Top 6 Stocks To Buy UNDER $10 in STOCK MARKET (High Growth)

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Well guys today I have a list of the best stocks in the stock market for under $10! I know how much you guys love these videos where I talk about stocks that are high growth stocks but under $10. I will give you the names of these stocks and why I believe they are a good stock to look into. I will also tell you the stock price of these high growth stocks and talk to you about valuations. 

These are stocks that are under $10 and with that comes a lot of risk. So, like always, please do your own due diligence and research these stocks on your own time. I hope that at least one of these stocks you’ll love and able to research and potentially make good gains on. 

Hope you enjoy this video! Don’t forget to smash the link button! And leave me your opinion on these stocks in the comment section. This is a very fun video to do and let me know if you like any of the stocks mentioned in this video! Also let me know if there is a stock to watch now or a stock to buy now.

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Welcome to sunny Vegas, hope you’re having a great day out there. As always already guys, in this video I’m going to share with you six high growth stocks that are under $10 a share. I know you guys love videos like this where I get into some of these stocks that are, you know, under $10 and have some big growth.

The growth rates are pretty heavy for a lot of these stocks. We’re going to talk about those growth rates. We’re going to talk about the pros and cons of these businesses kind of the risk and things like that, okay, and I’m gonna give you some information on all these different stocks. 

All right, all six stocks should grow huge in 2021. But there always is a risk whenever you’re investing in stocks under $10. Keep in mind a lot of times some of these stocks are newer to the public markets, sometimes they’ve been going through some things sometimes their business models have been damaged or sometimes people have just forgotten about them but do understand there are additional risks to stocks under $10 maybe even a little more so than like big companies and things like that. 

So hope you guys enjoy this video. As always hope you get a ton of value out of it. I hope at least one of these stocks, see like piques your interest maybe you look into it, do some research something like that never forget to smash you want to join stock hubs absolutely free to do so that’s our best and biggest free discord chat in the whole world. 

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Let’s get to this guys. First one up here is a company named fat brands. So look at this one ticker symbol fat This is a $7 and 89 cent stock here today market capitalization on this one is about $92 million.

 So a little under $100 million in regards this one and does it get better than a ticker symbol called fat k we I mean if you’re buying this stock you want the share price to become fat over time. Okay, fat brands a multi brand franchising company acquires develops and markets fast casual and casual dining concepts. 

As of December 14 2020 it owned nine restaurant brands, including fat burger Johnny Rockets buffaloes, cafe, buffaloes Express, Hurricane grill and wings, elevation burger, yellow Mediterranean, Ponderosa and Bonanza steakhouses, as well as franchised approximately 675 units worldwide. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. 

Fat brands is a subsidiary of fog cutter Capital Group. All right. And you know, I think a lot of you guys probably at least know Johnny Rockets, right? Big. I mean, especially if you live on the west coast, California, you have to know Johnny Rockets. Okay.

 And fat burger, also a pretty big chain. We have many, many different locations here in Vegas. That was just three of them that popped up there. But I think we have seven or eight locations for fat burger here in Vegas. I mean, look at the size of that burger, man. Imagine trying to take down that thing that xx l Faberge.

Okay, 2021 this company is expected to grow revenue 92%. Okay, not a small number at all is supposed to be a big bounce back year for this company in 2021. So yeah, you’re not gonna find that many companies that expect to grow revenue like that. 

This is a baby company, like we looked at the mark cap, it’s 80 million, 90 million, somewhere around there has been trading at lately, which is just really, really small in general, right. And honestly, based upon my research, it looks like this company over time, they’re trying to turn into a restaurant giant long term. 

And if they can pull that off, it’s not out of the imagination to think about this company as being potentially a billion dollar company someday, or several billion dollar company someday, if they can, you know, successfully develop these brands better and better over time, and they get with the right franchisees, there’s no doubt like this could become a much bigger company than an 80 $90 million company like it is today. Okay. 

Now, also keep in mind, if the stock price goes up, the company can raise money. And if they raise a bunch of money, there’s a lot of different things they can do with that, right. They can pay down debt, they can expand their concepts more in different states, or maybe even internationally more, right. And they can buy more chains more these different restaurant brands that are growing. 

And keep in mind that the restaurant business is a very difficult business. And you have all the time where some of these you know, folks, sometimes they’ve been running these chains, maybe they got three restaurants, five restaurants, something like that.

 And they start getting a little older, they’re like, man, I just want to cash out because the restaurant business is one of the hardest businesses out there. Because you got to bring it day in and day out. 

And so there’s no doubt there’s always always different restaurants and restaurant chains that are looking to sell to people that are willing to buy and companies with money, which if this company stock price obviously continues to go up, they can easily raise money and buy out more chains and guess what grow revenues more and maybe even profits long term. 

If we look at this stock price, it has been kind of steadily rising. It hasn’t been like up in a straight line or anything like that. But the stock price has been kind of steadily rising recently, which definitely puts in a lot better position if they want to raise capital over time. Like I said, for 2021. It’s expected 92% revenue growth for this company. 

So I mean, if that’s very possible, that is a massive, massive number. So it’s a very interesting spec stock to start out here. And it’s an easy to understand business. This is not like some biopharmaceutical company where you need to do like, you know, four months of research into it just to try to find out like, what like, why they have some game changing product. 

Like this is a very easy to understand concept. It’s interesting stock. We’ll see what happens with it. Yeah, it’s fat brands. Okay, ticker symbol fat. That’s an interesting one to appear in. You knew this one had to be on this list. There’s no way possible. I’m about to put the video together. That’s covering stocks under $10 and not put this one on. 

Okay, planet, this is a $7 and 48 cent stock. This is the stock I personally own. I think I own two or three of the stocks of these bunch. I mentioned here today, and this is one of them. Okay, and I love this stock so dang much. 

Okay, so basically, they build super stores to sell jack Jackson, if you don’t know what jack Jackson is too bad. So sad. Okay, but neither say they build super stores that sell jack Jackson, they also have smaller format stores. 

And they’re expanding more into that, that the company definitely has ambitions to expand more into different territory states and things like that with some of the smaller store formats, but still give that planet overall experience. 

They have several own brands, which long term in my opinion as a shareholder, this company, I think that is the bigger growth engine for this company. Long term. Okay, no doubt about it. I mean, several these brands, I think are going to be potentially keywords, potentially billion dollar brands themselves over time, okay, you walk into a planet superstore. 

And guess what they’re giving the the main space to their own own brands, which I looked at the packaging and the branding around these products, and it’s phenomenal. And people love their products as well. 

A lot of them win awards, like they I don’t know if you guys know, but jack Jackson, they actually have different awards out there. And a lot of this company’s products actually win awards because of that. dang good. 

Okay, so yeah, huge growth ahead. Their cash load it is, you know, impossible see their balance sheet as of today, literally, as of today, as I’m recording this video, right? Because companies always lag several months when it comes to reporting their newest numbers. 

But I would say I’m not, you know, I think they have over $100 million in cash right now on the balance sheet. I’ll be honest, I think they’re over 100 million, as of today on that balance sheet, just cash sitting around so the cash flow to the sky.

There is such a good position to expand this business massively when legalization comes and I think legalization is coming pretty darn soon. Okay, maybe even quicker than a lot of folks. Figure out the management team. 

There’s awesome. This was a company that could I mean, honestly, they could have went under me last year. I mean, they had one superstore and that superstore was forced to be closed overnight. This was a company that could have easily went bankrupt, but the management team pivoted the business, they went to curbside. 

They went to delivery, they went to a different business model, and then coming out of this thing, they were stronger than ever. I mean, it’s one of the most amazing management teams I’ve ever seen. For a smaller company, like like pure and simple. 

Like if this was some huge company like an apple or something, I would expect that I’m like, yeah, that’s a trillion dollar plus company, they better know what they’re doing. But for a company this small to pull off that move was nothing short of a miracle. And one of the most impressive things I’ve seen from any small cap company ever.

 All right, look at the revenue growth expected in 21 98%. Holy smokes is that a no joke is okay. 98% revenue growth expect for this company in 2021. And not just that, you go ahead and look, and they’re expected to be profitable. 

Now keep in mind, they’re gonna be opening a huge Santa Ana store during 2021. And so if this company even with all those expenses and costs and things like that, that are going to be driving into the business, why that why that store ramps up? If they can still be profitable. 

That’s amazing. Okay, simply amazing. And by the way, speaking about that Orange County store, yes, it is under construction, things are looking good there. Those are some mock up pictures of the facility. And that store is supposed to open in mid 2021. So maybe June, maybe July, we’ll see when it actually opens. 

But at some point in mid 2021, that store is going to open and I would guess that store is going to be a very profitable store for the planet long term. Nevermind that. Remember I said they own their own brands. 

This is going to get those brands a ton more exposure in the state of California, specifically Southern California, and then watch how those brands expand into many other dispensaries over time. All right. So it’s really just a beautiful thing. Okay. 

The planet has all the makings of being a future giant in the jack Jackson space. As simple as that. I can see the day when this company is a 5 billion $10 billion type company because of that big end Remember, the jack Jackson space. 

This is something when full legalization happens. There’s gonna be Several companies that are 10 billion plus if not some companies that are 100 billion plus I mean, this is a massive industry. Needless to say, so yeah, that one I personally love that one ate it up. 

Okay, number three of the six stocks up here is a company named Casper sleep ticker symbol. This one is C s, PR just under a $10 stock as of right now barely could make the cut. On this one. It’s about a $400 million market cap. Today Casper sleep together with the subsidiaries designs and sells sleep products to consumers in the United States Canada in Europe. 

It offers a range of Casper mattresses, pillows, sheets, duvets, bedroom furniture, sleep accessory sleep technology and other sleep centric products and services as of December 31 2019. The company distribute his products through an e commerce platform 60 Casper retail stores in 18 retail partners all right now, the good news with this company is it’s getting closer and closer to profitability. 

I mean, they’re expected to take about $2 and 18 cent loss in 2020 and 2021 they’re expected to own work that’s still pretty big loss dollar 18 loss in 2021. The bad news is still a loss. Okay, it’s still a loss. So this is not a profitable company most these companies talk to you guys about here they could be in probably will be profitable in 2021. 

This one is not one of those. However, the good news is the company is supposed to have an acceleration of growth next year. All right, from 10% revenue growth expect in 2020 to nearly 20% in 2021. So that’s really good news, you’d love to see a business model where their growth is accelerating and not like going the other way. 

Okay? Now they also opened up a store not too long ago, I remember is in DTS downtown Summerlin I’m gonna have to check out the store one day it’s not too far from the Apple Store. And that’s definitely some some ambitions they have as far as expanding more retail stores. 

And I will say when it comes to the bedroom, okay, when it comes to beds, mattresses, pillows, all these things, it’s obviously an extremely competitive space. But what I will say is this company is really really focused on brand and I think this is important because we have seen some brands over the past few years build some very successful brands in the space such as Sleep Number.

Look at Sleep Number $3.6 billion market cap on that company company that’s built a really good brand name out there that people know I want to Sleep Number bed. Okay, purple. Sure you guys have seen those commercials. those commercials are phenomenal out of purple. 

Okay, purple, that company $2.5 billion valuation on that particular company, another one that’s focused very heavily on brain in this company Casper sleep, a $400 million market cap. Hmm, if they successfully continue to build this brand, long term, this could definitely be a company that’s 1,000,000,002 billion if not a $3 billion company in the future. 

Okay, now this is one I’m gonna kind of keep my eye on here, February 24. They’re supposed to have their conference call and webcast so if you’re at all interested in the stock is definitely going to be an important day to kind of listen hear what they have to say, as far as that goes. Okay, already guys. Next stock up here, the fourth stock of the six. 

This has been a very, very, very good stock. Okay. And yes, the pun was intended, we’re talking about the very good food company, otherwise known as very good butchers. I have a few of their products in my house Kay, this is a company that’s fully focused on plant based foods Alright, and this is a stock that I’ve been invested in keeping track of for many many months now. 

Okay, ticker symbol v RYYF $5. Stock as of today a market cap of $440 million. Now some really good news came out in regards to a very good food company recently that kind of went on the DL and very good food company announces director of us sales in provides e commerce update. 

Okay, so Kevin Callahan is going to join very good food company and become the director of us sales. Recently, Kevin was the Senior Director of us sales for an emerging plant based cheese company, where he established over 3500 points of distribution for the brand in six months with key retailers such as Wegmans sprouts, Costco, Ingles and central market as far as Mitchell Scott, the CEO. 

What does he have to say about this? He says we’re thrilled that Kevin has joined the very team and he has proven track record of launching and scaling high growth plant based food brands in the US market with Kevin’s network and expertise. We will successfully build our US sales channel for both retail and food service. 

Okay, food service, that’s something that’s completely untapped for this company as of right now. Okay. Very has already received numerous requests for product samples from large US based retailers in look forward to our products being on their shelves in the near future. Okay, very, very exciting. All right, all the puns intended in the various in this one Hey, in 2019 this is in regards to the e commerce sales update. 

Okay, in 2019 550 orders were received from us online customers as compared to 16,024 orders in 2020, resulting in a 2,813% increase in order volume. Okay? The US ecommerce sales order growth is a result of digital marketing campaigns and community building initiatives introduced in the latter part of 2020 very recently launched a separate us e commerce website to provide a more seamless customer service experience to US consumers and for better search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO. 

Okay. Yeah, this company is a growth beast. Okay. I mean, look at that e commerce us e commerce of 2,813%. year over year, I mean, this company has a long runway of growth when you’re talking about 1000s of percent growth. 

Okay, if we look at his most recent quarter it came out with you see revenue of almost $1.4 million, which was growth of 26.6% over the prior quarter, and 322%, year over year, that’s a number I really like to look at, what’s the year over year growth 322%, how many companies have grown like that, my goodness, Cape gross margin of 39.2%, over a nine month period improvement from 28.7% 2019. 

I mean, those gross margins are very impressive for where this company is at production volume sold of 126,000 pounds in a three month period, an increase of 37.2%. Compared to the prior quarter, nevermind year over year, I mean, we’re talking hundreds of percent, if you look at his balance sheet, total assets of 15,770,000, including a cash balance of over $8 million, compared to $405,000 in a prior year. 

So yeah, they’ve got a good cash position now, on this company, outstanding debt has been reduced to the remaining balance of $40,000. So debt is pretty much non existent for them. Now, only bad news is a company is losing money, and will likely continue to lose money, at least in the short term as his company continues to scale and build and build, especially in the United States market. 

But you know, when I look at these types of gross margins are already coming in. I wouldn’t be surprised if this company actually starts eking out some profitable quarters, either in the back half of this year, or maybe even as early as 2022. 

Okay, as far as this company of all, they have such a huge long term opportunity for this company, as long as the CEO and the executives here, they keep this this momentum up. I mean, there’s no doubt their opportunity is massive, because this is what they focus on. plant based foods like this is what is going on right now. And this is what they focus on. 

They’re not some company that is, it’s like they were doing something else. And now they gotta try to focus over here. No, this is all this company does. And if you look at a company also, like I own which is beyond me, right, BYD I mean, that’s almost an $11 billion company, and maybe very good food company never ever gets to where beyond meat is today. 

Okay, maybe it never gets that much excitement. Maybe it never gets a type of deals beyond meat has or any of those things. And so maybe this company never ever gets to $11 billion market cap. However, is it impossible to think the very good food company couldn’t get to like 4 billion long term? 

Like really just think about it for a moment and you kind of like, Huh, I think that’s definitely in the realm of possibility. As long as this company executes to at least get to like, let’s say 4 billion, 4 billion, if they get there, that’s a 10 x from here, okay, that’s a 10 year so even if they never got to the level beyond meters today, this company still has crazy opportunity in front of itself. 

And so for me, I own over 40,000 shares of stock and like selling is not even a consideration for me sometimes. You know, people are like how are you going to sell Are you interested in selling did you sell I’m like no like, Well, why would I when you see these type of growth rates 2,800% in US e commerce up revenue up 300 plus percent? 

I have absolutely no interest in selling the stock anytime soon. Okay, that’s just the bottom line with that one. All right, stock number five a six up here is Nokia Corporation, okay. ticker symbol n Okay, so this is a different stock of a bunch and don’t let this one confuse you because although the stock price looks really small $4.18 it’s actually a huge market cap k $24 billion market cap on this one. 

All right. Now this stock is very different from all the other ones we talked about because all the other ones are pretty much going to be huge revenue growers in 2021 Nokia not that type of company. Okay, they are expected profitability be up a little bit over the next year and they’re expected to have revenues up a little bit over the next year. 

But this is a very big established company and I will say it’s not an expensive stock in this market at all the four p in this stock is in the 16 range Okay, so this is not some like you know, nosebleed valuation at all but then again, it doesn’t have some massive growth so it really doesn’t deserve to be trading at some huge market cap. Kay, Nokia Did you guys know they still made phones. 

I have no clue. I thought they exited the Phone business like 100 years ago okay? They still actually make phones i think you know what I think I’m gonna buy one I’m sick of being a basic Apple boy Okay, I’m sick of this stuff I don’t just want to be like everybody else only good an iPhone can think I’m gonna buy one of these like Nokia phones man be the cool kid hey wait a minute wait a minute I own crews on Sky works that get almost all the revenues from Apple.

 No just kidding guys go buy an iPhone I love iPhone Nokia right? Nokia loves to bring itself as a 5g player and when it comes to Nokia in the 5g market, they’ve had some success but it has been very limited success it is a competitive market and they have been beaten out for a lot of different projects and a lot of different things by other players in that market. 

So something to keep in mind just because you brand yourself as 5g doesn’t mean you’re ultra successful and you can see that in the numbers that Nokia has posted over the past few years including the numbers that are expected over the next year or two Okay, it’s just like it’s very okay kind of business model but for P of 16.

The good news is you have the Wall Street bet squad on your side and they’re going to buy everything Nokia okay so anyways Nokia pretty interesting stock a different one of this bunch not a growth company but stable good for PE and yeah it kind of a grandma sock let’s call it that. 

Okay, number six a six stock up here is one is expected to have revenues bounce back huge in 2021 138% revenue growth expected for this company in 2021. And so the popcorn it’s a little overpriced. Okay, it’s the AMC Corporation. 

Very interesting stock here with obviously movie theaters should bounce back very strong in the second half of 2021 and going into 2022 $5 and 59 cent stock and a business model that could definitely get back to very nice profitability with the pent up demand out there backlog of big movies that are going to be coming up and yeah, anyways, I talked about AMC super in depth in a video I posted on this channel literally a couple days ago. 

So if you didn’t get to check out that video that talks about kind of the bull thesis around AMC stock price points I’m looking to personally buy AMC stock and things like that if you’re kind of newer to the stock market and you don’t know too much check out my stock market for beginners 2021 video might be the best video I’ve ever put together in my life. 

I’m just seeing like how much people absolutely love that video and tremendous amount of value. So if you’re newer to market, check out that one never forget to smash Hope you guys enjoyed this as always, and if you’re looking to apply for my private stock group, you want to scale to six figures, seven figures plus in the stock market, go ahead and apply they’ll be linked in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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