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There is a massive risk out there to all United States and European stocks. This risk is never talked about and it has to do with China! If this gets worse, it could cause a stock market crash in many developed countries and make countries worldwide even more dependent on China! Sad!

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What I’m going to share with you guys here today is a massive massive risk to every single person who owned stocks in US corporations or anyone that owns stocks in European corporations guys.

I’m going to share with you a massive massive threat that is going on right now. That is literally a Jeopardy in you something you got to think about like regardless of what company you own, you need to be thinking about this in the back of your mind Okay.

And I’m going to break all this down where to go into detail here it’s a very scary situation here guys. So today I’m reading this article on the Seattle Times which is I think part of the New York Times and interesting article okay one of my friends is a big shareholder of micron is saying microns down huge day and whatnot.

And so start looking into things I find this article says inside a heist of micron chip designs as China bids for tech power. Alright, if you didn’t already know MMU stock is bound down very big today it’s a rough day in the markets overall but this stock we’re talking this one’s down like six 7% like it’s down massively okay.

So right off the bat this article gets me right with a dragnet and closing in engineers at a Taiwanese chip maker holding us secrets did their best to conceal a darling case of corporate espionage.

As police raided their offices. Human Resource workers gave the engineers a warning to scramble to get rid of the evidence USB drives, laptops and documents were handed to lower level employees who hid them in our locker.

Then she walked one engineer’s phone out the front door Oh my goodness, guys, what those devices contain was more valuable than gold or jewels designs from Boise Idaho base Micron Technology for microchips that have helped power the global digital revolution.

According to Taiwanese authorities, the designs were bound for China, where they would help build a new $5.7 billion micro trip factory this size of several airplane hangars Listen to this.

So a plan known as made in China 2025 calls for the country to become a global competitor in our array of industries including semiconductors, robotics and electric vehicles. China is spending heavily to both innovate and buy up technology from abroad us business groups worried about made in China 20 25.2 micron.

The counterfeit struggles was based on Taiwanese and us legal documents in 2015. Representatives from some group in China okay a Chinese chip maker with major state backing approached micron with an acquisition offer.

Which the company rejected and later turned down several partnership offers with Chinese companies out of concern for protecting its technology set a person with knowledge of the situation who was asked to not be identified those when one Chinese company resorted to theft.

Micron said in documents filed last December in US District Court for the Northern District of California microns accusations focus on the efforts of few dzung whatever you pronounce that crap company’s name.

A state backed chip maker to build a $5.7 billion factory in China’s Fujian Province. Two years ago, Zhu Hong tapped UMC a Taiwanese company to help develop its technology for the factory instead of going through lengthy steps required to design the technology themselves.

Micron said in the suit UMC and Joo Han decided to steal it UMC spokesperson denied the allegations in delight denied to comment further first UMC lured away engineers from microns Taiwan operations with promises of raises and bonuses according to Taiwanese authorities.

Then it asked them to take some of microns secrets with them. Okay, so not only come over to our company and teach us everything you learn, but also take some secrets get some of those USB hard drives, get some of that, you know, patented technology bring it on over here.

The engineers illegally took with them more than 900 files that contain key specifications and details about microns advanced memory chips. Authorities said okay, this is bad guys, this is a bad situation.

Alerted by micron Taiwanese police tap the Phone of one micron engineer Kenny Wang, who has been recruited by UMC corn to an indictment in Taiwan against one and others UMC reached out to Wang in early 2016.

Using line the smartphone messaging app while he was still working from microm, UMC explained it was having problems developing its own memory chip technology. Wayne then grabbed the information it needed from micron servers, and later it helped umcs design Okay, police said Wang received a promotion at UMC.

Oh my goodness, guys, and then obviously authorities show up at the offices there and they’re trying to hide everything and whatnot. But at that point they got all the information they needed anyways.

So here’s the conclusion here. Okay, this is this is where it gets really ugly if you don’t already think this is ugly enough, it’s about to get even more ugly, okay. UMC filed its own criminal complaint against Wang last year.

Which Taiwanese prosecutors rejected wing and other engineers were charged and said they had taken trade secrets for personal research when did not respond to emails or phone calls for comment.

In January micron was hit with a patent infringement suit by Joo Han and UMC over several types of memory as part of the suit. The company’s requested that the count bore micron from making and selling its products and pay them damages.

They stole information now they’re going to do a countersuit against micron and say, micron stole it from them. This is unbelievable guys. The case is being heard in court in the Fujian Province.

Good luck winning that case, micron. Oh my gosh, the fusheng principal government is an investor in ju ha, oh my goodness, ridiculous guys, in a letter sent to President Donald Trump.

You know, the senators expressed concern about the entire case. And specifically the rapid pace in which the patent lawsuit has proceeded the case could block micron from selling some products in China, if the case against micron moves forward.

And the Chinese government once again rules in favor of itself, which you know, it will it would cause substantial damage to micron and the US tech industry as a whole. Oh my goodness, guys, all we got to get into this.

I’m going to break it all down. If you’re a little lost right now, I’m going to break all this down for you Don’t worry. And I’m going to share with you exactly why you need to worry no matter what company you pretty much own out there. Okay.

By the way, just real quick. This is kind of an unrelated but related news. Okay. HBO website is down in China after john oliver. skewers ge. So basically john oliver came out and kind of attack President Xi who’s a president China.

And what did the President of China decide to do? He decided just take HBO literally down from the entire country like no one can even watch HBO in China right now. So that’s the type of people you’re dealing with over there.

It is ruthless, it is absolutely ruthless. Okay. So basically micron has all this tech, okay, all this technology, all these tech patents and whatnot, that they spend billions and billions of dollars in research and development, all those type of things, okay.

And what ends up happening is this company named UMC, which will just call out of China, they say we’re going to recruit some of your employees at a Taiwan and whatnot, we’re going to ask them, you know, to come over here.

We’re gonna give them way better paying jobs, we’re gonna give them bonuses, all this stuff. Okay. So they recruit some employees who were MMU employees, okay? These are old and new employees take the technology, and they take it over to UMC. Okay.

So they give them the whole blueprint on how you do everything, this is how you do it. This is how we do it over it, and you and they have all this technology now. Okay. And they go ahead and they build themselves a $5.7 billion plant.

That’s being built right now to go ahead and compete directly against SMU when they stole all the information over okay. And here’s the best part, you think you’re going to try to win SMU, right? immune has about 50% of his business is sells into China. Okay, about 50% of its business is to China.

Well, guess what, good luck trying to win a lawsuit or anything in China or try to block this this UMC company from doing business in China? Because it’s a Chinese company, okay, is a Chinese company.

So good luck trying to win that and you’re not going to win this case, right? And then you have if you’re hoping, like, China’s going to be fair, China’s never fair. Okay, China is never fair. And they’re not just gonna say, Oh, yeah, even though we have investments in this company.

And even though we want this company to succeed, no, we’re going to rule in favor of umsu. It’s never gonna happen, okay, it’s never going to happen. And then if n u gets blocked here, imagine how much of a portion of M us business is going to go away virtually overnight.

And then this company can start producing it in a year or two, okay, when they stole all that information straight from SMU, it is so dirty is so disgusting. And it’s a big thing that every single investor out there needs to worry about.

Okay, well, I don’t care what company you’re invested in. If it’s anything in tech related, like you need to be thinking like, like, could my company be in jeopardy? Because, you know, China’s steal some stuff. Okay.

The first time I ever really dealt with this in a big way, were really understood, like what China was doing was in the GoPro investment, okay, I learned a lot of stuff from that GoPro investment.

This was one of the things okay, what I learned from that GoPro investment is they were having all their products made in China, okay, they were having all their products made in China, and almost all the parts were sourced from China.

So it was super easy for Chinese companies to just do knock offs, okay, they were able to just do knock offs so easily of GoPros. And what this ended up doing this ended up being one of the reasons why GoPro ended up going down and down and down because they had a lot of self inflicted wounds.

But another reason was because straight up like China stole their their products, they just copied them. Okay, and then they just started selling them all over the world, you can go on Amazon and buy a GoPro competitor from some random Chinese company for 120 130 bucks when GoPro was selling them for 300 or 400.

Okay, and so what and what has happened and GoPro over time now it’s got less than 50% of its workforce at once had at one time, okay? This is what happens, all right. And in a new situation.

What do you think’s gonna happen to em? You if they get blocked in China now? Okay, what do you think’s gonna happen to em, you, their company is going to be you know, disintegrate, they’re gonna have to cut off massive amounts of us employees.

Obviously, m u shareholders would be hurt in a very substantial way from this. So this is a massive, massive thing, guys, regardless of what company you’re in, you’ve got to be worried about China’s stealing.

So one of their other initiatives is electric vehicles. Right? Well, Tesla just announced, they’re going to probably open up a plant in China. I think it’s Shanghai at some point, right? I would be very scared.

If I was Tesla, I’d be very scared. I think like 10 times before you even think about opening a plant in China if I was tests, okay. And here’s why. You think, you know, once you open a plant in China, you know how fast Tesla’s trade secrets are going to be out there.

Everything that Tesla does for manufacturing products, you know, process and whatnot, everything that how this is how we do it, all that information. As soon as they get that plant in China.

It’s going to be gone overnight, because they’re gonna have informants in there. And those Chinese folks are going to steal that information so fast as you can to help build electric companies in China. Okay, so this is a massive risk.

This is a Tesla, like, it sounds great. And I thought it was a good idea first, and then when you realize how dirty the Chinese government is, they’re just gonna steal all the information, they’re just gonna steal it, man.

As soon as Tesla gets set up over there, there’s gonna go in there, and they’re gonna see how everything’s done. They’re gonna bribe the employees or you know, some of their employees and whatnot, and bring them over to some Chinese company.

And they’re gonna use the whole manufacturing process and everything that Tesla’s spend billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars learning, okay, and trial and error, this, this Chinese company can get it almost for free, okay, almost for free.

Yeah, they’ll pay the employees a little more, and they’ll bribe them. However, they need to, you know, certain employees that they need to get key information. But what’s gonna end up happening is, at the end of the day, it’s just going to be a bunch of stolen information that’s going to cost them a fraction.

A fraction of the amount it would if they actually invested in themselves and actually did all this process themselves. Guys, this is a massive risk, man, I don’t care what company you pretty much own out there.

If it’s any company that does business internationally, you just got to be worried about this guys, you just got to be worried about it. Because what am you could bring a suit in the United States is not the same as bringing a suit in China man.

And when all your products are over there manufacturer in China, it’s a scary thing, okay. So if you own any specific stocks out there, that do business in China, or maybe their their information, or patents can be stolen and things like that.

Just make sure they’re in a situation that they have a very close relationship with their end customer, okay, where they integrate with. So a good example is Cirrus Logic, you know, a lot of people like to like to give Cirrus Logic crap because like.

80% of their business comes from Apple, right? But they’re like this with Apple, okay, they’re one in the same they are there, they design all their parts, it’s a very intensive process. It’s not like something that could just be copied overnight by some Chinese company.

A lot of the chip makers, their technology could just be copied overnight by Chinese chip maker, and then Chinese chip maker could sell that for a fraction of the cost. You know, some of the US companies, some of the European companies can can you know.

I guess you can say, charge and whatnot, something to really think about here, guys, it’s a massive risk of US stocks, the massive risk to anybody that owns stocks, whether in the United States, or Europe is a massive risk to US corporations out there and us jobs when you think about it.

GoPro got devastated by this, okay. And you imagine how devastating that company could be that company could go employing from, you know, from employing massive amounts of us workers to a very, very lower amount almost overnight. Okay.

So something to think about there, guys. You know, companies like Apple, we people always worry about iPhone knockouts. companies like Apple have a big competitive moat, because they’re always innovating.

And they have so much money to innovate. And they’re so good at doing it that the Chinese companies can’t keep up, okay. And there’s just so far ahead of everybody that, you know, the Chinese company can’t keep up.

And also the Chinese companies can’t keep up as far as the marketing goes. And just kind of like building out the ecosystem. That’s why Apple has to like keep going all the time, and they introduce new phone, new features, and the new software, the new iOS, everything just keeps.

You know, advancing every single year, they have to do it, they have to do it because literally, if they stood still for one second, Chinese companies would just copy it overnight. And just you know, you would have basically, you know.

iPhone knockoffs all over the place and an iPhone software knockouts. But because Apple keeps innovating at a very rapid rate, it gives them a competitive moat, but I’m telling you a lot of these businesses that are not innovating and around Paste the you know that just gives China huge opportunity to go ahead and copy it all guys.

It’s so dirty what’s going on out there? It needs to be thought about you got to think about this regardless of what stock you own out there guys. Anyways I would love to know your opinion on this in that comment section very scary situation and have a great day.

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