Why I Am Buying Tesla Stock Like Crazy

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I am purchasing Tesla stock quite considerably lately, and there are 3 reasons why. The first reason I am buying a lot of Tesla stock lately is that the Shanghai gigafactory is going to open up soon. The Tesla Shanghai gigafactory has been built at a ridiculous pace and should open very soon. Elon Musk is supposed to show off the first China-built model 3 tomorrow!

The second reason I am buying a lot of Tesla stock right now is the fact that model y will go into production in 2020. i think the Tesla model y has massive potential for the company and will propel the stock to new levels never reached in its stock market history. Revenues should fly high once Model Y goes into mass production in 2021. The Tesla Model 3 is a great selling electric car but will likely be outdone by the Tesla model y.

The third reason has to do with the stock fallacy of a stock doing nothing for years and people assume it will continue that way. I believe Tesla stock will eventually reach a place of no return. I need my position built-in, Tesla, before that!

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Well, guys, I’ve been loading up on Tesla stock very recently. All right, there are three things I want to accomplish in today’s video. Okay, the first one is how much have I bought worth of Tesla stock in the past 24 hours. I’m gonna actually show you some screenshots on three different accounts, I bought Tesla stock in the past 24 hours.

Okay, number two thing I want to accomplish in today’s video, is I want to give you the three reasons why I am buying a lot of Tesla stock right now specifically and not waiting for a few months down the road or something like that. I want to share exactly why I’m buying these shares right now.

Okay, number three thing I want to accomplish in today’s video is basically answer Am I going to be buying any more Tesla stock? Or am I done buying Tesla stock now at this point in time, okay. Now there are four different accounts, I own Tesla stock. And so if this video hits 2999 thumbs up or more, I will do a video next week where basically I show you all four accounts I own Tesla shares in and exactly my cost basis is guys.

So as always hope you enjoy today’s video, let’s start getting into it. All right. So in just in the past 24 hours in three different accounts, I bought Tesla shares, okay, the first one here, I bought one t Tesla shares, these ones I got at a price of $218.75.

And this was literally just yesterday I bought these particular shares, it’s in a margin account, but I’m not buying them on margin, it just takes at least I think it’s three days, three business days for the money to clear and the money hadn’t cleared.

So it’s on margin for three days, and then we’ll go off when some money Claire’s, but I bought $4,379.96 worth of shares in this particular account here. Okay, so that’s a pretty big move there. And in another account today, I went ahead and bought some more Tesla shares, okay, in this particular account, I bought nine shares worth at $216.58.

There, this one was just under a $2,000 move there in that particular account, that account we didn’t have many types of shares in. And then also in my 401k account, a retirement account, whenever you want to call it, I went ahead and I had some extra money laying around that one. So I went ahead and bought eight shares in that particular account at $216.75.

There, that was a $1,739.02 cent move there. So needless to say, it’s a pretty decent amount of money. We’ve stuffed into Tesla stock here within just the past 24 hours. Okay, let’s get into number two. Now, what are the three reasons why I’m buying so much Tesla stock literally right now? Okay. The first one is I want to talk about the stock price of Tesla for a minute here.

Okay, what I did basically pulled up here is a five year chart for Tesla stock. And if you notice, the stock price of Tesla was literally higher back in 2014, than it is today. First off, how ridiculous is that? like think about Tesla, many, many years ago, it was nothing more than just hype and like hope that things could work out for Tesla in the future.

Okay, whereas nowadays, you look at Tesla’s business model, and, you know, they’re gonna probably do somewhere between 25 and $30 billion worth of revenues this year, they’ll probably do well over $30 billion worth of revenues next year. And they’re actually like a massive, massive company now at this point in time. So to have a stock price, that’s actually technically lower than it was, you know, years and years ago, like just First off, that’s ridiculous.

Okay, but the second off, like, like, when you look at a stock price like that it can lull you to sleep, it can be like, Oh, it’s a sleepy stock, I have all the time in the world to buy the stock, it hasn’t really done anything for years.

And this is a mindset some investors can come across when they see a stock that hasn’t moved in years, because sometimes there’s like a stock that’s moving up and moving up and moving up. And people are running in those chairs to buy them as soon as possible, because like, Oh my gosh, the stock just keeps going up and up and up against I need to get my position built, oh my gosh, I got to buy shares.

And that could, you know, make the stock go up more and more and more. But when you have a stock that hasn’t moved, and I really hasn’t done much in years, sometimes it loads people to sleep, and even if that stock is a great value, and even if that stock has tremendous growth in front of it, and maybe it’s undervalued.

A lot of people will say, you know what, I’ll just wait another few weeks. I’ll just wait a few more months. It’s no reason for me to put any money in the stock now because look at it hasn’t done anything in years. Okay. Let me show you some other examples of stocks that have loaned people asleep, okay, we go look at Amazon stock, Amazon stock in 2003.

You could have bought the stock for about 54 bucks a share, okay. 2003 you go five years into the future. And you could have gotten the stock even cheaper $51 a share. So Amazon was definitely a stock that was lowing people to sleep for many, many years. Okay, I’m not saying Tesla’s the next Amazon or something like that.

But if you look at some of these great, you know, Goliath, big tech companies, sometimes they just get, you know, flat out overvalued. And if we go back to you know, Tesla back in 2014, in my opinion, that was a company that was severely overvalued. I looked into Tesla way back then.

And I looked at this company, I was like, for what Were doing at that time it was way overvalued stock and then happens sometimes with these stocks, they get way overvalued, and then they actually start doing everything they were supposed to do. And then the stock becomes actually undervalued at some of these situations like what but Amazon stock was absolutely a stock that little people asleep because it did nothing.

It did absolutely nothing for years and years and years. And then from 2008 It’s a $50 stock 2019 You know, it was almost $2,000 a share. Okay, so it was it was a little bit of a difference there. Netflix another stock that lol people asleep. So 2011 you can get this stock for 37 bucks a share, you fast forward, you know, all the way to 2014 this was a $46 stock.

So the stock literally had done hardly anything in years and years and years. And keep in mind 2011 and 2014 was actually a time when the stock market was doing very, very well. And tons of stocks were going up a lot. Would you had this Netflix stock? like are they doing anything and by the way, that time was basically you know, Netflix was switching from DVD model to streaming a lot of people were scared of Netflix stock at that particular time.

But he didn’t say that stock hardly did anything for years and years and years while the stock market was going crazy. Okay, next one up here is Nvidia This one’s really crazy. You want to talk about a stock that really hold people to sleep. Look at Nvidia 2006 2006 this was a stock that you buy for basically $24 a share 2425 bucks a share in 2006, you fast forward a decade and it was $31 a share.

Nvidia stock literally almost did nothing for an entire decade. Okay. And sometimes it just happens with some of these stocks, you look at a stock like AMD 2010, you pay eight plus dollars for the stock, okay, in 2015, you could buy the stock for $2. Okay, by the way, AMD is $30 now, so needless to say when I kind of look at something like Tesla stock price, I’m looking at stocks, in my opinion, it’s just way too undervalued.

It was in a stage, you know, many years ago, where it was way too much hype and hope in the stock and the stock was massively overvalued. And now when I look at the stock, I believe it’s you know, they’ve proven so much already and they have so much going for them in the future.

I believe Tesla stocks very undervalued now, and when I look at this stock, I say this is a stock that has lowing people asleep just because it hasn’t done anything in years, people assume it won’t do anything anytime soon. And what ends up happening to some of these stocks, eventually the momentum gets behind them and they get to a place of no return. And they take off, you know, looking at Amazon stock, right?

Eventually that stock, you know reached a place of no return. You look at Nvidia, you look at AMD, you look at a lot of these different stocks that you know, a great tech companies Netflix, you know, eventually they get to a place where Wall Street catches up with what’s going on with the company and they reach a place no return.

I believe Tesla stock that will eventually happen with I don’t know if that’s going to happen in three months from now, six months from now, a year from now two years from now, I do not know when but what I do know is I believe Tesla stock is massively undervalued, I believe it’s going to be a massive growth company into future years.

And I believe this will be a company that makes huge profits in the future. They just aren’t right now. Okay, so that’s reason number one, okay of the three. Now let’s get into Reason number two, why I’m buying the stock heavy right now. And that is because the Shanghai Giga factory is getting ready to open here within the next few months.

All right, Tesla’s first made in China model three to be showcased tomorrow. Alright, so that is pretty exciting. Look at these picture here of the inside of the Giga factory in Shanghai, it is amazing how fast this thing has gone up. Okay, now, first off, there’s still a lot of work to be done with the Giga factory over there in Shanghai.

Okay, they got a lot of work, it should get into some type of decent production, probably within the next three months, but they’re still gonna have a lot of work going on in that factory for at least probably the next six months. Okay, so just keep that in mind.

Like you see some of these pictures coming out and whatnot, there’s still a lot to be done there over the coming months, okay. But needless to say, I’m really, really excited about that Giga factory. I think that’s a game changer for Tesla, in how many vehicles they’re going to be able to sell into the Chinese market, the Chinese market could potentially be the largest market for Tesla.

If you’re looking out three years from now, five years from now, it could literally be the largest individual market for Tesla. And so if I’m thinking about this, I’m like this Gigafactory is opening in the next few months. What if the stock goes crazy once that Gigafactory opens up and they start putting up some huge numbers out of China and those cars are actually much more profitable than the ones they’re selling into North America?

Who knows if that will be the case, but I’m like, oh, okay, I believe the stocks really undervalued here it’s slowing people to sleep they think it’s just going to be like this forever Shanghai Giga is gonna open soon all I need to get this position built out as fast as possible.

Okay, and get it finished off. Okay, that’s reason number two Giga factories in China is going to be opening very, very soon. And then Reason number three has to do with model y. So you have obviously the excitement around Shanghai Giga factory coming here at the end of 2019.

But then in 2020 model y will start being produced in model y has a chance to be the biggest game changing vehicle since model three If not, you know Better seller, then actually model three, when you think about, you know, some people might want a model three, but maybe they want a little more space, which by the way.

I will say, you know, I actually own a model three. And I will say, it’s actually one of the most spacious cars for being not like a huge car that I’ve ever been in my life like I can, I’m six, three, and I can even sit in the backseat. And like my head’s not going through the roof, there are very few cars, where I can sit in the backseat of that car.

And my head’s not like in the roof or something like that. So I will say, you know, that’s pretty amazing about model three, but model y, a lot of people are looking to that as like that family vehicle and get people around. And maybe like the model three, they just look at that. And they’re like, that’s just not enough space, I want something with even a little more headroom, maybe a little more leg room.

So I look at something like a model why, and that really gets a lot of people excited. So that one might have a better chance of selling really well. So if I’m looking at all the excitement coming around the stock over the next year or so, I’m saying, Okay, we got a stock that’s loaning people to sleep.

We had a company that’s now well financed with billions and billions of dollars on that balance sheet that’s in a great position to get the model y lines built out and start going into a great production of model three in China. And I’m looking at all this. And I’m saying, you know, this is a stock that you know, hasn’t moved in years.

And it’s, you know, cheaper price than you could have got a years ago, and I’m looking at all the Unreal things they’re doing. And I think Wall Street has just gotten lost in tough so they just gotten lost in the negativity or not want to be part of the stock.

And the more and more I look at it, the more and more I’m like, Dude, this is a you know, this is one of the few companies in the world that has a chance to five and 10x their business over the next five to 10 years, there are very few companies that you can realistically say that that company has a chance to 5x or 10x or revenues, and become a massively profitable company over the next you know, five or 10 years there’s very few stocks out there.

Tell us is one of those few cases that you can literally look at and be like, dude, I can see how they can literally grow their business 5x or 10x over the next 510 years. Very few companies like that. So when I look at the stock at a $38 billion market cap, whatever it has under 40 billion, I’m looking at the stock and I’m like you know we got to finish getting this position built out as far as Will.

I be buying some more shares I will be buying a little more shares, not a lot of shares. I think I have maybe 10 more shares to add or something like that. So you know just a few more shares I’ll be adding them this stock and then it’ll be fully built out and I’ll just you know it’ll just be a hold for me and we’ll see where this goes over the coming years.

I think we have a great chance to make a ton of money in the stock over time. We’ll see what happens at the end of the day guys but anyways, smash the thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget we hit 2999 likes or more in this video. I’ll go ahead and do a video where I show you all my tests of shares in all my accounts with the cost basis shown Alright guys, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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