Warren Buffett Top 10 Stock Picks For 2018!

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Today we look at Warren Buffett top 10 stock picks for 2018. 2018 should be an interesting year in the stock market and these are Warren Buffet’s biggest investments!

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Warren Buffett’s biggest stock market positions going into 2018. That is exactly what we’re discussing here today, guys, I’m going to give you Warren Buffett’s top 10 stock market holdings going into 2018. Now, this was last update in the middle of November. That’s the last date we have.

So unless he magically sold off some of these positions in the month of December, which is highly unlikely, they should still be current and these are his biggest positions. I hope you guys enjoy this. By the way, make sure you check out my stock market investing mastery course if you’re newer to the stock market, you want to know exactly how I pick stocks.

Also, if you’re an advanced investor, and you want to know my exact strategy, click that first link in the description coming in and number 10 is Moody’s Corporation. This is his 10th biggest holding currently, by the way, his entire portfolio somewhere around $191 billion.

These stocks are all held through his, you know, Berkshire Hathaway, their 191 billion right now, Moody’s is had an amazing year, up 56% year to date, absolutely amazing. Moody’s present provides credit ratings and credit capital markets and economic related research and data.

If you hold any stock out there, you’ve probably seen credit ratings for that stock at some point in time. Moody’s is one of the biggest out there that provides these credit ratings and says, Oh, this balance sheet or this debt that a company has is a b minus or a C plus or an A plus or things like that, guys, that’s their business here.

So if we look at this company, it is a trailing p e of 52. But a forward p e of 22. So they’re obviously expect to get much more profitable this upcoming year than this past year. They’ve been around for a long, long time. Number nine coming in number nine here is us Bancorp which is basically, in simple terms, it’s a bank guys, you can read through the description if you want, it’s a bank at the end of the day.

They currently have a trailing p e of 16, a forward p e of around 14. So relatively low banks usually trade for lower valuations. Because obviously banks in general, their growth is somewhat limited, the upside that they can actually grow is a lot limited when you’re a big bank like that already, number eight coming in here. And number eight is IBM, IBM is definitely not a good position.

This one’s down over 7% year to date here. They’re basically an IT company. I mean, they’ve been around for a long, long time, one of the biggest tech players for a long, long time. Now, they just had trouble finding where they’re going recently trailing p e of around just under 13 on this company for P of about 11.

So very low, but at the same time, IBM is one of those companies, that is that their business is kind of shrinking overall. And it’s been shrinking for a while and they’ve had a lot of trouble trying to find new growth avenues, and some of their old products have kind of become outdated and things.

So IBM is one of those kind of stocks, number seven coming in here. And number seven is Phillips 66. This one’s up about 18% year to date, this is an energy play. They don’t do as much exploration and those kinds of things that mainly in the midstream chemicals, refining and marketing and specialties type business there.

This one has a trailing p e of about 25. Currently, a forward p around 15. So expect to get much more profitable. That’s one of those plays that you know depending on how oil is going and things like that depends on how that stock goes. Coming in at number six we’re getting down here guys, American Express American Express has had a very strong year up around 34% here year to date.

American Express is basically a credit card business you guys probably know American Express very well. You guys probably have American Express black card some of you good ones out there trailing p e m 19. On this one forward p e of around 15 on this one so relatively low in the grand scheme of things.

The payment space is very interesting right now it’s not like there’s so much changing in the payment space. It’s quite amazing and a lot I get a lot of questions about American Express and visa sometimes and in these different stocks and whatnot and it’s just is hard for me to really get behind them because the payment space if one of those has been disrupted so much right now there’s so much going on in payment processing it’s quite amazing.

It’s a big market as a lot of people that want to get some of that money out there a lot of companies coming in at number five is Coca Cola. Good Okay. Oh, this one’s up about 10% year to date, which is kind of bad considering the markets have quite outperformed Coca Cola, Coca Cola, you guys don’t know that you’ve been hiding under a rock.

They’re basically a drinks company. Big drinks business they own sprite and fana and minute made and all those kinds of things power raised a ton of different big brands. And this one has a trailing P of 44. But if you look at the forward on this one, it’s a 23 on this company.

I think when I look at Coca Cola, I look at this stock and I’m like who wants to pay a 23 four p for a sugar water company I just does not make sense to me the way that and I think Pepsi is trading around the same valuation. These are sugar water companies that have very limited growth. Why are they trading at such a high four p in my opinion some of these should be at like the you know in the teens or something like that.

Like it just doesn’t make sense to me. Coming in at number four Bank of America another bank on here you will see Warren Buffett loves the banks. This one’s About 34% to date, year to date as well. Now the basically their bank, I mean, you can read through the description there, but that’s the most simplest way to understand their bank. And they have a trailing p e of 17.

They have a forward p e of around 13. On this now you guys Ward three of this three of the top 10 Holdings for Warren Buffett are banks, okay. He loves the banks, for whatever reason, one of the reasons probably because because they’re very big companies so he can make a big position. He’s got so much money that he needs to make a big position, billions and billions, if not 10s of billions of dollars.

When you got bigger banks out there, you can make a big position of them. Coming in at number three, one of the newest positions, he’s added the boots, he started adding this one in about 2016 is Apple and he’s done phenomenal with this position since he started adding this in 2016.

And it’s already his third biggest stock he owns right year to date, this one is up over 47%, Apple’s had a very good year this year. Apple as you guys probably know, and they make iPhones and iPads and Macs and all this cool stuff, sell services, all that kind of stuff.

They have a trailing P of 18. On this one, forward P of 14 in my personal opinion of the 10 stocks he holds. This is the one I like the most out of them. I don’t personally have a position my wife has a decent size position in her retirement portfolio of Apple shares.

But like if I had to invest in one of these stocks like that would be the one right there. Apple, no Mootoo coming in number two, here’s Kraft Heinz, he has a huge position in this company. Unfortunately, this one’s very, very down year to date, down around 11% in the year that the markets don’t, you know, done very well overall, Kraft Heinz.

They own a bunch of brands they own you know, Kraft, they own Heinz, then they own a bunch of irrelevant brands, just millennials, then they have a trailing p e of somewhere around 24. They have no four p on this company currently, I’m not sure what that is.

I’m not sure if maybe they’re supposed to take a loss because some you know, one time item next year or something like that, but they have no for PERS pretty strange. And number one Warren Buffett’s biggest position of all them is Wells Fargo. This one’s up about 11% year to date.

So it’s underperforming US Bank corporate has underperformed Bank of America we remember the seen those I think those ones were up 30 plus percent, this one only up 11%. So this is a lagger of the bunch. Their bank as I explained to you guys already, they have a trailing or trailing p e of over 15 a forward p e of around 14.

So therefore P is still a little bit higher than some other banks out there. But it’s very interesting three of his biggest holdings have to do with Thanks, guys. So anyway, I hope you really enjoyed this video looking at Warren Buffett’s top 10 stocks.

I would love to hear in that comment section if you guys actually hold positions in any of these 10 stocks or if you might be buying some of these stocks you know just based upon his Warren Buffett’s buying them or just based upon you really like some of those companies.

I really want to hear from you guys in that comment section down there. I love seeing what you guys are buying or thinking about buying. anyways thank you for watching guys make sure you check out my stock market investing mastery course it’s a first link down there in description that goes into everything.

I look into a stock It even has my private email address so you can contact me if you have any questions about the course. Thank you for watching guys and have a great day.

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