Yoon Kim

My name is Yoon Kim. I grew up here in the United States and we experienced hardship along the way. When I was 15, I realized that my parents were having a hard time with their finances. So I did everything I could to help them. I started a lot of businesses but it did not work. 

I entered the military but I cannot afford to buy a house for my parents. I was looking for ways to earn money and invest and  Jeremy’s channel popped up.  My interest in the stock market suddenly arouse. I started investing in 2017 and that’s when I was able to buy a house for my parents.

I earned $140k and I spent $100k to buy a house. If I have not found Jeremy, I would never reach this status right now. It helped me a lot and changed my life as well.

My name is you, Kim, nice to meet you. Born in Korea, came to the US in 2001. Growing up, my parents did what they knew how to do, which was work, save money and spend it on expenses and anything we can get away with for that month. I never realized how dire our financial situation was until I was about 15.

I remember it was me, my brother, parents in the living room watching TV. My mom got a call, and you can instantly tell within her voice that something went terribly wrong. And she explained to us that her mom, my grandmother, passed away. And my grandmother lives in Korea and my dad instantly said, hey, let’s buy a next plane ticket for you to go home to Korea and attend the funeral. And all that kind of stuff. And I was watching my mom and I remember it distinctly and she was thinking real hard.

She wanted to go home. She wanted to be there for her mom’s funeral. But at the same time, she didn’t want to put our family’s financial situation. In jeopardy, because they were meant that we went on a credit card debt to pay for her to go home, and it would have meant that she’s going to be missing out on work, that we just simply couldn’t afford for two to three weeks. And I remember as a 15-year-old just distinctly thinking, this is my fault.

This is what’s happening here is my fault because I wasn’t successful, because I’m not successful, that we can’t even do something as simple as buy my mom a plane ticket for her to go home. And at that moment, I realized I need to take responsibility for my family’s finances, graduate high school June 2012 started multiple different businesses, but nothing worked. I went to community college at the same time studying real estate.

But academically, I wasn’t all there. I failed algebra twice from the same teacher. And I remember distinctly thinking, you know, two years after I graduated high school, just. Feeling like a failure, this isn’t where I thought I would be in my life.

What in the world is going on? You know, where did I get it wrong? What do I need to do? Right I need to take care of my family’s finances. And so I just decided to join the military. I left for boot camp in June of 2015 with $200 to my name. I remember studying Jim rhône very closely at the time. He’s the one who was a mentor to Tony Robbins. Some of the things that he said still ring in my ears and I still think about it today. For example, don’t let your next five years be like your last 5, four things to change for you. You have to change for things to get better.

You have to get better. And I really took that to heart. And for the next two years on my time in the military saving money, I kept investing heavily into myself, buying tile, Lopez’s course, Jim Cramer’s course, investopedia, of course, and ultimately Jeremy’s course. I started investing in April. 2017 And fast forward to last month.

I was able to get to $140,000 and I spent $100,000 to buy my parents a house. As an aspiring investor, it doesn’t make sense for me to buy the house. But as a son, you know, it means the world to me that I can finally give back to my parents to hear their voice, their excitement, you know, every single day of working in the house, you know, that’s their old school.

That’s how they define success is homeownership. We’ve rented all our lives. They’re 60 years old now. You know, this is the first time they’re tasting a sense of home ownership, a sense of living, the American dream of having a house, and for me to be able to finally do that for them. I’m 27 years old now.

To be able to finally do this for them, you know, really means absolutely the world to me. And last month when I spent $100,000 on the down payment for the house, I also didn’t Jeremy thanking him the hey, over the years, your investments that I followed really helped me and contributed to my net worth and being able to be in of financial position to be able to do this for my parents. But moving forward, I don’t want to plagiarize from you anymore. I don’t want to follow your investments anymore.

I want to be proud of my own investments. I want to be proud of my own research. And that’s why I joined your private group, because I want to learn how to properly invest. Being part of Jeremy’s financial future has been an absolute game changer for me. Comparing it to all the other courses that I’ve enrolled in the past.

Nothing comes close to what Jeremy is building here. It can really be defined into three things courses, private group. And coaching the courses. It’s a teachable series of videos and what it is, in my opinion, it’s a checklist, a checklist thought process of how Jeremy thinks about a company, how he does his research, how he thinks about, OK, do I like this? Do I don’t do I not like this is an opportunity? Is there not an opportunity that’s been super valuable to me.

I’ve watched it twice over and I’m doing it a third time. And then there’s the private group because in a YouTube video, on a video format, on a course format, the conversation kind of dies. Then you watch the video, you’re kind of left by yourself to interpret it. But in Jeremy’s community, it’s backed up by having a conversation.

You can’t really have a conversation in the YouTube comment section, right? You can’t have a conversation with your friend who only has $100 in the stock market. Right but in Jeremy’s private group, there’s hundreds of people who don’t really know what they’re doing, the stock market.

But there’s also hundreds of people who are at five figures, six figures, and right about 40 people who are at seven figures. It’s a community of people, professionals of all backgrounds, all over the world, super open to talking about finances. And that was what was very refreshing to me, because I can’t just go out in the street at Starbucks, walk in and say, like, hey, you look rich. What are your finances like? Can you can you give me some advice? They’re going to say, no, six feet, don’t talk to me.

Right but in Jeremy’s private group, everybody is open to talking about it. That’s that’s what we love to talk about, is money, finance, stock and growing and sharing our ideas. And I’ve been utilizing Jeremy’s private group by reaching out to some super successful investors and saying, like, hey, can we get a quick. This call? Can you give me some advice? And I’ve been able to utilize that. And I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of value right. Growing up.

You hear about, you know. To be associating yourself with like minded people, you need to be talking to people who are further ahead of you, and I’ve never been able to have that until I joined Jeremy’s private group.

And then. Right, there’s the coaching program. It’s a one on one experience. My coach, his name is Tom, super sharp guy, and he is breaking my old mentality. He’s breaking my six figure mentality and molding it into a seven figure person’s mentality.

I told Tom, I was like, hey, you know, I think I can be a millionaire in five years if I can do 20% consistently year over year. And he said, cool. Well, let’s think about the next 15 years, right? If you can do 20% year over year for the next 15 years, you’re doing amazing, right? You’re going to be at 5 million, six million, whatever.

So he’s really coaching me, teaching me exactly what I need to do in my research process. When I’m looking at a company, you know, if it is within my circle of competence, is it not within my circle of competence? Is it something that I should be in? Is it not?

He’s tailoring and experience. He’s he’s helping me teach me, coaching me to break to that next level of becoming somebody who’s going to ultimately become a 7 figure person. And I wake up every single day. I’m super grateful for this opportunity to be part of Jeremy’s private group, financial futures. And I wake up super excited every single day, just ready to wake up, kill it, conquer my day. And, you know, I can honestly say.

That I am on my way to be successful. I am on my way to be financially independent. So if you’re not sure if this program is for you or not, you know, I think about what Eric Thomas said. He said at any moment to sacrifice what we are for, what we will become. And I think about Jeremy’s financial fortressed as a high quality information, high quality tool that you can utilize. Right to become the person that you want to become. We all have 24 hours within the day, but we all don’t have the same level of net worth.

Why? because we all don’t have the access to the same quality information, the same quality network. Write the better your information, the better your network, the better your one on one coaching, the better results you’re going to get. I don’t know if becoming financially independent is a wishful thinking for you, but like Jim Malone said, don’t let your last five years be like your next five.

We’re in a new decade, right? Don’t let your last 10 years be your next 10 years for things to get better for you. You have to get better for things to change for you. You have to change. And it all starts by committing by committing to something, whatever your reason to become successful is. You have to commit to that. You have to be focused on it.

You have to spend as much as you can developing your brand, your personal image, your mind, your knowledge level, your network of influence. That’s I you know, it’s completely changed my life. And it’s something that I highly recommend you do. So Thanks for watching, Phil.

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