TESLA STOCK vs FACEBOOK STOCK. 10x Return coming?

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Today I Have A Debate With Myself About Tesla Stock And Facebook Stock. I Discuss With Myself Which Stock Tesla Or Facebook Is Safer And Has More Potential Plus Much More. Tesla Earnings Came Out This Week And Facebook Earnings Last Week. Enjoy!

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What is a better buy Facebook stock or Tesla stock? That is what we’re talking about here today, guys, this is gonna be a fun one. So many people over the past few months have thought about buying shares in Tesla or have thought about buying shares in Facebook.

Mainly because these two stocks have been in the news a lot. Facebook drops huge after earnings, it was a huge opportunity for people out there. And then Tesla shot up after earnings.

And a lot of people are looking at these two companies with everything going on. And they’ve even contemplated buying one of these stocks or they’ve actually done so I have in the past, you know, what is it two weeks now have bought Tesla shares, and I bought Facebook shares.

So I kind of want to give you the viewpoints on six different categories we’ll go through and I’ll kind of give you my opinion on each of those. Which stock is a safer stock, which stock has a better CEO.

Which stock has a better team around them. Okay? Which ones are more disruptive company, we’re also going to talk about the game as far as what company could pull off a game changer type buyout of another company that could you know, help their business propel in a massive way.

And then the last category, which might be the most fun one, which stock has the most upside potential that if everything goes great for that company over the next five to 10 years? What type of, you know potential is it as far as the stock gain on a guy.

So I hope you really enjoy this. By the way, let me know in that comment section. If you own either one of these stocks, or if you’re thinking about buying either one of these stocks.

I would love to hear from you guys, as always down there in that comment section. Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you have not already. So let’s get into this guys. The first category is safer. Okay.

Whenever you go into making any investment, you got to think about risk versus reward. So in this category, you got to think about it Tesla is in a position where they do have some cash still left on that balance sheet.

But they got a lot of debt on that balance sheet still, and they’re losing tons of money. Okay, Facebook, on the other hand, has well over $40 billion in cash just sitting on their balance sheet right now.

No debt massively profitable. This one’s not even a close comparison. Okay, nevermind that. Tesla’s mainly thought about as a car company right now, do they have an energy business? Yes, but we’re not even sure if that’s going to be profitable.

Whereas Facebook, on the other hand, has these ridiculous profit engines of the Facebook platform Instagram platform, they have all these other platforms that have tons of users that they have hardly even tapped yet like messenger.

Whatsapp and whatnot. Is that even a close comparison between these two? Okay, Facebook is winning that category without question, guys. It’s really not even a comparison between the two, which is very important because like I said.

Whenever you go into investment, you got to think about what is my risk? You can’t just think about the upside. You got also think, what’s my risk with that investment? Okay. Which company has a better CEO Now this one’s going to be very controversial.

I love Elon Musk. I really do. I think that guy is definitely a visionary. I think he’s pulling off some amazing things I think to get tough, so to where it’s at now, it’s a very impressive feat, okay.

However, I do not put him above Mark Zuckerberg. Okay, I know Mark Zuckerberg gets a lot of hate. But this guy created a social media platform that has over 1.4 million people on it.

All right, then he goes in and buys Instagram for $1,000,000,000.04 or five years ago, and mix that into a company that’s now worth over $100 billion. How many CEOs have been able to go buy another company and get 100x return on that investment within, you know, a four or five year span.

I can’t think of many Okay, guys, this guy then goes buys WhatsApp for 19 billion. That’s, you know, worth a lot more than 19 billion now. Right? got over well over a billion plus users on there.

So but I think the best CEO and Never mind that Zuckerberg has built his company much bigger you were talking about, it’s nearly, you know, somewhere around eight to 10 times the size of Tesla.

Obviously the company’s massively profitable, all those type of things. So when I look at it, I like Elon Musk a lot. I really do. I think he’s I think he is a good CEO. Does he screw up from time to time? Absolutely.

Has Zuckerberg screwed up, maybe not in the same ways. Maybe Zuckerberg screwed up more behind the scenes. But at the end of the day, who’s a better CEO, in my opinion, it’s the sock. Okay, Mr. Zuckerberg, so you know, Instagram alone, like, like, you know what he’s done with Facebook.

Starting that company out of his dorm room, and to grow it to what it was and then buying Instagram for a billion dollars. They think of all the other companies that could have bought Instagram for a billion dollars.

They just didn’t have the vision for it. He had the vision for it. Now. That’s if that was a standalone company would be worth over $100 billion guys, and they just bought it four or five years ago.

It’s an unreal what he’s been able to do. They’re better team. So this why they’re, in my opinion. Tesla has a pretty good team around them. You know, Elon Musk has a pretty good team around him, but he doesn’t have you know, if you’re considering him, Michael Jordan, he has no Scottie Pippen.

There, okay. He’s got some some pretty talented people and whatnot. But Zuckerberg has Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg could run any company in the world in my opinion. She could run Apple.

She could run Facebook, she could run Amazon, Microsoft. It doesn’t matter. She could run those companies successfully Google. She’s amazing. Amazing second hand, okay. Zuckerberg is also a great CEO for bringing her in very early on.

In my opinion, she’s one of them. She’s the most talented number two, probably in the world, okay, she’s probably the most talented number two, meaning the second in rank at a company probably of any public company out there.

Alright guys, so better team got to get them into Facebook once again, like I said, you know, test out some good people, but they don’t have Sheryl Sandberg. Okay, that’s a different, we’re talking about different levels to this game.

Okay, different levels as Scottie Pippen over there more disruptive, which which companies are more disruptive company. So I would love to give this one to Facebook, but I can’t give this one to facebook.

Facebook is very disruptive, okay, they’ve completely changed the online space in general, you know, with social media, and you think about some of the apps or some of the apps or websites we spend the most amount of time on as humans, their Facebook apps, okay, their Facebook platform.

What they’ve been able to do is amazing, they’ve changed the entire advertising industry, okay, from a TV and radio based model to now social media based model, right, they’ve fundamentally changed a lot of things.

They’re doing some disruptive things in VR, very disruptive company, one of the most, you know, one of the top 10 most disruptive companies over the past, let’s say two decades, it’s unbelievable what they’ve been able to pull off.

However, I got to put Tesla above them because Tesla is changing or is changing to huge industries that haven’t been changed in 100 years, okay, we’re talking about the automobile industry, from being, you know, internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

And then on top of that we’re talking about there, they’re going to potentially change the entire energy system, okay, with solar roofs, with the storage products and battery packs and go people’s garages and whatnot.

It’s amazing what that company has been able to do. And you know, as far as disruptive already, and what they’re pushing forward is not just the fact that they’re pushing their company for therefore, they’re forcing every single company to try to keep up with them.

Okay, every single automaker out there right now is trying to keep up with Tesla and trying to focus on on Oh, man, we need to get on this electric wave man, we’ve got to get on this now.

Okay, they’re fundamentally changing some huge industries that haven’t been changed in 100 plus years. And so for that reason, I got to give the more disruptive category to Tesla, although once again, Facebook has done some amazing things away.

They’ve disrupted the advertising industry, and just the way us as humans interact with the internet and whatnot. So we’re disrupted on giving it to Tesla Game Changer buyout who has the potential to do a game changer type buyout.

Without question once again, this one is Facebook, this isn’t even a close one, okay? Basically, this, the situation we have is, Tesla basically has only enough money to keep themselves going right now, okay, they just focus on themselves.

Facebook, on the other hand, they got 40 plus billion on that balance sheet, within next quarter to that will be up over $60 billion. So 60 billion just sitting in cash, naked by out, you know, 98 plus percent of companies out there if they want to, okay, and it made sense for them to do it.

And also, it’s a company that’s proven that they could have a transformative buyout, when they bought Instagram, when they bought WhatsApp and whatnot, Facebook would be a very different company.

If we only thought about Facebook as just a Facebook platform, we would not have the valuation it has on it, guys, it would have at least $200 billion dollars in valuation chopped off, it’d probably be around a $300 billion market cap rather than somewhere around, you know.

Half a trillion dollar market cap where it’s at now. So that’s something to think about there. It’s not even close. It’s Facebook. And more upside, you know, everybody loves upside. So which stock has more potential to go up more.

Let’s say over the next, let’s say over the next decade, okay, here’s my views on Facebook, they have a lot more room to add to enable monetization, not just on Facebook platform, but mainly I’m talking about Instagram, and WhatsApp and messenger are going to be huge things for the company in the future over the next 510 years.

Okay, so with that being said, I can see Facebook as being a two or three bagger over the say the next decade, okay? So I can see you know, Facebook being somewhere around a two to 3x. As long as they you know, execute on everything they do.

You could probably make two to three times your money over the next, you know, five to 10 years. tests on the upside on the other side wins the category overall, because Tesla has a chance to 10 axis company.

If they execute in the pull off all the things I believe they have the potential to pull off, okay, meaning they get massive amounts of market share. We’re talking about iPhone esque market share in North America.

Okay, so we’re talking about 150 percent market share. I think Tesla is a great opportunity. They pull that off. And they also you know, expand around the world to get market share around the world.

They don’t have to wait around the world, okay, they can just get 10% of this market. Imagine 10% or 15% of China long term in some of those markets, like like Apple’s been able to do.

I think that’s this type of company, then you look on the energy side, what this company’s gonna be able to do over the next decade is really phenomenal. So the way I see Tesla, I think this could be a 10 bagger over the Next 10 years whereas Facebook.

I definitely see some good upside there but it’s really only about a two to two to three bagger In my opinion, as far as the upside Facebook has, so Tessa does win that category. So when you look at this okay, you’re gonna see Tesla in two categories more upside in more disruptive company.

You’re gonna see Facebook when four categories Game Changer Byam better team around him better CEO and safer. So when you look at this, you kind of view it two ways. Okay, if you’re looking for more speculative play that has more upside than Tesla’s probably a way to go okay.

However, if you’re looking for you know, my safety over the next five to 10 years, if I put money in it, don’t look at the stock the next five to 10 years which one’s going to have less risk involved in is probably going to be higher it’s probably gonna be Facebook at the end of the day. Okay.

So the way I view it is just depends on which one you’re looking for. So which is why I bought Tesla as my speculative stock and then I bought some Facebook shares recently as just kind of you know.

Another stock to have that if I need a lower cost basis on about the original share the thing that was around 173 or 174 somewhere around there, but if it goes you know, let’s say it goes into the 160s 150s a lower cost basis on that whereas Tesla I won’t I just bought Tesla as my spec stock you know.

The 18,000 or whatever I’m holding that in Tesla stock for the next 510 years we’ll see what that is. So the different philosophy there so it really depends on which route you want to go you want to go more upside potential or you want to go with more risk or do you want to go with you know something.

That’s a safer more sure bet over the next 510 years that you could stuffed in the filing cabinet? Not even look at it guys. So anyways, let me know what your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section is I would love to hear from you guys.

You think Facebook’s a better buy Tesla stocks a better buy. I would love to hear from you guys. As always, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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