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I always have videos on deck and I just went seven days in 12 hours without posting any video on the main channel that’s just absolutely crazy. Okay, this is something that’s never happened before so that video there was literally the last video I posted on the main show which by the way crazy I the amount of support that video.

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Well holy smokers is a no joke is I just took seven days and 12 hours off from the YouTube channel anybody that’s been following my YouTube channel for you know years and years now you guys know I like almost never take time off from YouTube I always got content coming out.

God is on a scale I’ve never seen before on YouTube in it over 9600 thumbs up and only 174 thumbs down that’s a craziest thumbs up two thumbs down ratio I’ve ever seen on my channel ever in history.

This was put that way absolutely nuts so I’m glad you guys enjoyed that video. That was a long video I think that was like a longest video so we did like two historical things back to back I created the longest video in the history of my youtube channel followed up by the longest hiatus ever history of my youtube channel but glad you guys enjoyed that one.

So where the heck Have I been? What the heck Have I been up to? That is a big question that I want to answer here today in this video. So hope you guys are glad I’m back smash the thumbs up you know the drill.

What else you supposed to do hit the notification bell? Ah, man, it’s been so long since I record a YouTube video I forget what to do. Okay, so what have I been doing? Well, maybe just playing just sitting around the house just like playing some Warzone or something like that. Right?

And maybe just drink a little a little wine in plain some chairs. No, no, not that either. Okay, you guys know, I live in Vegas. Right? You know, maybe I was down at the when high limit room, you know, getting a little gaming action on helping our business a little bit? No, not that either.

Okay, there are some things I’ve been doing for the last seven days and 12 hours speaking to a CEO, looking into stocks, and checking out some real estate and checking on the economy, a lot of different things i’ve you know.

Just because I haven’t been posted on YouTube for seven days and 12 hours doesn’t mean I’ve just been sitting around twiddling my thumbs or something like that been up to a lot. Okay. So one of the things I’ve been up to, as I spoke with Bob gross back in person at Planet 13, actually went down there, and I got a meeting with him.

And it was a really, really good meeting, it was constructive, I thought it was very good. You know, a lot of respect for the guy, he really, you know, showed me a lot of respect, too, in terms of like, you know, he had, you know, people try to interrupt the meeting and told them to stay out, he got a phone call during it didn’t even bother to check who was calling him anything like that.

I just pick up on a lot of like, little things and just like a lot of respect there. And so I appreciate the fact that he was willing to, you know, sit down with me for you know, half hour, 45 minutes, and just really talk about the business, which is what.

I wanted to do, and really just talk on a high level about my bullish thesis on the stock is that crazy, am I just like crazy, and then all those sorts of things, and really just sat down and had a very constructive meeting, we talked about a lot of things.

One of the interesting things he told me during that meeting was, you know, back when he was, you know, building that first store that plant 13 right here in Vegas, you know, he showed a lot of people that, you know, the project.

They were doing the vision and things like that, and most people actually didn’t get the vision, they thought, you know, there was even some talk though, this is going to be a barbecue store in six months, meaning plan 13 was gonna go out of business, and it was just going to be, you know, like a joke or something like that.

And obviously, it’s been anything, but that’s been a smashing success. You know, obviously, before Roni rownum place was packed. And I got to say, you know, I’ve been down there, I don’t know how many times 1020 times since they opened back up, you know, even with Rhona going on right.

Even with the strip business being super weak in business is always very strong down there very strong. even ask them you know, is this surprised you how, oh, you know, many customers that come to the store? And he said, Absolutely, we didn’t get into any like short term stuff.

I don’t want to get him into any, you know, trouble or anything like that. So I didn’t try to even go there. And plus, I want to build a mutual relationship with respect and trust and those sorts of things.

I didn’t want to put them, you know, like, Hey, you know, what are the revenue numbers looking like or something like that I didn’t want to put them in those type of situations. But at the end of the day, you know that that was a very positive conversation.

And at the end of the day, I’m just I don’t feel like I’m crazy about my bullish thesis, ask them, you know, 510 stores that realistic over the next five years, you know, absolutely, you know, the build out of the brands and things like that.

And basically, that’s came to the conclusion that, you know, where I think their stocks going over time is where it’s going. We’re supposed to hopefully potentially have another meeting in a few months from now on talk a little more about Santa Ana, which we didn’t get into that much, other than we just kind of mentioned and asked him how close is that to Disneyland he said.

It was like eight minutes away from Disneyland. So very, very close. And, you know, we talked about Cabela’s and you know, back that was one of my most successful investments back in the day, and how I look at plan 13 is kind of like the Cabela’s of obviously MJ and you know, we just talked about a lot of stuff, you know, very positive.

I don’t usually do this type of stuff. I don’t Usually like, you know, request to speak to CEOs or those sorts of things. But with this one, I kind of wanted to, because it’s such a small market cap, it’s a 300 million something dollar market cap.

And I, you know, at the end of the day, this is one of those stocks, I’m putting my stake in the ground, making sure the whole world knows I’m invested in the stock. And for me, my most valuable asset is always going to be my personal brand, or at least it is to this day, it’s worth more than my stocks is worth more than my real estate or anything like that.

So at the end of the day, you know, I can’t really afford this one to be, you know, stock that, you know, does horrible or something like that, or, you know, goes to become a bankrupt company. And so it’s a smaller market company.

So I just wanted to have a meeting there, okay. Not like I need to have a meeting with Tim Cook, if I’m going to buy Apple stock, or Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, you know, those type of companies, I just don’t need that.

Because there’s, there’s so far with building the business plan. 13 is such a newer company, such a smaller market cap that I really just wanted to have that that one on one meeting, and it went very well.

And I’m still actively buying Planet 13, I still hold obviously, a lot of shares in the stock. So 10,000 and this particular account, another account, I have 33,000 shares, another account, I have 6400 shares, in other account, I have 4500 shares, we’re obviously doing very well on all those, but I think it will all pale in comparison compared to where that stock will go long term.

In my opinion. And you know, Hindus laugh at the folks that said, you know, this was just going to be some, some pump and dump and just gonna make 10% on the stock or, or 20% and sell all his shares or something like that.

It’s just, you know, it’s quite laughable. And then the day, you don’t do that with these type of stocks, you know, I mean, imagine if I did that with Tesla, I was like, Well, I’m a buyer and tough.

So I’m gonna start talking about on YouTube, but only 10% of the stock and that must sell out. It’s just ridiculous. You know, now let’s talk about 567%. For us. It’s done. Absolutely amazing. I mean, absolutely amazing. And, you know.

Just some real advice for you guys, when you find a stock that you think has massive long term potential upside, you know, we’re talking about stocks that you think can 2x 3x 5x 10x or stock price over the next 510 years, okay?

You don’t sell with a 10 or 20% gain, okay? You know, you just don’t do that you don’t make those type of decisions. When you find these type of opportunities, which I feel planning, you know, the plan is one of those opportunities, which is why I’m still willing to buy it, even though I’m massively on my shares.

When you find those type of opportunities, you don’t sell them with a small game that Oh, I’m done. Not when you personally think like this is this is a massive opportunity here, you know, I mean, imagine if I did that with tests.

I mean, imagine you know, 227 clock days measurement goes up to 250 on my Whoo, just made it just made a bunch of quick short term money and I saw that stock, I mean, imagine how stupid I would feel today with the stock at $1,500 K, or imagine even if I sold it $300 or $400.

Which now I know there might be a few people on this video that actually did make those type of decisions and you know, I you know, just just treat it as a learning experience. But then the day when you find stocks that you feel have massive upside potential.

You don’t sell out of those stocks you hold those stocks long term, so they can fulfill where you think that stocks going you do try to get in and out of it or something like that, or who am I back down? So let me let me get out of it.

Let me get back in though when we get out. You know, guys, that’s not the way this works. Okay? It’s not the way it is works when you have these type of massive opportunities. Okay, I went to Arizona, which was quite interesting. Okay, do you guys know I live in Vegas.

But Arizona is almost like my second home that’s actually my hometown. So I had to go out there because basically we have a house built in a dark gated community it’s on like a country club right on the golf course.

And looking super forward to that home. And so we had to go check on it because basically, you know, a lot of it has been built now and you have to like you know, go and check things off every once in a while. And by the way, well you know, people might ask like, why are you building an Arizona home? Are you planning on moving from Vegas back to AZ?

No, there’s a few things diversification of wealth, obviously all my money or not all my money but most of my majority of my net worth has always been tied up in the stock market right and I feel like since I reached certain levels.

I should diversify a bit So 2020 has kind of been my my year of diversification. So 2019 I actually bought my first house I’ve actually rented for the longest time I rented homes all the way until I was what 2829 years old because I always felt like the money would be best deployed you know basically in stocks versus real estate then.

I started to diversify a little bit here you know, actually in 2019. And then this year about a couple other houses I had the one being built in Arizona got one that’s just about to start construction within the next 30 to 45 days here in Vegas has got to be a big boy but the AZ home diversify wealth.

I want to build wealth also with through real estate leveraging it because obviously you can use leverage when you’re talking about real estate right? And that house honestly from day one, when it’s built the eysie home we can actually flip that for a pretty nice profit right away because we got in that community right when they were starting to build a negotiated some deals and things like that.

And it was kind of right around when when Ronnie was starting to take off and things like that. So I think that will be a builder of wealth and also we spend a lot of time in Arizona and a lot of times we have to make very quick trips.

I can actually use that house as a second YouTube studio, as well as recording videos from my private group and things like that. So versus, you know, right now, it’s usually like if we go down to AZ it’s like a two, three day trip and kind of be right back because oh, gosh.

I got to start recording YouTube videos again, and I got to start recording videos for you know, everybody in my private group and things like that. So Whoa, gosh, we got to get back to Vegas. Well, that now since.

I have a second studio, we can go down there for a week, two weeks, three weeks at a time and actually spend some time there enjoy that house and have a studio there and actually be able to work and all those sorts of things since we have a lot of family in Arizona.

So that’s just going to make it more smooth there. But no, I’m definitely not moving away from Vegas. I love Vegas, you know, obviously no state income tax. I love a lot of things about Vegas, but specially no state income taxes, it makes a big difference movie me on that.

Okay, now a lot of things I want to check out in Arizona and then we get to you know, stock or two that I actually was looking into spending some time on over there. But Ronnie Runa so Arizona obviously has been the new so much over the past several weeks.

I’m talking national news, you know, like CNBC open up the CNBC app, and they’re talking about, you know, Arizona and the ronnie Ronan and you know this many numbers and those sorts of things. So it’s kind of interesting to go there.

Okay, I went to several different restaurants while we were out there, and I can tell you all the restaurants we went to which I think we went to maybe three while we were out there, so three or four maybe, and none of them were super busy. None of them were like whoa, this place is packed or something like that.

They’re all actually fairly debt and you know, the type places we went, or places that are usually really busy, but you know, they got like half capacity I think or something like that. They’re like 50% capacity in terms of the dine in and just like none of the restaurants were very busy. Let’s just be very, very clear about that.

Okay, I went to several malls when I was out there so I’m really trying to see like, like, how is business in a place like this that’s in the news all the time for Ronnie Ronnie being so bad. How is it you know, obviously, restaurants were not too busy.

So went to Arrowhead mall on a Monday morning. So usually on a Monday morning, you should expect the mall to be pretty dead. I mean, on Monday morning, it’s a mall. like come on like huh, but it was actually decently busy.

I gotta say I was actually a little surprised. I thought it’d be like ghost town. Arrowhead mall was actually decently busy. Okay, went to the Scottsdale quarter which you know, if you guys don’t know, Arizona, you probably have no clue clue where I’m talking about but these are just different malls.

Okay, winter Scottsdale quarter It was hot as heck okay. And that’s an outdoor mall like area. So that, you know, Scottsdale quarter was not too busy. It will also wasn’t a ghost town. But it wasn’t too busy. Same thing, we went across the street to what’s called kierland Commons that’s also outside and it’s like 110.

So you know, or whatever on that day. And that wasn’t that busy either. But at the same time, it wasn’t a ghost town. It wasn’t like we were only with people walking around or something like that wasn’t a ghost town.

But I definitely wouldn’t call it busy by any means. But it was you know, insanely hot and it’s a Monday. Okay. I will say we went to Scottsdale fashion square, which is an indoor mall in Scottsdale.

And that place was backed up really, really busy. I was surprised. I’m like, this is a Monday and this place is busy. The Louis Vuitton store had a line Believe it or not on Monday, on a Monday afternoon, the Louis Vuitton store had a line just to get in.

I know us obviously like a limit of customers you can reach in there but I was surprised to kind of see things like that a few other stores actually had lines to get in them. And it was just a decent amount of activity especially for a.

Monday there’s not talking about like we went on a Saturday or Sunday and you can kind of expect that so you know, businesses decent even in a place like Arizona that’s constantly in the news for Ronnie run and like businesses is what I would describe.

As decent and might not be you know, great, but it’s not like end of the world bad or something like that. Okay, the main the main hits I kind of saw were kind of the restaurant side restaurant seemed to be the ones that were kind of hurting the most I would say at least right now went to Top Golf.

And that was also on Monday we went over top golf and I can say it wasn’t that busy Top Golf. Okay, now it was 110 out so you know in a play at Top Golf you got to be a little crazy. And 110 it’s not air conditioned. They have some fans it’s been around but it was it was flipping hot.

Okay who’s flipping hot but it wasn’t too busy their Top Golf it’s like a driving range. Plus you can get drinks and and food and those sorts of things. And like I said, that was at least busy I’ve ever seen a .

Top Golf before I will say that the least busy I’ve ever seen Top Golf, it was maybe like 20 days taken or something like that out of, I don’t know, 50 to 100 days or something like that. Maybe Maybe 20 were taken total. So that wasn’t too busy, but it was super hot. I will say the traffic wasn’t bad at all.

We flew around town especially on that Monday, we were all over the place and traffic wasn’t bad, which tells me essentially still a lot of people not going to work or out of work or companies that are just having their people work from home or something like that.

Because like I said like traffic wasn’t bad and especially on the 10 even the loop I mean on a Monday you should expect new to be a decent traffic and we flew all around town. This is a map of all the different highways.

We were on you know throughout time, like the three Three, the one on one, pretty much the whole thing that 10, the 17, the 51. You know, we were on all these different parts. And I can tell you, we never ran into a traffic jam or something like that.

And especially on a Monday, who usually expect some traffic in Phoenix, anybody from Phoenix knows exactly what I’m talking about, especially when it comes to the town. Okay, it’s overall I kind of got some mixed messages out there, like business is decent, but it’s not it’s not fully back. Let’s put that way.

It’s definitely not fully back when it comes to people going back to work in those sorts of things, either, but it’s not like, you know, it’s not like there’s there’s no business activity or something like that going on out there.

Okay, I got a chance to listen to the Tesla conference call in full. Okay. And I’ll say the conference call was decent. It was it was good. And at least in terms of Ilan, Musk part and whatnot. And the CFO talks for quite a while, but I will say it was kind of a lame question answer session, in my opinion, it only had about I think was like 14 to 15 minutes for questions.

And as always, at this point, I would love to hear questions for about 30 minutes and kind of talk on some different things. But unfortunately, it was only a 15 minute question and answer session but I enjoyed listening at conference call posted a few things in the breadcrumbs tab in the discord chat for everybody in my private group I posted some things like this, you know, basically.

I’m really bullish on this particular brand called sparkling ice, which is owned by Dr. Pepper Keurig. And I just think on the lookout for that I think that’s actually one of their big growth opportunities for that particular company.

So I’ve been doing some work recently on that particular stock as a dividend play you guys know me I’m mostly either a value investor or growth investor but I’ve been trying to take dividend investing a little more serious and 2020 which by the way, it’s been a hard year to do that because of Rooney Rona messing up everybody’s dividends and so many companies have been cut.

But Dr. Pepper is not really one of those type of companies that really nice to cut in this whole situation that’s a kind of a smaller yield or though that’s the only thing with this one Dr Pepper, only a 2% yield or so ah that’s not that great but I’ve been doing some work there and that’s what I’m keeping an eye keep an eye on I’m hoping for some weakness.

In that stock of some kind and if we can get some weakness there, it could be actually a potential stock I might add in the dividends only account or something like that down the road. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this as always that’s what I have been up to and let me know if you guys want to three stocks on buying August edition.

I’m kind of divided if I want to do one this month or not. So you know, let me know if you guys want that I can do that maybe even as soon as tomorrow If not, you know just let me know if you want to smash the thumb or you know.

Let me know in the comment section if you’re interested in me doing three stocks and buying August I can absolutely put that together if you guys are interested. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed this video.

As always, if you’re looking to scale your portfolio, check out the first link in the description if you’re somebody that has you know, five figures in stock market, you’re looking to get to six figures or six figures and you want to get to seven figures.

These are all things I’ve helped tons of members go ahead and achieve so if you want to, you know kind of look for the blueprint to scale your account. Go ahead and check out that first link in the description and apply and hopefully we can book your for call. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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