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So my biggest investment Facebook, they’re reporting earnings like that and those numbers should be out within the next few minutes. And then Tesla is also going to learn to look at this camera, Tesla is going to be coming out with earnings that should be within the next 15 to 30 minutes.

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Well hello guys. Oh my goodness we are about to get crazy is about to be earnings craziness guys. Hopefully the notifications getting sent out to everybody right now, I’ll wait to start talking until we kind of get everybody in here joined. But oh boy, it’s about to be a fun one, it’s about to be a fun one.

Say hello if you join guys I want to see Okay, it looks like the notification just went out we got some crazy this Okay, it looks like already 200 you guys are in here oh my goodness it’s about to get crazy guys that’s about to get crazy. So what we have going on is a bunch of craziness the next 30 minutes.

So my biggest investment Facebook, they’re reporting earnings like that and those numbers should be out within the next few minutes. And then Tesla is also going to learn to look at this camera, Tesla is going to be coming out with earnings should be within the next 15 to 30 minutes.

In terms of the conference call for Tesla that’s not going to be till later tonight, I think they’re doing that in like two and a half hours the conference call. So after this livestream, I’ll jump off after we see the numbers and whatnot. I’ll jump off and I’ll go listen at conference call that I’ll probably do a super updated video probably on the second channel financial education too late tonight.

So look out for that video late tonight. But we should get to see all the numbers here we should get to see the Facebook numbers, we should get to see the Tesla numbers here over the course of the next 15 to 30 minutes, guys, in terms of like what is expected.

For Tesla, the the analysts are expecting about 40 cent loss. And that’s actually a little better than what it was just at like literally a few days ago because it was at a 42 cent loss a few days ago. So analysts right now for Tesla are expecting about a 40 cent loss.

And then in terms of revenue, analysts are expecting about a 60% rise in revenues for Tesla here. So those are the numbers Tesla’s going to have to beat and we’ll see what happens with the stocks because just you know, let’s say Facebook beats earnings, let’s say Tesla, you know beats earnings, just because they beat earnings, it doesn’t mean necessarily those stocks are gonna go up because.

I’ve seen it time and time again, where companies report great earnings and the stocks actually fall. So you know, if you see, you know, let’s say Facebook down after hours here or Tesla, either one of those stocks, we’ll see what the numbers come out at, but doesn’t mean necessarily the numbers were bad. And that’s more for like my beginning investors.

For you guys that have been in the market a while you’ve seen companies report phenomenal earnings, amazing, like beats across the board raises and guidance and their stocks will fall. So sometimes the stock market doesn’t make sense. And we also got to think Facebook’s run a lot going into these earnings like Facebook, you know, Facebook just probably six months ago was a position, we were probably down on it.

Now we’re up over 30% on Facebook. And then in terms of the Tesla shares, we were substantially down on Tesla just like two months ago. And now we’re up anywhere from 15 to 20 plus percent on almost all our Tesla’s shares. So those stocks have run a lot going into these earnings.

So we’ll see what these numbers come out at here after hours. But it’s about to get crazy, guys. So let’s hope for the best in terms of you know how I’m thinking about it. If let’s say Tesla falls a bunch, you know, on these earnings, am I gonna go ahead and buy a bunch more shares? Probably not, it would have to fall substantially. I think I’m pretty close to 300 shares in Tesla now, I think I’m at 200.

And I think I’m over 250. So I told you guys, my goal is to get 300 shares in Tesla. So if Tesla did follow these earnings, and these earnings were really great, which I’m expecting them to be very good earnings. Maybe I’ll go ahead and and you know, basically go and buy that last bit of shares, which like I said, I think we only got like 30 to 50 shares left till we get to 300 shares in Tesla, Facebook, if Facebook goes down, I’m not buying anymore.

It’s already my biggest position. I’m already comfortable with that position. And kind of where we’re at there, guys, so Oh, Ryan Quinn, thanks for the 99 cents right there. Am I needed after these earnings? We’ll see. We’ll see what happens here. Alright, guys, we got over 1000 people on this live stream so it’s gonna get crazy.

Also pay pals reporting numbers after the bell and a lot of you guys on paypal. It’s just craziness is craziness. Yesterday we have Snapchat with Snapchat snapchats one of the hottest stocks in the stock market. Literally, it was a $4.99 cent stock like six months ago or seven months ago. And literally at this point in time snapchats like $17 $4.89 to $17 in like six months is when it’s literally the probably the hottest stock.

I know out there Carrie thank you for 99 cents. Like I said we might we might need that after what happens with these earnings here. So it’s gonna get fun guys, I thought this would be a fun thing to do that little Tesla earnings live stream. Let me know if you guys own Tesla out there.

I’d love to hear from you guys in the comment section. How many guys actually Oh, Or how many guys are just following it because you like Tesla the company or you on musk in general it’s gonna be crazy. Let’s see, I think we got no no earnings yet.

Usually they start coming out bout five minutes to six minutes after the bell some of these earnings usually start breaking and we should get the Facebook numbers in about we should get the Facebook numbers within the next 10 minutes and then the Tesla numbers we should get in within the next 25 minutes for Tesla so we’ll see what happens.

Now it was possible Elan musk could go ahead and like just like say screw everybody and not release the numbers till 330 which he did I think once before but it’s pretty unlikely usually Tesla comes out with earnings within 30 minutes of the market close. Okay, we got one earnings we got an earnings alert.

Let’s see what this one is here. This first one of the batch Facebook dollar 99. Analysts expected $1.88 Whoa, you’re breathing That’s what I’m talking about. Nice be nice be by Facebook 16.8 9 billion they came in out with revenue compared to 16.5. That’s a double freaking beat baby. There we go. Facebook.

Facebook announces 2.4 1 billion users 1.5 9 billion daily active users in q2. Keep in mind, that’s Facebook alone. Okay, that’s Facebook alone. That’s not even taking into account. Instagram or WhatsApp. Hell yeah, Facebook. average revenue per user for Facebook $7.05 compared to $6.87 was expected. And it looks like we are up about 5% after hours here.

I will flip the camera. Let’s see if we can flip it. Okay, maybe not. I don’t know. There we go. So we’re looking pretty good on Facebook, guys, good numbers, Facebook. I love it. CNBC, please don’t copyright me for showing the TV for six seconds there. But that’s a way to start a guide. That is a freaking way to start it right.

They’re definitely happy about those Facebook numbers. I mean, they almost always beat numbers. It’s very, very rare for Facebook, to miss numbers. So I’m thrilled. I’m thrilled, you know, everything I could have expected in Facebook. And in terms of if you’re wondering, am I gonna sell those shares anytime soon? No, Facebook’s one of those stocks, whenever I really like make a position of really, really big position, which Facebook’s our biggest investment.

I’m usually planning on holding that stock for a longer period of time, generally years, because it’s a stock that not only do I think has a lot more upside over future years, but it’s also a stock I feel has limited downside, which is really important when you’re thinking about your biggest investments, you got to really think about it’s not just like, how much money can i potentially make in the stock over the next three years or five years?

It’s what’s my potential downside. So yeah, that’s a way to start good numbers from Facebook, we’ll see what happens with this stock. It wasn’t like a crazy, huge beat, it was a decent beat. So I wouldn’t expect the stock to go big tomorrow, we’ll see what happens with the stock.

I would expect tomorrow to be like a three to 6% gain in Facebook stock. But we’ll see, we’ll see what happens. Right now. It’s at like $209. So who knows what we’ll see. But the regardless, I’m very, very happy with those numbers. Those were really, really solid numbers from Facebook there.

And so now we got some more small earnings coming out. And then we got the Tesla, like I said, Tesla usually comes out right around 130. So we’re probably looking at next 15 to 20 minutes, Tesla earnings should be out. But Dang, I’m happy with the Facebook numbers, Facebook, I’m not even like sweating that one because that’s just one of those I know, I just know, like, they almost always beat like the chances that they’re gonna miss numbers.

So slim with that company. It’s just as to well, randomness numbers, they might have Cambridge analytic and all those other situations. But in terms of missing numbers, it’s just not likely for that company. So there we go, baby at the start is a start. And now Now we wait for the big guy Tesla earnings.

So that’s the one I’m really rooting for. Probably even more than Facebook, even though I have a lot less money invested in tussle. And Facebook tells us still my fourth biggest investment. So it still matters to me, whatever happens to Tesla here, but I know so many you guys own Tesla out there.

So you know, I really want Tesla have some great numbers. And I know there’s some folks out there that were that were you know, buying Tesla in the 300. So a lot of you guys are down on cost basis. Now there’s some other folks out there that were buying Tesla at 180 $190 a share.

Just like two months ago, by the way, shout out to you guys, if you were buying Tesla at 180 $190 a share cuz if you were buying at, you know, Tesla at 180 $190 a share two months ago, then you’re essentially in a position where whatever happens on these earnings, you know, it’d be great if it goes up, right?

But even if it goes down, it’s not even like you’re sweating it because you’re up so much on your position already. But regardless, you know, we’ll hope everything’s good. There. So Facebook looks like it’s trading at about 212 after hours right now, that’s about what I expect it, you know, tomorrow I’m expecting Facebook to be somewhere in the three to maybe 6% range.

You know, do I expect the stock to go down tomorrow? Probably not. Those are really good numbers, like across the board, like, everything was pretty much beats. But do I expect the stock to go crazy tomorrow and have like a double digit gain? Probably not as well.

I don’t think that’s going to be like, you know, a stock that goes up 10% tomorrow, or 15%, or something like that. If Tesla destroys earnings, you know, that’s a potential one that could be a double digit rise or you know, a 10 to 15%. But they would have to really destroy earnings.

And what’s interesting about Tesla is, you know, Tesla gets so much hate around it that, you know, even if they report really good numbers, it might still be a situation where, you know, these analysts and these Wall Street folks still poke, try to poke holes at Tesla and be like, Oh, well, they missed on blah, blah, blah, number.

Their gross margin was a little weak, you guys know how it is with Tesla don’t always find the negative and always put that out there. If there’s an if there’s 100 positives, with Tesla, you know, some of these folks, you know, if there’s just one negative, they’ll bring up the one negative and they’ll just, you know, completely disregard whatever’s positive.

And that’s just that’s just what you have happen. When you have a stock that is disrupting a lot of industries, like a stock like Tesla’s, but it’s not just how they’re disrupting a lot of industries. The fact around tests is, I think it’s something like their 45 million shares that are short Tesla, okay.

So Las Vegas Sands just came out with numbers. Las Vegas Sands missed numbers there. So 72 cents, 78 cents was expected, revenue came at 3.3 billion 3.3 9 billion was expected a slight Miss for Las Vegas Sands. That matters to me a little bit because we own Wynn resorts. Wynn resorts is a position we’re up like 18% on.

And usually that one can move positive or negative with Las Vegas Sands, so that one might bring down our Wynn resorts position a little bit, we’ll have to see. But in regards, let’s get back on Tesla. So we talked about like, I think I said, I think there’s 45 million shares short and Tesla.

And so for my people out there that might not know what it means to like be short shares is basically a bet you’re placing for a stock to go down. So there’s obviously a lot of people that have financial interest in seeing a stock go down. Okay. And that’s usually counterintuitive to like what you usually think about in the stock market, like usually, if you’re getting involved with the stock market, you you just naturally think like, oh, a positive, right.

And I’m going to buy a stock because I believe in it. And I think it’s going to go up over time. Well, there are people that also know, short shares, and they’re basically placing bets that that stock is going to go down over time. So let’s go ahead and look up here and see Tesla short shares, like I said.

I think it’s like 45 million shares or short. Okay. Tesla short, will just look at the short interest. Okay, short interest. So I think it’s around 45 million shares. A little lower than 45 million. So 41 million shares are short Tesla, okay. So Tesla is a stock that obviously a lot of people have a financial interest in going down.

Okay, so you’re gonna have a lot of people just poke, try to poke holes at, you know, Tesla, but also the only the really good thing about a stock like Tesla is, you know, if they come out destroy earnings here, with that many shares short, you could be in a situation where the stock absolutely goes crazy, and it causes a short squeeze.

And you can see a 10 15% tight move. But of course, they would have to really, really smash these earnings like they just completely obliterate them, like in such a way that even people that are bearish would say, dude, I gotta cover these shares, and even people that are on the sideline, and when I say people, I’m not talking about people like you and me, I’m talking about people like hedge fund managers.

I’m talking about people that are investing hundreds of millions of dollars, or, or billions of dollars at a particular time that are maybe on the sidelines right now in regards to Tesla. And they’re they they’re kind of on the fence, they’re like, well, I wouldn’t short shares, but I wouldn’t go long shares are kind of on the fence, they come out and obliterate some numbers.

A lot of those hedge fund folks and a lot of those people that have hundreds of millions of dollars to invest another earnings alert are gonna maybe say you know what it’s worth the odds to Las Vegas Sands are just covering that. So Las Vegas Sands by the way, ticker symbol LDS is down about 4% after hours there.

If it moves down a few percent tomorrow, it’s definitely not the end of the world we’ll still be very positive and that’s actually our smallest investment I wanted to build went into way bigger position, but that stock just like it just went up and up and up. So it is what it is there. So now I think the next one to come out is probably gonna be PayPal. PayPal should be coming out with earnings over the next few minutes.

Then it should be Tesla. Like I said, Tesla usually comes out great at 130. And right now we’re about 115. So it should be out within the next 15 minutes, unless Ilan must play some games with us or maybe play some games, the short sellers.

I feel like if if Tesla was to wait and not report until like 330, then I think the numbers would be really crazy good. Maybe Ilan musk would just be playing with the short sellers that point in time, but they should be out within the next 15 minutes. Facebook looks like it’s up about $9.40. The PayPal earnings are still coming.

I can’t remember if Microsoft already reported or if they’re reporting today after the bell. Let me know if any you guys know Microsoft’s reporting after the bell. That’s another Microsoft’s funny. Now a lot of people know Microsoft’s is the biggest market cap company in the world.

Like a lot of times you think, Oh, it’s got to be Amazon. It’s got to be apple or something like that. It’s actually not it’s actually been Microsoft pretty consistently lately. Still talking about Facebook, and they’re talking about Tweeter, Twitter. I guess Twitter’s moving up a little bit after hours, Snapchat might move up even more.

On the back of that was Facebook earnings there. We got another earnings alert. Oh, Ford, I didn’t know Ford was even reporting today. For DPS beats, they came in with 32 cents 31 cents was expected for Ford Motor Company. Not sure if you guys actually own Ford.

I highly doubt it. 35.7 6 billion, they report it when 35 billion was estimated. Okay, so just to give you some reference on numbers there, Ford once again, this reported 30 was at 35 billion in revenue this past quarter. And if we look at what test was expected to test, as expected, do over $6 billion.

This shows how much Tesla’s catching up in such a quick amount of time. Tesla’s business was so insignificant, just like if you go back two years ago, Tesla’s business was so insignificant to Okay, easy numbers. And it’s actually like some pretty big numbers like six $7 billion they should do when a company like Ford, that’s just so massive and has been massive for the last 100 years.

Forward, by the way, is moving down after hours, Ford is down about 2%. After hours, those are tough stocks man for GM. Those are tough stocks. Oh, what did somebody say here? Microsoft already reported. Okay. Thanks, guys. I wasn’t sure if they already reported or if they’re reporting today. So Ford’s moving down two and a half percent after hours.

As of right now. I used to have put options on Florida sold out for a pretty decent profit on them a while back, but I haven’t done anything with them, since they’re just kind of one of those stocks that I call is like a dead stock, where it’s just like, it might not move down huge, you know, but it might not move up huge either.

And those are tough stocks. Because I get questions about Ford and GM, a lot of times people are like, should I buy some Ford stock? Or should I buy some GM stock? The peas are so cheap, oh my gosh, these companies are so cheap. They’re cheap for a reason, guys, they’re cheap for a reason. Because you like Wall Street’s not stupid, okay, there are some stocks that wall street knows nothing about.

And they just don’t catch up. Okay. But with a company like a for a company like General Motors, every single hedge fund manager knows about those companies and knows those companies very well. Okay, every single mutual fund manager knows these companies, okay, every single person that invest a lot of money in the stock market, you know, has a high net worth, they know about Ford and GM, these aren’t like some secret stocks.

So when you see stocks like that, that everybody knows about, everybody understands that there’s a small, and they’re really, really cheap. When it comes to PE ease. They’re really, really cheap. for a reason. Guys, these aren’t like hidden stocks, and like nobody knows about Ford and GM, are under attack right now by a company named Tesla, who’s disrupting the entire industry when it comes to electric vehicles.

And when it comes to obviously, self driving, and so if you’re Ford and your GM, and you’re thinking about, maybe I’ll buy some Ford stock, or maybe I’ll buy some General Motors stock. And it’s a really, it’s just, it’s just honestly a tough decision at the end of the day, cuz you don’t know how relevant like, literally, I don’t know how relevant General Motors will be in five years.

Maybe they’re, you know, get on the electric wave, and they’re super successful, maybe it’s certainly not a guarantee. Ford, Ford doesn’t mean I only believe 14 and has an electric vehicle in the market right now. Okay, we’re coming up on 2020, they still need to have a electric vehicle on the market. And one thing is to come out with an electric vehicle, it’s another thing to actually get a lot of sales for that electric vehicle and actually scale that vehicle.

So when you’re looking at companies like Ford and General Motors, although they’re massive, and they’re still putting up huge numbers, as electric wave gets more and more, how relevant are these companies going to be? Are they going to be the black you know, what are they going to be the BlackBerry’s of cars?

Essentially, you know, member on Apple came in and disrupted the whole industry of smartphones. They didn’t do it in the first year. You know, the first iPhone came out in 2007. Okay, 2007 the first iPhone comes out, Blackberry didn’t really see their numbers impact in a substantial way till about 2012 Five years, keep in mind, those are phones.

So if you’re thinking about Tesla, they came out with their iPhone, which was essentially model three, it just started scaling that last year. So if you’re talking about a potential material impact to Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen, BMW and those type of companies, you’re probably still looking at at least two years out, two, maybe three to four years out before all sudden, their numbers start getting hit in a real substantial way.

And that’s honestly why a lot of folks are just not interested in buying Ford stock or General Motors, including people like myself, that are value investors. You know, I’m I like growth companies as well. But at the heart, I’m a value investor, and I can’t touch a stock like Ford, I can’t touch a stock like General Motors, just because I honestly, if three years, I don’t know how relevant those companies are.

I you know, in terms of new car sales, Ford in five years, you know, what are their new car sales going to look like? I if I had to place a bet either way, I would say there would be way lower than they are today. way lower, dramatically lower. So that’s, that’s the tough thing with those stocks, guys.

And yeah, they might pay dividends, they might be cheap, but they’re cheap for a reason. Like I said, Everybody knows about for, everybody knows about General Motors, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know about those companies. So Alright, so now I think PayPal might have just came out with their earnings here, we should see those.

Which by the way, let me know if you guys own PayPal, I would love to hear from you guys. As always, in that comment section, by the way, hit the thumbs up if you are enjoying this live stream, I could do more of these in the future on big earnings days, like a day we have today.

You know, that would just kind of let me know if you guys enjoy these type of live streams or whatever. Let’s go ahead and say what we have going on here with Tesla. Let’s see. I’m gonna go to Tesla’s actual website here and see if we got any I don’t know what happened there guys is said like connecting and then how to like reconnect.

So hopefully you guys are all still here. So yeah, we’re gonna have to see what happens with these Tesla earnings. Oh my goodness, I think I’m more excited for you guys and myself when it comes to the Tesla earnings because I know just so many you guys own those shares.

And I know a lot of you guys are you know, I always say like half my subscribers and half the people that watch my channel are newer investors meaning you’ve invested for less than a year and the other half are people that have been in the market for quite a while.

So I know a lot of you guys that are newer to the market that probably in your first year tells us probably one of your first investments if not your first investment let me know in the comments. If Tesla is your first investment ever one of your first because.

I know for a lot of you guys it is and you know I want to see you have success with one of your early get goes because let’s see Pay Pal who pay pal is taking a hit after hours Pay Pal is down over 5% after hours here. Pay Pal ups came in at 72 cents. I don’t know I don’t follow Pay Pal super close.

I don’t even know what was expected there. For PayPal. By the way, let me know if you guys own PayPal. But yeah, it’s down about 5% after hours as of right now. So interesting. Pay Pal is an interesting company get a lot of questions about that one. Revenue barely mess for PayPal, they came in with 4.3 1,000,000,004.33 was expected. PayPal total payment volume came in at 172.3 6 billion estimated was 171.4 9 billion so super close numbers there.

But the stock selling off about five and a half percent here. Venmo process if you don’t know, PayPal owns Venmo Venmo. Processed $24 billion in payments. That’s up 70% year over year. So Venmo is really the beast business for PayPal now at this point in time.

I mean, PayPal is still the you know, PayPal, the service is still the cash cow and still a main product if you’re looking at PayPal, the company but if you’re looking at the growth, the major growth for PayPal, it’s in the Venmo product. Let me know if you guys prefer, like Venmo PayPal, and kind of what you guys use there.

I’d love to hear from you guys. But now it’s down over 6% after hours down about $7.31 a share. So Pay Pal post full year revenue guidance below estimates Oh, that’s never good when they guide down as well. Around PayPal. But yeah, anyways, I get a lot of questions around PayPal a lot. And it’s just it’s a hard stock.

So PayPal used to be involved in PayPal used to be like the same as eBay, right. So eBay used to own PayPal, and they used to be under the same umbrella company essentially. And it was called eBay. And then about three, about three years ago, roughly the PayPal and eBay split. PayPal became its own company.

And then eBay basically became its own company and eBay hasn’t seen much growth. PayPal has seen a lot of growth. PayPal has always kind of been the growth engine there. And it’s a tough one because payments are so much craziness going on in payments right now.

So much craziness and I don’t know who’s going to be the main players. Like literally that’s a hard end To see three years out, five years out, you have Facebook coming out with Libra coin, probably within the next year or two. That’s just crazy man payments is crazy.

You obviously have, you know, tons of cryptocurrencies coming up, you have all these banks, you know, adjusting business models, you even have somebody like Goldman Sachs, which Goldman Sachs traditionally just was a like, basically dealt with big corporations and like, people that are super rich and like you, if you were going to be a Goldman Sachs customer, you had to be super rich, or you had to be, you know, a big company.

And now everything’s changed for Goldman Sachs even they’re like doing a lot of online banking, and like trying to get just regular folks use their products so I don’t know payment processing, you know, banking, it’s just it’s just nuts right now there’s a lot of like, transformation happening there.

And it’s an industry that’s need to be you know, disruptive for a while because if you think about banking in in, you know, the financial system and just how to kind of how things have gone the past, you know, many many decades there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in that industry.

You look at everything else computers in firms and all these things there’s been so much innovation and here we are with one of the biggest industries banking payment processing all those sorts of things and there’s hardly been any anything happened and I’m so you know, it’s it’s an industry ripe for disruption and that’s basically what’s happening.

So we should be within five minutes of Tesla coming out with their earnings here and things should get real real crazy. Let’s see. And I think that’s about it. I think after Tesla, that’s about it for the big company earnings, which you know, Tesla should be coming out within the next few minutes here. What are you guys expecting from Tesla by the way are you expecting them to be are you expecting them to miss numbers?

What are you expecting from Tesla’s you know, stock price reaction? Are you expecting the stock to go up a lot down? I would love to hear from you guys. Somebody says Ford’s now down 8% Whoa, okay, that’s a real big move. Now there must have been something in there other than just epsn revenue numbers to be down 8% that’s a big downward move for four that means Ford’s under that means Ford’s down a single single dollar shares probably $9 and some change a share.

So somebody’s saying Smash. Somebody says Miss on profit and somebody says Tesla 5% up they’re expecting somebody says Tesla to the moon. Somebody says Tesla stock will go up somebody says test 10 cents a share Prophet says How about sky works the last two weeks Jeremy been killing it.

Yeah, Sky works is doing very good for us. Cirrus Logic has really come a long way to Cirrus Logic is doing very good for us. Somebody says Tesla will be up 8%. After hours, somebody saying Tesla’s going to $280 after hours. And he says 275. So it looks like a lot of you guys are expecting a decent size move like a you know, looks like a five to 10% move in the stock.

So we’ll actually see what happens here. With these earnings, by the way, PayPal, yeah, it’s still down 6% after hours on long pipe while there. And let’s see what this one says. extended hours alert. So let’s see. Yeah, so all we got left is is Tesla, Tesla. Tesla’s just got to be dramatic, huh? Elan musk. This has to be dramatic.

He’s got to be the last one to report earnings. Everybody reports earnings already all earnings are out except Tesla. He’s got to like leave us waiting to see what happens here with these numbers. To recap how I feel about these tests earnings, I think they should I think they should easily beat on revenue and easily beat on earnings per share.

I think both should be pretty easy beats. You know, earnings per share is gonna be crazy. I don’t know what to expect in terms of how strong earnings per share we’re going to be for Tesla. Because there’s a lot of moving parts. There’s obviously Tesla’s being leased. Now. There’s, there’s a there’s just a lot of moving parts in Tesla now.

So earnings per share honestly is going to be you know, I could see them coming out with a super big smash like reporting over $1 a share ETS, which analysts are expecting negative 40 cents if they come in over $1 on ETS when a negative 40 cents was expected that would be just a smash. But that was that was tricky. I mean, that was so hard to calculate.

Some companies are really easy with Tesla right now. It’s tough man. But I’m for sure expecting a beat on revenue. If they miss on revenue. I’d be really really surprised. I have a hard time seeing them then Miss on revenue to be honest guys. That would be a surprise. Like I said analysts are expecting about 6.6 point four $1 billion.

Analysts are expecting $6.41 billion for Tesla in this latest quarter. The high estimate the high estimate for Tesla for this particular earnings when it comes to revenue $7.17 billion. So that’s analysts expecting the best numbers. Now there’s also a low estimate of $5.7 billion, that analysts is probably going to be off massively Like, if I couldn’t imagine Tesla coming in at a $5 billion number like, that wouldn’t even make sense.

Like, I literally can’t see it. So that analyst is a little crazy in the head if you ask me. But um, oh my goodness, there’s a 130 yet. Let’s see, let’s see the official time over here is 130 Come on Tesla. Where are these earnings? This is usually when they come out right at 130.

So any moment the Tesla’s earnings should be out What does it say? Oh, line technology. It’s not well aligned technology plunges 23% after hours, weaker than expected forecasts. So aligned technologies are really interesting stock down 23% but align technologies really interesting.

So that one what they make is like invisible braces and whatnot in the head, all that technology patented and whatnot. And, you know, it’s they almost have like a monopoly on the industry of basically invisible braces. Almost every single dentist you could possibly go to, at least in the United States.

I don’t know about internationally but at least the United States almost every if you want to get invisible braces, when you go to dentist’s office, almost every single one of them is using their technology they pretty much have a monopoly on an industry really good business model.

Needless to say, whenever you have like a monopoly on an industry that’s as big as invisible braces like, but that one’s down $58 a share after hours align technologies. Like I said, actually a really good company really good business model. profits that have been exploding revenues have been exploding I haven’t been able to buy it personally.

Because it’s always had too rich of a valuation and my personal opinion like the valuations has been rich Dang, AMD is up to 34 bucks a share that stock just continues to be on a tear. I wish I saw that one come in man. I remember a few years ago AMD was like a $2 stock.

This was like, probably three years ago, three and a half years ago AMD was like a two $3 stock now is freaking $34 a share. So Ford is down almost 7% after hours it’s down to $9.62 a share after hours for Ford so that’s that’s problem with the stock like Ford they beat The beat on you know, revenue and UPS it looked like him. stock is still down 9% or not 9% 7%.

Just a lot of people don’t want a piece of that stock. All right. Come on Elan Musk, are we going to get these tests earnings or what Dude, I’m like, I’m like waiting for these man. I’m just like, come on. Oh, why is he got to be so dramatic? Like just come out with the earnings already and just do it you own?

Do it come out with the earnings. Somebody goes start hitting him up on Twitter. If you like Elan musk come out with these freaking earnings. Man, we’re waiting on the livestream for it. You’re the only company that hasn’t reported it yet. Only company. Thank you for the dollar 99 By the way, john bass.

Sorry, if I’ve missed any super chats, by the way, guys have been a little busy with this whole earnings Bonanza that’s had coming up. And now there’s only one, one company, one company left today to report earnings as Tesla. And they just got to make a dramatic why they got to make a dramatic like that.

They come on Tesla. We just want to see the numbers, man. Just show us the numbers and then we’ll jump on the conference call later when it comes out on two hours. And we’ll all be on our way, man. Typically, Ilan being Ilan, let me see if there’s any update on their website here on the Tesla Investor Relations page, which by the way, if you’re looking for the Tesla Investor Relations page is Tesla or excuse me, it’s

That’s sort of like official Investor Relations page. And that’s where you’ll be able to see all the numbers in detail when they finally released them, which is now 134. It’s Pat is four minutes past where they usually report these numbers out. Holy smokes. This ain’t no joke. Oh my goodness.

So Mr. Softee hardly moved dang Caterpillar moved down 4% today Boeing Let me see if I can show you guys this. Oh, I messed up. We don’t want to see that lady. That lady was a crab one day man one day I think she was interviewing somebody at you know that was like a testable when she was like so negative and I’m like, ah, are you gonna be some negative like that earnings alert?

Is it finally Tesla? No, it’s still not Tesla. You kidding me? Come on, you own. When you do man. Facebook q2, capital expenditures, below estimates. That’s good. Facebook should be able to start slowing down on a lot of that spending. They’ve been doing last few years, Facebook ads, 1 million daily active users in US and Canada.

And that’s just for the Facebook platform. I’m amazing. I’m amazed they can even get growth out of Facebook platform anymore. Like that amazes me especially in the US and Canada. Like I literally don’t know how I guess. Maybe it’s like 70 year olds signing up for Facebook Like I have no clue like I feel like if you I feel like everybody that would want to Facebook already has a Facebook account like I see like.

I could see like growth in Instagram obviously because still a lot of people You know if you’re under 30 years old you probably have an Instagram page but there’s still a lot of people over the age of 30 that don’t have Instagram yet. So I can understand a lot of growth in Instagram but man, it’s just not Facebook.

Let’s see what oh, somebody sent a nice Super Chat there Terry Mason Thank you. Love your dedication to education and investing community Jeremy because of you I have 101 shares of Tesla cheer from Canada. Now let me make a comment. Thanks for Super Chat. Let me make a comment on that first.

I hope you didn’t buy in just because I’m buying them I hope you bought bought Tesla shares because you actually believe in them. I actually don’t like it at all. When people buy stocks just because I buy stocks like that actually really frustrates me like I hope it’s because you know, you actually believe in the company and you actually believe what they’re doing and you believe the stocks gonna go up over time not just because I bought the stock.

Chris, thank you so much for the $4.99 cent Super Chat there. It’s funny. There’s a lot of like 99 cent ones today. very much appreciate that. Alright, let’s see it Tesla. are you ever gonna come out with earnings? Elon Musk. Come on, dude. It’s like it’s almost it’s like 140 now are you freaking kidding me?

What is he waiting for? Holy smokes man. Is he over there at the factory building model threes himself and he can’t get over to release the earnings. I just release it man. Hit the hit the button. Ilan musk. Hit the button. Elan musk. Just Just tap it man, just like so we can see the numbers, man.

Just release it already. Hi, Shaheen. Thank you for the $2 Super Chat much appreciated someone donate $15. So Jeremy can get a haircut? Oh my gosh, yeah, I need a haircut fun guys. To be honest, I’ve paid for one haircut in the last eight years. So my wife started cutting my hair about eight years ago.

And I’ve only gotten one haircut ever since. And that was for our wedding. So she did make me actually get a real haircut when we got married. But other than that, yeah, I don’t know how much money I’ve saved over. Because you got to think about it. You probably get a haircut once a month, or at least like an average like mail, you get a haircut once a month right?

Now, some guys might get on every week or something like that. I would never do that. But maybe maybe once a month. That’s 12 haircuts a year. Let’s say you spend 15 $20 a time which if you go to nice barber shop, it might even be more expensive than that. And you typically you know, a good amount.

But uh, you know, that’s 200 $300 a year, and times out by eight years. We got some we got some savings. That might be two grand in savings. But anyways, let’s get back on subject. What was going on with these tests earnings? Were the freak are these tests earnings app? Are you kidding me right now? Are you kidding me? Guys? We have we got 3700 people on this live stream.

And we’re all waiting for these tests on earnings. And these freaking Tesla earnings still haven’t come out. Do you must fall asleep in Mars like he did he go on a rocket ship up to Mars and he forgetting his earnings day to day is 137. Now there’s seven minutes past when he was should have reported the numbers.

Oh, man, what the heck is going on Tesla come out with these numbers already. That they’re not only messing with the short sellers and messing with the Long’s to man. I just want to I just want to see the numbers. Can I just see the numbers Tesla, like, come on? It’s got to be somebody over there awake at Investor Relations. Hit the button.

Release the numbers so we can see it. Yeah, through it says 330 on the according to Investor Relations website, but usually that that time basically means when the conference call will start at 330. Usually they you at least get to see the numbers like you get kind of like the the page of you know.

Elan musk talking about what happened with the company and whatnot. And then you usually get to see the numbers around 130 and then the conference call actually happens around 330. But the numbers like we can’t even we can’t even see the APS numbers and the revenue numbers.

Usually they come out with that rate of around 130 like what the heck is going on? Ilan. Come on, man. He needs to come out with him soon because I got to jump on the Facebook conference call in like 1520 minutes. That’s gonna start home on you on man. We need the numbers. We need the numbers.

My goodness, they’re still talking about Facebook. Obviously that’s the big the big dog that. By the way, CNBC loves to hate on Facebook. Oh my gosh, they love to hate on Facebook stock all the time. That’s another one. Maybe not as bad as Tesla but pretty dang close.

Tam thank you for the $5 Super Chat. a certain person yesterday told me they were down 20% on a certain company. Today the company is up 15% ps it says two hours for Tesla Yeah, thank you. I know home guys, if you didn’t get to see the video on financial education to go ahead and check out that video. So basically, in this video, I go into talking about the stock name home, which we were down like going into yesterday.

We’re down like 19% on it or something insane. And that stock went up like 15% today or some insane amount ticker symbol H o m e It’s probably my sixth or seventh biggest investment. And literally we were down like 19 or 20%. And now we’re, we’re not we’re not breakeven, but we’re pretty dang close all in one day.

The stock just went absolutely bananas. Okay, maybe somebody watches my channel who has like $10 billion and they’re like, oh yeah home stocks teams interesting. Let me just throw like 20 million in that today and they went about $20 million in the stock just went like a banana. I cannot I honestly can’t believe it.

Like That was crazy. Right after I post that video the very you know, today the very next day, the stock goes up. Like Let me see what home actually finished that today. Let’s see cuz I didn’t even get to see what home finished. By the way. It was a crazy good day in the market. It was actually the best day in the Public Accounts history, so I’m very thankful for that.

So home went up 14.95% basically 15% today. That’s crazy. Like what the crap man Reda like less than 24 hours after I post that video about the company that’s nuts man. That’s nuts. But it was a great day in the market like you know Facebook 1% gain that’s okay.

Sky works gave me 2% Cirrus Logic was up almost 4% today, Elf on a shelf was up 3.6% Tesla was up almost 2% today. Alibaba was up slightly fizz was up slightly the home like we talked about was up 15 flippin percent today, when was up nearly 2% today. And then Nordstrom was up 3.3%.

And those are all our current investments. So it was an amazing day in the market. It was literally the best day in the Public Accounts history. What does this say? awaiting Tesla earnings alert. I finally going to come out. Oh my goodness. Come on Tesla. Oh, my goodness. Guys, do you think is possible?

You know, I must like took off in a SpaceX and like went up to Mars and he forgot his earnings day. Because I’m really I’m really starting to think that he might be up there with Star man right now. How could he forget its earnings day, man? Come on. Ah, why would I don’t think they would wait till 330 to release because like I said, usually they come out with the numbers. They show the numbers around 130 then they have the conference call later on around 330.

So I don’t know why they would wait till the time they do the conference call. That’s not what most companies do. And that’s honestly not what Tesla usually does. But then again, Tesla’s very unconventional Elan musk likes to screw with people apparently, and our emotions because we just want to see the numbers man, like just give us that GPS just give us that revenue.

And then we can hear everything later on when the conference call comes out. We like all I want to see is revenue and UPS right now. It’s all I want to see it come on. Ilan, man, come on. Thank you for the $1 Super Chat very much appreciate that, by the way. Oh my goodness, guys, what do you think is going on here? This What is going on? The I feel like these earnings are either going to be really really great or really, really bad.

Because why have they not come out yet? Why have they not come out yet? You know, and by the way, I’m leaning more toward these earnings are gonna be great. But like, seriously, we’re the earnings app man. We’re the flippin earnings app. Oh, wait, he’s got like literally 10 to 15 minutes get these earnings out and then I gotta hop off this because I got to freaking go on unless at Facebook conference call.

So he needs to come out with him soon. Earnings alert. What does it say? What does it say? I don’t my glasses on. Oh, you CNBC. You they show in Las Vegas Sands earnings again, I already know what they did for numbers. I don’t need to see that again. I just need to see Tesla. I just need to see Tesla man. Somebody says where do they post earnings?

You go to and that’s their official like Investor Relations page. Where you can see you know what the report somebody says fire time says send a $2 Super Chat Thank you. You are actually launching a rocket right now. How funny would that be?

He’s like in one of those SpaceX is just like taken off and he’s like, you see him out the windows I should go I need to go back I forgot his earnings day for Tesla. Oh my gosh, no, literally I don’t know how he keeps track of all this crap because he’s got he’s got Tesla which is his main concern then he’s got.

SpaceX then he’s got that boring company which by the way in my city Las Vegas they’re actually going to start building a tunnel here under the Las Vegas Strip just a small one. What do we got earnings other this might be it guys. This might be it. Might be? Well, we got Spirit Airlines. Do they think we care about Spirit Airlines?

Oh my gosh. We don’t care about in Spirit Airlines. That stocks down 13% after hours. Oh, don’t play on my emotion. CNBC got me all excited saying earnings alert. mergency earnings alert breaking news. I thought it was about to be the Tesla it’s freaking Spirit Airlines. No. Oh, my goodness. Guys. I’m getting stressed over here. Thank you for the $2 Super Chat.

Jeremy hope Tessa can drag him hard big earnings. Yeah, let’s hope so. Somebody else sent $1.99 Super Chat more money. For Tesla Ilan stop trolling CNBC report. Yeah, man, what the heck? Oh, gosh. Oh, my goodness, guys, what is going on? But yeah, anyways, Ilan has got so many companies going on and then he just he’s got that one where there’s like they drill into your brain and somehow put like things in your brain that.

I don’t know what it can do. Okay, I’m not even gonna speak on that one. But it’s some type of crazy freaking company that he’s got an artificial intelligence company that I don’t even know about this one. He’s got an artificial intelligence company that I believe Microsoft just invested a billion dollars in how you keep track all these companies.

Like seriously how the flipped you keep track of all these companies, man, that’s crazy. This is crazy. Joseph, thank you for the $2 Super Chat. Let’s do more of these react reactions. By the way, guys, hit a thumbs up if you’re enjoying the live stream. Like I said, I can do more of these on big earnings days in the future, including Tesla earnings day.

So let me know if you were enjoying the live stream by hitting that thumbs up button. Now let me know that you guys enjoying this. Like I said, we’re still waiting on Tesla. If you just joined the live stream, we’re waiting, by the way, thank you for the 99 cent Super Chat. And by the way, I’m sorry if I missed anybody’s super chats.

It’s just It’s crazy. And we’re waiting for these tests learnings and they’re just taking forever, man, they’re just taking forever. Come on Tesla. Just Just show us just show us revenue. Just show us ETS. We’ll worry about the rest later. We’ll worry about the rest later, man. But yeah, you just got so many flipping companies, I don’t know how he keeps track of them.

Like in the CEO of Tesla, like, that’s a lot man. You’re growing like crazy. You’re expanding factories around the world. You’re scaling on mass production of electric vehicles and self driving artificial and like that’s just crazy as it is crazy.

Then you have like all these other massive cut like SpaceX is actually becoming like a big company with a big valuation now, and you got the boring company. And you got this artificial intelligence company you got this company that like drills into your brain and like somehow, like gives you superhuman like vision, which I honestly need. But yeah, it’s just Dude, it’s crazy.

While different things thank you for the $2 Super Chat. Somebody sent a $2 Super Chat. Thank you. Chris, thank you for the $14.99 cent Super Chat says on website. Andy, thank you so much for the $20 Super Chat. Thanks for what you do buddy I feel like I owe you this based on all the knowledge you give thank you so much for that I appreciate that.

And you know more than the money honestly the comment is just really nice. You know happy I can inspire you guys are teaching guys or or entertaining you guys or whatever you come to my channel for everybody that my channel for different reasons and whatnot. But right now we’re on my channel because we’re waiting on these tests earnings. And Ilan forgot it was earnings day. He was like, ah, we destroyed those earnings.

Anyways, who cares? Like I don’t care, I’m gonna try to figure out how to build the model y which by the way, model y should be going into production. Within the next nine months. I believe model y should be going in production in the next nine months. I think they’re going to start producing the high end model wise, in probably late winter time.

Maybe early spring time. Okay, so 910 months. Thank you so much for the $4.99 cent Super Chat. and nice. Thank you so much. Appreciate that. Oh, Tesla, what’s going on here Tesla’s down big after hours, five 4% 5%? Did earnings finally come out for Tesla? With the flips going on? They must have came out. Let’s see. Holy smokes guys is about to get crazy here.

There’s no way that stocks is moving that big without earnings coming out here. Why is it not loading up? Okay, let’s see here. Tesla’s second quarter 2019 update here. I don’t know why CNBC is not covering the numbers are out cash and cash equivalents of $5 billion. So they have 5 billion sitting down sitting around in cash and cash equivalents. operating cash flow, less capex of 614 million gap operating loss.

So they did lose money on a gap basis of 167 million gap net loss of 408 million, including $117 million of restructuring and other charges. Let’s see what else on track to launch Giga factory Shanghai by the end of 2019. So that’s obviously very good news. That’s pretty expected.

We expected them to so they missed on revenue what the hell so they came in at 6.3 5 billion when 6.4 1 billion was expected. What the hell? It must be all the leases it must be all leases because those numbers, the delivery numbers and production numbers with the best ever so it has to be leases it has to be leases.

16 Wow. So That’s honestly what it has to be it has to just be the the fact that I’m guessing a lot of people are leasing cars. So if you didn’t know, Tesla just started leasing model threes about four months ago I think it was. They never leased model threes and actually I think they just started releasing our leasing model S’s and X’s around the same time.

Tesla shares down 8.5% on earnings myth. Well, good thing I got water now I’m gonna go straight for the voc over here guys, what the heck man I’m trying to digest these numbers right now can’t believe they missed on freaking revenue, trying to figure out how the hell that is possible. The only way that’s possible is literally if they have mass amounts of people leasing the Tesla’s that’s the only thing that makes sense. The production numbers and delivery numbers are the strongest ever.

So the only way they could have missed that revenue because the strongest quarter ever report in terms of revenue was like 7.2 2 billion. This quarter, they just reported deliveries and production were stronger. Okay. So let’s try to work this out. So you’re telling me deliveries and productions were stronger, and they reported roughly $900 million left is less than revenue, it has to be the leases, it has to be the leases. Now. on a good note, if you’re looking at this from a very, very long term perspective, is three, you know, most of those leases are three years. Okay? So if Tesla has self driving completely completed within three years, which.

I have no doubts, they’ll have completed within the next year or two nevermind three years. Okay. So let’s say Tesla has self driving vehicles 100%. Complete within By the way, q2, deliveries came in at 95,356. That blew away any number they’ve ever posted in the past, q2 deliveries on real. But let me let me just try to stay on this topic.

Because this is really, really important for the long term shareholders that are planning on being in the stock like four years in the future, okay. And then the people aren’t, aren’t just trying to trade this tomorrow. So if Tesla goes ahead, and you know, leases these vehicles for the next three years, then they get those vehicles back at the end of the three years.

Okay? So essentially, meaning they’re going to have a massive fleet if they have self driving completed, and they have government regulation for those vehicles to be autonomous like taxi network and like taxis and whatnot, then they can go ahead and use by the way, negative dollar 12 when negative net 40 cents they missed on ETS, and they missed on revenue.

And you know, EP S is a bad Miss revenue was a very slight mess. But essentially, when they get all those cars back, if they have government, you know allowance to have the autonomous taxi network. And if they’ve already completed it, which once again, I think they’ll have no problem completing it.

That basically means all those cars they have coming back can go straight to Tesla’s autonomous taxi network, which if you know anything about Ark invest, Ark invest is one of the biggest like investors in Tesla, okay, they’re one of the biggest investors and they know so much about like Tesla, and kind of where that company is going.

That’s that, by the way, Ark invest, that’s the ones that have, basically, they believe Tesla executes on everything, they have the possibility to their best case scenario for Tesla shares, and like $4,000 a share. Okay, that’s like a long way from now, obviously, at 200.

And something dollars a share that they believe if Tesla executes on everything over the next five or 10 years, it’s gonna be a $4,000 stock, their bear case for Tesla is $700 over the next five years. Okay, so $700 Bear case like that’s our worst case scenario.

$4,000 is our best case scenario, okay, in a lot of how they base that number of, you know, $4,000 a share is essentially, they believe that Tesla is going to be the dominant player when it comes to autonomous vehicles in the future, like self driving vehicles, and they will have the biggest fleet of self driving vehicles in the future.

Tesla will make money from those vehicles. And then folks like myself, who own a Tesla can go ahead and add our vehicles to fleet we get to make money for it, because most cars just sit around in a garage most the time, right? Like, my car is just sitting, I have two cars, okay? And Alfa Romeo and a Tesla Model three, both those cars are sitting in the garage right now No one’s using them.

No one’s use them most the day I use mine to go take it to go run, which was like a five or 10 minute drive. I don’t know if I’ll use those cars for the rest of the day, those cars could be out making me money right now, if they had self driving, and if the government allowed it, right, they could go drive people all around that need rides that don’t have cars, or people that you know.

Just need a ride somewhere and they don’t want to take their own car or something like that. Maybe they’re going to drink it for a night or something. Right? Those cars could be constant making the money if they had self driving, and if government allowed it. Now, obviously, we don’t have full self driving yet. And, you know, who knows when government will actually allow that to go through.

But if you think about that, all those least numbers, they get all those vehicles back they add those vehicles to fleet. They made money on those cars from customers, at least them in the short term, and then long term. So it says Tesla Model y by fall of 2020, which would be a little late, I expect them to start producing that honestly by the spring time.

So that’s a little surprising to me, you know, I expect them to at least make the high end models, not the cheap Model X, or excuse me, model wise, the high end model wise, I expect them to make that in the springtime. So I’m surprised they’re talking about by fall time maybe that’s just Ilan musk kind of putting the company in a situation where they can beat on that and maybe start actually producing in the springtime or summertime.

And then he looks better because Elan musk does have a history of basically over promising things, you know, telling people, oh, we’re going to come out with this at this time. And then it doesn’t actually happen. Maybe he’s taken a step back. And he’s saying, you know what, let’s go ahead.

And, you know, give ourselves a little more caution here and go from there. But uh, yeah, I’m kind of, you know, the test learnings, if you’re looking at on a long term basis, I’m mad, they missed revenue, I’m, I’m surprised they missed revenue, I’m gonna see Matt, I’m surprised they missed revenue. ETS was a pretty big mess.

But on the flip side, we got to keep in mind, this is a company that still grew revenues, even at that number 58 to 59%, year over year. And keep in mind, the Chinese are not really ordering. Tesla’s right now because the Shanghai factory is going to open within the next three to four months.

So being that the the Shanghai factory is going to open, that means test is going to be a lot cheaper. So all these tests, the numbers are from folks that are living in the United States, for the most part, maybe some folks living in Europe, Canada and whatnot, the Chinese.

Which that could be one of the biggest markets, if not the biggest market for Tesla, if you’re looking on a long term basis, a lot of those folks are not ordering the model threes right now because they know three to four months from now, they’ll be able to get a model three for $10,000 cheaper $15,000 cheaper than what they would have to pay here today.

Okay, so sometimes you just have to take a step back, and that’s why I probably I don’t like doing these live earnings reactions, because there’s so much going through my head, it’s like, well, they miss numbers. But what does that really mean? Well, I still grew revenue 58 59% year over year. That’s unreal. Okay, that’s unreal.

But anyways, guys, I gotta jump on this Facebook conference call then I’m gonna jump on the Tesla earnings conference call after that. I’ll post a video on financial education to tonight. More likely on in depth on the Tesla earnings and my thoughts around it once I have everything figured out and I see all these numbers into concrete. But anyways, hope you guys are doing great. Have a great night and check out financial education to letter

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