Noah Beggs

My name is Noah Beggs, I started investing about two years ago with the private group of Jeremy and that is how my journey in stocks started.

I have been trying to learn for months on my own, not really knowing how to start and then Jeremy’s channel showed through random stuff and that is how I realize how much you could grow your wealth if you actually have a mentor.

I learned so much from Jeremy’s team, coaches and other investors.
I just couldn’t be happier with the results and with my experience through Jeremy’s team.

All right, How’s it going? I’m Noah. I started investing about two years ago, gone the private group with Jeremy 18 months ago, and that’s kind of what started my real journey investing. I, I had been trying to learn for months on my own, not really knowing what to really do, found Jeremy’s channel through random stuff. And and kind of started, you know, getting my feet wet with investing.

But, you know, I didn’t really understand the process of finding a stock, valuing a stock, you know, what’s expensive, what’s cheap, how the whole, you know, stock market even worked. But once I got in the stock market group with Jeremy, things really improved. You know, just the fundamentals that I learned from going through, like becoming master of the stock market, of course, you know, being able to learn about everything, just how to buy a stock, how to sell a stock, you know, how to figure out what my process was.

What do I have to do a to Z2, to go through a company and to understand it on a high level, to feel confident, putting my money in there and holding, you know, not panic selling, if it went down a little bit or taking a quick 15% profit. And that’s essentially what I was doing the first six months, you know, first six months. I didn’t know what I was doing.

I could put money into my account over that time, got it up to around like $2,000 or $3,000 not really knowing what I was doing. And I just kept I just kept trying to buy things. I would kind of try to, you know, see something Jeremy posted.

And I would try to copy it, essentially. And think, oh, he’s buying, you know, when resorts I guess I should buy one resorts, but I understand why. Why was it a good company? Why was it better than the competition? Why was this going to grow revenue or appreciate in value? And so once I really took that commitment to figuring out.

I needed to take this serious. This is something I wanted. You know, I just I had a lot of self doubt, but once I took that action, that’s when things really improved. You know, I got in the group 18 months ago, I had about $4,000.

So I was having a tiny bit of success in my eyes. But I was really just treading water, you know, I was just barely getting by. Once I got in, I was able to make some serious improvements, you know, got my account from that 4,000 dollars to now.

It’s up over 80,000 in 1800s months. And, you know, back then I had such limiting beliefs. I was like, oh, maybe I can someday, five years, give my account to 10,000. I had these low goals. And I didn’t really understand what was possible.

I didn’t understand how much you could grow your wealth if you actually had the guidance, if you actually had the mentorship. You know, I’ve learned so much from Jeremy’s team, from Jeremy, you know, from the coaches, everyone.

And just the amount of people that are on the high level, people from all over the world with hundreds of thousands or millions in the market. You know, it’s just you’re going to be able to pick up on what people do that makes them successful, what successful people do. And that’s what’s so valuable about the private group.

And that’s why I continue to stay in, is why I renewed my membership a few months ago. And I mean, the value. It’s you know, nothing can match it, you know? And I think, you know, it’s scary. I was definitely scared of investing.

I had bought other courses in the past, you know, trying to learn day trading or trying to learn, you know, other things. And so I was I was like, oh, I can’t I can’t, you know, invest in myself anymore. I got to figure this out on my own. But that was really the wrong mindset, because once I really.

You know, invested in the right thing, I said, this is what I’m doing, I’m going to take stock market investing serious, I’m going to learn it no matter how long it takes an hour to master the results, speak for themselves, you know, for granted grand in 18 months.

You know, and I’ve seen so many people with the same result, so many people hitting six figures, so many people, you know, hitting their goals way sooner than I thought. And realizing that there is a path to real long term success to getting financial freedom and financial independence.

And so I just I couldn’t be happier with the results. And with my experience with Jeremy and the team. So, yeah, that’s all. Thank you so much

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