Why Does Tesla Stock Just Keep Going Up? Model Y? New Gigafactory? Elon Musk?

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Well, guys Tesla stock recently has been on quite a run. Tesla stock had dipped to below $180 per share a few months back but has now recovered nicely and is sitting around $245 a share. Why has Tesla stock been on a tear you might ask?

Well for starters Elon Musk has been on good Elon Musk behavior. Elon hasn’t done anything lately that the media can pick on him for. Elon Musk by the way if you don’t know is the CEO and main shareholder of Tesla stock. When Elon Musk acts or says something erratic it hurts his personal brand and hurts Tesla’s stock price. People start to look at him and claim that he is unstable or something like that.

Reason 2 is around the Shanghai Gigafactory Tesla is building. The Tesla Gigafactory 3 should be open within months. This is exciting for Tesla and should really open up the Chinese market for Tesla once and for all in a massive way. The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla model y will be made in that factory for China and maybe even other parts of Asia in general.

The 3rd reason is around the Model Y. The Tesla model y will likely go into production at some point in 2020. Now it has been thought that the tesla Model y wouldn’t go into production until late 2020 but now rumors are stating that the Model Y will go into production maybe even in early 2020. We will see what happens but Model Y should do huge numbers when it does come out.

Reason 4 has to do with wiring. There’s is a lot of talks that The Tesla Model Y and future Teslas could use far less wiring than normal. This would bring down the cost to make a Tesla at least a few hundred dollars assuming it is true. It would also lower the weight of a Tesla, so a Tesla could go even further on a full charge.

Reason number 5 is around the lack of competition Elon Musk and Tesla are facing. Here we are in the back half of 2019 and still, we have no competition for Tesla. The bears have talked about competition for the longest time but it is nowhere to be found. The Porsche Taycan starts over $150,000. That’s ummmmm no Bueno dude.

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Well, good day subscribers hope you having a great day out there. As always, if you’re new here I am Jeremy, I am a Tesla shareholder. And I want to go ahead and give some perspective on why people are asking me why Tesla stock continues to go up in the last few months, the stock has gone from under $180 a share to 245 where’s that today?

Okay, that’s about a $65 jump in just the past few months. And some people are wondering, like, why is there this momentum coming back into Tesla stock it looked like you know, at all we’ve been lost, and it was like, in the springtime Tesla stock continued to fall and fall and fall, and then it reached around 180.

And then it’s just been kind of up and up and up and up. And now we’re at about 245 today, and I pin this on five different things on what Wall Street’s looking at and saying, you know what, Tesla’s starting to look pretty attractive here. Okay, now First off, if anybody who thinks like the market matters like what the markets doing for for like Tesla stock price is completely irrelevant.

Okay, how the stock market is doing at a time for Tesla stock is completely irrelevant. It’s one of the only stocks if not the only stock literally in the stock market that doesn’t give an F what is going on the stock market if you want to go ahead and see this okay.

Remember october november into December right in the stock market was an absolute disaster it was going down and down and down and all stocks were getting nailed you know, stocks were down 20% 30% 40% 50% in a very short amount of time. And what was little lonely Tesla’s stock doing it was reaching all time highs, and then we go ahead and we fast forward into the springtime Okay, we go from January and February then we go to March, April, May.

And what was going on in the stock market, the stock market was going up, almost all stocks were going up, and what was Tesla’s stock doing? It was going down and down and down and continue to hit newer newer lows until it reached up around $180 just under $180 just a few months ago, okay, so Tesla’s like the only stock in the stock market that literally the stock market’s great, it means nothing to Tesla stock if the stock market’s crashing.

It means nothing that tells the stock like it literally just doesn’t matter. It does whatever the effort wants to do Okay, so let’s get into these five reasons I hope you guys enjoy this as always make sure you smash the thumbs up button whether you’re a Tesla long all your tests a bear or your anything in between smash that thumbs up button, guys.

So let’s start getting into these five reasons. Okay. Reason number one has to do with the man in front of the company. Mr. Ilan musk. What is Elan musk been doing? Just normal Ilan musk stuff. Okay. If we look at what Ilan has done over the past few months.

There’s nothing we can really point at and say, Oh, that’s bad. Why did Ilan do that? Why Why did Ilan tweet that there’s been nothing the media could go ahead and run with and, you know, make a bunch of stories about Ilan and like distracting from the Tesla mission in Ilan musk mission for the company.

Okay, so I look at Ilan past several months. It’s been good Ilan, there’s been no drama there. There’s been nothing the short sellers can say that. Oh, my gosh. Ilan is acting crazy. Blah, blah, blah. There’s been nothing about that. Okay. Ilan still been in the public okay.

He’s still been doing things he just did a debate very recently about artificial intelligence with jack Ma. So he’s been in the public he still tweets and all those sorts of things, sometimes several times a day, but there’s been nothing he’s tweeted or said or done. That has been, you know, negative for Tesla or negative for his personal brand or anything like that.

And when you’re talking about good Ilan, you’re talking about a man who’s really a visionary and can can do some unbelievable things right? And who massive and massive amounts of people look up to as kind of someone who you know, we have very few people in this world that can really like show us what is truly possible like, like.

I mean, imagine the things they’re doing at SpaceX imagine the things you’re doing a Tesla, like without Ilan Musk, Would any of this be possible? So it’s always great when we have some folks in the world that can show us like, like, you know, the limits or are just our limits we create in our minds, you can do anything you can achieve anything in this world.

So when Ilan is being great Ilan man, it is good for Tesla stock overall, that’s just the bottom line, because none of the media can say Oh, he said this, or the short sell is none of that. Okay. Reason number two has to do with China. Okay, basically, within the next couple months, the China Giga factory is going to open our rate outside of Shanghai.

Okay, so this is really exciting for the company, if you’ve been keeping progress on it on like YouTube, there’s been a lot of like youtubers over there in China and whatnot, which I’m not even sure her the upload onto YouTube in China, but they get it done, okay. And they fly their drones around the China factory, that test has been building over there.

It’s unbelievable how fast it’s gone up. And that should open within next two to three months, which means China is going to be now a real real market opportunity where it went from like a niche market where it was like, you know, extremely expensive to sell Tesla’s into China when they were making them in California, and then getting them all the way over to China then trying to sell them.

No, they’re gonna have a dedicated factory just for the Chinese market for model threes, and then model wise when they come down the road. This is a huge game changer for the company. This is something that will help increase revenue by billions of dollars a year and then I believe these cars will probably be more profitable for Tesla overall, and I think this will Something that helps the company get to consistently net income.

If you’re kind of new here and you don’t really know much about Tesla, Tesla is pretty much always been a company that has lost money on the bottom line, meaning they’re losing more money than basically they have coming in. Okay. And if I look at the China Giga factory, I think that’s going to be a great opportunity for Tesla to go ahead and shift things where they actually start making a profit on the bottom line, which is essential for a business to flourish.

Okay, so that is absolutely a great thing. Okay, reason number three has to do with whether you guys hit this thumbs up button or not. Reason number three has to do with model y. Okay, model y is getting closer and closer and closer. Now they’ve talked a lot about model y could possibly launch in the back half of 2020 at some point, okay.

Now, I think there’s so folks on wall street that are kind of realizing that model y might be this huge thing. This is one of the least hyped Tesla’s Tesla’s ever come out with Okay, your must hasn’t spent a ton of time like super hyping the model y. We haven’t seen the hype, like to an extreme extent from the wall street community and analysts and things like that.

We’ve heard actually very little chatter about the model y. But I think I think some folks are starting to realize, model y is probably going to be the number one seller for tests overall. Okay? Especially if you look at like the USA where people absolutely love SUVs. Okay, people absolutely love SUVs.

And in the good old United States of America, the model y could very much outsell the model three. So imagine the numbers model three are doing and imagine the fact that model three could even increase production again, maybe starting in 2020. Okay, now keep in mind model y could actually outsell that quite a bit.

And so I think there’s some folks out there that are saying this might be one of the few times that you on musk and Tesla in general hasn’t overhyped the product and like put too bullish of numbers out there, this might be something where they actually are kind of quiet about it.

And they come out with some ridiculous numbers when this vehicle goes into full production. And then people realize, oh, man, this is actually a really big thing, okay, and for the model, why much of it is built very, very similar to the model three, meaning that this car you know, could be a profitable car, right from the get go where many.

Tesla’s in the past had been whole new like architectures and like, you know, building them has been like, you know, so much learnings has gone into it right? model y, there’ll be some learnings even still with that vehicle, but much of it is very similar to the model three, which will make the build a lot easier for the company may make profits right from the get go with that vehicle overall.

Okay, so I think people are starting to realize Ilan Musk is on his great behavior, you got the China Giga factory coming in a few months, you have model y coming in 2020. And now there’s even been some rumors that model y might come a little early.

And if that comes early, then that’s something no one even expected that could help out numbers even more, and people are starting to look at all this and they’re like, Okay, this is interesting. Okay. Number four has to do with something very nice, and not a lot of people pay attention to, but it has to do with wiring.

So there’s a lot of talk now that in future Tesla’s they can use a dramatic amount less of wiring that goes into the vehicle. And why is this important to use a lot less wiring when it goes into a vehicle? Okay? Well, the less wiring you use wood to basically make this electric vehicle work, right, the less wiring you use, the less weight the car will have.

The less weight the car that has means the more mileage you can get out of the batteries. Okay, so this is an amazing, amazing accomplishment. And Tesla has a lot of patents around this wiring. Not only that, the less wire you use, what does it bring down, it brings down the cost of the vehicle.

Okay, so you’re talking about if you can use a dramatic amount less wiring that Tesla’s probably going to be able to do in future vehicles, and they’ve been able to cut it already several times. But looks like they’re going to be able to cut the the wiring by they were talking about up to like 10 times like a 10x.

Like, that’s ridiculous, okay, if that is possible, but even if it was a 2x, or 5x, around the amount of wiring, they could cut, that would be amazing, right? But you think about that, you bring down the weight of the vehicle. So they can go a lot further with a lot less wiring, right?

And the cost of all that wiring, you bring that down as well. So you get a car that could potentially be more profitable, and you get a car that could go a lot further. And we know like like mileage is king with a lot of these electric cars. And Tesla already have the advantage when it comes to how far their vehicles can go versus the competition.

Now you talk about if these cars are much, much less heavy than a lot of their competitors, guys, this is this is something really, really exciting. Okay, so so those are four great reasons in themselves. And then Reason number five is the last one, this one no one on Wall Street ever want to admit this?

Okay. Everybody on Wall Street and especially short sellers and whatnot, had been talking about this for years and years and years. And I think they’re almost starting to give up on this idea. Okay. And what it has to do with basically is it’s around comp, okay, competition.

Here we are. We’re now getting In the back half of 2019. And we have yet to see any real competition for Tesla. And so this pipe dream that wall street had and a lot of short sellers had around the competition is going to knock out Tesla.

I think people are starting to give up on that because they’re like, okay, we’ve been talking about this for years and years and years, it still hasn’t happened. It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. It looks like Tesla’s just you know, out of foreign foreign far out producing anybody else and electric vehicles there.

If you’re talking about other electric vehicle competition, they haven’t been able to succeed. If you’re talking about the legacy players, the ice auto manufacturers, right, they haven’t been able to succeed. And so if you’re looking at all this as a wall street analyst or door or even a wall street bear, and you’re looking at competition, you’re like, dude.

I don’t think it’s ever gonna come Porsche take on just came out, take can take on how do you pronounce it? Let me know in the comment section that just came out very recently. Right. And we talked about that vehicle, I think I’ll probably show you a thumbnail of the video here. Right? We talked about that vehicle, there was a vehicle that starts over $150,000 base price, okay, that’s not competition for Tesla at all.

Okay, that’s not even close to being competition. If you want to compete in electric vehicles, you need to create a super fast car that is very, very attractive, that can drive itself and comes under $50,000. And if we’re looking at that, is there anybody that’s even even remotely close to that?

No. So the more and more you start to look at competition, whether you’re bearish on the stock, or whether you’re an analyst, the more and more you kind of realize, Oh, my gosh, like Tesla really, really legit has a massive years upon years advantage. Okay.

It was always like, you know, a famous thing Apple back in the day when Steve Jobs went there, it was always like Steve Jobs had the company years in front of the competition. Okay. And, you know, over the time that you know, advantage, Apple had kind of dissipated a bit because they lost a visionary.

That was Steve Jobs at that company, right. And if you kind of look at you know, with Ilan musk in the helm of Tesla here, there’s so many years in front of the competition, the competition came in think I can’t even think about trying to do the things.

Tesla’s doing right now, even in a few years from now Okay, that like the competition can’t even imagine coming out with a vehicle that’s attractive that can drive itself and you know, has good range and as fast and as all those things is cool under $50,000 like the competition can’t even conceive that right? The competition can’t even conceive that so the competition around.

Tesla is just it’s just lagging so far behind and for that reason, you know, a lot of these bears have said you know, what, I think we’re going to give up on the stock and we’ve seen some famous bearish people on toughs over the past year or so that said, You know.

I think there was a quote like you know, the competition was taken Ambien or something like that, you know, one guy was like, you know, used to be super bearish on the stock you know, he’s always on CNBC and always talk negative about Tesla blah, blah blah.

And then you know, recently it changed his position because he was like, dude, there’s no competition for Tesla, like we haven’t seen anything anything that can even put up a remote fight against the you know, the fight test was going for with model three and model y down the road with his which is affordable, nice electric vehicles.

And you know, you don’t see anything like that and so even you have some short sellers now saying, dude, I have another car we have to give up because the competition’s not there if the competition was there, maybe this is a different story in regards to tough stock right?

But when the competition is so many so many years behind Well, it’s hard to even tell like I’m thinking at least three years behind the competition is it might be five years plus a competition is behind them realistically. Okay? That’s how far back these guys and gals are and so if you look at those five reasons there it’s hard to see why you know, Tesla stock wouldn’t continue to uptrend here.

And it wouldn’t continue to get momentum as probably the year progresses and into 2019 because people realize, oh my gosh, China Giga factories coming model wise coming. They have this extremely great opportunity with all these patents around getting less wiring the competition’s non existent and Ilan Musk is being good Ilan Musk, and it’s like, oh, yeah, Tesla’s looking pretty dang attractive guys.

So anyways, hope you enjoy this. As always, let me know in the comment section what your opinion is on Tesla stock Elan musk in the whole deal. Don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button. That means a lot to me guys. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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