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Today I share with you the top 5 stock market apps I use. These 5 stock market apps I use almost daily. These apps are great for either buying stocks, researching stocks, or just keep track of stock you own. The best stock market apps include stock tracker app, seeking alpha app, simply wall street app, CNBC app, and fidelity investments app. What is your favorite stock market app? This is a great video for experienced investors and the stock market for beginners.

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Well, good day subscribers welcome in my name is Mr. Top Hat Jeremy. And today we are talking about the top five stock market apps that I use on a regular basis. Some of these apps I use literally every single day.

Some of them I use a couple of times a week, guys, and we’re gonna kind of look at them. And I’m going to kind of show you what I actually like about these apps. And what I don’t like as someone that’s used these apps for pretty long time.

The majority of them some of these apps I’ve used for years and years. So I have a pretty good insight on what to use with some of these apps and what to stay away from with some of these apps.

So I hope you really enjoy this today, by the way, like all these apps are pretty relevant apps, whether you’re a long term investor in the stock market, whether you’re a short term investor, or as a short term trader of stocks.

Whether you’re a short seller, it doesn’t really matter like these these type of apps we’re talking about here today. They’re good across the board, regardless of your situation. So hope you guys enjoy this.

Give it a thumbs up if you do. And by the way, in that comment section, I want to know what your favorite stock market app is the one that is your favorite, the one use more than any, let me know in that comment section.

I would love to hear from you guys what kind of tally up and we’ll see what stock market app wins, which one is used the most by you guys out there. Let’s get into it. So the first one right off the bat is the one I use the least of the bunch, okay.

Fidelity Investments, this is my brokerage I actually use. And this one I don’t use a lot, because I’m a long term investor in companies, I don’t place that many trades, what I do place a trade generally is to buy more shares of some kind of company. Okay.

So and as far as buying shares, like maybe once a week, maybe once every other week. So I probably only log into fidelity maybe two times a week, okay, two times a week is probably about right for me.

All right. But I love fidelity, I’ve been with them for about 10 years now. Phenomenal brokerage, you can see everything you really want to see as soon as you click on your portfolio.

Which is what I care about, you know, if you want to care about what what amount of money you made or lost that particular day, the total amount you you’re up on that position and $1 amount, and a percent is shows you Okay, it automatically calculates all your different cost bases.

So if you purchase that made different cost basis, it’ll automatically calculate it and tell you your dollar amount, and your percent your upper down on that position. It shows you your current value of that position.

It shows you the quantity of shares you own in that particular stock. And it shows you also your overall cost basis on those shares what that dollar amount is, and also shows you the actual dollar amount there of what your cost basis actually cost you Fidelity Investments.

Like when you’ve been using a product for like a lot of people like asked me what do I Why do I love fidelity so much. When you’ve been using something for a decade, and you have nothing bad to say about it.

That means just probably a pretty good product. Okay, that’s probably a pretty good product at the other day, I’ve never had an issue with them. nothing but good things to say about them.

So but that’s the one I use the least. But that still makes the top five. Alright, let’s get into depth here. Starting at number four. All right. This one is a newer app I found a couple months ago that a friend let me know about it’s called simply Wall Street. Okay.

It’s a pretty cool app. Pretty cool app. So basically, you click on the app, and you can make your own portfolio stocks and whatnot. The tab I love is a tab that’s called ideas on this ideas tab.

This is pretty cool. Okay, people always ask me like, do you have? How do you know come up with so many stocks? Well, one of the ways is through this new app, okay, I get stocks thrown at me all the time from a lot of places I’m always reading.

So I read about a ton of stocks. But this app can be a phenomenal place to kind of start some research. And if you’re kind of like, man, I can’t find a companies to invest in, I need to look for some more companies.

This app can be phenomenal. Because on the ideas tab, you can sort it by different different things, right? So you can sort it by like the most popular stocks. Okay, so the, you know, Apple comes up here, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, some of the most popular stocks.

You can sort of buy that. All right, and you can also sorted by region. And here we’re looking at United States. The next tab over is pretty interesting. It’s called the undervalued tab. So what this does.

Is it basically shows you companies that are potentially undervalued based on future cash flows, and basically p e ratios. That’s a pretty cool tab on you can sort it by high growth companies.

All right, companies that analysts expect to have higher earnings, revenue and cash flow growth for the next three years. There’s also a tab called dividend which shows you kind of like established dividend payers that pay significant amounts of dividends.

There’s next tab I love is a large cap high growth potential. So this is what more like bigger type companies that have, you know, big growth ahead of them. All right, a really cool app as far as all that goes and I like I said.

I love it for getting ideas. So you go search, you know, growth stocks, if you want or undervalued stocks or whatever. And you you kind of look there and you click on it a little bit. You’re like, that looks like a pretty interesting idea.

And then you go research it more you actually click on that company’s Investor Relations. So you like let’s say you go to large cap high growth and you see there’s a company name aligned technology. Okay.

I think that’s a company that makes invisible, invisible braces and whatnot. You like no It looks like a pretty interesting company, then you go actually look, go to that pages, that company’s Investor Relations page.

You Google that, that pops up, you can go start reading the 10, ks 10 Q’s or some conference calls, doing your in depth research. But the spark the idea all came from that app right there. Okay.

So it’s a pretty cool thing in terms of finding more stocks to look into that you want to look into, seriously and whatnot, I do not recommend it as far as just like looking at and be like, Oh, this says, this stock is undervalued.

I’m gonna buy that stock, or it says this stocks high growth and buy that stock, I do not recommend it for that. I recommend that as a starting point to go do more research on stocks, it’s a pretty cool thing.

All right. Next one I use here, the third app is Seeking Alpha. Okay, Seeking Alpha is a pretty cool app. So basically, you log in, you can have kind of like a portfolio of stocks, I have a bunch of different stocks.

I like to watch there on the left hand side, all right. And then basically on the right hand side, it’s going to show you any stories that have kind of come out and in relation to those stocks or stocks.

Or if those stocks were mentioned in a particular article or something that people have wrote about actual humans have wrote articles about and whatnot. Okay, so here, I just clicked on an article skyworks is one of the stocks I track on Seeking Alpha.

And somebody wrote an article here today that says sky works deserves a high higher multiple. And basically, it goes all into detail. This guy goes into detail on why he believes skyworks Solutions stock.

But deserves a higher multiple than it has right now. That’s really cool thing and just, you know, kind of interesting to you know, see other people’s ideas and in stocks and and sometimes you know.

Somebody has a better idea than you or somebody vantage point might kind of twist your vantage point a little bit and you kind of understand it from a bearish perspective or a bullish perspective on that stock.

Like, I never really thought about that. This is a pretty good idea that, you know, this person comes up with, I think it’s really interesting to read. Also, I love it for the the fact that there is common.

So you can also read comments from a bunch of different people that are invested in that stock or short that stock, or just interested in that stock in general, which is usually if somebody’s writing about a stock generally.

And they’re either long or short on that position, if they’re right in the comment section is most people don’t just read random random stocks, right. So really cool stuff I love. I love those different features about the app.

The Seeking Alpha, you just read about what different people think about things. Also, there’s another tab called news. All right, the news app is going to show you any recent news that came out in relation to some of those stocks. Okay.

So here we got some apple news that came out Apple confirms bug issue causing MacBook performance, MacBook Pro performance to go down. There’s another article about bull market and Tesla CDs is another article about square and eBay teamed up to offer loans to underserved small businesses.

Pretty cool stuff there. The next tab over is also extremely beneficial. It’s a transcripts tab, which basically it’s all the stocks that kind of track, you’re on Seeking Alpha, all their latest conference calls.

The transcripts are right there. So if you’re someone that doesn’t want to listen to conference calls, he rather read it what sometimes, you know, most of the time I listen to conference calls.

Because I like to hear tonality, the CEOs tone CFOs tone in relation something, but sometimes, you know, maybe it’s sometimes honestly it’s the CEO that’s a little hard to understand right? In this great to just kind of read the transcript in something like that, guys.

So I love that app like Seeking Alpha is awesome, awesome app. Just good things to say about it overall. Next one up here is stock tracker. So this one I use every single day Monday through Friday, okay, every single day Monday through Friday.

I’m using stock tracker app, I usually open it at least a couple times a day, probably two maybe three times a day. And this is what I use as my daily driver for just kind of seeing what’s going on with stock price performance of stocks.

I own or stocks and keeping track of so on my list I think I have 75 stocks or somewhere around there 7578 stocks and basically the way I sorted is like my biggest positions to my my smallest positions to then light stocks out thinking about buying.

Some you know sometime soon to then companies you know that I’m just kind of keeping track of as possibilities to buy eventually. And so that’s kind of what I do now when you click on a stock so let’s click on l brands here.

What it’s going to show you is you’re going to be able to sort the chart however you want. So charts gonna pop up kind of showing you where that stocks stock price has gone. Do you can do by one day five day by the last one month three month.

Is what this is clicked on looks at the last three months where that stocks gone six month, one year, two year, five year or the maximum you know distance bakingo which I think sometimes.

It’s in the 90s sometimes in the 80s depends on the stock and then we go ahead and we go down a little bit there and it also shows you the volume the amount of shares that trade there.

It shows you the P e ratio the APS a dividend the average volume the beta the market cap of that company the dividend yield a lot of useful information there further down then we get to see actual the APS numbers like.

What they’ve done you know in the past few quarters as far as their what their was estimated that for them to do as far as the PS goes versus what that company actually reported for numbers.

It also shows you kind of like, you know, basic profile of what that company does and whatnot. Pretty cool stuff. I really, really liked this app a lot. Now the other tabs, I will say, you know, the news tab is pretty crap on this app analysis.

Not a huge fan, technical financial, not a huge fan, and then discuss tab. It’s a good, it’s a cool feature. But the problem is, is way too much spam on that tab. It’s just a lot of spam crap out there.

But bottom line is, that’s my daily driver. And Monday through Friday, as far as you know, I want to look at what my stock prices are doing. What am I going to stock tracker app, always I’m going there before I log into my fidelity account, or before I go to any other app out there.

And that’s why it’s my number two app I use. This next app is an app I pretty much go to every single day, regardless if it’s a weekday or a weekend or anything like that, you know, just a very good app overall.

Number one is the CNBC app, CNBC app, why do I basically log into this every single day? It’s a great app in terms of just finding out financial news stuff that’s going on out there on the markets in relation to it.

Whether you’re talking about stocks, macro economics, just kind of big news stories in general, as we see on the left hand side there you know, we got it. First off the clickbait article there and Southern California home sales crash.

What a clickbait that’s a great clickbait article there because it’s not really true at all is basically because there’s low inventory makes it sound like like no one wants to buy a home or something when that’s not the case at all.

But you see, there’s just a ton of different you know, basically news stories that have come out recently here. Also you can see how the markets are doing overall the Dow Jones s&p 500, the NASDAQ and whatnot, a tab I love the market movers tab.

Okay, so basically this shows you kind of like you can see the Dow 30 top movers okay in terms of percent of going up. You can also see the top, the Dow 30 bottom movers meaning the stocks that are going down the most in the Dow 30 you can see the s&p 500 the top moving stocks.

The ones that are going up the most. You can also see s&p 500 the ones that are performing the worst in that particular day Whirlpool my goodness I was having a tough day down nearly 14% there NASDAQ noon.

Look at the NASDAQ 100 top Movers. Google’s having a very good day after those earnings are reported. Then you can also see the ones that are having a really tough day Hasbro’s there, bunch of other stocks, they’re pretty cool stuff.

They’re there. The reason I love this app is pre markets. Generally before I go to bed every single night, I’ll generally just look at what the pre markets are doing kinda. Are they looking like it’s going to be a strong day tomorrow.

Is it going to be a weak day and things like that I’ll pretty much always go the pre markets. And then the other tab I really love on this app is the latest video tap which just kind of tap that just kind of shows you what the latest videos are.

And you can watch them most of them are available for free to watch and whatnot. without actually having to be watched on CNBC on your TV. You can watch it on demand. They’re different interviews are doing with people different people’s opinion.

Pretty cool stuff I definitely use. Like I said that app is pretty much every single day regardless, even if it’s a weekend. I’m probably going on the CNBC app at some point in time. I would love to know from you guys what your favorite app is out there.

I’d love to know in that comment section and if there are any apps I mentioned here that look interesting, let me know in the comment section as well. I would love to hear from you guys.

As always, make sure you follow me on Instagram if you have not already I post a ton of Instagram stories in relation to stock news. Just news in relation to the Channel News in relation to me it doesn’t matter a lot of different stuff.

A lot of great content there on Instagram, make sure you follow me if you have not already. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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