Beverley Joseph

My name is Beverly Joseph, I grew up with my dad who was in the real states. I saw what he did and I thought that it is the path to success. I went into the traditional route, got my degree, got married and got a government job. Things were okay. We are getting a steady income.

But now, looking back there was a lot more that we could have done in terms of investing our money. I really didn’t understand what they were doing with my money. I just knew that every month, there was taking money from my account.

We always watch YouTube videos. My son watches a lot of YouTube videos too and one time I heard him watch a video with the intro “HOLY SMOKAS!” I got curious and then I started watching Jeremy’s videos.  I enjoy watching the videos because I am learning a lot. And what resonated with me was the fact that Jeremy was just a normal person. He had a family, just like me. And I was like, “Okay if Jeremy can do this, I can do this!”

Hi, guys, my name is Beverly, and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my journey with financial education. I start off telling you a little bit about myself. I was born in the UK I’ve lived in. So many different places, but I’m currently in the US right now. And I grew up with my dad. And my dad was always into real estate. I mean, he was buying properties, letting them out, and it was really successful at it.

He retired early. And I basically saw what he did. And I thought, OK, that’s the path to success. So I kind of followed in his footsteps. I, I would say went down the traditional role, the traditional route. I went to university, got a degree, got married, got a government job, had kids. And my husband and I, we started off buying a couple of properties, which we still rent out now. And, you know, things are OK, we’re getting a steady stream of income.

But now, looking back, there was a lot more that we could have done in terms of investing our money because we had put some money in mutual funds and, you know, working as so so returns. It wasn’t too bad.

But to be honest, I really didn’t understand what they were doing with my money. I just knew that every month, there was taking money from my account. And I was just seeing some returns. And now thinking about in hindsight, it didn’t really sit right with me because I’m the kind of person like I like to control my own assets, my own money, my own businesses, houses, stuff like that.

So the fact that I didn’t have full control over what I was investing in, it just it wasn’t really for me. So, you know, I basically go into investing with my own account. I and my husband, because he’s always watching YouTube videos, podcasts around the house to the point where my son would walk around going, holy smokes.

And I didn’t really know, you know, what it was about, to be honest. So I thought, let me watch these videos. Let me see what’s going on. So I started watching Jeremy’s videos. And to be honest, I kind of got hurt like I binged, watched a whole bunch of his videos, because this is probably about two years ago. So I had so many videos to catch up on.

And I really enjoyed the videos. I you know, I learnt a lot. And what resonated with me was the fact that Jeremy was I felt like he was just a normal person. He had a family, just like me. And I was like, OK, if Jeremy can do this, I can do this.

So, you know, just because I felt like I related, I joined his private group. And I would say the courses on there, I realized them a lot. I like those because I feel like because I’m busy with work with kids, with maintaining the houses, I don’t have that much time.

So I could take the courses in my own time at my own pace. And I felt like they’re very clear and straight to the point. They don’t have all that extra stuff that you don’t really need to know in it, which help cut down my learning curve, to be honest.

And I’m grateful. And also in the group, I would say I really like the fact that Jeremy does portfolio reviews of members actual accounts. Because I’m the kind of person that I learn from other people’s moves, other people’s good moves and mistakes, you know.

So I like to see the reasoning behind things and just hear the commentary because I pick up on those. And that really helps me. I would say, like, you know, the key the overall, what I love is just the fact that I’m gaining the knowledge, which in turn is just giving me the confidence, because I feel like when you have the confidence to, you know, make your own picks, to pick your own companies, to build your own account, you don’t have to rely on anyone.

You don’t have to have someone managing your account, and give them a car or have mutual funds or you don’t even need to copycat someone else’s account. Like, for example, I don’t have all the stocks that Jeremy has in his account.

But to me, that just shows that it’s more of a mindset thing. Like you’re more and more like learning about how to invest the strategies, the mindset behind it, rather than just copying his account, which I like because I get like a boost when I pick a company. And I see I’ve made some good returns, I’m like, yeah, I did that. I picked that company.

And it’s just a buzz. And I just love being, you know, self-sufficient and knowing that I have the satisfaction of, you know, making that money myself. And no one can take that away from you once you have the knowledge, like you don’t need to rely on other people to manage your account, which is great. And ultimately, I would say, you know, for me, the main takeaway is basically my songs, like I said, I’m a mom and I have two sons.

They’re quite young right now, but I’ve opened them custodial accounts. So all the information and knowledge that I’m learning from the groups, I’m going to pass on to them, like even before they’re adults, my sons are going to know everything that I’m learning because I’m going to pass it on.

So not only am I going to pass on the actual generational wealth that I’m hoping to, you know, accumulate from investing myself, I’m going to pass on the knowledge. So they’re just going to be ahead of the game. Like all the stuff I didn’t know when I was a kid about investing.

They’re going to know because I feel like this cause is not only helping me, but is helping my future generations as well. I would just show you my account because I’ve been in jamus group just like about a year.

Now And I did make six figures. And I can that was the day. It was just before Christmas. I was so proud of myself. And another cool thing is, if you do hit six figures, you get a cool cheffy from jeromy. So I was so proud when I got this because it was like an achievement.

You know, I actually did something on my own. So obviously, the goal is just to continue with its success. And I’m trying to reach seven figures. Next Yeah, but if you’re kind of on the fence about joining the cause, I would say go for it, because definitely there’s one thing about just getting information is self learning.

But when you have like a network of, you know, high level investors that you can talk to in a chat, I’m not saying you have to be a high level investor. Don’t be intimidated by that. But just being around and talking to people that are at the level you want to be, I feel like that’s so beneficial because it rubs off on you.

You learn things from them. And, you know, if you want to be at that caliber, being around those kind of people, that’s how you get there. I’m not saying you have to be there now, but just have those goals and that mindset of trying to get there. And that’s the main thing for me. So, yeah, I definitely recommend the group.

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