Warning about Robinhood App 25 Most Popular Stocks to Buy

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The Robinhood app most popular 100 stocks are listed on the website, and today we look at the 25 most popular stocks of them all… I want to share my opinion on these 25 Robinhood stocks.

The Robinhood app has been a game-changer the past 5 years and I appreciate it, but many of these stocks are very SPEC and that scares me. Many of these Robinhood stocks have many issues as well. Do you think these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch? LMK

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Well guys, before we even get into today’s video, I just want to show the Robin Hood app some love. Okay, thank you Robin Hood app for making the fact that we can like make trades for free. Okay, I do not personally use Robin Hood app. But guess what I use Fidelity Investments.

When I first started using Fidelity Investments, it was $20 $20 every time I bought or sold any stock in the stock market did not matter if it was one share 100 shares, okay, $20. And then over the years, it dropped to $10 Robin Hood app comes out, takes off they go $0.

And now fidelity and pretty much all the guys out there are $0 to buy or sell a stock. And it’s pretty much because of Robin Hood. So Robin Hood, even though I don’t use your app, I just want to say thank you for what you did. And hey, you know, you can make a little bit of money in that game, even if you provide free trades, I guess because look at this $8 billion valuation they’re now talking about for Robin Hood, so good for you guys.

You you’ve helped out the industry has put it that way. Okay. Now, Robin Hood has something really cool. And this is what we’re going to get into in this video. And I might have a little warning to give you guys okay, so basically, they show the 100 most popular stocks on the Robin Hood app.

Okay, what I want to do in this video, I just want to look at the top 25 I want to look at the most popular of the most popular stocks on Robin Hood was top 25. I want to share those with you. But mainly I want to give my two cents on this.

But are there these stocks good? Are these stocks bad? We know the Robin Hood app is known for what millennial investors right? Like the majority of people that use Robin Hood are in that millennial group. It doesn’t mean that’s the only people that use Robin Hood that but that’s the majority.

Okay, so I’m expecting some good stocks here. Like I’m a I’m technically a millennial, so my millennial generation, please don’t let me down guys. I want to see some dang good stock. I’m expecting a lot from you guys. And you know what else I’m expecting to be great other than these 25 stocks, I’m expecting a great number of thumbs up like What about a billion Thumbs up for this video?

Can we hit a billion thumbs up? I mean, Robin Hood has an $8 billion valuation. 8 billion thumbs up. I think we can do it guys. Okay. All right, guys. Let’s start getting into these stocks. Okay, so we started out not too bad here. Okay. 2524 2322 and 21.

Okay, first up AMD 25th most popular stock. Hey, I can understand it. I do. I personally own AMD stock. I do not. But hey, AMD has been a turnaround story. It’s been amazing what that CEO has done since I think she came in around like 2015 2016 time, and she has turned around that business in a massive way.

And AMD is now like an actual real competitor to a lot of these big dogs that have been you know, just owning them for such a long time. It’s been amazing. I mean, literally absolutely amazing to see the turnaround that AMD has had. So you know, if folks want to own AMD stock respect to you, I don’t personally own it once again, but I can definitely understand if you own that one.

It’s an amazing story. The technology has completely changed at AMD over the past few years and you know, respect Okay, 25. That’s not a bad start. Okay. 24 Twitter, okay. Twitter, okay, I’m not the biggest fan of this one. This isn’t a horrible stock, but it’s certainly not my favorite sock.

I mean, it’s a one trick pony, they got the Twitter platform, and that’s about it. So I don’t really like when you’re a company that competes in the ad dollar space. And all you have is one service, which is Twitter. Okay. So you know, it’s okay, they’ve had their ups, they’ve had their downs.

But we know, obviously, what the President man, he uses Twitter all the time. And that just gets a ton of traction, because people are always looking at those tweets and things like that. And so, you know, Twitter, it’s, it’s not, it’s certainly not my favorite stocks, not stock I would own but hey, you know, respect to you, if you own and I understand a lot of people love that platform.

And therefore, they want to own the stock 23 khronos group, very, very speculative stock. And I mean, incredibly speculative stock and khronos group. Okay, that’s one of those in the MJ space. And I’m amazed to see that speculative of a stock that high on the list of 23rd most popular stock, I mean, think about the 1000s of stocks in the stock market and to see a stock like Cronos group in the top 25 of very speculative stock.

Ah, you know, that’s not that’s not so good. Okay, let’s put it that way. Not saying Cronos can’t make it ever, or something like that. But that’s very speculative stock to be in a top 25. Okay, Royal Caribbean. Okay, Royal Caribbean. They’re obviously a cruise operator in Royal Caribbean at 22.

Ah, you know, obviously, the cruise line space has been, you know, devastated by Ronnie Rona, we all know this. This is obvious, right? But at the end of the day, Royal Caribbean, I can understand if a lot of people have bought the stock over the past few months, seeing the stock price go down and down and down and down and are willing to just take a risk and willing to say, Royal Caribbean probably going to come back.

Maybe it’s a year from now. Maybe it’s two years from now. Maybe it’s three years now. Heck, maybe their business doesn’t return to what it was maybe four years from now. But the upside potential is With potentially a double up of your money if not a triple up if your money, especially if you’re buying, you know, a month ago, two months ago, and so I think a lot of people just looking at this one, they’re like, I’ll take a risk on that one respect.

Okay, respect I can I can understand that one. Okay. 21, Teflon. I mean, you Okay, you know, I’m amazed, it’s 21 I thought it would be higher. I’ll be completely honest. I thought Tesla would be higher on this list. You know, you guys know I love Tesla.

Oh, man, I’m just smiling. You’re here to see that, you know, Tesla on this list. Okay, so I got to say about that. I don’t want to get into Tesla. You guys know I love that stock. That’s my, I think my I think that’s my biggest moneymaker stock honestly, you know, good for you guys on something tests. Okay.

Number 20. Uber, Uber stock. Alright, so Uber stock, it obviously is getting devastated in terms of their rideshare business right now. This is something we know. Okay, we do know the rideshare business is going to come back at some point in time. We do know that. Okay. Something else.

We know, Uber Eats business. Incredible right now, this whole Roni Ronan situation has made food delivery services, you know, go through the roof. But in terms of people using them and restaurants, fast food places, everybody is on these. Now.

Uber Eats is amazing. I mean, their business is in a really strong place. You also have some, you know, future businesses such as freight, obviously self driving cars, you know, taxi networks, autonomous taxi networks, things like that. Uber, I can definitely understand why this one is one of the more popular stocks out there in my personal opinion.

Okay, canopy number 19. Whoo. So canopy growth, which is a company that has been burning money, and I mean, burning money, like it’s nobody’s business, okay, well, Uber kind of burns a lot of money too. But the thing with canopy is, there really is no sign of when it’s going to end there with canopy nevermind that they’ve had a lot of executive turnover in recent years.

So if you’re looking at canopy, it’s another one of those. It’s very, very speculative, I can kind of understand that it’s in the top 25 even though it’s very speculative. Just because canopy is one of those stocks that a lot of people know it’s in the MJ space is potentially the biggest player there.

And even though they’re burning money left and right, a lot of people say they got big, you know, backers to put more money in, obviously constellation brands has a deal with them. And so, you know, at 19 I think it’s too high. I think that’s too speculative as of a stock to be up there, but I can I can understand it because a lot of people love to play these stocks and the MJ space and are hoping that someday they can become the big stocks.

Okay. inovio Coming in at number 18 A biopharmaceutical company. You know, they’re they’re potentially working on some cool stuff. But man, a biopharma I’m just telling you, those stocks can be scary, you can make a lot of money on those, but boy, you can, you can get your money cut in half cut by 60% 70%, literally overnight.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen one of these biopharmaceutical companies that has, you know, something in the market and it’s at such and such phase, and all sudden, all you know, it fell through and the stock literally ended the next day, it was cut by 50% 60% 70%.

It happens in the biopharmaceutical space all the time. The good news is you know, sometimes it does work out. And so 18 is a bit of a risky stock to be up there. United Airlines at number 17. So United Airlines is obviously an airline’s company.

And I can understand this is kind of like a Royal Caribbean situation where the stock has been so beaten down. Over the past several months, I can understand people wanting to buy United Airlines, especially a lot of millennials, they looking at it and they’re like, man, United Airlines is gonna get through this.

And someday, you know, the business is gonna be very profitable. Again, they don’t know when a year from now, three years from now, five years from now, seven years from now have a really long time. But people are pretty confident united, we’ll get back to profitability, and some level of of nice profitability. So a lot of folks are saying, hey, let’s go ahead and buy I can understand that one. You know, especially with the government funding there, okay.

16, Boeing, I got 100% understand this one, I think this is a decent one to be on this list. Obviously, a lot of people are looking for some big gains with some of the stocks in Boeing, you know, at the end of the day, they’re gonna likely make it through this, their business is going to be a mess for another one to two years.

That’s just you just have to accept that fact. Okay, when it comes to Boeing stock, but are they going to make it through this Ronnie road situation, probably government’s not gonna let them fail. Plus, they got a lot of financing, they got a lot of loans, and I don’t think anybody wants them to default on those loans. And Boeing is going to likely make it through this, Boeing will probably be a two $300 stock again, in a few years.

It’s gonna take a little while to get there. But at the end of the day, when you’re when you’re picking the shares up for 100 $120 a share $130 a share. And it can go to 202 5300. Let’s say in three years now, five years from now, though, people are looking at that as they’re not going under, and I’m gonna make I’m gonna make a double up on my money and so respect.

That’s definitely one I can understand why it’s on this list. Let’s put it that way. Okay. All right, guys. No Holy smokes. Okay, this ain’t no joke is now let’s get into some more of these.

Okay, so it’s getting a little crazy. So now as we move throughout this list, I have higher and higher expectations. I’m expecting some really great stock From here on out, we’re talking about top 15.

Now 15 snap, you know, this, this one, I kind of put in that Twitter category, not a stock I would own. It’s a one trick pony, they got their one service. Now I’m not a fan of it. Honestly, I’m not a fan.

I wouldn’t personally own it. But you know, I can’t say the bad stock, I can’t put it into that category. So you know, if you want to own snap, own snap k, 14 plug power, very speculative stock.

This is, you know, when you’re talking about these, you’re getting up here in the list. These should be really great companies, super profitable beast companies. Okay. And in a plug power 14 most popular stock on the Robin Hood app.

I just think that is way too aggressive. I’ll be honest, I think that’s I just think that’s way too spec. Okay. Number 13 Norwegian Cruise Lines. You know, NCL I believe is their ticker symbol.

So Norwegian Cruise Lines, it’s kind of in that Royal Caribbean slash Carnival Cruise Line space, obviously, you know, cruise liners, I can understand, you know, the stocks dropped massively over the past several months.

And I can understand why it’s a popular stock and a lot of people want to pick it up and saying, Hey, man, I’ll double triple at my money. As long as they make it through this. There is a risk with Norwegian Cruise Line, something to keep in mind.

They are the smallest player in the cruise line space. Okay. So if somebody was to go under, in this whole scenario, not saying they’re done, but if there was to be somebody in the crew in the cruise line space that was to go under, it would probably be Norwegian Cruise Lines, before carnival.

And before honestly, a Royal Caribbean, okay, so it’s just a risk out there. But hey, I can understand why a lot of people want to own that one. Bank of America number 12. You know, Bank of America.

I mean, it’s a huge bank. I’m surprised that so many millennials want to own bank of america stock. I’ll be honest. So, you know, I can’t say it’s a bad stock. I mean, it’s government backed pretty much.

I mean, that’s all the US banks now you might as well call them, the government banks. Okay. I go through JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America. They’re all pretty much government back now.

The Fed controls these guys, although they’re public companies, and they’re supposed to be you know, the doing their own thing that pretty much government control them the day for the most part.

And so Bank of America, I’m surprised to tighten hair. Okay. But at the same time, I can’t say it’s a bad stock. It’s a massive bank. k 11. Fitbit, okay. No, no, no, no, no. Okay. Why is Fitbit even still up there?

Google’s supposed to be buying them. And by the way, that was a bailout deal for Fitbit. Who knows where Fitbit would be today if Google didn’t bail him out. Okay. All right, guys, in top 10, we need to see some great companies.

And it’s starting now. Good number 10. Apple stock. Happy to see Apple stock on there. You know, I’m not personally a buyer of Apple stock here in the three hundreds. But hey, man, at the end of the day, it’s Apple, they got a beautiful business model.

People they get an iPhone, they get another iPhone, then they get another iPhone. They just keep getting, you know, Apple products, they get the ecosystem, they have services. It’s Apple, man.

It’s a beautiful business model and the best balance sheet arguably in the world. Cash to the sky. Dividends will increase increase over time. So like I said, I’m not personally a buyer this But hey, respect to a lot of you guys that own that stock, you know, great job with that one.

Okay? Mr. Softee number nine. No, not another stock I don’t personally own. But hey, that’s a really good stock. Let’s be honest. It’s Mr. Softee Microsoft. You know, I’m impressed Okay, I’m impressed now.

Now you guys are talking Okay. Then we get to Carnival Cruise Line. It’s like okay, you know, this is the same deal with the Norwegian Cruise Line and the Royal Caribbean Hey, it’s dropped a ton and I can definitely understand why it’s become a popular stock a lot of people looking at this one saying hey.

I’m gonna go ahead and I have a potential to maybe you know, double up my money triple up my money over the next three five years as long as they make through this and so respect if you bought Carnival Cruise Line $8 $9 $10 $12 $14 like respect to you because as long as they make it through this, you know, over the next three, five years, you’re probably gonna make some pretty good money on your money.

Okay, then we get to seven and I kind of let down GoPro Come on guys go pro. You know, this one had potential back in 2000 was at 16 2016 2017 when they were gonna have some exciting cameras coming out and a stabilizer device and a drone and the entertainment side of business had a lot going for them and a really good balance sheet back then.

Since then GoPros just disintegrated and and to you know, have this one be the seventh most popular stock is a little shocking to me. So yeah, in terms of GoPro oh my goodness, guys, come on. Okay, I’m just disappointed that one Aurora is number six guys are rora Come on.

Okay. Oh my goodness. I mean this stock I think they just did a huge reverse split. You know this. This is a messy situation. They’re at Aurora. You know, I hope they make it through and especially the fact that that’s the six most popular stock for the Robin Hood app though means up massive quantity and millennials owner.

I hope they make it through this whole mess but man, that is a insanely, insanely risky stock to be the six most popular stock once again, I hope they make it but goodness guys That is dangerous. Okay. All right time for the top five. I’m expecting a lot. Okay.

Delta Airlines fifth most popular stock? Well, I think it’s like the other airlines, I can understand why people have bought this one, it’s down massively. People are assuming they can double or triple up their money over the next three years, five years, seven years.

And so I can understand it’s a popular stock, but that fifth most popular and then you have American Airlines, number four, number four for American Airlines. I look at that one. And I’m like, you know, hey, yeah, maybe maybe they can turn around and maybe over time, they’re gonna get back to nice profitability.

And everybody’s gonna start flying again. But it’s gonna be a while and for that to be the fourth most popular stock. That’s, you know, I’m not so sure about that. Okay, I’m not gonna say it’s not a buy, but to be the fourth most popular stock in the whole stock market.

That’s crazy. Disney comes in number three. I can you know, respect I can understand Disney. Disney’s in a tough place right now. By the way, you know, sports are shut down right now. Right? ESPN, massive, massive segment for Disney Bob Iger, the CEO just takes off one day, literally, no one had any clue? And then he’s just like, No, I’m out.

That is that’s nuts in itself. Right? You have the theme park business that’s pretty much shut down. And who knows how that’s gonna open back up. And so Disney is in a really, really tough, you know, place right now. Let’s put it that way. But on the flip side, it’s Disney the amount of great brands they own.

It’s Disney. Okay, so I can understand why it’s one of the more popular stocks but believe me that company’s in a tough, tough place right now. Okay. GE the second most popular stock on the Robin Hood app. You know, that one is troubling. Okay. GE has had a ton of issues way before Roni brona.

Let’s be very clear about that. GE has had a lot of issues over the past pretty much five years plus k a lot of drama, a lot of trouble with their business, a lot of trouble with their balance sheet, you know, dividend cut. I mean, it’s just been it’s been a mess.

And so you know, for GE to be the second most popular stock on the Robin Hood app I’m looking at I’m like, I don’t really I don’t see it in GE Okay, I can understand some of these people wanting to get in some of the cruise lines and some of the airlines in playing those as potential turnarounds over the next, say five years.

Gee, I’m not even so sure about that one. I’ll be completely honest. Okay, so with that being said, we’re now getting into the most popular stock on the Robin Hood app. Now, the most popular stock this has to be an amazing stock. Okay, this has got to be I mean, if this is a bad stock, I might lose it.

Okay. And just there’s so many stocks I’m going to talk about in a moment that aren’t on this list that I’m a little I’m a little shocked. Okay, what is it? Ford? Ford stock is a number one stock on the Robin Hood app. No way. No what? No. No way guys, quit playing with me. This must be a typo.

The number one most popular stock on the entire Robin Hood app is Ford. Ford. Oh my gosh my millennials What are we doing? No, no no that baby boomers were right. We are clueless. Oh my gosh. Oh, it hurts my feelings. It hurts my feelings so much.

Oh, somebody pinch me it’s Ford is a number one stock in that of all the stocks in the stock market to pick from and this is the this is the this is the Numero Uno. No way guys. No way. No way. Oh my gosh, this can’t be real. For all the stocks for my goodness, guys. Okay.

ut like, come on. The FBI is not on this list. Nowhere in the top 25 is FB do people not like easy money? I mean, all these millennials spend their whole life on AIG Do they not know the FB owns i g? Like Like, has Doom like these people not know, like what is the best place to market in the entire world by far and away? It is through FB n i g they own both the most monetizable platforms in the entire world.

And no one wants to own the easiest money stock in the stock market. Okay, that doesn’t make much sense. But you know, whatever you guys want to do, by the way, follow me on it. If you haven’t, maybe you want to do do. No one wants to own YouTube.

Are you kidding me? No one wants to own Google Search the biggest search provider in the world. No one wants to own all the other amazing businesses that Google has how this one’s not even close to being in the top 25. Seriously, what the heck, I mean, Millennials spend half their life on YouTube.

And you can tell me no one wants to own Google That’s amazing. Okay, if you’re not at if you’re if you’re listening, guys, so let me be very clear about this. If you have a business, small business, midsize business, big business, the usual here’s a place that you advertise before you advertise anywhere else.

Okay. The FB i g Google McDougal and YouTube okay? That is where you run ads Okay, that is where you run ads everything else is secondary television print ads radio ads, all that stuff you know that’s things of the past let’s put it that way you’re just wasting money you’re not getting nearly as much bang for your buck ask any marketing expert.

In the world and they will 100% telling you that so the fact that no one wants to own you know to have the easier money stocks if not the easiest money stocks in the stock markets. It’s ridiculous Okay, a TVI was nowhere near the top 25 I’m like how you know.

This is the biggest video game provider out there not just mobile games, but console games. They got the hottest game in the market right now by far and away right I mean, it’s incredible no one no one wants to own a TV is dark on my you know, I’m assuming you know with all these millennials assume a lot of them play video games and yet no one wants to own you know, the biggest video game provider out there Netflix Hey.

I’ve never been a fan of Netflix valuation but the fact is there’s a ton of very speculative stocks are overvalued stocks that were on that list we just went through so if you’re going to own a speculative stock or you know with Netflix is not speculative, but it’s more like overvalued right if you want to own overvalued stock on Netflix man like literally if you want to if you want to go that route on the Netflix like how is that one not in the list?

This is just something that that simply amazes me like like this is a life of millennial okay? If you are a millennial, this is what you do every day of your life you go watch Netflix, and you go in it and you go on YouTube you play some a TVI games you go talk stocks on Jeremy’s discord in the private group, okay?

You go essential portly you go back to sleep and you repeat that and that’s daily life of a millennial. You do nothing else in that nothing I mean absolutely zero other things than those things I just put up there right now and you’re going to tell them and AAA how’s your pulling on up there? ninja Poli just hit $1,000 or something like like oh my goodness all these millennials eaten should pull their 24 seven and get none of them want to pull this stock?

This is just I’m just like what what the heck is going on? Okay, let me grab this for you guys. Okay, the Robin Hood app top 25 stocks I would give it a grade of five out of 10 okay you know what’s just like kinda in the middle it’s like not that good but not that bad the verdict here there was a few good stocks on there there was there were several good stocks on there there’s a lot of stocks I was like proud of you know.

My my millennial investors Good job guys. There’s definitely a few good stocks we read on that list. But honestly, at the end of the day, there was far too many speculative stocks. Way too many speculative stocks. I mean, when you’re talking about some of the most popular stocks being should be some great companies with you know, tons of profitability moats around the business businesses that just aren’t going to get taken out or something like that.

And what I ended up seeing was so many speculative stocks like literally probably half the stocks on that list right we’re very very speculative you know, probably half the stocks if not more than half the stocks on that list lose money okay there’s nothing wrong with owning one money losing company or maybe to money losing companies but to you know have a half that list or whatever it was we you know.

We just went through companies that lose money that’s just that’s is way too speculative Okay, and there was not enough easy money stocks you know, the fact that an FB was on there a Google McDougal wasn’t on there those sorts of stocks it’s just like really.

I guess you guys don’t like easy money okay, I mean, those are just those are the those are the type of stocks you can build a portfolio around you build a really big position and some of those really great companies and then you and then you slowly add a little more speculative as you go around in the positions get smaller and smaller, but to not have some of those big guys on there.

It’s just it’s amazing guy so you know, we you know, that top 25 list is definitely some work over the coming years. Okay, so anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, don’t forget to smash thumbs up and huge deal coming Memorial Day for the private group. You want to get on the waiting list for that go ahead and check out the link in the description.

That’s to get in the private discord chat, as well as you know, have hundreds of videos in the curriculum teach you exactly what to look for in stocks, as well as building a portfolio. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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