Chris Benwitt

My name is Chris. I first got into investing back in 2017. I was in my second year in college at that time and I found Jeremy on YouTube. I don’t have any background with investing, no idea and no direction when I got into the market. I was overwhelmed and didn’t really know what was important in a couple of months of placing my first dollars.

Not until I found Jeremy’s Videos and got hooked on how he approached them.
He made things concise and clear in a very understanding manner for even a beginner like myself. I ended up taking his course and I appreciate that not only he teaches me but he also provides his entire strategy from an unbiased standard point. His goal is to give everybody the tools to be able to ultimately take their financial future into their own hands and do it themselves.

Hey, everyone, I’m Chris, just wanted to give some feedback on my experience of taking the measure of the stock market group, I first got into investing back in 2017 I believe it was the second year of University for me. And I think I ended up finding Jeremy within three months of that second year.

And something particular for me was because nobody had pointed me into the direction of investing. And I had found it organically myself. I really had no background, no direction to go to go to, you know, basically to start with. Right and so.

You know, there was a level of there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed when I got into the market, I didn’t really know what I didn’t know, and I didn’t know what was important to know. And so I would say, you know, within a couple of months of, you know, putting my first dollars into the market, I ended up finding Jeremy’s videos and got hooked on his you know, this is early stages of financial education, got hooked on his, you know, video approach.

He made things. He explained things in quite a concise and clear understanding manner for even a beginner like myself. And I ended up getting into the game, into the course and something that I really appreciated from that.

First of all, not only did it teach me, you know, Jeremy’s entire strategy, but truly, from an unbiased standpoint, gave me a framework of how to look into a company, you know, what to look for quantitatively, you know, fundamentally, just looking at all of that stuff beyond that, know, thinking about the psychology of management and, you know, thinking about the broad industries and things that we’re not.

And we’re not immediately apparent, and obvious to me as an early investor. And he was able to, again, break down concepts in a very clear way that I was able to understand. And over time, I’ve been able to take that strategy and that approach that he taught me to investing long term and build on that.

And so something you know, obviously, there’s a lot of free information on the internet. You can go out and find all of the concepts and tools that you think would be helpful to you. And so the question is, why pay? But I have to say, you know, having somebody, an experienced investor, first of all, somebody who put their money where their mouth is, you know, he has all of his trades, public or investments, rather public on YouTube as well as in the private group.

You know, being able to learn from somebody who is experienced and was able to kind of take that, you know, the know, the world and gauntlet of information that existed out there and put it into a well organized course, it was easy to follow, understand? It really is not only a time saver, but. It is a confidence booster because, you know, just having that initial understanding is very valuable when you start to go off on your own. And that’s kind of what my experience was.

I had no idea how to analyze a company or value a company when I first found Jeremy and, you know. X amount of videos later, and after taking the course. Now three years later, 17 four years later, I guess going on, I’ve grown exponentially since then.

At the root, it was all from my initial experience of taking the b.m., the stock market. So I would say to anybody who’s considering are on the fence, it’s one of those things where your future self will thank you later. You know, this is not, you know, a get rich quick scheme. And Jeremy never pitchess pitches it like that.

You know, his goal is to give everybody the tools to be able to ultimately take their financial future into their own hands and do it themselves. And so I can only speak from my experience and say that he did give me those tools.

And I’m very appreciative of that. So just anybody, you know, considering the mass of the stock market, I give my thumbs up of approval, I guess. Thanks, guys.

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