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Today I take you through the top 20 most popular stocks held by investors that use Robinhood app for trading stocks. Many of these stocks are highly risky and in my opinion, many of the stocks have limited upside. Let’s go through these 20 stocks. Enjoy!

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Oh my goodness guys what I’m going to share with you here today shocks me it is scary to me it is really scary to me I’m going to share with you the top 20 stocks that are held out there by millennials okay people in their 20s and 30s out there.

How do I know this? Well there’s an app called Robin Hood through this app called Robin Hood you can buy and sell shares with paying no commission Okay, it’s a pretty cool thing. In this app.

They share their top 20 stocks that are most popularly held by people that trade through Robin Hood. Okay, pretty cool stuff, right? Pretty cool stuff. But the stocks under like, over half of them are absolutely trash.

Okay, these are horrible stocks to be invested in. It scares me that the millennial generation invest in so many of these companies that I’m like, why number seven, wait till I go off on number seven.

That one might be the scariest of all guys, there are there’s so many bad stocks in here. I’m just gonna share it with you guys and kind of share my opinion around this. By the way there are there are some older people that also use an app called Robin Hood.

Probably but by far and away the majority of people that use Robin Hood app are under the age of 35. Okay, so I hope you guys enjoy this by the way, if you have an opinion on any of the stocks mentioned here today.

Any of these 20 stocks, feel free to share we’ll just gonna start at number 20 let’s get into this guys. So coming in at number 20 is a company named Starbucks. Okay, Starbucks um, you know.

I guess you’d call it a great American Corporation. However the issue is with Starbucks right now they are going through some stuff okay. They have you know, come store sales that are unbelievably weak.

China was a strong growing market analysis and went from growing super strong to there’s no growth in China and it’s like what happened and they blame it on some new app came out there were those like coffee delivery in China and whatnot and it just took away their huge growth.

I come store sales in China were amazing for Starbucks now they just went to nothing North America is super super weak. So the company is just a company that is struggling right now on their EP s.

If it wasn’t for them buying back a lot of shares or APS would actually be negative in a big way the last few quarters you know I guess I can give this one a blessing like I’m certainly not a fan of Starbucks shares.

But at least like this one’s a no okay stock compared to a lot of the stocks on the list guys coming in at number 19 is a company named square this is one of the hottest stocks in the entire stock market for the past two to three years.

Okay, I still remember when square like this we’re talking like two to three years ago Square was like a $10 stock and now it’s like a $70 stock Okay, it’s just been an unbelievable ride for square stock on they’re doing some great things in payment processing you know.

I will this one is highly valued company Okay, highly valued company, they’re going to need to execute on some amazing growth for the next decade to justify this valuation on the company right now.

It’s a great growing company I guess I can give this one a blessing but certainly not my favorite in terms of valuation All right, let’s get into number 18. It is a company named Disney I will definitely give this one my blessing.

Disney is a great Corporation Okay, the amount of brands Disney owns, they’re starting a streaming service in 2019 as long as that can be a decent success doesn’t even have to be a smashing success of that can just be a decent success for the company.

Like this company is a great company. It’s a growth company a small growth company but if they can get the streaming service out there done right this could become a major growth company in the future.

So great company I can definitely bless this one that’s a that’s a good stock there. micron ticker symbol m UM, microns a huge memory chip player super low for PE Is it scary that maybe DRAM pricing could fall in the future.

Yes, that’s definitely a scary thing out there. If you didn’t already know microns in a bit of a commodity related business but there are really only three players in this space micron company named SK Hynix and also Samsung Okay.

Those are the three main players in their markets that m u competes in this company has a super low four p we’re talking like a five like a four or five for PE you know it does worry me about you know.

Maybe DRAM pricing could fall in a big way starting in 2019 that does worry me but at the same time it’s such a low four p that let’s say you know and news profits were cut in half what’s up put them at a nine or 10 p that’s not so high and and so I can I get that one a blessing okay 16 is Alibaba ticker symbol Baba.

Great. This is my favorite play out of China. Okay, I think is a great company. You know, it’s, it’s, I would call it I think they have bigger potential to grow that company over the long term than actually, Amazon has.

Which is saying a lot because Amazon’s just a monsters Corporation. Right. I think Bob actually has you know, deserves a valuation similar to Amazon right now. It doesn’t quite have it.

And I think Alibaba actually has a chance to be a bigger Corporation around the world than actually Amazon does. Bottom line is I love this company. You know, I wouldn’t mind Don’t I’m surprised I don’t own a shares.

But if I was forced to buy a Chinese Corporation, I would buy Alibaba without question guys without question. Coming in at number 15 is Amazon. Amazon, you if you watch the video I posted last week.

I believe Amazon stocking Netflix stock are overvalued. Okay. With that being said, I can understand why people would own this company, they won retail for the next 10 years, the United States of America. Okay.

That is a huge thing when you win retail for the next 10 years, like, like, Who’s going to touch them in retail in the next 10 years? In my opinion, no one they’ve won that game. Okay, then they have Amazon Web Services.

Which is growing into an absolute monstrous huge other part of their company. Okay. And that could be a huge profit engine for the company for years to come. I can understand why people own this.

Do I believe the company is overvalued right now? Yes, I do. But at the same time, you know, this company is going to continue to grow for a long time in the future. So I can understand millennials owning this stock is a monsters Corporation.

They’re going to continue to grow for a long, long time in the future. And if you if you’re looking at it from perspective of is Amazon stock probably going to be higher 10 years from now than today? Probably okay.

Even though I feel as overvalued here in the short term over the next few years. If you look at it from a 10 year perspective, if I had to place money one way or another, I would say Amazon will be valued higher 10 years from now than lower than 10 years from now, guys.

So I got to understand that one. All right, let’s get to number 14. Number 14 is a company I just bought shares in recently, that you know, if you watch that video, I don’t plan to buy any more shares that company but I just hold them for the next 510 years is Tesla, okay.

Once again, another company, I can understand why millennials will want to own this stock, especially if you have a long term perspective, a company trying to revolutionize the auto industry, and revolutionize the energy industry.

That’s a huge, huge thing. They’re risky company, though it is definitely a risky company, they do have a lot of risks with that company. Obviously, they’re not making profits right now.

And then the couldn’t get to a place where they’re profitable very soon. But as of right now, this is a company that’s taken massive, massive losses. So something to keep in mind there.

But you know, when you look at it from a long term perspective, they got a great opportunity in front of them. Number 13. I can definitely give this one the blessing. Okay. Nvidia Corporation, Nvidia Corporation.

A company that’s been clicking on all cylinders for the last five years, unbelievable growth engine, if you’ve invested in the stock five years ago, you’ve made a lot of money. I think it’s up somewhere around 1,600% in the past five years.

Unbelievable growth beast should container when the big growth beats long into the future. They’re winning at so many different industries. In Video as a great company, I can’t say anything bad about it coming in number 12 is Bank of America.

Okay? nothing bad to say about this one either. You know, 12 through 20 aren’t that bad, it’s 11 through two that gets really bad for you know, the millennial generation here. But they are American.

Nothing bad I can say about that giant bank. Pretty much too big to fail. I mean, if something ever happened, government would probably bail him out. Let’s just be completely honest, straight profit engine.

I can’t say anything bad about Bank of America at the end of the day. Now, here’s where things turn for the worse for the millennial generation. Stock number 11. Is Snapchat. Okay. The stock that is 11th most held position is Snapchat, Snapchat.

In my opinion, you know, could it be a spec stock play? Yes. But at the same time, Snapchat, when I look at the stock, right? they screwed up, they had so many things going for him, okay, then all this more competition came in with Instagram.

Instagram copied in, you know, Snapchat stories and whatnot, they copied a lot of snapchats features. And then Snapchat decided they’re going to change everything up, they change their layouts.

And basically it is been a, you know, a big downfall for the company, I think we’ll continue to see that in the snapchats numbers over the coming quarters. The company has losing massive amounts of money.

And they’re losing us and they’re going to be losing users. Okay, that’s a really bad combination. When you’re losing money, and you know, you’re gonna have weakness in users. I’ve seen it on the platform.

It’s been like an exodus from the platform last six months, or there’s still a lot of people that use Snapchat, yes, but it’s just not nearly what it was, at one time, at least in North America. Okay, so Snapchat, definitely, you know, the excitement is gone.

And that stock coming in. And number 10 is a Netflix Netflix company that it’s dropped quite a bit since I put out that video a week or two ago about you know, I thought it was overvalued.

I still feel like stock is overvalued right now. I mean, it’s still at somewhere around 160 100 and $70 billion valuation on this company. And, you know, are they probably going to win video streaming overall.

Yes, I have a feeling they probably will win that. Although they got massive amounts of competitors coming in over the coming years. I don’t know what this company really deserves.

160 170 when I did that video is over $180 billion market cap, in my opinion on where that company is at how little money that company makes for profits right now, the amount of money they’re going to pour into content just to kind of keep up with the Joneses.

Because we’ve got so many companies coming in the space, apple, Facebook, Google, anybody across the board, Disney, you know, obviously they still got the old competitors of Hulu cables.

There’s so much you know competition from So many different competitors with Netflix that I don’t personally, I don’t think it’s a good stock to hold. I think it’s an overvalued company. And that’s just kind of my feelings on Netflix stock overall.

Number nine, Twitter. My goodness, guys, these stocks are pretty bad here. So Twitter stock been a hot stock for the last year or so obviously, they’re kind of benefiting from the fact that the president united states happens to use Twitter a lot.

I think that’s a big benefit to the company that you know, the guy that’s so causing so much controversy all the time, he sends out a tweet and everybody starts talking about oh my gosh, did you see what Trump just tweeted? Everybody’s got to go on there and check it.

Did he really tweet that and then they start commenting and liking it, if they like it and agree with and whatnot, that’s given in Twitter a huge boost when you get the president united states tweeting all the time.

That gives you a huge, huge boost. Okay, they have that going for them right now. And that’s a really good thing that’s going for the company. But some of the trends that have been going on for me with Twitter for a long, long time, like lack of user engagement, whatnot, a lot of that stuff is still going on.

Okay, guys, Twitter, it’s just, I would invest in that company, I would not invest in a company. Number eight is Facebook, which is a great company. I can’t say anything bad about this one straight profit beast.

An absolute profit beast Facebook is they own obviously, Facebook platform, they own Instagram platform, WhatsApp, they have Oculus, doing a lot of big things. And they have a lot more monetization of those platforms going over time in terms of the amount of ads on those platforms.

And in terms of what advertisers will be willing to pay for those ads in the future. A company should easily be a trillion dollar market cap probably within a year or two. Honestly, I’d be surprised if they’re not a trillion plus dollar market cap within a year or two.

If not, is gonna be probably within the next five years. They’re such a phenomenal growth piece in there. They’re fairly valued 20 to 40 Pm that company in my opinion, that’s not valued too high.

Only thing I see for weakness for Facebook is I think it’s going to be I think the the monthly active users and daily active user numbers. I think those are going to be hard to impress in my personal opinion.

Going forward just because Instagrams kind of given it a boost for so long. I think as far as a percent going up, the numbers are starting to get so large I think that’s going to kind of the kind of weakened now.

But profits are unbelievable. I can get that company a blessing number seven. Oh, here we go, guys. Number seven. Go Pro. Are you kidding me? This is a seventh most held stock by millennials out there.

Oh, where do I start with GoPro? Oh my gosh, guys, why would anybody want to hold the stock other than maybe hoping that somebody buys them out for let’s say $8 a share at $10 a share? Other than that hope? Why would you own GoPro like it makes no sandstone GoPro at this

This point in time they got out of their drone business, which was their one business that could potentially grow in the future and they just totally screwed that up from the beginning.

Okay, they totally screwed that business up from the beginning. Okay, on camera sales are unbelievably weak for the company. Okay, unbelievably weak, it’s hard to find somebody that wants to buy is one of the new GoPros Okay, unbelievably, we camera sales.

Which, when you have really weak camera sales, guess what is also weak accessory sales. Okay? It’s a great thing when camera sales are strong, because more people buy accessories that go on those GoPros was $40 accessories.

That really cost a company like five or $10 to make that’s kind of a benefit that can help the company out. Okay? But when camera sales are really weak, you’re not selling accessories.

And now you’re out of the drone business in VR. From my understanding it’s pretty much a flop at this point in time with GoPro. So what do you have with that company? And you’ve got a horrible management team that has totally mismanaged the company over the last five years.

What do you have like like why why would you invest in it like it literally makes no sense to me? why anybody would look at that company like that’s a good investment their balance sheets not even good anymore.

Now they’re just loaded up on debt. They don’t make any money nowadays like like in my opinion, there’s no reason to be in that stock unless you’re hoping that they get bought out and you get a premium for your shares.

But I would just say in most cases that’s a bad situation. Okay, it’s bad if you’re hoping that maybe you can get a buyout some companies kind of come and bail them out and you can sell your shares for higher that’s a hard thing guys.

Number six. Oh my gosh, this continues on Fitbit. Oh guys, go pro and Fitbit number six and number seven most popular stocks held by people in with Robin Hood which is the millennial generation.

What are you guys doing? Like like Holy smoke. Fitbit. Seriously like Fitbit really like like who’s getting a Fitbit okay most people now if they want a wearable they get an Apple Watch okay? Or they’ll get some type of Samsung product but wearables in general.

Just have not taken off the way you know people thought they’re gonna be in terms of people actually continue to wear them throughout a day to day you know, lifestyle basis. When I look around when I go to a store okay when I go to an actual physical store when friends and when I see friends and family.

I don’t see any wearables on them and can including me, I can could afford any wearable UI it could possibly imagine. I don’t care about wearing an apple watch or anything. There’s nothing out there that said.

Well, I gotta have this okay. And I’m an apple fanboy. I don’t even own an Apple Watch. Okay. I know people that own all types of wearables. Do they ever wear them? No, whether we’re talking Fitbit.

Whether we’re talking Apple Watch, they’re worn for like a month or two. And then they went back to wearing a watch or wearing nothing at the end of the day. It’s just a sector that, you know, got really exciting.

And people were really hyped about and it just has not transformed. And then Fitbit has been a lagger of the bunch. And why why? why you want to be in GoPro Why do you want to be in Fitbit? Unless you’re hoping for a bio.

What are these companies have, all they do is lose money in their balance sheets are getting worse, like and their demand for their products is falling and falling? What is the reason to be in these type of stocks if number five is AMD, AMD Corporation.

So AMD, um, you know, that company does have some growth. And the good thing about AMD is now they are starting to show that they can maybe be a profitable company, which is a big thing, because that company hasn’t been profitable in a long, long time.

So if they can become a profitable company, and they can compete decently with someone like an Nvidia, that’s a big, big thing for the company, okay, and Intel and some of the other players.

So AMD What did what did I own the stock? personally? No, I wouldn’t, but at the same time, can I say it’s a bad sock? Don’t know, I can’t say that I can’t say and AMD is a bad stock to own.

It’s possible it could be a very successful company, okay? So I won’t I won’t speak that about them. Mr. Softee number four, Microsoft, I got to speak really highly. And Microsoft is a company that was dead in the water for like 14 years as in like 2000 through 2014.

The Steve Ballmer error was very much a dead error for Microsoft, okay, they try to compete against iPhone and failed horribly with their windows products and whatnot. But Microsoft has totally changed on the assumption, della, that guy’s done a phenomenal job.

I can’t say anything bad about him. The growth in that company has been absolutely amazing in pretty much every product category that company has. It’s just a great stock. I mean, just a great company.

Great stock very well run nowadays. It’s turned into a growth beast. I can’t say anything bad about that one. Okay, coming in at number three is a company named Ford Motor Corporation. Why? Why would you want to own Ford Motor? Like I understand it’s a low p i understand that’s attractive.

Low P and the company that could be attractive, alright. But at the same time, when I kind of think out like, like, this is how industries go nowadays, okay. There are basically two main players in every industry.

That’s the way you know, just like the companies workout now. So electric vehicles is here. It’s good to hear in the now in in the future. Okay. Evie, is is the way to go. So with electric vehicles being the future, all right, they’re gonna probably be two players, two main players.

And then there might be a few smaller players in the game, the two main players, one is going to be test. So they’re going to be number one. And then who’s going to be number two? If I had to put my money on a company to be number two.

I wouldn’t put it on for at the end of the day, I would not put my money on Ford being the number two player in electric vehicles. I just don’t see it. Is it possible? Yeah. And there’s a company on a very low PE right now.

Yes. But in terms of is that company forward thinking? I don’t see it with that company at all? Do I see them being the number two player in electric vehicles? Absolutely. Not guys? Absolutely not.

So their business model is dying. Wall Street understands our business model is dying. That’s why that stock trades at such a low p E. I think last time I checked, it was trading at like I think a six p or something like that.

That’s why it trades so low, like Wall Street understands that’s a dying business, like it’s a dying business that’s going to start going down and down as electric vehicles get more and more popular.

And then you just got to wait till Tesla actually, you know, announces their truck someday, which you know, probably couldn’t be within a year or two. They announced that and then all sudden, what’s going to happen with the Ford f150 sales and whatnot after that 250 to 350.

What is going to happen with those types of sales one says a major electric competitor in the truck space like I just don’t see it, guys, I don’t understand why millennials would want to own Ford number to another company.

I don’t understand why they’d want to own as General Electric. What for is the company’s a mess right now. company’s a mess. And let’s say they make it through and it’s good and whatnot.

Is this really a growth growth monster company that’s worth being in this type of company? Is it worth being in a company that’s going through this type of mess, in my opinion, if you’re in a company that’s going through a lot of hardships, okay.

And is going through a tough time, there better be a huge potential return out there. Okay. There’s going to be something that wow we can make double, triple quadruple our money in this stock over the next let’s say five years.

As long as they turn the business around. Is there that type of potential in General Electric, I don’t know I don’t really see it myself is a stock that could be triple the value quadruple the value in five years from now? I don’t really see it.

Maybe there, maybe there’s something I’m missing. But I’m like, why would you want to own a stock that’s going through all this mumbo jumbo, I don’t see the the risk versus reward there.

If you’re taking a risk like that, they’d better be a huge return on the other side, man. And in General Electric’s case, I’m like, really, I don’t I don’t see that huge reward out there for the company.

Let’s just put it that way, guys. And the last one, I could definitely give this one the blessing. I’m happy. This one’s number one. And that’s apple. millennial should have Sue Abby, and pretty much everybody out there.

You know, it makes sense to own Apple stock. When you look at how solid that business is, you look at the way the services is growing. When you look at you know, the way they’re starting to diversify that model.

In the way that their company just generates cash, the talent around the management team, they’re, you know, it’s apple at the end of the day, like like, like, no one ever no one ever lost money investing in Apple last 20 years long.

You invested, you’re up on your position in the last 20 years, guys. So that’s those are my opinions about those 20 stocks man, so many of them are just like, Why? Why were some of those like on the list like I just don’t see it the you got to always think like risk versus reward and investing.

And so many people are in Super risky companies that are either close gone bankrupt, or may go bankrupt, or their business models are in total decline. And it’s like what is the reward with some of those stocks.

Like Fitbit and GoPro what’s the reward to maybe make 20% or 30% of the company somehow gets bought out? And what’s the what’s the risk bankruptcy like like why I like a lot of those stocks.

I’m like, Why? Why why why but it is what it is guys. Anyways, let me know what you think about those 20 stocks. I would love to hear from you guys as always in that comment section. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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