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Today we chat about my public account which is a stock market account available for everyone in the private stock group to see every single move I make. I talk about every single stock in this stock market portfolio. Tesla stock, CCL stock, FB stock, Uber stock, etc. I talk about them all here. Let me know if you think any of these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch!

Some of these stocks are dividend stocks used for dividend investing while others are growth stocks.

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Hello guys, today I’m gonna do a little bit of a different video than I’ve done in the past. Today I’m going to talk about every single stock in the public account, if you don’t know the Public Accounts, essentially a stock market account I have is through Fidelity Investments.

And everybody in my private stock group can see every single move I make in this particular account, every single stock I sell every single stock I buy, why I do so. And so I thought this would be interesting, do a video here today on this particular account.

We’re gonna go position by position. And I’m going to give you my opinion on these different stocks. If I want to buy more if I’m thinking about selling, all those sorts of things with the whole Roni situation. Now, keep in mind a lot of these stocks I haven’t talked about in weeks or months before like the Roni situation ever took off.

And the Roni has definitely changed things dramatically for pretty much every single one of these companies. So I’m going to talk in detail and kind of give you my opinion on all these stocks, you know, CCL cruise, Elf on a shelf Facebook, fizzy get dizzy footlocker robot revolve scour solutions, test them is Uber, the Uber winning resorts, we’re going to talk about them all.

So hope you guys really enjoyed this video, make sure you smash that thumbs up button, if you do that helps out with the algorithm. Okay, by the way, just let you guys know I put together a free article that’s down in the description if you want to check that out.

You can go and do so it’s absolutely free teaches you kind of how you can outperform the stock market in different types of situations a down market like we’re in right now and really really outperform when we have a bull market. So I hope you guys enjoy that.

Once again, link down in description is absolutely free. Put in your email, we’ll shoot it over to you. Okay, so let’s start getting in this guy’s I basically sorted the stocks here. By current value, we’ll start the least important positions.

I mean, they’re all important positions, but we’ll start with the least important positions, the lowest current values and what kind of work our way to the biggest possessions. Okay, so the first three stocks here, these are the these are what we call the little guy stocks, these little guy stocks to the portfolio, each of them has a current value of, you know, a little more than five figures, but there’s a little guy stocks, right elephant a shelf.

$10,700 in that stock, footlocker, $11,800 and Cirrus Logic cruzi doozy $12,900. Okay, so Elf on a shelf, obviously, it’s a it’s a position, we, you know, made a lot of profits on I sold a lot of shares of this stock in 2019, I’m happy I did, I took a lot of very nice profits in the stock, and of the 1000 remaining shares, we’re doing pretty well and those up 47.8% return that stock for about a year now.

So it’s done very, very well for us, in my opinion elfin a shelf is. So you know, I’m kind of divided on this one, like one side of me just want to sell out of the remaining shares this, but the other side of me now is looking at this stock, and it’s a $10.76 cent stock. And I gotta say the valuation has come down a lot. It’s kind of compelling thing about Elf on a shelf.

Okay, if you know anything about the cosmetics industry, you know, elf is a very respected company for be able to produce very good makeup products at very low prices. And keep in mind, if we’re in a recession scenario, which obviously we’re going to be in for a while, right?

In that type of scenario. If you’re somebody that wears makeup, you might want to save yourself a few dollars, okay, and it can be a lot more than a few dollars, sometimes in the makeup industry. So you might trade down to somebody like an elf cosmetics that still has very high quality products, but is coming in a price point a lot.

Most of else products are honestly less than $15 majority of them are less than $10. So when you talk about that, and a company, like elf, I think will actually benefit a lot more than people realize during a recession scenario like this, okay, now we do need people to get outside of their house, again, is to wear makeup, that would be that would be kind of important.

So I mean, that’s probably poor for all the makeup stocks as of right now. But once it starts getting back to normal school starts again, you know, people start going back to work, that’s obviously going to be a very, very good thing for a company like elf cosmetics, and I think they can actually do very well in a recession scenario.

Okay. So that one have a little divided on, you know, if it goes under 10, again, you know, especially if it goes under nine, it gets back into those eight, I might, I’m gonna have to nibble off some I might have to actually buy more elf shares, which will be very interesting.

Okay, that’s elephant, a shell footlocker. Another one of those little guy positions, somewhat of a newer position in the account. So we’re down about 15 and a half percent on this particular position. Obviously, being that like this company, I’m definitely very interested in buying more shares.

Now, you know, mall based retail completely closed right now. And when the malls do open back up, business will probably be down quite a bit, right. It’s definitely a certain segment of population that is not going to be interested in really going to the malls. Okay.

So footlocker is a business model that’s, you know, devastated right now. And it will continue to be weakened for at least the next year or two. Let’s put it that way. Right. So footlocker, I want to buy more shares, but honestly, I’m not in necessarily a huge rush to buy them at 25 I’m really Now, I can hold off on this.

I can definitely hold off on this until some of these numbers start coming through. And you know, people start seeing how weak all these earnings per share are, you know, footlocker stock, I could definitely see dropping back under $20. Who knows, maybe it doesn’t.

And it is what it is I’ll just hold my current position, but I can definitely see as a possibility, and when it gets under 20 that’s when I start getting really interested in adding some more footlocker shares, obviously, you know, a footwear player, the biggest.

The biggest in North America, and they are a business that I believe will thrive once again, once we get out of this whole rolling situation. So definitely interested in adding some more footlocker and in my opinion, they should be able to get back to paying a dividend of some sort in 2021, which I think will be huge for that stock overall, so interesting footlocker.

But I really want to under 20, okay, cruzi doozy Cirrus Logic, this is one I took a lot of profits in, in basically it was kind of like, you know, the back half of 2019. And even I think I took some profits, a little bit of profits. In 2020.

The stock was flying high, it was doing very well. And I took a little bit of profits. I took a lot of profits, I should say, and I only hold 200 cruzi doozie shares now left in the public count. I gotta you know, current value on this is $12,900 cost base of 35 cruises in no man’s land right now.

Do I want to sell cruises? 64 No, I don’t really don’t do I want to buy cruises? 64 No, I really don’t it’s it’s a no man’s land right now. I’m not really interested in buying it, I’m not interested in selling it. And honestly, it’s quite a bit of way from each of those prices a lot for me to consider selling crews I really need to go back to around 80 it’s quite a ways away from now if not higher than 80. Right.

That’s that’s a long way from 64. And if if you think about whatever you’re willing to buy a stock and you’d have to probably go to the 40s for me to buy the stock again. So with with a stock like Cirrus Logic I’m in no man’s land with that one right now.

It’s like I don’t really want to buy it and I can’t see myself buying it anytime soon. I really don’t want to sell it right now. So yeah, it’s Cirrus Logic. We’re no man’s land on that one. And sometimes you have a stock like that. Obviously if you don’t know Cirrus Logic their their audio codec, supplier audio, also audio amplifiers in products like iPads, iPhones in just different smartphones in general, things like that.

They do have an expanding business, especially, you know, 2020 were supposed to be a great year for Cirrus Logic and 2021 as well, with some new chips they have likely coming in iPhones and some different smartphones around voice biometrics different things they were doing.

You know, that’s all up in the air. Now because of the Roni situation. We don’t know if some of the smartphone launches will be pushed back. We don’t know what customer demand will be from these smartphones when they actually do come on the market. You know, with the whole Roni situation what unemployment rates at how does that affect, you know, smartphone upgrades and things like that.

So, you know, it is what it is right now. Okay, I’m just in no man’s land on cruisey doozy Okay, si si el Carnival Corporation. Okay, this is you know, now we’re getting into the trouble stocks. These next three are what I call the troubled stocks of the account.

Okay, CCL being the worst, and CCL is my worst stock I’ve ever held in my life. It’s gone through a once in 100 year event that I could have never predicted the Roni situation, it’s so much worse than a recession. I mean, it’s just a disaster.

Let’s just put it that way. There’s nothing that could have happened in stock that you know, other than this situation that could have made it go down 70% it’s absolutely ridiculous. But it is what it is, we have to handle this. I mean, the count, if we didn’t have that stock would be up $76,000, which is phenomenal in a down market.

But hey, it is what it is. We bought CCL, it went through a once in 100 year event, and it is what is the cruise operator. As you guys know, this is one of those stocks that I don’t really necessarily want to put any more money in. But I’m not seller, I’m definitely not selling in the stocks $12.42 I’m not selling.

I’m not selling Carnival Cruise on $12.42, I’ll just be honest, I’d rather go you know, to zero and go bankrupt with the stock and sell at $12.42 Carnival Cruise Line. So they just raised over $6 billion in less this thing really gets dragged out for a long, long time.

They should be able to make it through this, okay, they should be able to make it through this financially, there is about I would say like a 20% to maybe 30% probability the company could go bankrupt, okay, which is a huge probability. And that’s bigger than any stock I hold by far and away.

But on the flip side, you know, as long as I can make a through the Roni and get to the other side, when the economy opens back up, this will eventually be a 20 or $30 stock down the road. Can I see get back to 50 and 60 maybe someday but not anytime soon.

Because first we’re gonna have to try to ramp up business that’s going to take a while to get that demand back right then after that they’re gonna have to try to pay down some of that debt because they have a lot of debt that’s coming through and then they got some new ships that are going to likely come online at some point.

One of them being the premier ship that you know, they’ve been working on for a long time called the Mardi Gras. And so when you look at the whole this whole situation with CCL it’s not it’s another no man’s land stock for me. Do I want to buy CCL? No, do I Want to sell CCL? No, it’s just a hold.

That’s all it is for me right now. It’s a hold stock. You know, I, will I ever get back to my cost base on this one? I’m not so sure about that. But can I see the stock getting back to 20? Or $30? As long as they make it through this short term crap? Yeah.

And in terms of CCL, will they pay a dividend anytime soon? No, in my opinion, 2022 would be the earliest possibility, in my personal opinion, for CCL to pay dividend, but probably looking more toward 2023 it’s gonna be a while, they’re gonna have to get that that 11 and a half percent interest rate bonds pay down and worry about things like death for the next, you know, couple years.

And then after that, they can worry about, you know, paying out dividends and things like that. So it’s the it’s probably the highest risk, highest reward stock, I have at least a short term, if we’re thinking about the next one to two years, the highest risk highest reward stock, I hold some other stocks in this account that I think have, you know, bigger upside potential long term than something like a CCL.

Okay, winning resorts not so winning resorts right now. So another one kind of like a carnival in the respect that it got caught up into a once in 100 year event, which is a Roni situation, right. But the difference is when they’re in a much better financial situation, that somebody like a Carnival Cruise Line when always holds, you know, generally speaking more than $2 billion in cash around and on top of that, they just actually raised some money.

I believe it was about a half a billion dollars, I believe they raised recently. And that was at an interest rate of 7.75%. I don’t like that. And I like a coupon like that. I’ll be honest, 7.75% is pretty dang expensive. But you know, compared to carnivals, 11 and a half percent, it looks kind of cheap, right?

But when I have full faith, they will make it through this. I have full faith. If you’re asking me what is the probability wing goes bankrupt? I will put it at about a 3%. Right? Because it’s a possibility. As with all companies, I put out about 3% probability versus a CCL, which is like 10 times that, you know, in terms of thinking about like a bankruptcy possibility.

The biggest question with when is when, when no pun intended, when the property’s open backup? How long does it take for these properties? To get back to full ramp to get those hotel rooms back busy again, to get that same rates of get on hotels to get the restaurants back busy to get obviously the gaming floors back busy?

The same way they were before? That’s the base question with Wynn resorts, Wynn resorts, I’m not really I don’t really want to buy here. I think the stock should be cheaper. And I’ll be honest, I think their stock should be under 50 bucks. Right now.

There’s a lot of questions about when business will get back to any semblance of normal. EPL should be weakened for Wynn resorts for probably years to come. I think there should be an under $50 stock right now. I’ll be completely honest. I do want to add more shares. When absolutely without question, I do want to get my cost basis down.

But I really want the stock under 50. You know, that’s where it needs to go under 40 would be ideal if it can, you know, it was one day it was under $40. It was like 35 something that one day when everything was bottoming out and things like that. I would love to see it go back down there, which I think is a possibility.

Once you know everybody starts figuring out how weak ETS is likely going to be for at least the next year or two, with a with a company like that. So that’s where I’m at with Wynn resorts. Okay, revolve ticker symbol, RV Lv, so they’re an online player, ecommerce player, when basically they’re mostly focused on on women, and they’re mostly focused on the middle class to upper middle class and people that have, you know, good chunks of money.

Let’s put it that way. Okay, that’s their business model, the company is cash loaded $58 million in cash. It’s not a big company, keep in mind, very small company, they had no debt, going to this whole situation, another company that I think should be able to make it through this whole situation, we’re down about 14 and a half percent on the stock.

As of right now, there’s another one of what I call our troubled positions here. But as far as revolve goes, I’m actually kind of interested even at $10. Okay, under $10 really interests me with this particular stock under eight as ideal. And so this is definitely stock, I look to add more shares of, I’m kind of looking for some type of, you know, dip in the market to add some more shares to this one.

But I think when things start to get figured out that whole man, it’s gonna take us home, it’s gonna take us years to climb out of this whole situation economically, to get back to where we were, I think once that happens, the market will likely dip big again, in the stock like revolve will probably get hammered, again, probably back down to that $8 level.

That’s where I’m looking to add more revolv shares but like I said, even at 10 it has a long term investment. I like it, I really do even at 10 even at Tech even at 12 or 13 I like this one as a long term investment I really do. But in a market like we’re in right now, where you know, ETS is going to be heavily weakened for every single company.

You know, a company like revolve I gotta be patient with that one. Let’s put it that way. Okay, I robot in Uber. Okay, let’s talk about these two positions here. Okay, so iRobot This one’s a hold for me right now. If you don’t know i robot they make the Roomba vacuum cleaner. I think a few other problems with products but the Roomba vacuum cleaners there.

Main product finder in 20 shares and this one we’re about for little over 4% it’s just a hole for me right now. I don’t want to buy this stock. I don’t want to sell the stock. It’s just it’s it’s in no man’s land. It’s kind of like a cruisee doozy situation.

And I can’t see myself doing either thing with it. If it goes down 10% I’m not buying it. I’ll be honest, if it goes up 10% I’m not selling it. It’s a stock this in no man’s land for me right now. It’s just a whole No, I love I love the company. I love the products they make, you know, obviously a lot of competition in that space.

But not many, not many competitors have brand names, a lot of Chinese knockoffs and things like that. And then you get a certain segment of the population that buys products like that. But a lot of people they like brand name, okay, at the end of the day, they want a brand name of whatever they’re buying.

And when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, you know, iRobot, the the premier player in that space, the only real brand name in the space. And so iRobot is just a whole for me phenomenal balance sheet on the company, I believe, you know, last time I checked, I think they had over $200 million in cash and cash equivalents along with their investments, and no debt, I believe so, you know, phenomenal balance sheet at that company.

And, yeah, I like that one overall, it’s just, it’s a no man’s land stock for me right now. It’s just a whole, okay. Uber, Uber, Uber, Uber is a very interesting thing. This is another one that’s a no man’s land for me right now. Uber, so Uber is 27 bucks and some change right now.

Obviously, with the Roni, this business model has been devastated from the rideshare inside their business. Keep in mind, most people, why do they get an Uber ride is to go to school, you know, college, whatever, and has to go to work. That’s why most people do this, or to go to events.

So I got to go to the NFL game, I got to go to the NBA game, I got to go, you know, to this this concert and things like that. This is why people really take Ubers right, work, play, and you know, school in that none of that’s going on right now.

So Ubers business models devastated right now completely devastated. And as we climb out of this, things will slowly start to recover for Uber, but it might take it a few years to get back to where it was in terms of mountain rides and things like that.

And that’s something we got to take into account. With a company like Uber, I believe me, when the economy does open back up, this isn’t going to be back to normal overnight, I can almost guarantee you that. There’s not gonna be like, Oh, yeah, everything’s but now it’s not gonna work that way.

Trust me, it’s just not. So when it comes to Uber, kind of no man’s land on the stock right now, I’m certainly not selling x, I think this stock does have, you know, legit possibility to be a $50 $60 $70 stock long term over the next three to five years.

But at the same time, I don’t really want to buy it. It’s right around cost basis right now. You know, I think it should be a stock that’s under 20 right now, in my opinion. And if it was to ever go back under 20, I’m gonna have to add some of this particular account.

And if it would ever go back down to that, that one day that one day it traded at like 13 $14 a share. If it ever goes back down there lose me. I hope you find some Uber stock. Uber Eats by the way is definitely seen a benefit right now. No doubt about that.

Uber Eats business model is definitely going to be up nicely, but that’s one of their sides of business there means how the business is the ride sharing business and that’s just, it’s just bad right now. Okay, so Uber is no man’s land, I will be adding some more of the shares that stock especially if it goes under 20 bucks K, fizzy get dizzy.

I’m not gonna spend a lot of time talking about this one, because I talked about a lot recently. I love this stock, we’re up 27% on it up over $10,000 We are now under six shares. And for this one, it’s kind of about a hold for me right now.

I’ve thought about maybe buying some more shares, but I’ll probably hold off on that for right now. It’s a whole if it ever goes back down to those mid to low 40s. I’ll add more shares I love this one is a play overall, but I really love it as a recessionary type play.

Drink makers do very well in a recession scenario. Demand for Lacroix In my opinion, during this whole Roni situation was people stocking up on that is very high. I think we’re going to see that in the numbers over the next few quarters. And so I’m really really excited about fizzy, get dizzy, I’ll be honest, I’m really, really excited about that one.

I think that’s going to end up being one of our best performing stocks. If we look at this account, a year from now two years from out my personal opinion, you know, nothing’s known for certain I think this will be one of our best performing stocks. Don’t be surprised of it.

We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens but I think this one’s gonna perform very well for us. Okay, that’s the first one of these four stocks that I called the Big Dog positions. That’s why I have them kind of boxed in there. These are the big dog positions, the $50,000 and pretty much up positions.

These four positions keep in mind make up well over 50% of the portfolio. So I have the majority of money cut invest in these big dogs and whenever you have that these are the companies usually believe in the most case skyworks solutions were 18.8% on this one about 9200 bucks skyworks Solutions phenomenal company.

So well run one of the you know what you’re gonna notice is all these companies especially the these three fizzy get dizzy scour social Facebook, unbelievable balance sheets you’d like like that’s non existent for these type of companies.

Cash loaded out the wazoo Okay, investment loaded like up to the sky. You know, these these, you know, these are type of stocks I like to have as my big dog positions because there’s such strong balance sheets and scour solutions definitely, you know, meets that mold. Okay.

Skyworks Solutions should benefit huge from 5g. Yeah, you know, 5g is probably not going to get ramped up as fast, because the whole running situation is slowing down everything in terms of the processes, but at the end of the day, 5g will come Skywalk solutions should thrive because of it.

And so skyworks solutions, it’s a no man’s land stock for me right now. am I interested in selling scout works anytime soon? Absolutely not. am I interested in buying skyworks? solutions stock? I am but probably not here. If it goes into the 70s. Yeah, okay.

Yeah, I’m buying skyworks lism, buy all add up some more shares, but at 90 bucks a share, you know, I’m cool with just holding what I have, I already have it as a big position. That already matters a lot to me, right? And so I’m just kind of okay with what we have there.

Right. Next one down is fb. Okay, now we’re getting to the biggest of the biggest positions, okay, this one’s current value is 60, almost $65,000 371 shares of FB we have, obviously Facebook owns Facebook platform, we all know that. Right?

They also own Instagram, which is the most important social media in the world. And my personal opinion, because you can just kind of think about what’s going on right now. And the trends, Instagrams, just at the heart of everything, it’s just, you know, they just done an amazing job kind of growing that platform.

And that’s just gonna continue to be the the best platform out there, in my opinion, for the foreseeable future. They obviously own the messenger service, they on WhatsApp, and they own Oculus. Oculus has, you know, when we talk about VR, who’s the biggest direct play probably in VR, it’s Oculus.

I can’t really think of another player, that’s more of a direct play on virtual reality technology than Oculus. So that that’s phenomenal for a company like FB, right. So when it comes to FB, What 14.2%? You know, honestly, I could see myself potentially adding shares, even here.

It’s just, you know, ad rates, if you think about AD rates here in the short term, because the rhony, absolutely getting hit long term, this is this just easy money stock, let’s be honest, the easiest money in the stock market in next five years, when it comes to a risk reward standpoint, my personal opinion, you know, 40 billion plus dollars in cash and investments on this company.

I think it’s actually over 50 billion. Now I can’t eyes, you know, the numbers go up so much, it’s hard to remember sometimes and extremely profitable business model. And even with the Roni situation that will pass and think about when ad budgets are cut, who’s going to benefit the most from that, it’s going to end up being Facebook long term.

Because when these companies have their ad budgets cut, and they only have, let’s say, let’s say they have 50% of what they used to have, for an ad budget, you have to get really, you have to get much more intelligent about how you deploy that money.

And where’s the most you know, if you talk to any marketer out there, they’re all going to tell you the if you have any general business, the best place to market, Facebook, Instagram, they own both the platforms, it’s the best place you can possibly spend money for most businesses out there.

Any marketing expert is going to tell you that. And so Hey, who’s going to benefit long term from this, the FB is definitely going to benefit, you know, from this long term and the FB is getting back in good with governments, they’re doing a lot of things right now to help out with this whole Roni situation and get information out there accurate information, things like that.

And, you know, they, everybody’s worried about the roadie now, you know, member, you know, in the government just had all the time in the world to just worry about what FB was doing and how, you know, it was like, Oh, this and that. That’s the last thing on people’s mind anymore.

So Facebook, you know, the FB they got, you know, it’s good for them. That way, this whole thing is very, very good for them in the end, as if you’re looking at this from a long term investor standpoint. So even here I’m interested in adding, we’ll see if I actually do add, and especially if it goes on to 170.

That’s when it’s just like, you know, give me give me give me give me my money. Okay, Tesla, my Tesla. So I haven’t, you know, I used to talk about Tesla’s seemed almost every single day, right? And since a Roni took off, we’ve been so caught up in the markets and all those sorts of things that I have haven’t been making that many Tesla videos, that’d be awesome.

I mean, it’s incredible. I used to make a Tesla video, you know, like, literally almost every day and now I heard the talk about Tesla stock. So Tessa, so we’re up 151%, up almost $52,000. On this particular stock, as of right now we have 150 shares in the public count of Tesla.

And so Tesla is a funny one for me, long term trends, everything still intact with this company, you know, the trends are going to electric vehicles, we all know that, regardless of oil prices, or whatever. You know, in the short term, the trend is all toward electric vehicles.

The biggest player there is Tesla by far and away right there. They’re a mile and a half in front of the competition. self driving vehicles are coming. It’s just you know, it’s just facts. I think Tesla has one of the best opportunities to win self driving vehicles, and when the opportunity of autonomous taxi networks, so everything long term is still lining up for Tesla.

But if you ask me is Tesla’s business model innovation For the next year 200% I don’t think any of the numbers I had projected for 2020 are going to be hit. I’m gonna be honest. Now, I don’t know if I projected numbers off 2021 but if I did, I don’t think those numbers are going to be hit you flat out with unemployment rates the way they are, with a lot of the worry out there.

You know, unless people absolutely need a car, I’m not so convinced that people are going to run out there and buy Tesla’s there always be customers, the Tesla will always have demand. And Tesla’s demand will likely always be stronger than what the competitors are, especially want to talk about with model y on the market model three.

So everything’s working out long term for Tesla, but absolutely, I think it would be almost ignorant to say, Tesla is gonna be just as strong in 2020 as we predicted three months ago, no, it’s not there’s just no way there’s no way they’re gonna put up the same type of volumes we had expected, you know, but at the same time.

The stocks 573 now versus you know, before the Roni took off the stock was 900 so it definitely has come down to kind of reflect some of those sorts of things in my interest in adding more tests to here I’m not personally able to keep my my cost basis to 27 I can understand if somebody else wants to buy 573 if you you know think the stocks going to be two or $3,000 stock in five years or seven years or something like that.

I can definitely understand that. Am I personally interested? No, it’s another one of those just hold for me, that’s a huge position in the portfolio it is a heavy weight right? You know, $86,000 out of a $414,000 account if we were on the percentages on that.

I believe Tesla would make up over 20% of the portfolio correct me if I’m wrong on that, I think Tesla’s represents over 20% of the total portfolio of this account that’s a huge position so I can’t really add more Tesla shares because it’s already such a heavy weight of the account.

I kind of have to add some more of this the smaller positions or new future positions down the road and if you’re thinking about you know 12 stocks for me for this size account that’s right for me now you might not feel comfortable with that you might need to hold more stocks or something like that, that’s perfectly the job if we’re thinking about what’s the maximum amount.

I could ever see myself holding in terms of the amount of stocks in this particular account the maximum amount is really foresee myself ever holding us accounts probably be about 15 stocks in total. Okay. And so overall, I’m kind of happy with where that counts at you know, and how it’s performed a you know.

I’m one of those investors that is you know, when we’re in a bull market, I’m going to usually much outperform the bull market. But when things kind of go south, sometimes my accounts can get hurt much worse in the market and to still be positive even though the markets are obviously down quite a bit this year.

You know, I think they should be down a lot more I’ll be honest, but they are down 13% You know, I’m happy that at least we’re we’re green in this whole situation and I don’t mind read because believe me, you guys know I’m keeping a lot on the sidelines I’m ready to buy especially if this market does another huge dip over the next few months.

Don’t forget down there guys, if you want a free resource, I put together a free article. It’s kind of in depth dealio go and check that out. It’s linked in the description it’s going to teach you how to kind of outperform the stock market in various markets markets and especially in a bull market scenario over get the Smash the thumbs up button before you leave this video that helps out with the algo Okay, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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