Tesla Going Private For $420 Elon Musk Tweets

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Elon Musk has just shocked the world with his tweets that Tesla may go private for $420 per share. Elon Musk may be tired of being a public company dealing with Wall Street. He wants the simple life, the private company life. Tesla stock roared higher on this news Elon Musk may take Tesla private. Did I sell my Tesla stock?

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Guys I’ve been in the stock market for a decade now and there are very few days ever since I’ve been in the stock market where I could actually like remember that day I remember getting up that morning and what happened that day.

I think today is going to be one of those days that I remember for a long time to come. There are some huge like monstrous news that Ilan Musk has announced here today on Twitter This is one of the craziest situations I’ve ever seen.

Okay, so we’re going to go through everything that is talked about here Tesla going private Ilan musk tweets I’m going to share with you guys if I sold my position which is free you know over an $18,000 position you guys know.

I bought that stock about three weeks ago or so. Did I sell on my position? If so, what price I sell out? What am I going to do with the money all those type of things we’re also going to get into what this means for Long’s what this means for shorts and lastly.

I want to tell you guys how you could potentially still make a lot of money off Tesla stock here so let’s get into this all this guys first off, you know short should have known they screwed up when this first tweet came out that.

I saw Ilan must say good morning with a smiley face emoji write that in there you should have known if you’re short seller dude something’s about to go down. I don’t like the looks of this I’ve never seen on musk tweet out a good morning with a smiley face ever Okay, and I’ve looked at so many of his tweets over time.

So that was kind of like a warning sign that something might be coming he says here I am considering taking Tesla private at $420 a share funding secure and random gray like immediately pretty much SEC is like what what.

What we need to hold this stock right now don’t allow us to trade anymore we got this news just came out on Twitter we have as you know halt this stock right now and almost immediately the stock halted okay meaning it wouldn’t trade or you couldn’t you can sell shares you couldn’t buy shares.

Couldn’t do anything was like that for almost two hours. And then there were more tweets that came out. Okay. So somebody asked, Can you confirm that you’re going to retain control the company? It wouldn’t be an outright sale.

Elan Musk said I don’t have a controlling vote now. And I wouldn’t expect any shareholder to have one if we go private. I wouldn’t be selling in either scenario. He says okay. He continues with the tweet.

So someone else tweets out No, still processing what this means. But it would be sad to see the investors who have been with Tesla miss out on the upside over the next few years, although if it helps a mission and Ilan thinks this is smart.

I understand fully supportive. You know, Musk says My hope is that all current investors remain with Tesla, even if we’re private, we create a special purpose fund enabling anyone to stay with Tesla already do this with fidelity Space X investment. All right.

And then he also says here, shareholders could either sell it for $120 or hold shares and go private, okay. Then somebody else says, could we still invest one’s private Elan musk says yes, but liquidity events would be limited to every six months or so, like SpaceX is okay.

Investor support is confirmed. He says only reason why this is not certain is that it’s contingent on a shareholder vote now, right? So this is a massive tweet in Tesla stock was already having a very good day because this big news came out.

So this was huge news as it was and then, you know, there were the bigger news came out later, but this happened earlier in the day Tesla shares rise on a report that Saudi Arabia sovereign wealth fund has a $2 billion stake.

We know Saudi Arabia is trying to get off fossil fuels their economy is so dependent upon it so they look at it as a way to hedge their their play I guess you could say is let’s go ahead and let’s let’s add some Tesla shares All right, for the future and Tesla stock had an was just a crazy day.

So it was pretty much you know, just China trading around doing a normal thing. And then all sudden the news came out about Saudi Arabia and then jumped like crazy. And then all sudden, the Ilan musk tweet started and that’s when the stock was halted.

And then, you know, took off again once they reopened a couple hours later. All right. So first off, what’s this mean for long does this mean for shorts, okay, for short sellers, it means you’re pretty much screwed, okay.

Unless the deal completely falls through and there’s no truth to it at all, then maybe maybe you can make money but still you need Tesla shares to go down massively. If these shares have sold out at $420.

Basically anything above 350 almost every single short seller is going to lose massive amounts of money. Okay, some short sellers are still holding their short positions from when the stock was 100 $200 stock All right, a ton more holding it around the $300 level $320 level.

So if this stock gets sold out of 400 Plus, like I said anything pretty much about 350 short sellers are actually screwed, they’re gonna lose massive amounts of money. Most short, short sellers run funds so this basically just other people’s money, they’re gonna lose an end so they don’t even care. It is what it is.

But needless to say, short sellers getting absolutely destroyed. If this deal goes through as far as Long’s, what this means is you can like if the deal goes through it for 20 it gets voted upon the funding secured and all that you could sell out your shares for 20.

You could sell out your shares now if you want or you could hold them in a sounds like they’re gonna Have some type of system where you can still be invested in the company even as it’s a private company and whatnot.

So pretty interesting stuff in there. Let’s move on here. So Ilan must tell shorts on Twitter, they have three weeks to cover before losing money. All right? You almost said the six weeks ago.

So the Elan musk time, you know, it’s it’s not always perfect about his time. This could have been what he meant when he sent that tweet, okay. When he said, short sellers, you guys have three weeks to cover before you lose massive amounts of money.

Really, it took six weeks for this news to come out. But maybe this is what we are. He was talking about, you know, a lot of people are always talking about the quarterly earnings. And obviously the stock shot up after that maybe that’s what he was talking about.

No, it looks like this was probably actually what he was talking about. And unfortunately, short sellers just going to get absolutely destroyed. I was listening to short seller on CNBC, and he’s like, I’m gonna short more shares there.

I’m like, Holy smokes, dude, you better hope this deal doesn’t go through, you are so screwed. So as far as me, what did I end up doing with Tesla shares? And then we’ll get into, I want to tell you guys how you can potentially make some money in Tesla’s stock if you want to take that risk. Okay.

So Tesla shares, I did decide to sell them. Okay, so if you don’t already know, I bought 58 shares a few weeks ago, and basically cost me about $18,800.03, almost 322 cost basis there.

I ended up selling out my 58 shares at $378.90 $21,970 was where the proceeds. So basically, I made over a $3,000 profit in a matter of, I don’t know, three weeks or four weeks, or whatever that was I hold that stock, which was a very short amount of time.

So you know, what I like to hold it, you know, native, a lot more money on that. Yeah. But you know, 3000 plus dollars in a few weeks time for holding a small position. I can’t complain about that.

Why did I decide to sell out? That’s a big question. Okay. And then I want to tell you guys about how you could potentially make money in Tesla stock. So why did I decide it is time to stop, this is what I do with all companies that are potentially going to get bought out.

I always do this, whenever I hear companies going to get bought out that I own, I go ahead and I make the decision that I’m going to sell out before the deal ever actually goes through.

Even if it’s less than what the premium is supposed to be I always do. There’s one, as a lot of times these deals end up falling through, it doesn’t go through. And sometimes it can get the elongated process that takes 369 months, sometimes a year for the deal to go through.

And so you’re waiting for maybe an extra couple percent up, which you can say, Yeah, I sold out around 380, I could have held out to 420. You know, I could have done that right and got a few more percent gain.

If that ends up going through. But at the same time, if the deal falls through, the stock falls back to 300, or whatever I just missed out on a massive profit as we know, right. So but also, I don’t want to own Tesla as a private company.

I don’t like owning private companies is much harder to get out of those shares. If you want much harder to see a lot of the information you want to see when a company is private. It’s a whole different ballgame than when you own public companies.

I love owning public companies, because I can get a although a plan a holding the stocks long term, if I want to get out because something happens. And then a second, I can get out in a second.

That’s that simple, just like Tesla shares, I plan on hold those for like five to 10 years. But now sudden, they’re announced they’re gonna be a private company, I don’t want to be a private company.

Like I don’t want to hold a private company stock. I hope everybody does phenomenal makes a ton of money on that. But me personally, I like owning public companies. I like owning public company.

So I’m like, I’m just gonna take my profit here I go and sell out, take the profit in the $3,007 and run. All right. Now, let’s think about this right? Tesla shares closed a little under $380. So we’ll just say 380.

All right, away, you can potentially make money in this whole deal is you could go ahead and in a short term trade this, okay, so you go ahead and buy Tesla shares, let’s say tomorrow at 370 538, or whatever.

And let’s say you know, a few months from now, the the deal actually goes through for 420, then you just made yourself 40 $50 in profit per share you bought. But the key is that the deal has to go through right, the key is that the deal has to go through.

So it’s a little bit risky, if you’re just trading it and you don’t really like Tesla stock just in case the deal didn’t go through and then also the shares go down, let’s say 320. And then you’re holding Tesla shares at 320.

You’re like, wait a minute, now I’m down big on my position. And I don’t really like Tesla, maybe a little risky for you. But for people that love Tesla, if you love Tesla, and you believe in the mission.

And you don’t mind holding this as maybe a public, private company and whatnot, you can go ahead and purchase some shares and say I don’t care if it goes down and goes down.

But then you just hold it to for 20 you could sell if the buyout comes if it doesn’t come you hold the shares and maybe even if you want to hold it as a private company and you don’t mind doing that, do go ahead and and hold it as a private company.

Elan Musk, why he wants to get out of being a public company is he I don’t think he likes to deal with all the stress all the quarterly results. You know, every little rumor comes out the short seller attacks, all that type of stuff.

I don’t think he likes to deal with that he could get away from all that as a private company. And I respect that like I have nothing wrong with that the short seller attacks are ferocious, they’re non stop.

They continue to lose money, time and time again short sellers Continue to lose money in Tesla stock and their tax just get more and more vicious they tried to do whatever it is to bring the company down he’s like dude I’m just done with this.

I just want to be the private company life is so much more simple as a private company is so much more simple Do you get way more you know less attention what not it’s Ilan musk going to be in the news way less and now that you know and let’s say they go to become a private company Yes.

Because it is a public company like Tesla’s in the news pretty much every day it’s there’s always something oh, you know, I must tweet this and but because of public companies all gets put out there more and more and more.

And the short seller attacks would always come out you know, news channels would have them on internet publications, it was just you know, constant feeding frenzy on itself. So now that they’re going to go as a private company.

It eliminates all that eliminates all the short term stuff. Oh, they only did this number that number. So anyways, let me know what you guys think about this in that comment section. What do you guys think about Tesla trying to go private.

Do you think Elan Musk is telling the truth and they’re really going to go private? You think the deal is gonna get approved on I would love to hear from you guys as always, are you a Tesla shareholder of Tesla short seller. Want to hear from you guys down there in that comment section. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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