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Hey guys, it’s me again. So every day I pick up my phone with a broken screen on the back and I go to this little small app. It’s called Instagram. Not sure if you’ve ever checked it out. But I go to the Explore page of this app and there’s always all these money means these financial means. Sometimes it does make me sick.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s video, by the way, 2222 thumbs up on this video, and I’ll release a part two of this series next week on the channel. Okay, the first one up here, look at this one. The goal is to be rich, not look rich, and they always show a picture of Zuckerberg like he’s always the automatic guy because he’d like dresses and just like $10 $20 t shirts and like some basic jeans and oh, they’re there.

Oh, Zuckerberg again, he’s in a T shirt and some flip flops. He’s not wearing socks with his flip flops. So then he’s cool. Okay, and then another one, the goal is to be rich not look rich. Okay. Now these means we see them all the time. And you know what, it frustrates me? Because, yes, there are some individuals out there who don’t dress rich, right?

But also if you know anything about rich people, you know, a lot of rich people in real life, right? A lot of these individuals dress with designer names and fashion names and all those sorts of things. And that’s their prerogative. Okay.

Mr. Zuckerberg, let’s go back to that meme. Okay, you know that guy in that picture there, right. Mr. Zuckerberg? Does he wear fancy clothes? Absolutely not. But you know what this guy did. He bought a very nice expensive house and one of the most expensive areas in the entire world to live Okay, Palo Alto, California.

And you know what else he’s doing? He’s buying up literally almost his entire neighborhood because he doesn’t even want any neighbors. Okay, so don’t talk to him as I’m like, oh, he doesn’t spend any money or something like that. No, maybe he doesn’t like fancy clothes.

Guess what? This guy’s gonna buy his whole freakin neighborhood. Okay, and I remember he bought an island recently there was some new story that was like a few years back and it was like he was buying an island and some of these islanders were mad because he was buying an island. Okay, so this whole like notion that like rich people don’t spend money or something like that.

Guess what, it’s just a complete false. Okay, you know, guess what? Poor people aren’t going to buy a new Ferrari at the dealership. Okay, people are going to buy the new Richard Melly watch, okay, I’m guessing Odell Beckham is okay. But the fact that I see these memes on Instagram, they act like rich people don’t spend money or don’t like to flex.

I’m like, you must not know many rich people. Okay. Okay, this one. This one’s just out of line. Okay, when you’re so rich, that line comes back. Okay, that that folks is a good one. Okay. That is a good one. Yes, Ilan musk. He is so rich, that he got a new set of hair.

And man, I keep looking and I’m like, you know, over the years, I noticed my hair is kind of dissipating. And I’m thinking, Ilan, hook it up, man who did your hair, man, I want them to suffer that. Okay. This one? Oh, gosh, I’ve seen this one too many times. It’s the rich job to donate money just not to the poor. What?

Like, what does that even mean? I’m like, Well, what does that even mean? Okay. And by the way, if people want to donate money to charity, and to, you know, poor people or whatever, like, like, they can do that. That’s their money. Who are we to say what they can do and not do with that money?

It’s like, I mean, can you even be rich nowadays, you have other people saying, Oh, you shouldn’t be getting fancy at all. You should be dressing fancy. But if you dress fancy, then we’re gonna judge you because you’re spending a bunch of money on clothes, and don’t give money to the poor people. But yeah, you need to give money to like, how can you be rich nowadays, everybody’s telling you what to do.

And generally, it’s always people that aren’t rich that are trying to tell you what to do. It’s just crazy. Okay, okay, this one’s outline. This one really made me mad is that if you’re not rich, it’s your fault or rich Okay, guess what? Okay, if we’re talking about the the amount of people that are rich in this planet is less than 1% of the population you’ll have rarely would be even be born rich. It’s so unrealistic.

Okay, everybody’s got a great opportunity to get rich in this world through investing or working hard at a company or hopefully starting your own company, I was gonna give you a lot better chance to actually become rich. But come on, man, the amount of people that are actually born rich, it’s like such a small percentage is ridiculous.

Okay, this one that’s why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich case point and had his head there. Now first off, I thought this one was interesting, okay, because mindset can definitely kind of determine if you’re, you’re poor, you’re rich and kind of your outlook and how much knowledge you have and things like that, right?

But also, let’s just keep in mind, just because you become rich, doesn’t mean you’re going to stay rich, okay? There’s plenty, they The classes are always moving around, somebody gets into a 1%. And then a bunch of people drop out the 1% because they made some bad decisions.

They made some bad investments, whatever happened in the economy, so the amount of rich people it’s not like you get rich and you stay rich forever. Some people do and they get richer and richer, richer, but keep in mind a lot of people that make it into that illustrious 1% everybody likes to talk about a lot of those folks end up dropping back out and then maybe they come back and then maybe they drop back out it’s a moving classes.

That’s the way things work in general some people are poor than they make to the middle class then they make the rich some people are middle class they become poor for different reasons. It’s a little complicated. Okay, this one you know, I like this one a little bit, but a lot of it frustrates me okay says life is not about being rich, being popular or being highly educated. It’s about being rich.

You’re humble in kind, okay, I love that you know, you want to be real, you want to be humble, you want to be kind, all those sorts of things. That’s awesome. Okay? But guess what, if you’re rich, you can do a lot of things with money to help out a lot of people, okay?

You can start businesses that employ people that give people jobs that you know they can put food on the table for their families, okay, and start building up their wealth. You can donate money to charities like by being rich it can be a great thing because you can do so much with that money okay?

Imagine somebody in your family is really sick and you know, insurance won’t cover it or something like that. You can help them out with that. Okay? So you know, it’s great to be real it’s great to be humble is great to be kind, but man being rich can be a really good thing and it can be really helpful to a lot of people as well.

Okay, so I hate wins pity and all the there’s something like that almost feels like it. It demonizes being rich, okay, and it’s just it’s just ridiculous, in my opinion, okay. This one is a little funny. Okay. It’s got Dave Chappelle back when they had the Chappelle show you guys remember that?

By the way, if you haven’t seen his new special on Netflix, I think it was Netflix. Watch it. I don’t watch a lot of stuff. But I watched I was so damn funny. I only watched it because it was a bunch of controversy around it. Make sure you guys go watch that if you have Netflix, it was freaking hilarious.

Okay, but this one says, when my kids ask for allowance money, okay, now listen, Hey, you know what, I always hate it. I always hate it, though. We’re the parents that would give their kids money for doing literally nothing. They not give me $20 on the movies and like, it’s like, what did you do? What did you do to deserve that? $20 you think just because you’re, you know, that’s your mom.

She just gives you $20 like, I’m all about like the allowance and making your kids work for money. And then they want to spend the money on whatever they want to spend on and go to the movies or whatever. Great. Okay, allowance can actually be a phenomenal thing in my personal opinion.

When it comes to actually raising your kids. I hate it. I hate those parents who just gave their kids money. It’s like, really just giving your kids money for knitting, do anything for you. You just here’s a bunch of money to go do this. And that ethic is ridiculous. Okay.

That’s Whoa, boy. This one. This one’s pretty funny. Okay, this is they say Money can’t buy happiness, but being broke. Can’t Buy ish. Okay, now one. Just saw that one. I was like, Oh, that’s a good one. I like that one. Okay. Oh, this one’s vicious guys. This one’s so vicious. Oh my gosh. A stock market crash is worse than a divorce.

You’ll lose half your money and your wife is still around, guys. Oh my gosh. You know some of these means are just mean Okay, you guys just vicious man. Whoever is creating these means out there. The mean Gods you guys are mean sometimes.

Okay, this one? Oh, this one kind of frustrates me because this is actually like a real life situation in case it Bro. Bro. Seriously, trust me, it’s a good investment man. Okay, let me just tell you guys, okay, you there’s gonna be a lot of people that come down the road, when you’re getting in the stock market, you’re starting invest in stocks, and you’re starting to figure all this stuff out right.

There’ll be a lot of people that you’re trying to get into the stock market and tell them about a great stuff they should buy. And I just promise you, you can save yourself a lot of frustration to not even go there with most of these folks.

Because the average individual most folks that just can’t wrap their head around stock market investing and buying a stock and things like that and they’re just not ready to go to that place you kind of have to let the stock market come to them. Because if you try to force on them like you’re just going to create a lot of frustration like.

I tried to teach so many people way back in the day way before I had a YouTube channel in like they’d never applied the knowledge or anything like that. Like I used to have people come over my apartment I would teach them everything and like they would never do crap in the market they would never invest the money or anything like that and so.

I’m just telling you save yourself a lot of frustration by not even worrying about you know, like like trying to get them on stocks because most of the time you just gonna waste your time you’re getting really frustrated this one bitcoin December 2017 and then Bitcoin now you know what.

I will say about Bitcoin is come back a lot Okay, to be fair to Bitcoin and I know it kind of sounds kind of strange coming from me to stick up for Bitcoin but I gotta say, bitcoins back over 10,000 Now guys, I mean, yeah, we went up to about 20,000 back in December 2017 time so still a long way from there, but hey, it’s back over 10,000 and look at the price action since March March you could have bought one bitcoin for about.

4000 bucks and you know it’s a well over a double up that’s what 150% gain there are. So like, That’s unbelievable, you know performance for Bitcoin there. So I will say that Okay, don’t forget guys 2222 thumbs up on this video. And I’ll go ahead and do a part two on the channel next week.

Hope you guys enjoyed this a little humor along with me kind of sharing my opinion on some of these means and whatnot guy by the way, if you have any funny money related or financial means send them to my Instagram I’m showing you I’m sure I’m showing you my Instagram right here. Make sure you send me them I try to get to as many DMS as possible in a given day but we get a ton so.

I can’t get to them all but you know, send any funny ones over or something you thought was interesting. Some of these means that I’m sure you guys see it out there as well. So make sure you send me those and I’ll go ahead and take a look and who knows if we do a part two next week, I might feature some of those means on there guys, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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