Thank You Elon Musk! $5,000,000,000 Incoming for Tesla!

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Well, guys just a short 52 days ago I started a campaign on this channel it was called the campaign to get Ilan musk to raise some money for tests. I started this when Tesla stock first went over 15 $100.52 days ago and ever since then.

I’ve been making subliminal messages and videos and just kind of getting it out there in the atmosphere for Elon Musk to please raise money for Tesla video after video and Papa Ilan loves to keep us Tesla shareholders happy so you know what, just like a happy Santa Claus.

Elan Musk is a happy man and he says I will put all the Christmas presents under the tree for you guys and by the way, Elan Musk has given himself a few other presidents this year. The man is now worth $100 billion.

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Congratulations Ilan must give you some some golf claps out there something like that is absolutely unbelievable. So we’re gonna go ahead and talk about three different things in this video Papa Ilan he went ahead and raise some money.

Thank you Ilan Musk, how did he raise this money? How much did he raise? Why did he raise this money? Okay, number two, I’ll give you my opinion on how much Ilan musk raised in this whole situation wasn’t enough.

How do I feel about that? And number three, obviously do I want him to raise even more money he must do I want you to raise more money. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up I’m super excited about this and hopefully all you tells us shareholders are helps out the YouTube channel in a massive way.

Also check out second link in the description down there. If you want to know more about my team. Okay, got a little link down there for you. And before getting this all my goodness, let’s do a little celebration.

I gotta say, you know, congratulations to Galileo because Galileo is getting a model y it looks like it’s so congratulations, Galileo, I always felt like you should have a Tesla. And I’m so happy you are getting a Tesla now that makes me a very happy man is just put that way.

Galle is one of my I would say top five favorite people on YouTube, literally. Okay, awesome, dude. And I’m just super psyched for him. So I you know, I thought it was better than just leave a comment in his comment section like hey, congrats, man.

After I said, let me do a full shout out in a big video forum. And congratulations, Galileo, okay, already got those story rolling into this came Tesla to sell as much as $5 billion of shares. After rally, Tesla plans to sell as much as $5 billion of shares capitalizing on its high flying pricing on a recent stock split that made it more accessible for individual investors to buy.

The electric carmaker will sell the shares from time to time through an agreement with several banks. According to a regulatory filing, the Palo Alto, California based company plans to use the proceeds to strengthen its balance sheet.

And for general corporate purposes. Now, keep in mind, Tesla had already I think it was over $8 billion on that balance sheet. So they already had quite a bit of money on that balance sheet, but it’s just going to become even a bigger fortress now.

And they share is going to be sold from time to time. So it’s not like they’re just raising this money tomorrow or something like that. It’s going to be over a period of time, which could last weeks could last months, we’ll have to see.

Okay, Tesla’s raising the money while it expands new factories going up in Germany, as we know that factories being built right now, right, in Austin, Texas, which is just getting in the baby stages right now, following a recent completion of the plant in Shanghai.

Which by the way, the Shanghai plant for the most part is built but it’s actually still another section that is being built right now. Keep that in mind. Okay. It’s a pivotal time for the manufacturer, which faces more competition from established automakers and startups alike.

I feel like that’s the same story we hear all the time. Like, oh, there’s more competition. And it’s like, Where are they? What are they doing? all we see is ice vehicles. I mean, every big automaker out there, they’re all their cars are still selling are all these vehicles like it’s like? I don’t know.

Okay. And as far as historical electric vehicle companies, we haven’t seen anything out there. That’s a real serious threat to model three model y, or any of the big vision plans that actually Tesla has going okay. The plan is a form of weaponizing.

Tesla’s cheap cost of capital Evercore ISI analyst Chris McNally and john saggar wrote in a research note published on Tuesday, the new program could be the largest equity race for Ilan musk company.

That’s crazy to think about, okay, if it sells at least $2.34 billion under the plan, remember the time about 5 billion Okay, until now, Tesla had raised $14 billion over the past decade through secondary stock offerings.

Most recently in February, the seals have helped bolster cash during its transition from a niche electric maker to mass market. Okay, so that’s crazy. I’m surprised that you know, this is gonna be by far and away the biggest, but it actually is, you know, I was a member, you know.

Tesla raising a lot of money in the past, but they’ve, you know, mostly been kind of smaller raises up until now, as of last September $5 billion, would have represented a significant portion of Tesla’s market capitalization, which dip below $40 billion at that time, right?

That mean $5 billion raise this was this is unconceivable. Last year. Let’s be quite frank. Okay. unconceivable. Today it’s about 1% of the market cap, okay, about 1% of the market cap for a $5 billion raise, like, just think about that.

That’s how much the market cap has increased for this company, Tesla had about $8.6 billion of cash and cash equivalents as of June 30. veins in the $5 billion program pretty much represent every big bank out there as part of this program in the end.

Okay, so $5 billion raise, it’s going to happen over time it looks like and yeah, it’s a very is in terms of the dilution to shareholders actually a very, very small amount at all. Okay, my opinion, what is my personal opinion, in this whole situation? Okay.

I’ll be honest, I wanted even more money. Okay, I wanted even a bigger reason this, I wanted a $10 billion plus raise I, you know, I mentioned in the video, 3 billion, 5 billion that was okay. But really.

I would have loved to see a 10 billion plus dollar raise, keep in mind, if they had raised still 10 billion, you’re still only diluting maybe 2%, a little over 2%, like maybe 2.2% 2.3%, or something like that of shareholder value.

That’s not a lot for getting 10 billion plus dollars, you know, that’s kind of intriguing. So I would love to see it even bigger. And keep in mind, all these big automakers right now, they’re all on the ropes, right? They’re all several years behind Tesla.

And I just, I just want to see Tesla, you know, continue to put the pedal to the metal and do what it’s doing. But even on a bigger scale faster, let’s get more factories up and running. Let’s you know, if we got to bring price points down to you and get more more, you know, mass market appeal.

Let’s do that. Let’s do whatever it takes to get the big huge massive opportunity, which is in front of Tesla, which is a dominant market share of the V’s long term, and I believe he V’s are going to go to 100% or very close to 100% of all new auto sales within the next decade or so.

Okay, and all these guys are on the ropes. That’s why I’m like, man, let’s just keep raising money. And keep in mind autonomous taxi network, this is a massive opportunity for Tessa, Tessa might win this. Okay, I’ve been telling you guys about this for about two years now.

And I with each passing day, I think Tesla’s gonna win this opportunity, which is essentially, like imagine Uber Lyft. But when no driver and as a car comes, picks you up, you jump in the car, there’s no driver, it drives you around perfectly, but a boom, Bada bing, you’re exactly where you need to be.

And this is a very costly program, this will be a very costly program to test, especially if Tesla wants to have its own fleet of cars, and not just people using their cars. So let’s say you have a Tesla, you can have a goal driving around people at night, if you’re not using the car while you’re at work or something like that, right.

But imagine if Tesla wants to have their own fleet of cars out there, that’s gonna be very costly, right. And so you need to you need billions and billions and billions of dollars to pull off something like that over time. But that’s a massive opportunity. But it’s a very costly opportunity to be quite honest.

And this is a type of opportunity I would love to see launched within the next 12 to 18 months, I would love to see, you know, Tesla kind of perfect this technology as soon as possible. Get it into, you know, basically local government’s hands, kind of show them what’s going on here, get these things approved.

And hopefully within the next 12 to 18 months. Remember, they talked a little bit about ride sharing, potentially 2020 I think that’s kind of unrealistic, especially with the ronnie Rona situation, I’m still kind of you know, perfecting the technology, but I think it’s very possible that if they keep the pedal to the metal.

It could be something that’s in the real world within 12 to 18 months and that is absolutely massive I can tell you as somebody that’s a proud owner of two Tesla vehicles and model three performance addition in a Model X Okay, I could tell you I had the base autopilot and both of those vehicles the base autopilot and it can do 90% plus of the drive time for me Okay.

So if I’m doing a 30 minute drive, let’s say for instance, the car can do at least you know 25 plus minutes if not 2627 minutes of that drive time it’s very small things that I kind of have to take over and kind of you know actually overtake the vehicle and that’s what base autopilot Think about that for a moment.

But then you talk about the advanced autopilot you can get now when if you buy a Tesla which is $8,000 more rate, you can navigate on autopilot, automatic driving from highways on and off ramp including interchanges and overtaking slower cars auto lane change automatic lane changes while driving on the highway, auto Park both parallel and perpendicular spaces.

Summon your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. This is unbelievable, right traffic light and stop sign control assisted stops at traffic controlled intersections, and then coming later this year auto steer on city streets. Okay.

I mean, this is all amazing stuff. By the way, if you’re thinking like, you know, in terms of if you’re driving on city streets, actually, you know, Tesla’s can pretty much do most of that as well just with the base autopilot, nevermind, you know, how, how advanced are going to have it in the future.

So you just think about this man. It’s just all such massive opportunities at a friend’s company, very costly stuff to continue to pull off, but I think they’re gonna, I think they’re gonna pull it off. I’m gonna be completely honest.

It’s just the question of how long does it take them to pull all this you know, all these types of things off Ark invest. Remember, these are the crazy folks over there? Well, there’s a subcom crazy because they might end up being preyed on this K.

But they’re the folks that have those crazy, crazy praise targets for Tesla, right, those 2024 price targets $15,000 $20,000 plus straight, you obviously have to divide those out by five based upon where the stock price is now, because these, these prices were done before the stock split, but still.

I mean, we’re talking about that’s hundreds and hundreds of percent gain for the stock. If this company was to do that, it was just absolutely crazy. But a lot of what they have in there, or basically price targets around not just as company becoming a dominant Evie player and solar roofs and those sorts of things.

But also the autonomous taxi networking that launched over the next few years and starting to ramp that up and scale that over the next few years. So I mean, we’re talking about massive potential, keep in mind, Ark has an expected value on the stock of $7,000. In 2024.

Once again, you gotta divide that out by five to get the actual price that Ark expects, but still, that’s, that’s up hundreds of percent from here, even when you divide that out by five, that’s crazy. Okay, that’s what they expect.

And if that’s going to happen, basically, it’s going to happen because of autonomous taxi networks, and those sorts of things working out long term along with this vehicle, also getting a place where they’re selling millions of cars a year.

Okay. And so if I was to ask something, I would say Papa Musk, can you please raise another 5 billion or more if the company goes over $500 billion market cap, I would love that, okay, if this company goes over a $500 billion market cap, which Heck, it’s not that far away,

If it goes over there, I will love to see Papa Musk, raise another 5 billion, get another 5 billion on that balance sheet. And I don’t think I think if they raise another 5 billion, they will never have to raise another penny for the rest of history for this company.

Let’s just put it that way. I mean, even now, they’re probably good. But I would love to see them just get that another 5 billion in my opinion, no, never have to raise ever again, as long as this company exists, it would help them expand the company faster, do things faster, move faster, and accelerate the world to where Tesla’s trying to accelerate the world to and you know.

When it comes to Tesla’s mission, and things like that, in my opinion, this company is going to be 100 billion plus dollars of revenue each year, starting around either 2023 to 2024 2023 is my best case scenario, in terms of the company starting to hit 100 billion plus dollars of revenue.

2024 is kind of my worst case scenario for the company hitting 100 billion plus dollars of revenue. But when this company starts hitting 100 billion plus dollars in revenue, each year, you know, we’re gonna talk we’re talking about massive cash flows will start being pushed off for this business.

Which will help take the company to higher levels when we ever seen and as a cash continues to come in, they’ll be able to redeploy that money into more and more things. Because think about it like this for a moment, right?

Imagine you have 100 billion plus dollars in revenues kind of coming in for the door, you know that that will be there’ll be Tesla fully ramped their business, and this doesn’t mean they won’t have growth passes, this will just simply mean that they’re gonna start throwing off major cash flow, in my opinion, okay, major, major cash flow once they ramp up to $100 billion plus.

And so imagine this business starts to throw off, you know, let’s say, several billion dollars per year, okay, as be several billion dollars per year, that money is going to be pumped right back into more factories.

Which, you know, if Tesla’s gonna scale to millions and millions of cars a year, they’re gonna need to build more factories around the world, right, you’re also going to obviously be putting into the autonomous taxi network, right?

autonomous taxi network, which is a massive opportunity. So the company can start building cars for its own fleet, right? Because I mean, imagine Tesla has a fleet of, you know, hundreds of 1000s of cars out there, right, which is definitely very possible.

Remember, we talked about idea essentially, where Tesla can use people’s cars that are in their garage to have you know, full autonomy, use those cars on the network, and Tesla can just get a fee for that. But I’m sure Tesla’s gonna also want to have their own fleet out there as well, right?

Hundreds of 1000s of cars. And once this business is fully ramped, it could be literally millions of cars out there around the world, right? You think about the type of opportunity long term. I mean, you know, do the numbers on you know how much it would cost Tesla to put, you know, to build their own, you know, 250,000 cars in a year for their autonomous taxi network.

You’re talking about crazy revenue numbers, that honestly, the company would have to take the hit on that, right, because it’s not like you’re selling the car to somebody else, you’re taking the hit on that personally, if you want to build out your own fleet, but the great news is, they’re they’re gonna have more customers than ever buying their vehicles.

And hopefully, that cash flow can be poured into, obviously, the, you know, more and more factories, autonomous taxi networks, the solar business, battery business and future businesses, because keep in mind, if you think Tesla’s just gonna stop here, you know, and they’re not going to come out with any game changing products over the next you know, let’s say five to 10 years.

I think you’re you’re, you know, a little mistaken this company. What they have right now is amazing, right model three model y Model X Model S, solar roof, the battery packs, all those things right, and then you think about down the road over the next year to cybertruck Right the Roadster, the Tesla semi, you know.

This is phenomenal what they’ve already shown off and what they have in the market now is amazing. But just think what this company is going to have in the market and five years from now 10 years from now, this is a company that’s not slowing down, you know, people in the past, you know, five, seven years ago, they were just thinking about Model S in the market, right?

They a lot of people weren’t even thinking about the days that Tesla was gonna have a model three in the market that was gonna be a game changer for them. And a model y in the market, that would be a game changer for them in a pickup truck.

That’s going to be the most popular pickup truck in the history of the world, right. And so just just expect more and more products coming. And these numbers continue to get bigger and bigger. You know, there’s a lot of people, including myself that believe this company will get to a place where they’re doing hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue each year. Okay.

I think that if you’re looking out to like 2026 2028 2030, I think this will be a company that will have scaled to hundreds of billions of dollars in by the end of the decade, there’s a real possibility, in my personal opinion, including a lot of other, you know, very intelligent folks.

I talked with that Tesla will be the highest revenue company in the world, will it be the most profitable as far as net income that remains to be seen, okay. But in terms of pure dollar amount, okay, pure dollar amount coming in revenue, okay.

By 2030, this could very well be the number one company in the world. And when I run the numbers, it’s hard for me to not see them being that Amazon’s gonna continue to expand, you know, for the next decade has put it that way, Apple will likely continue to expand Google that be all those businesses, very profitable business, Microsoft as well, right.

I don’t think anybody’s going to touch I think it’s going to be between Amazon and teslin and on who’s the biggest revenue company in the world in 2030. And I think it’s a very much a possibility with the fact that Tesla will probably be moving five to 10 if not more than that million cars a year, all the businesses are going to produce over the next five to 10 years.

An autonomous taxi network, a fleet of cars that are in the hundreds of 1000s or millions of cars out there. When you run all these numbers, it’s hard not to imagine Tesla being the number one most revenue company in their entire world does that end up producing this company be the most valuable company in the world and the most profitable that remains to be seen?

We’ll see what happens but in terms of revenue top line I don’t think there’s another company that’s going to touch Tesla 10 years from now Time will tell we’ll see what happens guys So anyways, hope you enjoyed this video as always share it out with a Tesla fans or any tester groups you want.

You know As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button. It lets me know you enjoyed a video like this helps up the channel big time and I would love to hear your guys’s opinion down there in the comment section.

Do you think Tesla should raise any more money? Do you think they’re good forever? I would really love to hear your guy’s perspective and opinion on this in the comment section. I’ll definitely be reading through that. And also if you want to know more about myself and my team, go and check out second link in the description down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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