The Ultimate 10 Stocks To Buy Now for Stock Market Beginners

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Well guys it’s one of that rare but fun whiteboard video! Today I’m going to share with you 10 stocks to buy now for Stock Market Beginners. I always get asked about what stocks to own when they are stock market beginners. So today I will talk about the top 10 stocks in my opinion. I will also go into why I believe these 10 stocks are the best for stock market beginners.

Leave me your opinion on these 10 stocks. Would you change any of these stocks? Do you own any of these stocks? Also let me know what you think are the best 10 stocks for stock market beginners?

Leave me a comment if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Well, looking here, guys, it’s one of those rare videos that you’re looking at me, I’m looking at you and we’re talking about stocks that I believe like beginner investors should own folks that are in their first maybe year or two, I’m gonna take you through the ultimate stock market portfolio here today, we’re gonna go through 10 stocks that I feel like if these 10 stocks, were in a portfolio.

 I would like love this portfolio, my private group, I always like go through portfolios of the members each week, and I kind of you know, Judge these portfolios and, you know, kind of give my two cents if they’re bad portfolios, good portfolios, if a newbie investor that had been investing for three months, six months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, came to me with this portfolio.

I’m going to show you here today, I would be through the roof, okay, in a lot of these stocks I’m going to be mentioning today actually are not even stocks I personally own. So it’s not like I’m just trying to, you know, promote my own stocks or something like that and say, Hey, you know, all your stocks are the best that I own. 

Actually, the majority of these stocks, I do not personally have ownership in, but I feel like they are the perfect stocks for a lot of beginners out there in the market. And recently, because of a lot of people getting involved in the stock market in March and April, after the stock market had crashed, right. 

I think a lot of folks aren’t really looking at the stock market from the right frame of mind, because they’ve made a lot of money. So they think they know what they’re doing in the stock market. And a lot of times, they just don’t know, just because you’ve made money in the short term in the stock market doesn’t mean you’re some stock market genius, or you know what the heck you’re doing okay? 

A lot of folks that you know, I’ve gotten in the market, let’s be honest, March, April, May, you can put your money in almost anything, you probably made really good money, right? And the riskier the place, the more likely you made even more money, right? 

It’s been about who could take the most risk really over the past nine or 10 months really are the people that got the most outsized gains. 

And keep in mind every time the stock market crashes, that’s always the best place you look at 2008 2009 coming out of that, anything that was really beaten down, like the riskier the play, those ones actually bounced back the highest and those ones some of those went up 100% 200% 300% 400% 500% in like less than a year. 

It was absolutely extraordinary, same exact situation happened this time. But let’s keep in mind now, the stock market has already fully come back and not only did already fully come back, it is pretty much at record highs in history. Okay, so now the stock market is going to begin to change a little bit. And now it’s going to be about who builds the best overall portfolio, which is why I’m doing a video like this. It’s not just about who can take the most risk in the market. 

So hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash a thumbs up for me that helps YouTube channel out massively lets me know you guys enjoy video like this where we do a whiteboard video and kind of go in depth on some of these different stocks that I feel are perfect for, you know, newer folks, the stock market is proof that way, there’s portfolio. 

If you’ve been investing for 1520 years, maybe it’s not for you because sometimes you’ve been doing this a long time. Sometimes you want to be in more growth stocks, more dividend stocks value, this this video, we’re getting into these stocks, we got a mix, we have values, we got dividends, we have growth plays everything across the board, okay? And that truly makes a great portfolio. Okay, so first stock up here, I got them all on my iPad here. 

And first stock up here that I feel like, you know, if you’re a newbie to the stock market, you just have to have this stock in your portfolio like I just don’t see any way, like not having the stock in your portfolio. If you knew it’s Apple, you gotta have some apple stock in your portfolio in Apple is a dividend payer. So you add the biggest company in the world, the company that every time, you know, people want to, you know, write its or obituary, right?

 Is that the right name or obituary? I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Okay. All books get demonetised or obituary, you know, everybody wants to always read off Apple like they’re done. And, you know, there are days of the big growth that everything is past them. 

And it’s funny with Apple, sometimes their growth will slow for a couple of years, and then something happens and next thing you know, their growth accelerates. Okay. And obviously, Roni, Rona, coming out of nowhere really accelerated Apple’s growth, especially with computers, iPads, things like that work from home. And then now we’re going into a 5g supercycle, I can almost guarantee you iPhones will have never sold as good in history as they will this year in 2021. 

It should be off the charts as far as Apple numbers go. It’s just I mean, it’s the ultimate company to just own as like I like if I’m like any of my family members ever came to me that were just getting socked mark, and they’re like, okay, you know, where should I start? I’m like, you know, you guys pretty much start with Apple. And then you go from there. 

Capital, I don’t think represents the best growth prospects in the market, but they have crazy amounts of money, usually 200 billion plus and liquidity around that company. They can raise money at the cheapest rates possible. 

The dividend payer, great management team in place, very sticky products, somebody’s iPhone breaks, they go buy another iPhone, somebody iPad breaks, they go buy another iPad, somebody loses their air pods, they go buy another pair of air pods. 

And in the services business, it’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing. And they always find a way to keep a good relationship. Even though the biggest company in the world most profitable company in the world, right. They always keep a pretty good relationship with the government overall, which is not easy. To do as the biggest company in the world and having that mantle on you, right.

So yeah, Apple perfect first stock up there. Okay. So the second stock up here, it’s kind of a an option. Okay, so you have the option to do one of these two stocks. I feel like Okay, wait, that was not spelled right there when you spell it. Google MacDougall, whoa, I probably don’t have enough space, right, Google and Google. But you know, Facebook or Google, you got to add one of these stocks to your portfolio if you’re new to the stock market, okay. 

The reason I put Facebook or Google is because So Facebook, you’re getting Facebook platform, Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus. Okay, so you’re getting potential VR leader in the world, right? And Oculus, you’re getting Facebook, like, you know, Facebook’s a giant, what else can you say about Okay, you get Instagram. And you get WhatsApp, hey, like the world is on those platforms? 

Like it’s ridiculous, right? So you’re getting that, but I understand some people don’t want to invest in Facebook because they, you know, you know, have like political agendas against a company. They don’t like the way they handled this situation or that situation. And fairplay, okay, I can understand that. So maybe Google’s a stock for you. 

Now, I never try to let you know, things like that, like, get in my way. Because at the end of the day, I could take any company, I don’t care what it is, including every single company I own and make them look bad. I promise you that, okay, I can make a debate for anything I could make. I could make Tesla look bad. I could make Elan musk look bad. I could make anybody look bad.

Like you give me a few hours in a computer, I’ll find some stuff. Okay, I will make everybody look bad in a real quick amount of time, if I’m given an opportunity, so I never try to make investment decisions based upon what I feel is like, Oh, this company does out of that. Because at the end of the day, none of these companies are clean. 

None of them. I can dig up dirt on everybody. And everything. Okay? It’s the internet age. Okay. So I can promise you that. So I don’t let that bother me. But if it does, you have Google, okay, you get Google search, you get YouTube, you’re watching this on YouTube, YouTube’s just gonna become a much bigger beast in future years. Okay. 

Now at the same time, other people can look at Google and even say, well, they they ban this, they did that, you know, whatever, okay, people can make their own decisions during the day, are you trying to make money? Or you’re trying to make other decisions out there? Okay, so, Google’s a beast, Facebook’s a beast, I feel like you’ve got to own one of those stocks. As a newbie in the stock market. And both valuations are pretty dang attractive. Especially Facebook. 

Obviously, there’s always, you know, regulatory hurdles, there’s always the government potentially coming after them. And that’s just something you have to deal with, with all big tech companies. It’s just the way it is. Okay. So yeah, I feel like that’s a perfect second stock up there. Stock number three is Amazon, Amazon. So this kind of rounds out the big American text here, these three that I feel like you just have to own Amazon. Yeah. 

I mean, as a newbie of the market, I feel like you’d have to own it, because it has phenomenal growth. It’s already beast, you get an e commerce, right? Like, you know, the biggest e commerce player out there, at least in North America by a mile, right? 

You’re getting Amazon Web Services, the biggest cloud provider in the entire world, right? And you’re getting so many other smaller businesses, like did you know, they own twitch does, you know, they own Whole Foods, and so many other businesses, and you’re getting, you know, arguably the best businessman in the world at Jeff Bezos running that company. 

And when it comes to Jeff Bezos, he’s still fairly young. This is something to keep in mind. Like, you know, he’s, he’s not like, 90 year old guy or something like that, right? Bezos is actually just starting to reach his business prime. And that’s kind of scary, right? He’s just starting to reach his business prime, like, you know, I know, we’re all used to seeing celebrities and athletes, and it’s like, your prime is like your 20s. When you’re one of those people, right? 

And businessman, your prime is like your 50s and 60s, like that’s your business prime. And so Bezos is just kind of entering that stage. And so when you look at Amazon, it’s a hard stock not to own as a stock market beginner. So so far, we got e commerce plus cloud placeholder stuff, right? We got either a social media player, or you’re getting the search along with YouTube. 

And you have obviously, you know, the beast that is Apple, the most profitable company in the world. Okay, coming in number four, this stock is important, I think for you know, a new investor to own because you almost kind of when you’re starting to get into stock market, you kind of want to own something that’s an international stock. And when I was getting in the stock market, my first few years, I bought in a company named BP british petroleum. 

Okay. And that was you know, back in the oil and gas days and things like that and BP was just a really good play on kind of the oil recovery. It had been a beaten down stock a bit and I thought this was just a good stock to get in especially after you know what had happened with that company and things like that. I’m not saying pipe up but I what I am saying is Alibaba is that particular stock that I feel like represents international play. 

Now jack ma is been out there Okay, so that’s a great thing for that stock because it was a lot of worried about what happened to jack Ma. And even though jack ma doesn’t do that much in regards to Alibaba, nowadays. Pretty much, almost half of the company completely, even though is a huge shareholder who was just like worried about what happened in jack Ma, like now that’s over Alibaba is a phenomenal play. 

If you’re looking for international exposure, I’m not a big fan of Chinese stocks at all. So many of them have huge trust trust issues, like massive trust issues, okay? For many various reasons, okay. 

But Alibaba, if you’re looking at international plays, and especially Chinese place, it’s the safest of the safe place, I can’t find another stock that I feel is safer for my money to put it put my money there, then Alibaba, in one of the big reasons is, because the you know, the the founder is super famous, right, jack Ma, at least in the business space, right. 

And, you know, obviously, the other co founders, that company and the big shareholders also own a lot of stuff here in the United States. And Alibaba is obviously the biggest beast out of China. And so, you know, the last thing China would ever want to do is something to go bad there. Because that would even make create more trust issues than ever before, when it came to Chinese stocks. Like it’s one thing if it’s a small market cap Chinese company, and something fishy happens, right? 

Which a lot of, you know, fishy things have happened with some of those small market cap Chinese companies in the past, it would be a whole different scenario if it was Alibaba. And so for this, you get a growth beast, you get a company that I think has the second best opportunity out there in the world to become a huge cloud player outside of Amazon. 

And that’s just such a well diversified business. Like it’s, it’s incredible. When you look into this company, it’s it’s very well run. They do a phenomenal job there. And I feel like it gives you that international exposure, and then lets you just own one of those international type stocks. And I feel like that’s the best play out there. Like if you told me how to buy an international company. That’s not US based. I’m probably buying Alibaba Okay. All right. 

Next one up here I have for you is a company named Kroger. Okay, so Kroger, ticker symbol kr, which is also a dividend paying company, I think this is another great stock to own. If you’re new, the stock market is the biggest grocer in the United States of America, pretty much. It’s got a Ford P of about 12 on it. It’s a dividend payer. It’s so well run, you know, Kroger, at the end of the day, you know, there’s a company that had to fight off Walmart, as a company that had a fight off target, getting into groceries. 

Obviously, the grocery game in general is just you know, a ton of grocery stores out there, they’ve done a phenomenal job of fighting off those guys. As Amazon tries to compete more and more in groceries, I think Kroger is going to do a very successful job fighting off them as well. 

They’re just they’re just that type of company that does a very dang good job. And so this another stock that I feel like is more on the safety side, you’re not gonna triple and quadruple up your money in a stock like Kroger, but can you likely get some good gains over the next 510 years in that stock, especially over the next five years along with make dividend money? 

I feel like you really can. And I feel like that’s just you know, a safety play. Let’s just put it that way. So yeah, I love Kroger overall. Next one up here is kind of similar to a Kroger, but I feel like either Walgreens or CVS is a good play. Okay, a pharmacy related play. These are also dividend stocks. Okay. So remember, we’re trying to own some dividend stocks here as well. 

So three dividend stocks so far. So Walgreens and CVS, pharmacy related plays. You know, obviously, I’m invested personally in Walgreens stock. I love that one. But CVS is likely going to benefit huge as well, from basically the Roni wrote of access, okay, that are going to be given out all over the United States of America and all over obviously, the world, but for these companies is really important than the US over the next year or two, that’s going to be a huge boost to business, in my opinion. 

And those companies are just very needs based businesses. I don’t see them going away anytime soon. People talk about well, Amazon’s gonna compete Amazon’s competing with everybody and everything. Okay, I don’t know if there’s a company out there. I don’t think Amazon’s competing with in some way like truly I’d really don’t. Like I can’t think of anything like Amazon competes against Walmart, Target Kroger, Home Depot, Lowe’s, the toy store the bookstore, for like Amazon’s pizza bins, everybody. 

So you just have to kind of accept that and move on. And so once you’ve kind of accepted that moved on, I feel like those two stocks are positioned to, you know, be in a very nice position for the coming years. But obviously my favorite there is Walgreens, I know that company very, very well. 

And I think that’s one of those stocks, that’s probably gonna, you know, potentially go up 50% to 100% over the next few years, along with collect a bunch of dividend money and on a needs based business. I really I really, really liked that stock in general. So I feel like that’s a good play. There. Okay, next one up here. 

I like McDonald’s and or a Starbucks for a stock market beginner. Okay. s bucks. I think it’s actually SB UX. Or maybe it’s a man Starbucks ticker symbol. s bucks, is it? I’m trying to remember if it’s a you in there, or if it’s just s, man, I can’t remember any pics. 

I got a lot of tickers going in my brain. Okay, but McDonald’s and Starbucks. Okay, one of those two stocks, I feel like is a good stock for a stock market beginner. Once again, when you’re looking at the lows two companies that have international exposure all over the world, okay? McDonald’s is everywhere.

Starbucks is everywhere, huge businesses that it’s not, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand those. And I think that’s very important. When you’re kind of newer to the stock market, you’re building out your portfolio, you know, it would be tremendous to buy some semiconductor company or something like that. 

But my goodness, like, you know, the amount of research you have to put in the industry that you probably have no clue about, unless you’re some kind of, you know, engineers or something like that. Like, it’s, it’s a mess, and it’s almost overwhelming when you’re just getting in the stock market, you’ve been in it for a few years, you can start to, you know, research some of these other sectors and industries, and get a very high level understanding on industries you never had a clue about. 

When you’re getting started in the stock market, you need more simple stocks, and you’re gonna sign this, there’s a common, you know, thread here, Apple doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand it, Facebook and Google, same thing, Amazon, Alibaba, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, McDonald’s, Starbucks, there’s a common thread here. 

And it’s that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand these companies, okay, which I think is very, very key. And so when it comes to these companies, I think one of the big things is the fact that they have international exposure. 

And it opens up your mind a bit to the understanding of how important international markets are for these particular companies and being able to look at their business and read these reports and understand, oh, they are expanding big into China right now. And that’s why this is a big region in all Latin America, their sales are down, blah, blah, blah. 

And this is what it’s just like a good expansion of your mind, in my opinion on business overall, and how big even if you own a US Corporation, how much it matters to a lot of these US corporations, international business because McDonald’s and Starbucks both get, you know, huge portions of their revenues and profits from actually places outside the United States of America. Okay, very important. So that’s seven stock up there, a stock up here. 

So, with these last, you know, kind of few, I feel like we kind of, you know, I want to say take, you know, a ton of risk, but I think we kind of take a little more risk. So with with stock number eight, I feel like either like a br meat or tattooed chef, okay, I personally own both of these stocks. Okay, I feel like one of those two stocks would be a good pic there.

 For a stock market beginner. The reason being is you’re looking at an emerging industry of like, plant based meats and more, you know, there’s like a, this massive change, I don’t think it’s going anywhere, where people are trying to eat more like plant based products, okay. 

And if you look at your, the, you know, the public companies that are out there that you can personally invest in, I think these two had the biggest opportunities in front of themselves, like beyond meats everywhere, like you look at all the different fast food chains, you’re going to find beyond meats and a ton of them. 

Okay. And they beyond meat just announced, they’re being tested now, in a lot of Taco Bell location. And I mean, imagine if they get the support, if they’re the main supplier for Taco Bell, long term, imagine how big that can be for beyond meat long term, okay. Also, beyond meat has been working with McDonald’s, okay, on the DL. 

Now, we don’t know if for sure, you know, beyond meats gonna get that deal or not with McDonald’s. But there’s definitely a lot of rumors that they could potentially get that deal. And if there’s a supplier from McDonald’s, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. Okay?

 That is the biggest the big, okay, imagine what that does would be on meat over time, in terms of whether they’re just supplying the product. And then nevermind, imagine if they have the branding, you know, beyond meats already becoming a household name beyond me, no one heard of this company five years ago. 

And now it’s almost a household name, strictly because so many fast food restaurants are advertising their products everywhere. And if you got McDonald’s to its game over that, you know, like, if it wasn’t already Game Over, it’s extra Game Over, you know, for anybody that’s really trying to compete with beyond meat as far as the meat based products, because, like, you know, they’re just clearly going to be the number one in the world in that market, especially if they get a big a big deal with a taco bell, or McDonald’s, okay. 

And tattoo shop is kind of like a smaller company with a different business model and a different approach to the market, then what beyond meats going to so beyond meats really focused on, you know, plant based meats, whereas tattoo chef is just kind of more focused on, you know, plant based products in general. And so I look at that industry is just an industry is going to boom, over the next 10 years, I think is just going to get bigger and bigger. 

I’m looking at the, you know, like my generation, the generations coming up, you know, I’m seeing the changes in diet, the way they approach things, you know, and it’s not just with food, it’s also a drink, like, you know, it’s funny, if I go out with a lot of people my age, or it’s ever with people younger than me, you go to a restaurant, a lot of them don’t even get soda now, you know.

I feel like if we went back 30 years ago, you know, if you’re going to eat with somebody, like I feel like they’re getting, you know, either beer or soda and a lot of people just drink water now and so it’s interesting and these these type of dietary changes aren’t aren’t going backwards, like they just keep going forward. Okay, so I feel like that’s a good space to be in. Okay. 

Number nine, okay. I feel like you gotta either own a JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs. Okay. Now,

I’m not a huge fan of the banking sector. And I’m on See not a fan of almost any of the banks outside of those two. But I feel like one of those two stocks is a good play as a as a newer investor in the market. If you’re looking at JP Morgan, you’re looking at just the most well run bank out there, Barney, okay? They’re the kings. 

Okay, let me see where we’re at timewise all perfect. You know, they’re just the kings, they got jamie diamond, they’re phenomenal business model, like, you know that that company has gotten more and more relevant to me over the past, you know.

Since I started with them in 2008 2009, as far as you know, bank accounts and things like that, JP Morgan, amazing, Goldman Sachs, great reputation, and Goldman Sachs actually using it as an interesting strategy. Goldman Sachs is really just used to be focused on the wealthy, like, let’s say, the top 5% of income earners or the wealthy, okay. 

And Goldman Sachs is actually going down now. And they’re coming out with a lot of innovative products in like the FinTech space, that are actually more tailored toward just average consumers, and things like that. So I think that’s a company with, you know, a very forward looking vision. Just, they just get it like Goldman Sachs is just, they’re just good, okay. 

There’s no other way to put it, and JP Morgan, so well run JP Morgan’s really hard to compete with, if you’re like a big established bank, but also if you’re up and coming, JP Morgan’s really good. We’re competing with some of the smaller guys. Okay, so those two stocks, also dividend payers there. And so that would add, you know, fourth dividend payer. 

And also I think McDonald’s is dividend payer too. So it depends on kind of which stocks you’re buying, but four or five dividend payers up there. Okay. And last one up here, this is really kind of like a free for all. It’s a spec. Okay, I feel like this is a spot to own a speculative stock. 

Even if you’re newer to the stock market, and you own 10 stocks, I think it is perfectly fine. to own one speculative stock. Some of my speculative stocks in the past have included, you know, back in the day, Tesla was kind of a little bit more of a speculative stock, right? Obviously, it was way less speculative than a lot of stocks out there. 

That actually did very well. My next spec stock up was the planet, right, plant 13. That was very speculative. Obviously, it did tremendous, very good food company was kind of my next speculative stock up there. And that one did tremendous. 

And then my new one, is this company, mstr, and MicroStrategy. And that one’s doing really, really well. For me, I think I’ve already up 40% or so on that one, that’s kind of more respect play, kind of in relation to Bitcoin and kryptos and things like that. But you know, I think it’s okay to own a spec stock. You You have a tremendous amount of safety here. Okay. 

Like, almost all these stocks, if you had it put me on the spot and say, are these gonna be higher in five years? And they are today? Yeah, my opinion on all these stocks, I think they’re going to be higher in five years than they are today. 

And not only that, you’re going to get some dividends paid out to you in a ton of these stocks. Right. And so that’s good, you got a lot of safety, you know, these are the type of stocks that are gonna fall 50% probably not very low probability that any of these stocks I mentioned up here are gonna fall 50 60%. 

Like, it’s a very unrealistic, right. And so here’s your opportunity to take some risk, and play something that you’re super passionate about that is more speculative is on the on the come up, maybe a spec play something like that, right. But the problem I see is right now, because of what has happened in the market. 

And so many, you know, speculative stocks have gone up a lot. Because of just the market we’ve been in and everything going up and things like that, it’s allowed a lot of people to make their like several spec stocks, like their entire portfolio. 

And that has worked, that will not work long term, I can promise you that it works for a short period of time, and when the market goes up 50 plus percent, in a matter of like nine or 10 months, like it has, it makes sense. 

Okay, take the most risk possible. But now we’re at you know, record highs in the market. And I think now it’s time to kind of focus on Okay, we had some fun here, let’s actually build out a serious portfolio with that diversified. 

And it actually is going places over the coming years and you can kind of you know, if some of these stocks go up a time, hey, you can maybe sell off some buy some that are beaten down, things like that and you really start playing the portfolio game which is a huge part of stock market.

Investing is one thing just to be able to find great stocks, it’s another to actually run a great portfolio and you understand what it means to truly build out a great portfolio of stocks that are going to perform for you not just tomorrow in next month, because the hot thing but are going to perform for you for the next 510 years.

 That’s really what it’s about at the end of the day. So that’s how you actually make a lot of money in the stock market over a period of time. So hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button it helps you to chill out massively lets me know you guys enjoy videos like this. I kind of do a little whiteboard video for you guys.

 And other than that if you want join stock hub, it’s absolutely free to join down there. I’ll be linked in the description metals have that as a pinned comment as at best and biggest free discord chat in the world. You want to talk stocks with investors from all over the world. 

You want to try to apply for my private stock group learn exactly how I make money from stocks, how I run a portfolio, very in depth, things like that. You can check that out that’s also linked in the description may also add that as a second pin comment down there. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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