down here today. And so let’s log into the public account and know Tesla stock is up today. Okay, it’s up 3.67% here today. All right.

Tesla stock has literally added I think around 14 or $15 billion worth of market capitalization here today. I mean, you think the stock would have been down big with all those headlines, all that stuff. But Ilan musk thinking Tesla stock price might be too high, you think it would be down? No, it’s up okay, way outperforming the market here today. Okay.

Now, I’m somebody that’s been valuing companies now seriously, for 12 years. I am a Tesla investor. And so what is my opinion on what Ilan Musk said about Tesla’s stock price and his overall opinion about Tesla stock price came? First off, I 100% agree with him that if you’re looking at a short term basis, Tesla stock price is too high.

It is overvalued if all you’re judging tests off of is short term metric and where the company is today, versus you know, the market cap and things like that. I mean, it’s a big market cap. It’s like 300. And what was a 60 $70 billion? massive Okay, trailing P of 936, four P of 116. Price to sales ratio of 14.4.

Any of these numbers you look at if you’re just judging this company market cap versus where they’re at today, it makes literally no sense. I mean, it’s way overvalued. So I 100% agree with Elan musk on that. Okay, keep in mind stock prices aren’t just reflecting what’s going on with the company today.

A lot of times they’re supposed to reflect what’s going on with that company three years out five years out from now. Okay. And the question is you got to ask yourself is what’s going to happen over the next five years? 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 What is going on with this company over the next five years?

Okay, well, this company by the end of 2025, should be doing revenue of probably around $150 billion. if not more, okay? I mean, that’s a substantial uptake from here, the next five years of growth on top line should be massive, but then might pale in comparison compared to the growth on the bottom line, this company, if you go out past 2025, this company should be doing net income of over $10 billion.

Now that number could move around based upon many different factors. How much does the company trying to grow in other segments, trying to build out infrastructure for other business segments autonomous taxi network is something that lose money in the short term, if that’s something that’s rolling in a major way, four or five, six years out. So there’s a lot of moving parts there.

But eating with those moving parts, and assuming Tesla continues to reinvest in the business, big time thing continues to add additional cost to the business, this company should still be doing around 10 billion plus dollars of net income if you go out to those years, okay.

And they should also be the dominant auto player in the world where right now if you just look at where Tesla’s at 2020 that’s starting to be respected as obviously the dominant Evie player, and like an overall like, you know, fast growing company, a company is still growing this year.

I mean, every automaker is gonna see their sales go down dramatically in 2020. Here Tesla’s actually growing. So we’re at an inflection point where tests are starting to be taken more and more serious.

But if you go out five years from now, six years from now, this will be seen as the dominant auto player in the world. In my personal opinion, there’s no doubt in my mind, okay. And also, hardly anybody will want to buy a new gas car after 2025,

I can tell you that, I think there’s going to be a massive change in consumer sentiment and the way people think about vehicles, basically, over the next three, five years, and after 2025 it’s almost impossible for me to imagine somebody going on to a car dealer parking lot, and in buying a new gas car, okay, a new ice vehicle, we all use, the US market will continue to thrive in terms of you know, gas cars, ice vehicles for at least the next decade or two, okay?

But new sales, look for those to begin to get like non existent five years out from now, okay, which is going to be a huge boom for Tesla. Never mind if you add stuff like this, California’s ban on new gas cars further up ends auto industry, talking about 2035.

After that, it’ll be like illegal to basically sell a new gas car in California. And don’t be surprised if some rules like that get kind of put out there more and more over time in other states, and you look at something like that, that’s just kind of fuel to the fire.

But I don’t even think that stuff matters at the end the day, I just think there’s going to be more and more people wanting Tesla’s just flat out more and more me people love Tesla. People want Tesla’s product.

It’s a great product. It’s very similar to what happened with smartphones versus flip phones and feature phones, right? The smartphone experience was just so much better than the feature phones, the flip phones, things like that, that smartphones ended up winning out over time and became a bigger and bigger thing. And you look at something like Tesla’s right, and I’m talking about Tesla’s today in the market,

I’m not even talking about what they’re going to have in the market five years from now, today in the market, we’re talking about cars, that the driving experience is second to none, you hit the accelerator and that baby just goes, Okay, the car can drive itself around. I mean, it’s unbelievable what the vehicles can do today, how great the experience is today, never mind where this company is going to be at five years from now.

It’s just gonna completely make everything else look irrelevant over time. It’s very similar to how smartphones made flip phones, feature phones, you know, just like the irrelevant over time, like I vehicles, I think we’re gonna look back at 510 15 years from now and be like, well, we, we used to actually drive those things around. I mean, after you drive a Tesla, and you have to go drive a nice vehicle, it’s almost comical.

Let’s just put it that way. It’s like, you can’t even compare these things. Okay. And here’s the thing, even after 2025, even if we go out past five years from now, Tesla will still be a growth beast. Like, it’s not like this company is just going to grow like crazy for the next five years.

And then they stopped growing. No, Tesla has literally at least a decade plus of growth in front of this company just based upon the product pipeline that they have now. Okay, just based upon the product pipeline they have now, okay, if we want to go out, we want to start thinking about 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030.

Okay, they will be the biggest auto player in the world, there’s 0% doubt in my mind that Tesla will be the biggest auto player and they’ll be the most dominant auto player, in my opinion, that we will have seen in basically modern history.

Let’s just put it that way when we start going on to those years, okay, it you know, unless somebody somehow comes out and just starts, like and builds a company that grows way faster than Tesla, which is completely unrealistic because Tesla’s reach scale and the only ones that ever had a chance to even try to compete in that space with a big auto players, but those guys are all 357 years behind.

if they’ll ever get to the place Tesla’s today, nevermind, a tough sell keeps running. There’s going to keep accelerating that race. Okay, they just keep accelerating faster and faster. Okay. Autonomous taxi network. How big is it?

autonomous taxi network going to be okay. I mean, literally just think about that for a moment, how big is that market gonna be? I think Tesla might win that market. And then more and more I’ve thought about it over time, the more and more I’m convinced that tussle with autonomous taxi network and that’s a game changer in the transportation industry for ever.

Okay, think about the energy business reaching mass scale. This is a business that right now investors aren’t even I mean, most investors aren’t really looking at this as that big of a thing where that important. And you know, this could be the AWS for Tesla, the energy business, okay.

And we’ve heard, you know, certain individuals Ilan musk and some others, okay, talk about the energy business and how it could be potentially as big as auto business long term. Just think about that for a moment. That’s something most investors don’t even think about.

You know, none of my bullish case, for the most part, when I got in the stock about a year or two ago was really around the energy business, it was all around autonomous taxi networks and what the car company was doing, in general in terms of the vehicle being better than how they thought that would be the biggest auto player in the future and things like that.

Imagine if that energy business continues to scale over the next, you know, 510 years, App Store services, think about it once there’s 10s of millions, if not hundreds of millions of Tesla’s on the road, right?

There’s gonna be a ton of App Store developers that want in that app ecosystem and subscription models and things like that. No different than obviously, it’s huge in the smartphone space. So App Store services, things like that going to be huge profit centers for Tessa, long term, nevermind future products and services coming from Tessa over the next five to 10 years. Okay.

I mean, just think about the product pipeline right now for Tesla is about the most exciting you’ll find of any public company or any company in the world period, never mind what they’re likely come out with five years from now, 10 years from now, and how many game changing products they’ll come out with over that period of time. Okay.

And so when you look at Tesla, if the company, let’s just imagine for a moment, Tesla’s valuation doesn’t move for the next five years, okay, it stays exactly where it is, which let’s just say is a little under $400 billion market cap arrayed around there. And we’re five years into the future, okay.

I think if this company is valued at $400 billion, are somewhere around here, five years from now, I think we’ll look at this company as under valued and as an undervalued stock, which is just wild to think about for a moment, because everybody’s talking about is tough, so overvalued right now.

And I think if the stock price stays around where it is, and it’s still here in five years from now, people would be looking at Tesla and be like, that’s a deal. Oh, you’re only 400 billion for Tesla. That’s a deal. Okay, crazy. And that’s exactly where I think we could go.

And when I started getting involved with this stock a year, two years ago, right, I looked at this company, and I said it was really really significantly undervalued. I mean, a lot of short sellers talking about was overvalued.

I’m like, what this is one of the more undervalued companies I have found, and obviously it’s done tremendously. Well. And, you know, so yeah, I’m 100% agreement tough, the stock price likely going to be higher in five years than it is today.

And in terms of stock price in the short term, you know, the valuation is too high on short term, but long term, man that’s what everybody’s in the stock for the long term vision and mission and thank you, for you on musk just being quite frank about the stock price.

I really appreciate that. And that’s one of the you know, I always look for like trust in a management team and I can definitely trust the management team that’s not trying to pump their own stock price.

They’re just they’re just calling it the way they see it and I absolutely love that. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind smashing that thumbs up it helps out the YouTube channel massively those of you want to try to apply to get in my private stock group you can do so down there first link in the description, you can go ahead and apply down there.

And if you’re ever get in that, that stock group and your Tesla shareholder Tesla fan, make sure you join us in the Tesla chat. We just talked about Tesla stock all day and there what’s going on with the copening visions for the future and things like that. It’s pretty fun if you own Tesla stock that is Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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