The Worst Advice Ever

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The worst advice ever. Today’s video is about so much more than just the worst piece of advice you can get. Because there’s a million, there are a million bad pieces of advice out there. There are a million different ones, guys. But there are three groups of people that you never ever want to listen to life advice from these three groups of people, these three group groups of people.

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I see them holding people back more and more all the time. So I’m gonna enjoy sharing this with you today. The first one is politicians. I see so many people taking advice from politicians all the time. 75% plus of politicians out there guys have never done anything in their real life. Okay, how’s a politician supposed to tell me the common man how to do this?

How a business is supposed to run when they’ve never even run a business before? How are they going to tell me what’s best for the economy? When they’ve never even been involved with the economy? They’re a politician? They collect government checks, okay, how can they tell me that they can feel my pain as the common man as the middle class? Or even if I’m rich? How can they even describe that?

When all along they’ve just been collecting government checks pretty much their entire life guys, it’s 75 plus percent of politicians out there. If you look at their resumes, what are their resumes look like? They went to college for a whole bunch of years, six 810 1215 100 years, right?

Then they get into the political game slowly but surely, and then they’re a politician or lifelong politician. Okay. So you went to school, you studied a bunch of stuff, right? Then you became a politician, and you’re going to tell me the best thing for my business Come on, man.

Like Like that’s just ridiculous guys. The other great thing that politicians are great, they’re great at putting you in the victim mentality. They’re great at putting you in that victim mentality and you feeling sorry for yourself because of someone else. Okay.

There’s so great. Oh, the the reason your life isn’t where you want to be. It’s because of Obama. Okay. And guess what, the democrats are going to be doing the same thing with Trump. Oh, the reason you’re not at where you’re at in your life is it’s because of Trump. Okay. Oh, and is because of bush. And it’s because of Clinton is because of Reagan.

It’s because of Carter’s because of these politicians. They’re great at putting you in that victim mentality. So you can just kind of like people just kind of like, take a scapegoat, like, Oh, yeah, it’s not my fault. My life is not my fault. You got to take charge of your life. That’s the number one thing, whether you get somewhere or don’t get somewhere, it’s because you took charge, you’re like, not because of some politician held the power.

And because that politician was in office. That’s why you didn’t get somewhere guys. never listen to advice from politicians. Absolutely idiotic guys, idiotic, in my opinion. The second one, never take advice from short term thinkers. They’re, in my opinion, most people out there are short term thinker.

All they can think about is the short term, what the outcome is, in that short term, if you’re just in that short term mindset is going to be a really bad thing. Anything great that’s ever been accomplished has been because of the long term because of long term thinking. Okay, so all these people that are just thinking about short term stuff, Oh, I can’t leave my job because.

I’m making such and such amount of money, right? And I might go down to this amount in the short term. Now, I can’t do that short term thinkers. They think like, Oh, I tried something for two months, I tried something for three months, it didn’t work out. So therefore wasn’t for me, that’s a short term thinking, Okay, you’re going to judge things off of the long term, you’re going to have a long term vision for stuff.

If you are listening to people that are around you that are all bunch of short term thinkers, you’re going to end up thinking like a short term thinker, and that’s never going to provide results, in my opinion, look at every single person that’s ever been successful that’s ever been up there, guys, anyone you ever looked up to? They were all long term thinkers.

If they thought about the short term, they would have never achieved what they achieved. Right? So because Steve Jobs, okay, he’s one of the most admired people in the world. Obviously, he was a super long term thinker, the iPhone, you know, their original iPhone sold a few 100,000 units when it came out, right? If he only thought short term, he thought that’s all the iPhone was going to do.

That would have been a really bad decision on his part, right? He was thinking long term and what’s that going to provide? Now Apple sells hundreds of millions of iPhones per year, okay. I don’t care anybody you look up to that’s ever been rich in life. it’s ever been famous, all those things. They’re all a bunch of long term thinkers.

They don’t just think, Oh, this is one thing. And because of that, that’s just that’s put you in a quitter mentality, guys, so short term thinkers, don’t surround yourself with those type of people. And the last one is huge. Negative nancies, negative nancies. There’s two types of people in this world. One are optimistic about generally about most things, okay?

They’re positive people there is they’re generally negative about pretty much everything okay with that. So the two types of people in this world, everybody’s into one of those categories, one’s a little more positive toward everything. one’s more negative toward everything. You got to stay away from those negative nancies.

Those negative nancies never end up achieving anything in life because they just look at everything as a negative. You can never be rich in life. You can never have your own business succeed. Because most businesses fail so your why is yours gonna succeed yours is never gonna succeed.

You can’t be a successful stock market investor, people, you know, some people have tried to stock market investing and they failed at that you can’t be successful at that. You can’t become a multimillionaire, no, no, that’s that’s unrealistic. Negative nancies will hold you back in the best chance you have, when you’re around negative nancies is being a mediocre person.

That’s your best case scenario. However, most negative nancies, you know what they are, they’re the bottom of the rung. They’re the bottom, they’re down here, guys, because they’re negative about everything. They don’t ever see the glass half full, they don’t ever see the good in anything.

And guess what? Negative nancies turn off the positive people write negative nancies turn off the positive people because the positive people know most of them, they don’t want to surround themselves with negative nancies. And guess what the positive people are the ones getting all the damn money.

So when you become a negative Nancy mindset, you become poor. Okay, you have a poor mindset. One, if you’re taking everything as a negative instead of a positive, and two, you’re just going to turn off all the positive people that are making all the money and guys, no one wants to be around a negative Nancy.

So if you’re taking advice from any of those three groups, politicians, short term thinkers or negative nancies guys, they’re just going to hold you back tremendously. They’ll put you in a victim mentality, they’ll make you think you can ever achieve anything and like they’re gonna make you think they all you’re meant to be is mediocre at best, you might not even be good enough to be mediocre guys, and that will hold you back.

And that’s what I see everybody being held back by honestly at the end of the day, because they’re in one of those mindsets, or they surround themselves with those kinds of people or those kinds of thinking guys, so hope you enjoy this share it with somebody I would love to see you guys share this with some friends and family out there. Thank you for watching guys and have a great day.

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