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Today I’m dropping one huge gem out there for you guys. But the interesting one about this one I’m sharing with you here today is I know that Unfortunately, most people will never adopt this in their life because this is one of the hardest things to do by far out there.

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Financial Education 

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

I’ve never talked about in the history of this channel. But it has taken me so much further financially in life. Although in the short term, it looks like it’s hurting you. And I’ve literally never talked about this in the history of the YouTube channel.

We have 700 800 videos on the channel. I’ve never talked about this subject, even once. And this is a huge gem I’m leaving for you guys here today. So I hope you you really enjoy this and I hope you guys actually adapt it when you go out there and do something because this can be a game changer for you an absolute game changer for you.

I’m gonna break it all down as simple as possible. So where the story begins here is late 2010 I get a job working at Kwik Trip, okay. And basically a quick trip for my position. I got like three weeks of training.

So I had somebody with me for like three weeks full training. All right. And this gentleman like, like, he was a great trainer. He was a great trainer who trained me, okay. And it’s the last day of training. Okay, it’s our last day of training.

And wouldn’t you know what a few things happened on that shift quick trip for those you guys who don’t know, it’s a huge convenience store gas station. All right. And a few things happened on this shift that that rubbed me the wrong way. Okay, let’s just put it that way.

The first was, this customer comes in, they get a hot dog. Okay. And I think the total comes like $1.41 and the guys like counting change on the counter. He’s like somehow putting $1 for a while I need to go get some more he gets a little bit more money from his car.

Gets it all there pushes it forward pays walks out of the place. Okay. He’s around three fourths of that hot dog comes back two minutes later with this little teeny piece of a hot dog left and says this hot dog was cold. I want my money back.

I’m like in my head. I’m like on what the hot dog certainly is not cold. That grill is that grill is piping hot over there. Trust me on that. In my head. I’m like thinking this and I looked at my training and he’s like, Okay, sir. refunds on the dollar. 41.

I go to the trainer. I’m like, Dude, that guy just scammed us. Well, let’s go check the temperatures of the house hot dogs. All the hot dogs are 150 160 plus degrees. The girl was piping up, we got scammed. Okay, that guy basically lied about the hot dog was cold.

The hot dog was not cold. Okay? The trainer said don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. Okay, I’ll explain it to you later. Later on in the shift. Another situation happens okay? That basically the pumps are like those 20 pumps to store Okay, and let’s say pump ones here.

And then that means pump. 11 is back here. pump. 12 is pump two is here. pump. 12 is back here. Okay, so this guy, he says $10 a number six. As I said, I looked out there was a car number 610 dollars and six. But the money in the register.

Five minutes later guy comes back in. Hey, did you ever put that money on? 16? For me? Like you was number six? No. 16 Okay, it was 16 on a look out there is cars on 16 I’m like, okay, trainers. I guess, sir, we’ll get that on there for you.

He’s like, did you 100% make sure his car was out there. I’m like, I’m like 98% sure I didn’t. From like, that guy’s totally scamming us out there. Like he totally just scammed us. He said he 10 on six. I know.

He said 10 on six, not 10 on 16. I’m like, 98% sure his car was out there. I know. He just got $10 in free gas. And the guy goes away. Okay, the end of the shift. Now at this point, we No, you the load is always like a total the transactions you do on that particular shift at the end of the day, okay.

And the transactions that day, I think we’re around 1000. So meaning we had 1000 paying customers inside the store in that particular day, okay? Or in that in that particular day in our particular shift. Okay, so the trainer says to me, okay, Jeremy.

Those two those two situations that happened today, right? Two people cause this issues, all right. And you felt like they might have been scams or whatever, but that’s out of 1000 customers 1000 paying customers in the store, to we had issues with, okay, those two.

We had issues worth, we’re not worth taking in a situation and making it way worse. We just take their feedback, take their word on it, okay. And we go on from there, okay. And I’m like, wow, like, like, that’s a hard thing to do. Right? That’s a hard thing to do.

Because, you know, it’s hard when you know, you know, you’re in the right, or the more likely you’re in the right, but yet you’re still you know, going a different way. Okay, biting the bullet biting the bullet.

And he’s like, that’s what’s true customer services. And I was like, Damn, that’s right. That is what true customer services because customer service. This is what most people think customer services.

They think it’s, Hey, how’s it going, given a smile? Thank you. They think that’s customer service. That’s laughable. That is not customer service. Customer service is biting the bullet when you know, you might even be in the right and you still bite the bullet because it’s your reputation on the line because here’s what happens.

Here’s what happens. Okay? In a business. Basically, what happens is You got 98% of people who buy your products, who do whatever it is buy your services, and there’s no issue, okay? their happiness can be okay.

Happiness can be there’s no issue with them. 98% of people, if as long as you run a good business, okay, then you got around 1%, roughly who have legit issues, okay? They’re legit. All right, then you have around another 1% or a little less than 1% that are pretty much just trying to scam you, okay.

They know you, they don’t want your product and service, they just want to use it for whatever it is. So what I did when I started my real estate marketing company, I adapted this philosophy.

I said, you know, whatever the issue is, even if I’m a fight, you’re gonna find no, I’m not in the right, I’m still gonna bite the bullet and explain why here in just a second. So I start my real estate marketing company.

And sure enough, most people are happy most of the time, but then they have some customers who aren’t happy, okay? I don’t like the the photo quality. I don’t like the video quality. Okay, I would be happy to redo that for you and do different lighting settings and this and that, you know, no.

I don’t want that. Okay. Don’t even bother paying with a, you’re more than welcome to keep the photos. You don’t have to pay. Okay, I bet the bullet on some of those. And some of those might have been legit, okay.

They might just not have like the photos or video quality. Okay, that’s fine. But then we had other people that, you know, they knew what they were doing. Okay, where I would show up to a house in all the film.

And they’d be like, well, you’re taking drone. You said drone photos also for the $99. Right. And I’m like, No, it was just some inside outside photos. 25 photos, you know, said that an email is no drone photos.

Drone photos are seven ways you know, I want to drone photos too, but I want it for 99 total. Okay. Yes, sir. You know, since there was confusion there, I’ll go ahead and do that for you. Just so you know, next time it is $79 extra, if you want to also the drone photos. Okay, simple.

I bite the bullet, okay, I bite the bullet. It’s not fun. It’s not fun. But I’m telling you, it’s so big. Okay, because this 1% of people that have legit problems. Well, if you go far enough, you’re gonna end up starting to legit the legit complaints in with scams.

And also, now you got around 2% of your customer base, that you’re just like trying to put in the scan category or that you’re right, that you’re right. And they are wrong. Okay, you’re right and they are wrong. In that’s when you start getting issues, okay.

Because then what happens is you got now 2% of the people that are buying your product or service that are not happy. The scammers are going to talk themselves into that they got scammed. Okay. So that’s an issue.

So now you’re going to have you know, them talking to everyone, their friends and family, whoever about why they shouldn’t use your products and services. And then you have the legit complaints.

Think about that guy that came in and return the hot dog. Okay. I like 98 99% sure that he was just scamming us. Okay, like all the hot dogs were piping hot, but maybe somehow that hot dog was cold for who knows how whatever reason.

Maybe somehow he was right, maybe that hot dog was cold. Okay, maybe that was a legit complaint. But if we just lump it in with scam, then imagine if that hot dog really was cold. Imagine how mad that guy is going to be now. Okay.

Imagine he’s a construction worker. He’s going to tell every single one of his buddies who you know, Kwik Trip or a lot of blue collar workers or Kwik Trip customers Okay, landscapers construction workers you know plumbers all those type of service workers are quick your customers magic all his people.

He’s going to tell never buy something for Kwik Trip. They scam me today. They sold me a cold hot dog. They didn’t give me a refund for that. Imagine that. You know, I’m like, 99% sure that guy was on number six. Okay, like 99% sure he was on number six.

And then he moves back to number 16 cost us $10. You know, maybe it was legit. Maybe I’ve made that 1% error. And maybe I’ve looked out there and I just like didn’t really see his car properly. Or there’s a car similar to it parked in front of it.

Maybe he was legit. Okay, maybe there’s a 1% chance maybe he wasn’t trying to scam us. Okay, but imagine how he’s don’t know what if we don’t put that 10 on 16 he’s gonna be pissed, okay, he’s, in his mind. Even if he’s a scammer.

He’s gonna like, you know, try to like make it in his mind where we scammed him somehow and didn’t give him his $10. Okay, and who knows what problems you have to cause he might throw the chip, right? Who knows? Okay, you might make a big scene in front of all the happy customers.

And that’s gonna end up affecting the 98% Okay, and then if he’s legit, imagine how mad he’s going to be then now he might be calling the city he might be calling the news stations. The next thing you know.

We got news cameras out in front of those stations because we we stole $10 in this guy’s guest like you never know. Okay? You never know. So this 2% of customers if it’s even 2% is not worth dealing with the problems, okay.

You just use this honor you refund them their money or whatever, you make the customer happy. Okay, that’s what you end up doing it. Then in the day, when I started the financial education channel, like I started selling premium products.

Like all my products on this channel, have a 30 day money back guarantee. Okay, so if somebody buys one of my courses and is not happy with them, within 30 days, they contact me I refund them. No questions asked. Okay.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a $500 course. Or whether it’s a $97 course, okay? anywhere in between, if somebody is not happy within 30 days of buying my one of my products, you they all they literally just send me an email, hey.

I want a refund, I don’t ask me any questions, I’ll say what do you want to refund, usually don’t want to refund you watch the whole course you just took the knowledge from it, I couldn’t try to you know, and I know, you know.

There’s gonna be a certain amount of people that are just trying to scam and they’re just gonna use that. And they’ll just say, Oh, it’s a 30 day money back guarantee, awesome, I’m gonna buy this, I’m gonna use all the information and ask for a refund and cost me nothing.

That’s a beautiful thing. Okay, but it’s not worth ruining up for the 98% of people who are my legit customers or financial education channel who buy my products. And then one of them is actually, you know, unhappy with it, for whatever reason, asked for a refund within the 30 days.

And then I say no, because I lumped them in with, you know, somebody that was trying to get one up on me, it’s not worth it, guys, so many people run their businesses, and they don’t have 98% of customers happy, they start getting lower and lower and lower, because they start treating all their customers.

Like they’re down here, they start treating all their customers, like the customers are wrong, like they’re wrong, in that the business owners rate. And then you see those businesses starting to go down and down and down.

And if I could tell, I can’t tell you the guys, the number of profit quiktrip used to make, okay, I looked at all their financials. They’re a private company. And that was, you know, legally, I can’t tell you the numbers.

But it was unbelievable the type of profits that company made for being for how much they paid their employees, which was sick, you know, twice as much as pretty much the next closest company, okay.

And for the mere fact that it’s a gas station gas stations typically don’t make that much money like it was insane. But they did it because they had unbelievable amounts of happy customers and happy customers go out and tell their friends and their family members.

Hey, you should go out and buy this. And you know what they don’t do? They don’t happy customers don’t go out and say don’t buy that company’s products. Don’t buy the company services. They’re a scam.

They rip me off blah blah blah. That’s not what happy customers do. Okay, but these guys over here, you better believe they’re gonna tell everybody whenever oh my gosh, my mom like anytime anybody tries to do something to her doesn’t offer a refund if she buys something or something like that or return policy.

Believe me I hear about it. Like the next day she’ll she’ll call me like specifically just to talk about some subject like that. Okay, you better not try to get one up on my mom or she’s gonna tell everybody she knows for the next month about why that company scammed her did her wrong.

Screwed over this and that okay, and there’s a lot of people out there like that guys that if you try to get one up on them, oh boy, they’re gonna get 100 up on you just wait. Okay, still worth it guys. Okay, it’s not worth it.

I’ve refunded 1000s of dollars worth of courses over time, but I’ve sold you know, ridiculous six fingers at least worth of courses over time. So I’ve sold at least six figures I’ve refunded 1000s of dollars.

Well where’s it better? Okay, so I decided to do the the six figures worth of course selling or should I you know worry about this you know, few $1,000 I’ve had to do and refunds over the course of the six eight months I’ve been on courses.

What would be smarter Okay, obviously refund and make the people happy. They don’t like it. Whether they’re legit. were they trying to scam me they didn’t like it. I’m refunding them their money. No questions asked, okay, no questions asked.

No giving them a hard time, hey, the money’s gonna be back in your account in three to five business days. Have a great day. It’s as simple as that, guys. It’s as simple as that. But people want to run their businesses run the things they’re doing without the customer service levels.

Real customer service levels, and it costs them so much ungodly amounts of money, because they don’t even realize that these people are going to be your worst nightmare. Okay, guys, so this is a gem dropping video.

Like, I hope you guys the problem is it’s hard. Most people look at short term money, and they see that money going out. And you know, in the early days of me start my real estate marketing company, right.

That $99 photo job or the $199 you know, video or $299 video, that was a lot of money to me in those early days because I had nothing going for me at that time. Okay, I had no other income streams. So you know, that was big money and I still bit the bullet Okay.

Even though I was pretty much living like paycheck to paycheck at that time, right? I still bit the bullet on that because I was like, dude, I gotta do what I got to do. I’m focused on on this game long term and not just trying to be here tomorrow and then get a bad reputation. magnifies.

Imagine if I did that to one of the realtors. realtors know everybody. Well, I screw up over one realtor, don’t give them a refund. Don’t honor them. Don’t make them happy. That tell all their buddies at that company. Okay.

Screw over one realtor Keller Williams, though doing right, right? charge them, you know $200 for a job, and they say it all You said it was $9 and I’m like, No, no, it’s 200 pay the 200 man, they gotta tell everybody, they’re gonna tell all the people and then no one at that firm is gonna want to do business with me.

That’s not how you want to do business guys. That’s not how trust me on it is so much more profitable in the long run just to make people happy. So I hope this really helps you guys. I hope it sticks with you. Remember this video. You know it is what it is. anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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