Tesla Model 3 Huge News Just Released! Game Over!

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Some huge news just came out 2 hours ago regarding the Tesla Model 3! This is amazing news for Tesla and the Tesla Model 3. People better start taking Elon Musk and Tesla serious! The ones that are not might be making a big mistake! Tesla model y is now out on the roads and the Tesla cyber track will be hitting the roads very soon… Game over folks. Checkmate

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Well, there it is that Tesla Model three, that game changing car for Tesla, we have some massive news out today when I saw this, I was almost shocked. I was like, I can’t even believe even as somebody that’s a testable I can’t believe what is happening.

But I still remember when the model three came out, it was the game changing product that made me actually started to take Tesla serious as a possible investment. That was a game changing product. And I’m thankful enough like a couple years ago actually got in this one.

And you know, we’re doing all right. Let’s just put that way. Okay. We’re doing all right. But there’s some huge news today, like literally just broke like two hours ago about the Tesla Model three. And I want to explain why this news is so vitally important, because this is not just like, something new brushed aside.

This is game changing type stuff. And you know, if you’re talking about Tesla’s valuation, you can definitely begin to understand why Tesla is valued the way Tesla’s valued Okay, by the way, I own a Tesla Model three and absolutely loved that car.

That’s what got me into the Tesla products. That was the first test I ever bought. Now, I actually own a Model X is getting wrapped. I’m actually going to pick it up later today. Sure, I’ll do some ag stories today.

So if you want to follow me on the gram, go ahead and do that. I’ll show you once that baby is wrapped, but the model three was a product that got me in that was a product that you know, I first tried and I was like, This is amazing.

Like, I’ll never drive a gas vehicle again. Okay. This is the massive news. Okay, Tesla Model three beats Honda Civic, Honda Civic as top selling car in California. Are you flipping my flapjacks? The model three just took down the Honda Civic, as a top selling car in California.

The Honda Civic starts up around 20k. The Honda Civic is a legendary, a legendary car in the United States of America and pretty much around the world. Right? Look at that. I mean, we’re not even talking about that even remotely close to the same price brackets.

This is a shocking news. Okay, absolutely shocking for to beat a Honda Civic. This is a clear sign that there’s a change of guard going on in electric vehicles. And specifically, tests are coming for them all if it wasn’t already beginning to get clear to you.

But I think something like this, in your mind should just be like, this is clear cut and dry. The Tesla Model three is coming for all these guys. And Tesla in general is coming for all these guys. Okay, let me explain why this is such huge news. Okay, so first off, we look at the top five vehicles in California that were sold in q1 of 2020.

Okay, look at that, literally model three beat the Honda Civic, the Toyota Camry, the Toyota Corolla, and the Honda Accord vehicles and you just you just could never have predicted that there would be any auto manufacturer that would produce a vehicle that would beat those guys.

I mean, those guys, you know, if you look back, you know, three years ago, five years ago, seven years ago, 10 years ago, you know, they’ve just been dominant. They’ve been up there for years and years.

And it’s just like, you know, man, maybe they’ll just be up there forever. And tell this random car company that came out of nowhere called Tesla comes out with a model three, and a beats all the stablishment you couldn’t make this stuff up, like No way.

Okay? No way. And here’s the thing that bears have always told us in regards to Tesla stock, or just some new folks that are negative around Tesla in general, right? The model three, they’re only competition because the price point is going to be BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Audi, that’s who the model three is competing debts.

And people told us that they told us that over and over and over again, because of the price point that the model three started that was like, first off the BMW, the Lexus, the Mercedes, the Audi, they’re not even competition.

They’re not even in the same Li You can’t even compare model three sales to those guys. That’s just a joke. Okay, you can’t even compare it. But not just that. The model three is taken out all these other guys.

So if you think it’s just like, oh, they’re coming after the near luxury category? No, they’re taken out midsize. They’re taken out compact, they’re taken out everybody, okay? It doesn’t matter. If you sell a car, an actual, you know, car, the model three is coming for you.

And it already has, and it’s going to take out everybody and what’s going on in California, this is going to end up spreading around not just the United States of America, but around the world. And the model three will take out more and more vehicles over time.

And there will eventually be a day in probably not too distant future where model three is the number one selling car in the United States of America, not just the number one selling in California, this will spread and it’s going to spread fast.

It’s going to be amazing how fast this happens. Okay. And this is so important for two more very core reasons. Two more very core reasons. Okay, first as we go ahead and we look at the Prius, okay, the Prius did not peak its numbers in terms of its sales numbers. 13 years priuses first hit the market in 1997.

And it took till 2010 for pre sales to peak, okay, that is when they actually peaked and why pull up a chart like this is it’s so important to understand that the cars best years for selling are not in year one knot or near two knot or year three usually takes 510 sometimes 15 years of that core being built up built up built up for seals to finally peak and some vehicles.

It takes even longer than that some of these vehicles, they’re still peeking, you know, it takes them 2030 years, you know, think about some of the huge established brands like a Ford and some of their brands, right?

A GM, you know, those brands have just increased and increased and increased over time. And so to think that model three has peaked right now, or is going to peak anytime remotely soon is gonna it’s just kind of like a very ignorant statement to make in regards to just look at the facts and look at vehicles in general, they don’t peak for a long time.

It takes a decade plus for the sales to actually peak in maybe at that point, they start coming down a bit. So if we look at Tesla’s sales, right, there’s a vehicle that just started hitting the roads in 2017, right but in very small numbers 2018 was a real number.

So if we’re going to assume something similar to the previous right, we can assume the model three maybe peaks in like 2030 maybe sometime men Okay, so so model three has at least a decade if not more than a decade in front of itself where the sales will continue to increase almost every single year and if you’re thinking about model three sales peaking right now or anytime soon.

Like some of these bears have been right some of these bear stock model three peaked like back in 2018 it was like are you crazy like or like are you crazy like model threes not peaking anytime soon his baby is going to continue to roar the sales are going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and then you have something like the Shanghai Giga.

Factory in China just opened up this puppy just opened up and of course it gets hit by the ronnie RONO once in 100 year event right away right whole factory has to shut down and that just you know it stinks for the short term but at the end of the day when you think.

About any type of long term growth opportunity next three years, five years, seven years 10 years 15 years the Shanghai Giga factory is a core reason why the Tesla Model three sales will continue to get up huge over the next decade or so not just model three but model y as well I know this video is obviously focused on model.

Three but Shanghai Giga factory is going to be massive for Tesla company and massive for the model three you have the Berlin Giga factory right right outside of Berlin that is now under construction.

And this is going to be a game changer for Tesla sales in Europe in general and specifically the Tesla Model three remember in Europe people actually love passenger cars way more than us Americans okay in America a lot of people love what trucks right pickup trucks huge segment in SUVs cars.

Are kind of like the third category really pushed to the side Nowadays most folks they want that pickup truck they want that SUV and so if you think like the the sales are impressive in terms of model three with is putting up in the United States right now or you look at somewhere like California.

Just wait to see what happens in Europe over the next five to 10 years once the Berlin Gigafactory is up and running which will be up and running within the next year or two ramping huge and you know over a 510 year span the numbers in Europe from model three specifically are going to be extreme okay extreme in my opinion is probably gonna be a second China.

Gigafactory coming in the next three to five years I think that Shanghai Giga factory is going to ramp up over the next year and probably within the next three years I think it’s going to reach like full max capacity and I think they’re going to probably build another whole separate.

Giga factory in a in a much different region in China I think that will end up happening that might even serve some other parts of Asia in general a case of that’s gonna end up happening in my opinion.

So model three sales if you think in their peak and they’re not peaking they’re not going to peak any time soon. Okay, and there’s even more great news for them Tesla Model three if if that wasn’t enough, get the guy got more for you. Okay, the price cuts are just coming right?

Two days ago is when Tesla announced the price cut for the model three so the model three was already taken out all these guys left and right right. Now imagine when you add a price cut on top of that of $2,000 in that hitting the media and everybody saying Whoa, Tesla cup prices 2k I gotta go get a Tesla now.

Oh, it’s much more attractive. Like when you just get all that media attention, it ends up helping out sales dramatically Okay, and keep in mind the model three was already taking out these guys huge at its at its prior selling price.

So now imagine it’s just got more competitive, you know? So that’s why these other guys you know, all the other top dogs, the Civic and the Toyotas and things like that. Good luck trying to compete with them.

All three People are clear about what they want and what they want is the model free. Okay? Now I just actually did a full in depth video on financial education to a couple days ago really in depth on bond, why that’s such a game changer in terms that price drops.

So if you want to check out that, check out that, okay. But when you go ahead and you look at Tesla’s valuation, so valuation as far as market capitalization somewhere around $150 billion, roughly, in a lot of folks will say, how can you justify $150 billion market cap for this company?

Okay, that’s what they’ll say this, they look at the numbers in the past, how can you begin to justify that number, and it is a large number, right? It’s, you know, dramatically larger than Ford is dramatically larger than GM, or, you know, most of the other big manufacturers autos out there.

I think the only one that has a bigger market cap now, then Tesla is I believe it’s Toyota. Okay. So some people are gonna say, well, Tesla’s numbers are miniscule, look at this company, look at that company.

Okay, let’s be very clear about this. The vehicles that will take Tesla to that valuation, and probably valuations much above $150 billion market cap over the next 510 years, are going to be the model three, the one we talked about here, model y, which is just starting to hit the roads I’ve seen now too, in Vegas, okay, it’s just starting to hit the roads.

People love SUVs. This is Tesla’s first fordable SUV. And believe me, the model y is coming for everybody in the SUV category, it’s not just gonna come for, you know, certain price segment No, everybody will consider a no different than the model three has come for everybody in every price category, the model y is going to represent them the SUV side.

So if you think about United States sales, don’t be surprised if the model y actually outsells a model three over time, that’s going to help us to get to that 100 and $50 billion valuation if not much above that, and cybertruck Okay.

Cybertruck is going to be massive. And this is a truck that a lot of folks didn’t even take serious at first, especially on Wall Street, and they better recognize okay, because when cybertruck comes out, it’s it’s it might be a bigger game changer.

And that’s hard to say but it actually might end up being a bigger game changing product for Tesla in terms of valuation his company, their model three and model y combined. Okay, and that is huge. Look at the interest in cybertruck.

I mean, we’re talking about you know, almost 7 million views almost 7 million views on that video that shows off the cybertruck a little bit that was posted that day ago. That’s a crazy number man that’s a crazy number so vehicles like the Model S the Model X the Roadster.

You know all those type of products even the semi those products are great products and they’ll continue to you know, make testimony and bring in revenue but those are like that’s little stuff for tests Okay, as little numbers Okay, little numbers.

If you’re thinking about the future of Tesla where this company’s going and how it gets to a much bigger valuation how it makes sense of the valuation has today it’s on the back of those three products right, their model three, model y and cybertruck Okay, so this is absolutely phenomenal news if you’re a fan of Tesla.

If you’re a fan of electric vehicles or your Tesla shareholder somebody like myself, this is absolutely amazing news. I mean, you can’t get much better than then news that just broke here a couple hours ago and just wait to see what model three does around the United States over you know, the next few years is going to be very very exciting and also worldwide.

I you know, I can’t wait to see the numbers that are put up over the next number of years guys. So I hope you enjoyed today’s video as always, let me know your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget to smash the thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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