Andrew Jacot

My name is Andrew Jacot a current member and investor in Jeremy’s private stock market and I’ve been with the financial fortress community for over a year now. I started Investing in 2015, I was taught at a young age that investing is important.

In early 2019, I found Jeremy’s YouTube Channel. His channel was very easy to understand for someone who didn’t have a financial background and I learned a lot about the fundamentals and the basics of finance stocks.

I officially joined Jeremy’s private stock market group in January 2020 and I was amazed. They taught me a lot, and it is really nicer to have another investor who has the same mindset as you.
On a weekly basis, Jeremy posts lessons and updates for us and does Q and A. He shares his moves too which is great. I think what Jeremy wants in the group is for us to make our own decisions.

They so this is Andrew, current member and investor in Jeremy’s private stock market group and financial fortress course, been a. Part of the financial futures community and private group for over a year now, a little background myself is starting investing in 2015 ish range currently in the Coast Guard.

I started investing when I started working with the Coast Guard and. I reached a point where I was financially free. Had to worry about money or any of that stuff, so I knew investing was important from a young age, not because of what my parents told me, but just from what I had read and what I learned to get into the stock market was important. But for my first five years in the stock market, four or five years in the stock market, I.

Followed mutual funds. I didn’t have any kind of fundamental knowledge of the stock market, what was a good investment was a bad investment, as you say, which is for mutual funds, I guess, average 7% to 10% a year. So that’s kind of how I did my forecasting of where I would be as long as I invested this amount of money 30 years, I’ll have x amount of money.

And then come 2018 or so, 2019, 19 early, 2018 I found Jeremy’s YouTube channel. It was very low key, very easy to understand for someone who didn’t have a financial background and helped me to learn the fundamentals and the basics of finance and stocks, stock market research, why research was important and why you should take it seriously and just how you could pick individual stocks and beat the market.

I mean, it is not it’s really not. It’s not rocket science at all. If you have a good baseline and fundamental knowledge of what you’re looking for, you can find undervalued companies in any market. But, you know, some markets are just harder to find those stocks than others.

So in the beginning of 2020 in January, I joined jeremey stock market group is a private group. And I joined that because I had invested in Tesla, iRobot and a few other very good stocks that had made me 100% plus in the market, and that was more than I could ever spent on his has improved the amount of money that I had made. Some might.

OK, well, if I can make this money just following his free content, what would happen if I joined the private group. And that he talks about and get that support system behind me and get his course and learn what Jeremy teaches us. And this free content? I wonder what’s in the course site and must be some really good stuff to help me learn how to navigate the market.

So I join that group. First thing I did was I went through the financial futures course. I learned the fundamentals, what to look for, how to research company, you know, all of the basics of what options were kind of went through that I heard about options, but I wasn’t really sure exactly what the language was. And wasn’t to experience.

And so I was able to get my feet wet a little bit. And then the private group, it was just, you know, it was kind of amazed by. It was just a group of experienced investors. There’s also some beginners and they’re like myself.

But I would say a lot more experienced investors than the beginning, investors. And and now it was very helpful, especially like in March when the market started to go down, I was able to bounce ideas off of people, kind of get an idea of what these experienced guys were doing. And not going to lie, I thought about selling all my stocks in March when the market started to go down.

I ended up losing 40% at the bottom. And because of the private group, they encouraged me to keep, not sell, keep on mine in the market and put as much money in the market that I could. And just buy those stocks that read I like.

And I see long term growth out of those. Like you just put more money into those. Why would you sell them? It’s like going together. I guess that makes sense. And you know, something like it’s probably not going to stick around once that goes away, we’re going to recover.

And that’s kind of stuff we were talking about in the private group. And that’s something I don’t have I don’t have a lot of family and friends that invest. So having, you know, hundreds of people to talk to on a daily basis on this court is pretty special.

And especially ones that share the same mindset as you. So that long term mindset and building a basic foundation of research and how to find a good long term stock. So everybody’s on the same page when you’re talking to them. You’re not talking to people who are day trading or just getting in and out of stocks and that kind of stuff. So it’s really nice to have a place to go to.

And just bounce ideas off of. And then also just having Jeremy keep up with this every week with the live streaming Q&A every week and constant content, private content and Jeremy as well on teachable. So he’s always posting lessons and updates for us. And he shares all his moves too, which which is great. Sometimes on best. And what Jeremy invest in other times I don’t, which is fine, you know.

Everybody should develop their own Henao strategy and analysis of companies, and I don’t think Jeremy wants everybody to copy his moves. He wants everybody to learn the fundamentals and be able to make their own decisions for themselves.

That’s what this group is really taught me. And and then share my screen and show you my returns since joining the group, so I joined in January, but I switched fidelity to fidelity from day one finance in March. So it is available to show you right now.

But you can see that. In march, I started with transfer all my money over 67,000. And then you slowly grew my account. And April. Or may. And may I hit the six figure club? And then my account just blew up exponentially as I learned more of our options, how to safely play options with.

Options are risky, but you can mitigate that risk when you take certain steps and you do your research. And at the end of the year ended up with just over $600,000, which was a 1,264 return. And nine months. And I think after desperate acts of after-tax, I was like 820 percent, which is ridiculous, some ridiculous gains.

Never thought I want to get something like that in a year or even less than a year. And I don’t expect to get anything close to that. This this upcoming year, this year was very special, but I do not think I would have returns anywhere close to that. If I was not in Jeremy’s private group.

And if I didn’t get that base foundation of knowledge on how to research companies, how to find great undervalued stocks or having that support system behind me. And if you’re looking for something to.

Now, if you’re in the market, you’re navigating the market and you’re having some struggles and you might know how to research a company, but you’re not too sure or maybe you just don’t have that support system like joining the private group will give you that. And it will. Your profile on your investment in yourself will pay you back tenfold in the long run.

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