Wynn Will I Take My Massive Profit and Run?

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Good day subscribers. Thank you so much for joining me today I am Jeremy, this is the financial education channel. And today we’re talking about when should I sell-off that wind position guys, the one that is up massively. The second-biggest position in the entire portfolio. Guys, when should I sell is off.

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First off? Let’s look at this since we got in this one, we’re up over 145%. That’s a little over a year and a half ago. So first off, that’s like, ridiculous. So we got to get into Well, I sell this off, what price? Will I sell it off? Those kinds of things.

So if you know anything about the way I do my portfolio, right? There’s always two stocks I have that are kind of what I call the big dog stocks, okay, those ones make up the majority of the portfolio money. Those ones are my horses, those ones are those ones I’m going to ride and I believe in the most Okay, then after that.

I usually have about two to four other stocks that I call minor positions that are kind of like smaller positions, they might be four finger positions might be five finger positions, but usually small five finger positions. But the two main dogs are the two main dogs. And when is one of those two main, you know, main dogs, I call it big dogs.

So this one 145% gain, we’re up on this one right off the bat that’s like ridiculous. I mean, when I go into a stock, I’m always trying to get 30 to 40% return that like that’s what I aim for 30 to 40% return per year on a stock, right? This one’s up 100 over 145% guys in a little over a year and a half time like if this one was up somewhere around, let’s say 45% to 50%.

Right now, as far as being in a little over a year and a half, like I would be more than happy with that, like I would be thrilled with how the position went right? This one’s up 145%. So one, I can’t let that cloud my judgment. As far as deciding whether to sell this or not.

I also can’t let a cloud my judgment on future investments and think while I need to make 145% every time I go into a stock now within a year and a half time because that’s just unrealistic. That’s just not going to happen. Most times this was a special situation with a special company with a special CEO in a special industry I really understood.

So the first thing I like to look at really as I like to look at the forward p E. Okay, the forward p and this one is at a 2030. All right, that is not that high, especially for the kind of market we’re in right now. We got companies that are mostly trading in the 30s 40s 50s.

Right now, we got companies that are trading at massive valuations that aren’t even profitable. So the fact that this one is trading at a forward p e of 23, especially in today’s market, that’s a pretty dang low p E. But then I like to kind of view Well, where’s growth going to come is there growth coming within this in the stock within like the next year or two, because if there is sometimes I don’t want to get out of if we’re still in a growth mode, right?

And Wynn resorts position here, they’re still in growth mode. Look at this here. This is new news here. So Macau gross casino, gross gaming revenue for November is on track to expand between 12 to 15%. year on year. Alright guys, so Macau as a whole is growing, which is great for the wind properties, we got Wynn palace that’s getting more and more popular.

Okay, it’s still barricaded in because of all the other properties and construction around it, those are going to start clearing up within the next few months, right. So that property just in itself is going to be doing better and better more than likely. And then you’ve got the whole market expanding 12 to 15%.

That’s even better news for when because they capture much more of the high end, which can push numbers up more than 12 to 15%. Right. So this is just phenomenal news all around in as long as the market keeps growing. And then we look at this here when spending nearly $100 million near land near casino and that’s for the wind Boston property, which is opening up within about about 18 months give or take a month there you can see the towers coming together.

Very nice. That’s that’s the construction is looking great there. So that property is going to be pretty big. I mean, I can definitely see that property bringing in an extra 100 million $200 million dollars in profit per year on the net income line. So that’s big for the company.

So when I look at when I’m like well, it’s trading at 23 P, you got Macau growth, great growth right now going forward, you got winpalace getting more and more popular you got when Boston open up that could potentially add 100 $200 million to that net income line opening up here in about an 18 month span.

I’m like, do I really want to get rid of this one? I know I’m up huge and you always risk Oh, well what if the stock goes bad, then you lose some of your gains and that would stink? Absolutely. But when I look at this one I’m like, you know I’m not sure I really want to sell it because of what all the things that he has going for. And the fact that it’s at a 23 forward PE so for that reason.

I can’t really see myself selling when right now. But you know if it went up to maybe 170 180 and maybe with health growth, Macau growth wasn’t as fast or something. Then maybe at that point I get out of it. Maybe at the you know, above $200 probably for sure get out. But here at 100 in I think we’re at $150 a share.

I’m not I’m not feeling like I need to get out of this one right now guys but I just I did the hardest thing with great games like this in a stock that’s a big dog position of yours The hardest thing is just not expecting that to always be that way not expecting all the next one I need to make 150% or it’s a failure because these types of situations are rare and you know when they happen it’s great it’s a blessing in those kinds of things guys.

So anyways, let me know in the comments section if you’ve ever had to deal with this situation wondering when to sell a position you’re up huge on and whatnot and let me know if you guys enjoyed this hit a thumbs up if you did. If you’re newer to the stock market.

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