Top 10 Highest Paying Dividend Stocks 2018

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In this video we talk about the biggest dividend paying companies in the entire S&P 500! These dividend stocks pay huge yields!

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Who doesn’t love some fat juicy dividends. Today I’m going to share with you guys the top 10 stocks I could find that pay the most in dividends right now they have the biggest dividend yield in the entire s&p 500.

I found the 10 stocks that do that guys. So we’re going to count down from number 10 to number one. As always, with these dividend videos, just something I want to caution you guys about.

It’s just because you know, a stock pays a huge dividend right now does not mean it is guaranteed to continue to pay that big dividend, okay? Sometimes companies cut dividends, sometimes, you know, they just decide to stop paying dividends all together, you’ve got to kind of think about that.

Now on the flip side, they could also up the dividends for some of the dividend yields you’re going to see here today might actually get bigger over the next year or two. So that’s something to keep in mind. Guys.

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And you guys can kind of see how I build that out and make trades and whatnot. So make sure you get in there if you have not already coming in at number 10. Here is a company named ppl Corp.

It’s a utility holding company that delivers electricity and natural gas in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company’s operates three segments UK regulated Kentucky regulated and Pennsylvania regulated.

It serves 411,000 Electric customers and 326 natural gas customers in Louisville and adjacent areas in Kentucky and 525,000 customers in central south eastern Western Kentucky, approximately 28,000 customers in five counties of Southern Virginia and three customers in Tennessee.

Are you one of those three customers in Tennessee that gets electric from this company. So right now this company pays out a dividend yield of around 5.8%. Their guy that’s quite a bit of money, basically meaning if they continue to pay that out.

Let’s say you had $100,000 invested in that company in let’s assume that you continue to pay that out, you would get around $5,800 in dividends per year. Coming in at number nine is at&t.

A lot of you guys probably have at&t, so you are very familiar with it. They provide communications and digital entertainment services. The company operates through four segments, Business Solutions, Entertainment Group, consumer mobility and international.

All right, this one pays a very high dividend of over 6%. So assuming they just continue to pay that out, you got $100,000 in at&t stock, basically you would receive just over $6,000 per year in dividend payments.

Coming in at number eight is a company named Ventus which is an s&p 500 company all these are it’s a leading real estate investment trust it’s diverse portfolio of more than 1200 assets the United States Canada United Kingdom consists of senior housing communities, medical office buildings.

Life Sciences and innovation centers, inpatient rehabilitation and long term acute facilities, health systems and skilled nursing facilities. So they really you know, are into the healthcare space and anything that’s currently involving nursing homes, long term care and that type of stuff.

This company pays around a 6.6% dividend yield, meaning if you had $100,000 invested in this company, and they assume they keep paying that out, you’d receive around $6,600 per year in dividend payments.

Coming in at number seven is a company named welltower ticker symbol. Well, it’s headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, it’s driving transform formation of healthcare infrastructure, the company invest with leading senior housing operators.

Post acute providers and health systems to fund the real estate infrastructure needed to scale innovation care centers, delivery model, so somewhat of a similar business model is the last one, it was also a read, which means they pay out the majority of their earnings in dividends.

And this one pays around a six and a half percent yield. So basically mean you got 100k investment, you’d receive around six and a half $1,000 per year if they keep paying out that coming in. And number six is actually a company.

I own I believe it’s the only company on this top 10 list that I actually own is a company named Elle brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret bath and Bodyworks. The pink brand may different brands, they sell underwear, peonies, launch or re soaps.

All that type of stuff as well as you know, General I guess you say hygiene products and things like that this company has a yield of 6.77% right now meaning if you had $100,000 invest in L brands, you’d receive around $6,700 per year in dividend payments assuming they continue to pay that out.

Coming in here at number five is a company named HCP which is a fully integrated real estate investment trust trust once again another rate you’re gonna see a lot of reads up here net invest primarily in real estate serving the healthcare industry once again in the United States.

HCP owns large scale portfolio diversified across Life Sciences medical office and senior housing the company pays a dividend yield of around 6.4% which makes me think why did this one end up at the ranking it should have been a little lower but anyways needless to say.

If you had 100,000 invested in this one, you’d receive around $6,400 per year in dividend payments assuming they pay the same amount now coming in at number four is scanner corporations was through its subsidiaries engages in generation transmission distribution and sale of electricity.

To retail and wholesale customers United States, you’re gonna see a lot of natural gas slash electric companies, and a lot of reads up in this list guys, this one pays a dividend yield just over 7% right now.

So meaning if you had $100,000 invested in this one, it pays you know seven a little over 7% a year you’d basically receive over $7,000 in dividend payments per year in this one coming in at number three is Iron Mountain Corporation ticker symbol i r M.

Which is a global leader for storage and Information Management Services trusted by more than 225,000 organizations around the world with a real estate network of more than 85 million square feet across 1400 facilities over 50 countries Iron Mountain stores in protects billions of valued assets.

Including critical business information, highly sensitive data in cultural and historical artifacts providing solutions that include information management, digital transformation, secure storage is secure distribution, as well as data centers, cloud services are storage and logistics.

So basically, they’re in the business of keeping things safe. Let’s just put it that way. This one once again pays just over 7% yield just as the last one did. So meaning you had 100,000 invested, you’d receive a little over $7,000 in dividend payments per year.

Coming in number two is Kymco realty Corp, which is another real estate investment trusts otherwise known as a read, which is headquartered in New York is one of the largest publicly traded owners and operators of open air shopping centers, okay, open air shopping centers, the outdoor malls as you would call them.

As of December 31 2017, the company owned interest in forger 92 us shopping centers comm comprising of 83 million square feet of leasable space primarily concentrated in the top major metropolitan markets.

The company has been traded since 1991. And this is a company that pays almost an 8% dividend yield so you got 100,000 in that stock, you basically receive around $8,000 in dividend payments per year assuming they continue to pay that out and coming in here and number one in this one pays a massive.

Massive deferred dividend this one crushes all the other ones and dividend payments is CenturyLink which provides various communication services to residential business wholesale and governmental customers primarily in the United States operates two segments business and consumer.

Some of you guys might even have CenturyLink internet CenturyLink prism TV and some those type of things. This one pays a dividend yield of over 11 and a half percent meaning if you had you know $100,000 in this one you’d receive you know $11,500.

Plus in dividend payments per year assuming they continue to pay that out guys so massive massive dividends there anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know if you own any of these stocks. If you’re looking into any of these stocks and thinking about owning them.

I would love to hear from you guys as always. Anyways, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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