Top 10 Stimulus Check Stocks To Watch Now

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Today we do a list of the top 10 stimulus check stocks to watch now. Some would consider these stocks to buy now, but I will say they are stocks to watch. These stocks should benefit big from new stimulus checks that will likely get approved and sent out in June 2020. LMK in the comments some stocks that you think will benefit from new stimulus checks being sent out next month!

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Windows here we are looking more and more like we’re gonna have round two stimulus checks going out there, the house is trying to get past a big plan. We know both sides are very, very interested in getting more stimulus checks out there to folks.

And with this being said, I mean they’re talking about another 12 $100 per person up to $6,000 per family, we’ll see what all the numbers shake out to, but it’s more than likely This is going to go through. And so I thought we’d do a video here today on what 10 stocks will benefit the most from round to a stimulus check.

So I put a quite a bit of thought into this, I thought about what are some of the companies out there that are going to benefit huge from this, either on the business side with people going out and spending the stimulus money with those particular businesses, or on the side of actual stocks where p is, you know, because some of these people, they don’t really need this money.

So they’re they’re going to spend it or they’re actually going to invest it. And a lot of people are actually investing some of this stimulus money. So what stocks will benefit the most from this. So that’s what we’re talking about here today.

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No, so many guys have been waiting for a deal in there. We’re doing a big one Memorial Day, if you want on the waiting list, I’ll be linked down there in the description. Go ahead and check that out. Okay, first stock up here is Starbucks ticker symbol, SB u. s.

And this one’s more on the business side. And, you know, particularly like people buying the stock and making the stock price go up. But on the business side, this one is benefiting big time from the stimulus money. Okay. Basically, Starbucks, you know, the kind of little more expensive, we all know that, right? You know, like five, six bucks for a frappuccino.

And I gotta say, you know, I’ve been in a few Starbucks lately. And they are busy, busy, like drive throughs, like I haven’t seen at Starbucks. And Starbucks usually has busy drive. throughs Don’t get me wrong. But I mean, it’s a whole other level of busy.

And I’m talking about like, not even going at very busy hours, like going out like one in the afternoon. And the drive thru is like 85 cars deep. It’s like what the heck is going on? Right now Starbucks is actually benefiting in big way, just consumers having that stimulus money in their pocket and saying, hey, maybe I’m going to go Starbucks this afternoon.

I wouldn’t usually do that. But you know what, maybe I’ll do that today. So if you’re thinking about a business model that is just, you know, benefits in a huge way, but just people having some extra money in their pocket is definitely definitely Starbucks.

Okay. So when it comes to Starbucks, on the business side, definitely a company that is benefiting from more stimulus checks being sent out there, okay. Number two stock is actually test the stock. And this is more on the stock side than actually, you know, necessarily people getting stimulus checks, you know, at 1200 bucks and buying a new test.

So we know, Tesla’s are fairly expensive. So it’s not really so much like this, the stimulus checks being sent out there actually helped Tesla’s business model. But the stock side, we know, Tesla’s an incredibly popular stock, right, if you will, when you look at the 100 most popular stocks on the Robin Hood app, right?

What we’re going to find is Tesla’s a 22nd most popular stock. And what is the most amazing about that, and why some of the stimulus money is gonna end up being people that basically buying Tesla stock is it’s a 22nd most popular stock, and it’s a seven almost an $800 stock.

Think about that for a moment, right? Tesla stocks, one of the most popular stocks on the Robin Hood app, and it’s almost $800 a share. It’s competing with stocks that are you know, three bucks a share five bucks a share 10 bucks a share, you know, really cheap stocks that you know, a lot of beginner investors, you know, buy some of those type of stocks or get free from Robin Hood and whatnot.

And here you are, you have Tesla stock and almost $800 stock, the 22nd most popular. So if you’re thinking about a stock that will benefit on the stock price side, if there’s a bunch more stimulus checks are sent out there. Definitely some folks love this one, especially on the retail side. I mean, you know, you have big institutional investors that love Tesla stock but a lot of retail investors love tough so they love investing in the future.

And they love the potential upside that a stock like Tesla has over the next five to 10 years with a game changing company. So on the stock side, definitely Tesla can benefit from more stimulus checks being sent out their stock number three of 10 appears Lowe’s company, ticker symbol, l. o w. This one is more on the business side than the stock side.

Okay, this business model with more stimulus checks being sent out their benefits huge. This whole Roni Roni situation has made low stores pretty much more popular than ever. Why is this? Well, it’s home improvement products, right? And everybody has to stay at home right now.

I mean, this has been you know, what the last few months have basically been like for people around the world, but specifically talking about people in United States of America, right? You stay at home. So you’re around your house and you start thinking man, maybe I should do this project around the house.

Maybe I should do this project around my house. And the fact is if you look at home improvement or For the past five years, we’re looking at Google Trends. Now how many people are typing in that search term? It’s the highest it’s ever been in the past five years, and by far and away, and I’ve noticed this, whenever I’ve gone to Lowe’s stores recently, you know.

When I say recently, over the past month or two, they’re about as busy if not busier than I’ve ever seen them, literally ever seen them. And that is absolutely incredible. It’s just a lot of people around their house and they want to they want to do projects, they want to, you know, paint their house, they want to put on a new front door, they want to stay in the deck or whatever it is, they want to do plants and flowers.

Like it’s just crazy. And it’s not just loads that’s going to benefit from this. It’s Home Depot. Okay, I got to throw them in. I was number four. I can’t just forget Home Depot. I mean Home Depot on the business side, they’re just like those are their their businesses just phenomenal right now.

I mean, absolutely phenomenal. If you put more stimulus check money in people’s pockets, it’s gonna be even better thing from Home Depot. Look at Google Trends data for that specific term Home Depot, the company name, it’s the highest it’s been anywhere in the past five years.

And by far and away, it’s not even close. Like look at that. Okay. There’s a Home Depot’s business models that that as strong as ever. And keep in mind the construction segment, even during Ronnie Rona has still kept going, Ronnie Ronnie, you know, it has slowed down a lot of different types of businesses, but not anything construction related, because that was deemed, you know, necessary business.

And then you have all these folks wanting to go out and do projects in Home Depot, Home Depot, Home Depot, look at the search term garden, it has gone through the roof the last couple months. Once again, we’re looking at the past five years, just garden because so many people are starting to do gardening now and plant flowers around their house. And you know, vegetables and stuff like that.

It’s crazy the level of interest and where do you go for this type of stuff, where you go for a bag of soil and some new flowers. You go to Lowe’s, you go to Home Depot, like this is where most people go look at home paint the Google Trends data for home pink, it is off the charts because people are around their house and like Dang, I would love these walls to be a new color.

Look at how bad the paint looks. Let me go ahead and pay. I mean, it’s crazy, guys. I mean, I even did you know, I had a project done in my house, basically a staircase that leads up to the balcony where it hasn’t, you know, like a full, you know, strip view up there.

And it’s beautiful. I that project under in this whole situation. And people are having all those types of projects done right now. And Lowe’s Home Depot, you know, if more stimulus checks are sent out there that just benefits those two companies in even a bigger way than they’re already benefiting, okay?

Stork number five of 10 that would benefit of a bunch more stimulus money went out there. And this one’s more on the stock side and definitely not on the business side. But it’s nht stock. And it’s not just any tea stock. It’s any of the oil tanker stocks, okay.

Basically, a lot of investors, a lot of retail investors have gotten very interested in oil tanker stocks over the past couple of months. Heck, even I bought, you know, cement at stock a few weeks ago. And the proof lies in the Google Trends data look at if you type in any t stock and Google Trends.

Look at the past five years, it was like non existent. Until basically, oil prices went crazy low supply went crazy high and oil tanker started to make massive amounts of money. And everybody started catching on to this right. And, you know, everybody started talking about it, it was on, you know, all the different stock market news channels,

Aith oil tankers also being there. I mean, look at that data for any t stock. It’s just incredible, right? If you type in oil tanker stock, like look at the interest over time over the past five years, it just goes off the charts over the past month.

I mean, literally off the charts, that is absolutely incredible. Okay, and so a lot of folks are gonna say, Hey, man, I got some stimulus money, I’m gonna go invest in some oil tanker stocks, because these guys are making money hand over fist, we’ll see how it all works out.

But at the end of the day, more money sent out there, more money’s gonna wind up in those stocks. Keep in mind na t does report earnings on May 18. That’s going to be on Monday. So we’ll be interesting to see what exactly na t reports there.

But definitely, you know, all the oil tanker stocks should benefit if more stimulus check money is sent out there, a lot of people are going to be buying those ones. Okay. Next one up here. Stock number six of 10 is Boeing stock ticker symbol, this one is Ba, this one is much more on the stock side.

It will benefit by a bunch of stimulus checks being sent out there, then then the business side, okay, just because everybody gets those, you know, 12 $100 check, or most people get a 12 $100 check doesn’t mean they’re going out there and buying a you know, a 737 or something like that, right?

But on the stock side, Boeing’s actually a fairly popular stock because a lot of people know Boeing, they know what is this gigantic Corporation that’s the US government won’t let fail. It’s just like one of those, you know, quote unquote, too big to fail type companies, right?

Boeing historically has been a you know, a 300 $400 stock and here we are 220 bucks. And we have a lot of retail investors out there. That Same Boeing, you know what, I think I’m going to buy some, because this is probably going to be a 200 or $300, or maybe even a $400 stock again, a few years from now, personally.

I think it’s very possible for it to be a 200 something dollar stock again, maybe even a $300 stock and a few years from now, 400 I don’t know, that’s pushing it. But yeah, I mean, as long as Boeing makes it through this mess, that they’re gonna have to deal with the next one to two years with the fact that a ton of these airlines are.

You know, postponing deliveries of jets or, you know, they’re just completely like, not ordering planes right now, and things like that, you know, that’s going to have to be worked through for at least next one to two years. But you know, you think once you get past that, huh, probably a pretty dang good thing for Boeing long term, right.

And one of only two companies pretty much in the world that compete in the space, the other one being Airbus. So I mean, a lot of people are just gonna look at Boeing and say, they’re gonna make it through, they’ll be super profitable again, a few years from now, and then the stock will be a $200 $300 stock again, and I’ll double triple up my money.

And so I’ll buy some Boeing stock. And so that’s what definitely some folks out there are going to do. And that’s definitely a stock that will benefit by stimulus checks being sent out there. Okay. Delta Airlines speaking about airlines, okay, we’re talking about airlines.

It’s not just Delta Airlines, it’s it’s all the airlines. Okay. This is one that’s actually going to benefit on both the stock side and the business side. So they can actually benefit on both sides. Okay, here’s why. And once again, I’m talking specifically about Delta stock.

But this could be, you know, this is for all airlines, this could be for southwest and American, all the others, Delta Airlines, the fifth most popular stock on the Robin Hood app. The fifth thing about the 1000s and 1000s of stocks on the stock market, right.

And Delta Airlines is the fifth most popular and by the way, I think American Airlines as well. I think that one’s actually the fourth most popular if I recall, I can’t remember off top my head. But needless to say, the airline stocks, there’s gonna be a lot of people if they get more stimulus check money that are going to be putting their money into these airlines, delta, American Southwest, all these guys.

Also, I think the business side will benefit if there’s a bunch more stimulus checks sent out there. Why? Well, airlines are trying to learn, you know, passengers in with cheap flights, no change fees. We know some people are like, No, I’m not traveling anytime soon.

I’m not getting on a plane no matter what, I don’t care, they figure pay me to get on a plane, right? getting on a plane. Okay. There’s definitely that segment of folks out there. Then there’s another segment that’s kind of in the middle of like, I prefer not to fly.

But you know what, if I get a really good deal, I would love to go to this place, I would love to go to that place. And you know, if the deals right, I’ll go ahead and do it. Then you have your other segment of the population that’s like, I don’t care what’s going on.

If flights are cheap, I’m booking flights, okay, I want to travel, I want to go here, I want to go there. So you have those three segments of consumers. And two of those segments are going to benefit right. So the business I could definitely pick up just by the fact that the flights are cheaper and attract some people and the same thing.

I can fly to Hawaii for blah, blah, blah price, I can fly down to Miami for this price. I can fly down to Southern California for this price or Cabo and they’re like, dang, this is kind of interesting. Okay, so definitely on the business side, on the stock side, you know, Delta Airlines and all these guys.

Southwest Airlines, like Southwest Airlines talking about $49 flights, you know, all those guys will benefit on stock side and the business side if more stimulus checks are sent out there, okay. Stock number eight also kind of travel related but not a lot of people are thinking about this one.

Winnebago industries ticker symbol WG, oh, this is one I can see maybe not benefiting so much on the stock side. because not a lot of people know about this one. But on the business side, I could actually see this one benefiting Okay, it’s a pretty small Mark cap $1.7 billion.

And if you don’t know Winnebago, they basically sell these huge vehicles that you can sleep in, they have kitchens, all those sorts of things. And what do people use this for? traveling, and specifically traveling domestically. So you live in the United States, you want to travel all around the United States.

A lot of a lot of retirees baby boomers day by these, and a lot of people that just want to travel in general and with everybody that’s been cooped up in their house, a lot of people are dying to travel, they just like they can’t wait to get out.

They can’t wait to go places and explore and things like that. And Winnebago is very, very, you know, it’s very well positioned to benefit from that because a lot of people they want something more elaborate than traveling in a car or an SUV like that, especially if they’re doing a big trip.

They want to do it in something like a Winnebago. They say I want to go to the forest. I want to go to the beach. I want to go all over the US and Winnebago absolutely is a big beneficiary of that segment. Hey, man, with a lot more baby boomers retiring more and more.

You know, it might not just be a shorter term trend of Winnebago might actually be a little bit of a longer term trend, but that particular stock one to kind of keep in mind But absolutely, business side definitely will benefit more by you know, stimulus checks being sent out their store number nine that will benefit from stimulus checks being sent out there again.

It’s Apple, I mean on the business aside and on the stock price side, it will benefit both if bunch more stimulus money is put out there. And folks pockets just flat out. It’s the 10th most popular stock on Robin Hood. So which means people if they’re buying stocks, they’re probably buying Apple stock.

And this is one of those stocks that almost everybody holds in their portfolio. And people are glad they buy it, they don’t care if it’s $200 a share $300 a share 320 you know, 280 It doesn’t matter. A lot of folks who say I buy Apple no matter what, because I love apple.

And because you know, Apple just has a great business model in respect, I can definitely understand that. And that’s one of the reasons Apple is one of the most popular stocks in the world, okay. But also business sign is going to benefit just flat out, like if everybody has an extra 12 $100 that’s sent to them.

A lot of that money is going to end up in Apple’s pockets, a lot of people gonna buy Mac’s a lot of people are going to buy iPads, people are gonna buy new iPhones, right? Oh, man, my phone’s been cracked, or Oh, I got an iPhone eight, I would love to have a new iPhone, people are gonna do that, right?

Apple watches, people are going to get those right, more and more people staying home, exercising from home trying to keep better track of their calories and things like that. A lot of people use Apple watches for that as the main purpose, right? Air pods.

I mean, you know, air pods sell themselves, right? The services side of the business, that’s a huge segment of Apple’s business, which is essentially people buying apps, or doing in app purchases, all those sorts of things, right? massive business, I mean, absolutely massive business for Apple.

And the fact is, if a bunch more stimulus checks get sent out there, it’s gonna just benefit all the consumers, then a lot of that money’s going to end up in Apple’s pockets at the end of the day. So stock side business side, Apple absolutely benefits.

And the last one up here, stock number 10 that will benefit by a bunch more stimulus checks getting sent out their visa ticker symbol in this one v. Right? If there’s bunch more transactions, this is a business side by the way, it’s not more so much stock side, its business side, bunch more stimulus checks being sent out there a bunch more money in people’s pockets, they’re gonna buy more things online.

They’re gonna do more transactions, especially online, right? And every single time one of those cards is used one of those debit cards, credit cards, it has a visa, you know, symbol on it, I get point 1% of every single transaction, every single one and they’re just collecting, collecting, collecting.

So flat out, bunch more stimulus money sent out there, man, that just means more consumer spending out there, which means essentially more and more use of visa cards and that’s obviously a very good thing for visa Corporation, which now has over $400 billion market cap Holy smokes.

That’s just that’s nuts, man. That is nuts. But what a bank business model at the end of the day okay, so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, don’t forget we have an incredible deal coming up on Memorial Day weekend. If you want to get on the waiting list for that, check out the description.

It’s gonna be the first link down there. And don’t forget to smash thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day. What are you going to do with your stimulus money? Let me know in the comments.

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