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We’ve been disrespected so bad it’s 2 am in the morning right now, I just got a message on Instagram right now I just got somebody left a comment here it says you did a Jeremy, you got on the market watches list totally deserve it. So I get all excited. I’m like, What is this?

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This is sounds good or something. So I go on this website right now, right? I go on this website. It says YouTube channels for investors to watch now so I’m like, oh, man, this is sick. I gotta be at the top of the list. Like, we’ve got to be on top of the list guys, right?

Like, we’ve got to be on the top. No, we are. So somebody else is on top here, l to Inc. And I’m like, What is this? How are we not on top of this list? This says it does not say the YouTube channels for investors to watch now it’s got submitted channel, l to inc What is this?

So I’m looking and then I scroll down like, oh, maybe I’m second. And then there’s this thing, Khan Academy. What are they doing here? So I look here and I’m like, what, what are these numbers? This one says l to Inc. I look up their numbers.

These people add like, they paid for so many subscribers. I can’t even count them. I never paid for a subscriber in my life. And they still only can add like what? 50 a day. Maybe a good day that might add 100 or 200 they get about 9000 views a day. Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me? We get 30 plus 1000 a day guys? How are we not number one in this list? What numbers are looking at? We get hundreds and hundreds of subscribers a day. Like how can we be disrespected like this? None ago hit I’m like what’s this Khan Academy crap. I never heard of this in my life.

They’re talking about arteries and veins. This isn’t even an investor thing. Are you freaking kidding me? What is this list made out of? So then I’m scrolling down I’m like okay, where am I at on this list is what is this list? bulls on Wall Street? What is this?

I look at them I’m like, do they do numbers? No 50 subscribers a day? Maybe a couple 1000 views a day? They’re sure not doing numbers. I look at nolton NEMA there. Am I there? Nope. Am I there? Nope. Are we there? No. Tim Sykes. What are we there where you’re trading?

What no market I don’t even know what that is? No. Are we here? No. I’m scrolling down this list Martin Shkreli isn’t a dude in federal prison they’re gonna do in federal prison ahead of us what is going on here guys? I scroll down more s MB capital what is the dude come on now what is this mirror Brock is adding the brock obama’s late brother like what is going on here we scroll down I can’t find myself anywhere guys.

Where are we at on this list? I can’t find it and what are what is this Do people pay to get on this list? And then and then there we are there we are we finally are there What did they write about us? Who’s it for viewer seeking personal finance and investing basics including a push into largely buy and hold stocks especially tech shares.

They right here they got the pros and cons for the channel. Supposedly the pros the enthusiasm in this one man show it is Las Vegas feels truly sincere overnight shifts at Kwik Trip tend to you know that Kwik Trip is gonna follow me around everywhere.

Overnight shifts at Kwik Trip tend to build in appreciation for trading winds. For those interested he chronicles his personal journey from zero to 200,000 at age 25. Topics include stock picking our three stocks I’m watching leasing versus buying a car buying bitcoins as no an unbiased obsession with GoPro both the camera and the stock move probably pretty true.

I did start this channel on a GoPro and we still can’t get on the top of the list what is going on here. He appears to have grown his subscriber base quickly obviously not quickly enough to get up the list and shows openness to viewer feedback and response cons his channel dabbles in almost anything money from personal goals, john intrapreneurship in small business operations that can be aspirational.

Sure, but likely leaves viewers going elsewhere for in depth technical expertise on the trading side. where people go in no one’s doing the numbers or even remotely close to numbers we’re doing so no one’s going anywhere else. They’re all here, obviously. And we got the biggest numbers by far.

And we’re the new cats on the street. We never paid for subscribers in our lives. We grow organically. And well. Well Lisa got a sick picture of me they got another zero to 200,000 with my tongue sticking out so I’m happy about that. Guys. How can we be disrespected like this?

How could we be disrespected like this on a list? How will we not at the top of this list? This is unbelievable guys. We have been disrespected. I’m just kidding. I don’t even really care about this list. Peace

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