Mark Cordova

My name is Mark Cordova, I’m 20 years old, I started my journey in 2018 when I was 18, after my first month, I had lost some money. But luckily, I found Jeremy’s YouTube channel, so I went ahead and joined his private group, which was the best decision of my life.

It really multiplied my wealth. Around July 2020, my portfolio increased to 116%. Again, I could have not done this alone with out Jeremy’s guidance. It’s just great to reach 6 figures at 20.
Thanks to Jeremy and his team over there in a private group.

There unmarked, I’m 20 years old, and I have over six figures. And stuff, stock market. Thanks things Jeremy and his team over there in a private group have some screenshots right here of my own portfolio before I get into that a bit about me and sort of my journey in 2018 when I was 18, if I were to make my brokerage account and my four trading account for it’s gone for its course that I’m getting less alabamian and after the first month.

I lost $500. But luckily, at the time I found Jeremy also Jeremy’s YouTube channel and stop for streaming completely switched over to long term investing. But I knew that to get to where I want to be a life, I needed a strong foundation.

Warren Buffett once said along the lines of the best investment you can make as an investment in yourself. So I knew that I needed that strong foundation. I went and picked up his become a master work force, which meant a lot, made me more confident investor and taught me the emotional aspect as well, the fundamental aspect.

People forget about that part, the emotional aspect. So I had gotten that knowledge. And one of my way here is 20 nine, seeing my account, constantly funneling money in as I could, working from 17 to being on I can and April, July, start to see more results over time. More results and more in 2020 now it’s February. We were for March comes march, those only Wrona. And this is what I was waiting for.

So we’re all waiting for this opportunity to multiply our wealth, but I know I’ve never been in a recession. I just got in the market, relatively speaking, young. Just done in, and I needed that guidance from other six figure, seven figure investors that have been through everything and experienced it all and can give me a helping hand on this time and how to really capitalize on this opportunity.

So I went ahead and joined his private group, which was the best decision of my life, honestly. They really multiply my wealth. This is the losses that I was suffering at the time, I was still I wasn’t negative, but I was up 2% And then April came around starting seeing strong recovery boats to be able to really capitalize, you know.

Talk to the experts, see what they were doing, how they were maneuvering this market. 30, 40 others skimmed through it all. No November 20, there was an important day for me, this is when I finally reached six figures between all my brokerage accounts, I did my trade with fidelity accounts and Robinhood.

This was my first time reaching six figures. And this is the day I reached to sit alone on the road to count the 25th. And I’ll show you the fidelity account right now. Here we are.

So this is a more seasoned investor at this time that made this. Around around July. 160% on this account, this Robinhood account, I do plan on moving it all over.

This is my watch list. I can’t show you my portfolio fully because there are a few of that are being talked about. And I wouldn’t I can’t share that information from the private group. So apparently in the count them up.

During the day, 7% And 142,000. Again, this couldn’t have been done, I couldn’t do this alone. I needed that guidance, that mentorship from everyone in there and that networking to really find these opportunities to grow my count to six figures at 20. You know, it’s just not something you can really do unless you’re gambling.

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