Where I Might Put $250,000 Next in the Stock Market

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In today’s video, I am going to discuss with you which stocks I plan on investing $250,000 in the next couple months. This stock market has hidden gem stocks that could give very interesting ROI. I will discuss with you exactly what moves I plan on making and why I am thinking of making these moves.

Hopefully, you enjoy this video where I talk about different moves and different stocks I think are of great value in this stock market. Let me know in the comment section what your thoughts are on these stocks. Also, share with me if there are any stocks that you believe are stocks to buy. Are there any stocks that I didn’t mention, that are of great value?

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Hey guys, in today’s video, I got an exciting one for you here today. Okay, we’re gonna talk about where I might put a quarter of a million dollars next, in the stock market. We’re gonna talk about some different stocks this video, we’re even gonna talk about options a little bit.

Okay, I don’t talk about options that often on the channel, it’s actually very, you know, very few and far between. But in this video, we’re actually going to talk about some option positions. I’m thinking about opening up out there. Okay.

I would like to invest $250,000 into the stock market over the next one to two months. Okay, why? Well, my cash piles are too high right now. Okay. And basically, I’ve already bought a lot of real estate this year, I’ve been buying a lot of stocks, but at the same time, like, I feel like I have a little too much cash. For me.

I like to always have cash around. But right now, it’s just it’s too much cash. And I see some opportunities out there. So it’s not like I’m just saying, Oh, I got too much cash, I got to go spend it somehow. There’s actually some real opportunities out there in the market in very specific stocks.

I can tell you a lot of stocks in the market right now are rip offs. Okay, just flat out, but there are definitely some deals out there. And that’s what I enjoy finding. I’m trying to find the stocks that are 2x and 3x and 4x and 5x. And over the next 357 years, okay, now, why can’t I have too much cash Kayser or such thing as having too much cash app? so dang lately? Okay.

Jay Powell, okay. And a man and his money printer? Well, it’s not really his fault. It’s the whole US government in the whole system of money and all those things, okay. Basically, your money is being devalued each and every year, okay, your dollars are going to become worth less and less and less overtime.

This is just the way it goes. Okay, the dollar becomes worth less and less overtime, your buying power does not get you what it used to get you. Let’s put it that way. And that will continue forever and ever and ever.

So if you know if you had $100,000.50 years ago, that was amazing. Right? You have $100,000 today, it’s like oh, good for you. Okay, you had $1,000,000.50 years ago, it was like you were super rich. Now you got a million dollars and people look at you like, oh, you’re doing all right for yourself. Okay, cool.

You know, it’s just different. It’s just the way it is. And you think about having cash. Like even if you put it in a savings account, right? or CD account, they’re all pretty much trash. I mean, they’re all pretty much trash.

I mean, here, here you are in a situation where everything generally gets more expensive over time, and you’re stuck with savings accounts that are paying you less than 1% of your money, right and CDA accounts that are just a complete joke.

They’re all just trash so at the end of the day, you know, it’s always nice to have some cash around and it allows you to take advantage of you know, dips in the market dips in particular stocks, but for the most part if you have too much cash, it’s a bad thing Believe it or not, okay, and I know this is you know, it sounds like man I would love to have too much cash.

Yeah, until you have too much cash and then you realize your cash has been devalued and everything else gets more expensive over time Okay, stocks in real estate that’s where I was like to have the majority of my money invested you know what happens with stock market over time it goes up okay.

Oh, good stocks, what happens with good stocks over time, they go up, they become more and more valuable over time, good real estate properties, what happens with good real estate properties? They go up and up and up in value over time, you can get more and more rental income from those properties over time Okay.

This is why you know having your money in great stocks have your money in great real estate properties. That’s where you want your money not in cash sitting in the bank because are under your mattress because man that’s just going to continue to go down and down and down in value over time.

Okay, so let me know what stocks you guys are planning on buying for the rest of 2020 I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section give me some in depth comments if you don’t mind you know pitch me on some stocks sell me Okay, sell me something.

I would love to kind of read some in depth responses and some comments down there on on why you should buy this stock or that stock I always enjoy kind of read through some of those bull thesis as you guys have out there.

So yeah, yeah, feel free to share I’ll definitely be going through the comments on this video. If you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps the YouTube channel out in a massive massive way. I appreciate each and every one of you and also if you’re looking to learn directly from me on how to make more money in the stock market or taking less risk.

Fill out the application linked in the description down there first link Okay, first word up here where I’m putting a quarter million dollars is Tesla stock okay? No, I’m just kidding. Okay. I mean, it’s battery day to day then you guys know.

I love Tesla but I’m comfortable with my position Okay, I got over 300k in that stock I’m comfortable with where I’m at with Tesla you know, maybe I could buy more Tesla’s someday but not right now. Okay, not not right now. Although I do love that stock.

What I am going to buy is $250,000 worth a call options in Nikola Corporation expiring at the end of this week. No, I’m just kidding. Okay. No, no, no. Although that could be a pretty aggressive move. Okay, let’s get into the serious ones. All right. Dropbox ticker symbol DB x. I love the stock Okay.

Any anywhere around where it’s at? I love this stock right now. I think this stock is going to be a big moneymaker for me in future years. Let’s put it that way. Okay. company with an $8 billion market by the way. It’s a cloud company.

A lot of small businesses midsize businesses use them as well as just some regular consumers who don’t have businesses but their their real market is small and midsize businesses okay? I’ve been using Dropbox as a loyal customer for probably about five years now or so and you know, love the product, love the service.

I plan to continue to use it for years to go in the future in the stock price is really attractive, which is why I started buying a very recently and why I’m interested in buying more essentially, okay, a billion dollar company 20, like a 22, forward p that is so like, ridiculously low, I can’t even explain it to you guys.

Okay, a 20 to 40 p for Dropbox is a joke. This is a company that will likely grow double digit revenues for years and years and years and years and years and years and years into the future. Okay, there’s a company that has recurring revenues, okay, people are on their cloud products like myself, right. And they’re charged?

Well, it depends. Some people charge monthly, then people are charged yearly. It’s a recurring revenue stream, that’s very solid, you know, a fairly low churn rate. And for somebody like myself that has, you know, one, two terabytes of cloud data out there, you know, Dropbox does the job just perfectly fine for me. And that’s their business at the end of day.

And so this is a business that’s going to continue to grow. They’re trying to grow the business into new spaces, as well, including not just cloud, but other spaces as well, including smart workspaces, collaborative tools, things like that.

They bought out hellosign very recently, which is a whole new growth vector for the company. And so there’s just so many things that are that are exciting for Dropbox for the next 510 years, this company should be able to grow massively over the next 510 years, I think this will easily be a stock that doubles up my money, if not a lot more than that over time.

So I’m super, super pumped about Dropbox need to say is a peg ratio of point nine, five, keep in mind anytime you’re getting a peg ratio under one, generally speaking, especially if it’s company that you know, you believe in for long term, it’s a good deal, okay, if you’re talking about 1.5.

If you’re talking about two, sometimes that’s not such a good deal unless the company has crazy, ridiculous growth in front of it. But at a point nine, five for Dropbox, I think this is what I think this is one of the most disrespected stocks on stock market in terms of Wall Street overlooking it, just because it’s not AWS, and it’s not Google or something like that.

And it’s like, you know, there’s a lot of this is a massive market. There’s a lot of players that thrive in this market. It’s not like it’s just big dogs, and no one else thrives like Dropbox will continue to thrive and grow into a much, much larger company. in future years.

A 4.5 price sales ratio for this industry and for the type of growth Dropbox has in future years is way too low. In my personal opinion, when you’re thinking about Dropbox, remember, this is a company that back in 2014 2015, was valued in the private markets at $10 billion, okay, $10 billion.

Now, he had probably gotten a little overvalued at that particular time from where the company was at and you know, put here today it’s $8 billion, I mean, just any metric you look at for this company, it is way undervalued.

Then this should be one of those stocks that you know goes up massively kind of on the DL over the next few years in my opinion, and sooner or later it’ll be a big enough company where everybody will start talking about it, respecting it Look what Dropbox is doing and you know be one of those stocks as talked about on CNBC and in different networks all the time.

So yeah, I’m really looking forward to this one and it’ll just came out very recently and said this and I got to say I definitely agree with it. Okay, so file sharing service, Dropbox has plenty of upside potential coming ahead.

According to RBC capitals, Alex Zuckerman, he reiterated his buy rating on Dropbox post earnings with a price target of $30 suggesting shares concerns over 50% from current levels this analyst move just came out about a month ago okay for the quarter.

Dropbox posted solid two q beats on revenue and paid users highlighting by accelerating a our our annual recurring revenue growth and while average revenue per user trailed consensus, this was driven by a large deal activity a positive in seconds view looking ahead three q in calendar year 20. Outlook came in ahead of consensus and appears conservative.

He says, quote, We view underlying business as healthy and the company remains on track to deliver material margin expansion through calendar year 2024. Okay, we’re talking way out. The analysts told investors on August 7, he believes Dropbox is undervalued on both a growth adjusted basis and absolute basis and sees the potential for additional strong quarters to change the narrative.

I’m 100% in agreement, I think the stock is going to be man, I don’t want to say easy money, you know, because that’s a dangerous thing to kind of throw around easy money. But you know, man, it’s close.

Okay, it’s pretty dang close. Okay, Mitch, snuck up here that I’m interested in potentially buying some more of his JW n Nordstrom. Okay, I would love to throw some of the quarter million dollars in this stock.

I went through, you know, a pure quarter million dollars in stocks is too risky. But could I buy you know, 20,000 to $50,000 worth of shares of stock over the next month or two I could, here’s what we’re looking at with Dropbox.

This is a stock that will either be $0 or $30. In three years in my opinion, there’s really no in between for this company. Okay. There’s no in between. It’s either the entire economy gets shut down again, no one will loan Nordstrom money and they go out of business, or the economy doesn’t get shut down again.

And if Nordstrom does need to take out any loans, which I think they, you know, would be able to get access to capital, they’ve proven they can in the past and things open up more and more, there’s going to be a $30 stock in the future right now, people aren’t buying clothes, like, you know, there’s nothing to go to.

And that’s what people buy clothes for. Okay, people buy clothes, to go to school, and go to work and go to a formal event. And this and that, like in you know, people are doing that right now.
Because there’s nowhere to go like, this is just the way it is right now in the world. Okay, and so 2020 is probably the worst year, it is the worst year in modern history for clothing sales, okay, which means there’s going to be a lot of upside 2021 2022 2023 for Guess what? clothing sales, okay?

In my opinion, that will be a very positive thing for Nordstrom. So as long as they make it through this mess, over the next 612 months, this will be in my opinion, a $30 stock in the future. And if it doesn’t, then it’s because the economy closed and they couldn’t get in, you’re like no one will loan them money.

I mean, the Wall Street’s basically kind of bracing this one, like, you know, they completely don’t believe in this $2 billion, he killed me $2 billion dollars for the entire Nordstrom company with Nordstrom Rack, trunk club, their online business, which is expanding quite rapidly right now all of that, like $2 billion.

I come on, man. And when you look at this stock, here’s where I think the valuation gets really, really intriguing. I mean, this stocks pretty much at its 52 week low right now, I mean, you go back to April 1, kind of when the market was right around its bottoming area, I think a bomb just before that, right?

I mean that even back then it was a 13 something dollar stock hits $12 or so here today. This is a stock that just Wall Street doesn’t believe in investors don’t believe in right now. And we’ll see what happens with it over the next few years.

But it’s in a very interesting risk reward way, if you have some capital, like, you know, somebody like myself that you’re willing to take that type of risk, because you can potentially, you know, two and a half to 3x your money in a matter of, you know, a few years, I’m also looking at potentially call options.

For Nordstrom, I’m looking specifically at the gym, 2020 threes, if you didn’t know, January 2023 options just came out very recently, okay. And so those are the ones I would be personally looking at something like a strike price of 10 to $15 range.

That’s what I would be looking at something, you know, airing a little more to the side of caution, just in case, just in case a stock doesn’t go down, you know, up to $30. Plus, over the next few years, maybe it only goes to 15 or 20, something like that, right, but I need the premiums to come down a bit.

Okay, basically, if I am to buy the $10 strike prices for Nordstrom stock, I really want it in the $5 to $5.50 cent range, okay, that would be nice. That would put my basically breakeven rate around $15 a share. And then every $5 up from there, I basically double my original investment, that would be attractive, okay.

I’m also looking at $15 strike. But if I go for a $15 strike, I really want it for $3 to $3.50, right, now, I would have to pay somewhere around $4.60. So I need basically those premiums to come down a bit. If they don’t come down, and I’m not buying them, if they do come down, I’m probably gonna buy them.

And I will be willing to take that risk. Because, you know, the stock market is one big game of risk reward right? At the end of the day. And you know, when I get these type opportunities, where I see a company that I don’t think he’s going to go wander.

I think there’s a pretty good probability, they’re going to make it through this mess. And if as long as they make it through this mess, this is going to be a 2030, maybe even a $40 stock again in future years. You know, that’s where it gets really dang attractive.

And remember, this was a stock literally, that if you go back to you know, prior to Roni taken off, right? This was a stock that was 35 $40 a share so it absolutely can go back there over the next few years.

In my opinion as clothing sales bounce back, the main thing I think’s hurting this stock right now is the whole fear out of Europe. You know, our numbers going up? What if they shut down the economy? Does that mean the US will end up shutting down the economy in a few months again.

I think that’s why the stock has continued to see weakness because just at the end of the day, investors are scared. What if the economy is shut down again? What’s that mean for Nordstrom? Okay, this one’s a boring stock for me by Okay, wb a Walgreens, it’s just valuation. It’s a seven for PE.

I mean, it’s just you know, there’s nothing else I can really say about it. It’s a really boring stock for somebody like myself to buy you guys know, I’m a little more into the growth stocks but Dang, man, I mean, you’re gonna throw me Walgreens at a seven four P. I gotta buy a loop.

I gotta buy a little bit. Okay, lemonade, so eliminate the stock. I’ve been doing some work on recently. A lot of requests for this one. And so I have been doing some research and I really like what I’m seeing at lemonade.

Okay, the company itself let me be very clear about that. No knowing company I like what I’m seeing that we’re having issue with lemonade is dang man that valuation is rich on this company. company has huge potential long term opportunity. No doubt about that.

Okay, insurance businesses, a massive market lemonades in the insurance business. They have an app and just the whole business approach. From lemonade. It’s just so much better in my opinion, the trust levels they get from their client base is so much better than traditional insurance companies, which, you know, most people hate traditional insurance companies.

I feel like you know, people really like lemonade. Like, for instance, if they, you know, make too much off you, then essentially they throw those proceeds to charity of your choice. Like it’s just, there’s a different experience.

I feel like in a massive way than anything else in the traditional insurance business brings, but the $3 billion valuation is, you know, what’s kind of given me some pause right now. I mean, if this was a billion dollar market cap, I’m probably already buying the stock 3 billion.

I’m like, I got a relook into this and relook into this and look into this. Because, you know, we’re talking about serious valuation and a price to sales ratio of 28. I mean, yeah, no, that is high. Okay, I don’t, I don’t pay, you know, price to sales ratios of 28 almost ever.

Okay, that’s incredibly high. And kind of the other troubling thing I will say with lemonade, although I like the underlying business model a lot. And this goes back to the valuation, things like that. The company is only expected to 105 million in revenue next year.

And that would only be 20% growth roughly right. And so I look at that and I say, that’s just super disappointing. Like, you know, I feel like this is a business that should be growing 40% plus a year for ya know, the whole decade essentially like.

I think just 20% growth is just disappointing, okay, especially when you’re talking about a stock that is valued the way lemonade stock is valued. Okay, so I really, really liked underlying business model. I really like that CEO over there.

I really like what they’re doing the focus on long term opportunity, but the valuation at 3 billion or company is going to do a little over 100 mil next year, and maybe only have 20% let’s say even came in with 30% growth. I think that’s disappointing for the valuation this business has on you got to grow faster than that.

Okay, I got more work to do there on lemonade, if I’m gonna buy that one. Okay. Big commerce is a new company I just started looking into very recently went over a friend’s house in Arizona recently and he works in a space that basically they use some of these different companies he’s very familiar with Shopify and big commerce and and many different companies.

And he was telling me about this one, and he was basically hyping out like nobody’s business he’s like this they got a better product and then Shopify has and and I thought that was really interesting, okay, that he was willing to, you know, say some things like that.

And he was like, Yeah, they got they got a better product than Shopify, like that company is going to be massive in the future. And so this is one I’ve got to do a lot more work on this list like this is the one I’m probably least likely to buy will put any other $250,000 in because you know, this one, like I said, it’s just like, I’m like in the baby steps looking into this one.

But I can tell you the valuation is extremely rich $5 billion market cap 38 price to sales ratio. That’s insane. So I’m not sure how by this one, but I mean, I have to at least look into it because I’m telling you, you know, my friend there he was, he was hyping this company out like nobody’s business and he knows you know these companies very well because he works in that industry.

And this one kind of reminded me eliminated in a certain respect because evaluations massive REITs 38 price to sales ratio on this one and this was kind of disappointing. I was expecting some crazy growth 18.8% growth expected next year.

Like That doesn’t even make sense. Like that’s just horrible growth you know, like like, you know, for company that’s valued at almost a 38 price to sales ratio. You’re only growing revenues next year 19% that’s an L so I don’t know maybe analysts have this wrong maybe you know, this this is inaccurate.

I don’t know what is going on there. But I’m have to look into this one more and deserves my attention just for the mere fact that a friend typed this out like crazy to me who’s in the industry and knows these type of companies very well and, and who, you know, who generally knows kind of what’s going on in this space. So going to look more into that one. We’ll see.

Okay, U S. Oh, so you so this is one I played back several months ago made really good money on it’s the only like, pure oil play I’ve been in a long time. And you so like, basically, this is an oil fun, okay. It’s not like an oil company. And I like drilling for for oil or something like that.

Basically, the buying contracts that are you know, several months out in basically, if oil price goes up over time, generally speaking, what’s gonna go up over time? uso is price. Okay. And so when I’m looking at uso, you know, oil prices have stabilized over the past several months.

And I got out of this one made really good money. And now I’m looking and basically, since I got out oil hasn’t really done anything to be completely honest. It’s just stabilize. And so I’m looking at this one.

And I’m interested in here’s why. Oil, in my opinion, in terms of demand is going to start bouncing back in a real way in 2021. Okay, and going into 2022 I think oil is going to bounce back more and more. Why?

Because demand is going to go up k travel will start coming back in a real way people some people are traveling right now, let’s be honest, it’s it’s very few and far between compared to what’s usually out there, right.

Some people are traveling for work, but it’s less than that you would usually be right. That’s just how it’s going to be for the rest of this year. I think 2021 you’ll start to see more and more oil be used out there for different things and so demand will start to bounce back supply hopefully will be you know, Still constrained.

Guess what it should end up happening more than likely prices should go up. uso should prosper as far as the fun goes, because those contracts should become more and more valuable that they were buying.

So yeah, I’m looking at uso and I’m very interested in uso that one remains to be seen if I buy back into that one but I might go to that Well, once again no pun intended. All right, next stock up here is slack ticker symbol work on this one is a $15 billion market cap company as you guys probably know.

It’s collaborative tool that basically ton of businesses use out there small businesses, midsize businesses, large enterprise companies, right? They really only have one serious competitor in this space. It’s Microsoft Teams, and that’s pretty much it. Okay, everybody else in this space is just non existent.

So it’s a massive market, every company in the world likely in the future is going to either use slack or Microsoft Teams, you know, who wins who loses, we’ll see what happens over time. But regardless, we’re talking about you know, there’s a lot up for grabs in that space. All right.

And when it comes to slack is a company growing massively, they grew revenues in the most recent quarter 50% 50% This is a company in massive growth phase and this is one of the fastest growing companies you will find in the stock market there are not many stocks that are growing revenues 50% and this company should grow you know, revenues 30 plus percent for years to go in that future.
All right, the company has not seen a change in its win rate or loss rate against Microsoft. I think that’s actually a really good thing like you know, competing gets Microsoft’s tough it really is in slack and Microsoft are in direct competition so in my opinion, you know, that’s good if they can just kind of stay basically kind of even even in that whole situation so.

I really like this company its long term future where the valuations add I mean, I would love it for cheaper but Heck, I would love every stock for cheaper than it is okay, come off.

He’s a brilliant investor. Okay, come off is a big slack investor. He believes a lot in the company. You know, I was finding some you know, recent posts from him that were quite interesting. This one was from his Twitter page on April 7, kind of around you know, slack or Airbnb and kind of comparisons there.

Things like that slack price maker, Airbnb price taker. Okay. Pretty interesting. Okay. But I thought what was much more interesting is what he actually said last year about slack. He says slack is the only company in the world that looks like Facebook did as it was growing into the social media behemoth it is today former Facebook executive and slack board member come off said in an interview on CNBC.

His halftime report Tuesday, this was last year, he said this slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, quote understands the product to a level of sophistication I have not seen since Facebook, and by the way, come off before it was investor.

He had previously led user growth at Facebook, and is now CEO of social capital. He says quote, when I was in the bowels of Facebook, building that machinery, what I saw was a team that really understood product market fit and the power of network effects.

And why that created an incredible subsidize business a thing that could expand all over the world at marginally zero cost, the only company in the world that looks like that today, that is not already public in by the way, it is public now.

Okay, is slack. And soon it will be and obviously slack did go public. So you know, komak bullies on this company, I believe not in this company. You know, we use it in our business. And, you know, obviously, a lot of people are gonna use Microsoft Teams, a lot of people are going to use slack.

Some people say, you know, Microsoft Teams, I like that better. Bla bla bla, and people say, I like slack better, blah, blah, blah, you know, opinions are opinions. The regardless, at the end the day, neither one of these companies win 100% market share is what we’re talking about.

Almost every business is going to use one of these two companies, you know, how’s this split up as a 5050 is a 6040 is a 7030 is at 20 we’ll see what happens over the long term. But I think slack is gonna be a tough competitor from Microsoft, and I think Microsoft be a tough competitor for slack.

But then they were talking about, you know, huge long term potential nevermind products as slack launches over the coming year. If you think all they’re gonna do is what they have today. You know, I think you’re, you’re mistaken they will continue to expand that business into other verticals and things that make them more relevant than ever.

Okay, wind resorts, January 2023 call options I am looking at okay. Wynn resorts by the way is a stock I own I own the stock directly and at least a couple different accounts and I really liked when saho is well you know, love wins bought stock in terms of the way the company is run, you know, competing at the high end of the space in gaming resorts, things like that.

But I’m really looking at this one for an option play for January 2023 is specifically what you know, strike prices Am I looking at for Wynn resorts? I’m looking at $80 strike price key. I want them under $20. Okay, here’s what i think i think wins.

You know, I don’t have any fear at all that winds going up business anytime soon. Unless, I don’t know the economy had to be shut down for years or some ridiculous you know, thing like that. Okay, so I don’t think wind is going anywhere in terms of that.

I think winds gonna bounce back over the next few years. I think one’s going to be 100 150 maybe even a $200 stock a few years from now. Okay, and so I’m looking at $1 strike. Now I’d like to pay under $20 in terms of the premium if I could get that note essentially mean my break even is, you know, let’s say around $100 or less than $100 for me.

Very attractive, that would be very, very attractive. That would definitely make me very excited about this one. So looking at Wynn resorts on in terms of those those calls, and I would love this, here’s what I see happening here. Okay, if you don’t know, Wynn resorts, by the way, they have property in Las Vegas several properties in Las Vegas, two properties.

They have three properties out in Macau, okay. And they have one property in Boston, q3, q4, 2020. We’re basically getting the early folks to get back into travel. Okay. These are people that don’t really care about, you know, they have no fear about getting anything of the returns of the ronnie Rona.

And if you come to Vegas, okay, you come to my city, and you go to on the strip on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday night, it’s busy, it’s actually busy. It’s not like as busy as it would usually be. Trust me on that. But I can tell you, it’s not like it’s a ghost town down there. It’s actually busy.

We’re actually getting a lot of traffic. You know, basically to Vegas, it’s mostly driving traffic folks from either, you know, mostly California, some folks from Arizona, Utah, Colorado, but there’s a lot of actual driving traffic here in Vegas that’s doing pretty well. Macau is starting to bounce back slowly but surely. Okay.

And so we’re getting a lot of those early folks kind of coming out. And, you know, kind of basically did doing some business, let’s just put that way I look at 2021 as the big growth year, over 2020 I believe every single month after February of 2021 will be huge growth year over year. Okay.

And I think it’s just gonna, you know, get a lot of people really excited about, you know, Wynn resorts and basically any stocks that are playing in the Vegas space, the Macau space, because the growth is going to be pretty epic, in my opinion, once again, you know, assuming the whole economy does not get shut down or something like that again.

Which, you know, let’s hope that doesn’t have to happen. Because I mean, if that happened, that man, you know, Ronnie went crazy again, or something like that. Okay, so huge growth over 2020 coming in 2021. And I think 2022 is that year of more of a return to normal.

I think Macau numbers will have, you know, increased dramatically, I think Las Vegas numbers will have increased dramatically. I think the convention business will be coming back to Vegas in 2022.
I think some convention business will come back and the back half of 2021 in terms of Vegas, which is really exciting for the weekdays, because the weekdays are still you know, very dead out here, let’s just put it that way. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays are not very busy.

So once that convention business comes back, the weekdays will get stronger and stronger, I think we’ll get back to a return to normal, okay, I’m looking at the planet, I’ll be honest, I should have more planet. I mean, it’s three bucks, it’s gone up, you know, it’s over doubled up since I bought in the stock.

And at the end of the day, I should be buying more of the stock, there’s just no other way around it. It’s just, there’s too big upside, you know, just, I just have to bite the bullet on that one. I just have to buy more, you know, just flat out okay, grow generation Corporation.

There’s a newer stock I’m just started looking into literally last night. And it’s exciting guys, they play in the MJ space, ticker symbol g r, w g, a 61, four p and this company, massive growth, like I’m talking crazy growth this company, and a huge long term opportunity for this company.

So I need to do a lot more work on that stock before I buy into it. But I can tell you, I’m seeing some promising things in that stock so far in my research that I was doing last night. Okay, so we’ll see what happens with that one.

I want to say this, don’t ever buy a stock just because I might buy a stock or because I am buying stock. Always make your own decisions out there. Make sure you’re fully looking into these companies doing everything you need to do you understand that if you need help in understanding what to look for in stocks.

How to pick great stocks, things like that, go ahead and fill out an application first link in the description down there, they’ll allow an opportunity for you to hopefully get on a phone call with somebody higher for my team and we can speak to you a little bit about the private group financial fortress, see if you might be a good fit in there.

You can learn directly from me on everything I look for in stocks and even if you’re looking for one on one coaching actually from some of my millionaire students, we actually have one on one coaching now if that’s something you’re looking at.

If you don’t mind smash a thumbs up that helps YouTube channel out in a massive, massive way and I appreciate each and every one of you guys doing that especially when I go into a video like this where I’m talking about you know positions I’m thinking about adding Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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