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Today we do a video about stocks to buy next! In this video, we will discuss many different stocks that are interesting to me at buy levels and sectors in the stock market as well that are interesting! LMK if any of the stocks mentioned in this video you would put in the stocks to buy now category or just stocks to watch!

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Hey guys, do I have a video today that I know you are going to absolutely love today we’re talking about something everybody wants to know, what are some stocks to buy? Next I’m going to share some of my opinions on some specific stocks out there that I think are really interesting currently, in some sectors as well.

A lot of people are asking this right now figure, let’s go ahead and get a video done about this. Okay. And the reason a lot of people are asking is because let’s be honest, the market has come back a lot. Okay.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is pushing up against 28,000. Now it’s getting pretty dang close. Right? So we’re only what maybe, you know, 13 1400 points away now, from an all time high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Meanwhile, s&p 500 is already back to record high.

Think about that. That’s extraordinary. Right from ONeill 2200. The lows just a few months ago to now 33 3400. A lot of people are seeing this and let’s be honest, there aren’t nearly as many good deals in the stock market as they were in March and April.

You were buying stocks in March and April. It was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was very easy. Okay, now not as easy. NASDAQ is the highest it’s ever been. It’s actually at record highs like right now. Okay, incredible.

Well over 11,000 for the NASDAQ extraordinary a lot of big tech. Let’s be honest, you know, everybody loves the big tech companies, right? A lot of them are what at all time highs right now look at Apple’s chart, for instance, this stocks pretty much at an all time high right now.

So the Google my google google McDougal right around an all time high. Right now. Mr. Softee Microsoft rate all time high right now Amazon rate around an all time high right now look at Tesla is everybody’s favorite stock right to own out there, you know, beginners in the stock market, everybody loves to own some Tesla stock.

Tesla stock is right around an all time high. Right now, right is a maybe like 100 points away from an all time high. I think it got over 17 101 specific day, but you know, 1650 this is like the second or third best clothes in the history of Tesla stock, right?

Even stocks I talked about that aren’t mainstream stocks, right? Like a planet 13. That stock was $1 something, what a month, two months ago. And now it’s 346. And everybody’s seeing all this and seeing all these stocks, climb, climb, climb, a beautiful thing that is stock price appreciation.

And folks are saying what the heck do I buy next in this whole situation. So three big things I want to get into in this video I want to talk about big tech, I want to talk about if there’s any opportunities in those big tech names.

Okay, I’m talking Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, any opportunities there. Second thing we’ll get into in this video is around growth stocks. Okay. And if there aren’t any opportunities with some growth stocks, I might change some perspectives when it comes to some of these high flying companies that are growth beasts.

Okay. And the third thing we’ll discuss in this video here today is some slept on sectors in my opinion, where there’s a lot of stocks out there that you know, haven’t risen the way the markets risen.

Okay, let’s just put it that way, you know, that this markets been driven by a lot of tech related names tearing it up, and then some sectors out there that have been slept on that I think people you know, might wake up too soon.

Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed. As always, if you don’t mind, smash me a Thumbs Up button. This is a very in depth video got a lot of slides planned for you. So if you don’t mind that helps out the channel in a massive, massive way.

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 First thing in the description. Okay, big tech, let’s get started with big tech and we’ll go from there. Okay, so we’re talking Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Google, any opportunities in any of these stocks?

Okay, well, first off if I’m looking at any of these stocks, which remember, right all these stocks are pretty much right around all time highs here today, literally, okay, right around like very, very close, right?

So if I’m looking at big tech, the first thing I want is I want companies that are still have really, really nice growth, like double digit percentage revenue growth for years to go in the future. Okay, that takes Microsoft and Apple out of it.

Okay, you know, I love Microsoft, I love apple. But let’s be honest, those two companies are not going to grow 10% plus revenues on the top line for years and years to go in the future. My personal opinion, okay, Facebook, Amazon, Google. Absolutely.

Well, you know, Apple, Microsoft, they might have a really good year here and there, but that in my opinion, they’re just not going to be consistently growing top line 10% Plus, Facebook, Amazon, Google will without a doubt, in my opinion for years and years to go in the future.

So if I’m looking at these, I gotta kind of look from a lens of those three. Okay. Now, if we look at amazings on right amazings on is an amazing company. That’s why I call it amazing is on okay, but that valuation, let’s be quite honest with ourselves is extremely rich, even for an amazing growth company like amazings on right.

I mean, you’re looking at a trailing p e of 121. You’re looking at a four fee of 108. Okay, once again, Amazon’s a beautiful business model. They got to. I mean, they got many, many, you know, very powerful businesses, but their main, obviously is

And Amazon Web Services, those are two big giants, along with a lot of smaller giants inside of their business. But at the end of the day, that’s a really rich valuation on a company that is already gargantuan.

We’re talking about almost a $1.6 trillion market cap, this company will get bigger, but a lot of that growth is priced in when you’re talking about 108 Ford p on a company that’s been around for what, 25 years now or so.

Amazon’s been around so you know that one? Ah, I’m not so sure. Okay. Google McDougal. Okay, Google McDougal has a trillion dollar market cap on it. It has a 35 four p 33. Trailing P. When I look at Google McDougal, I see some decent opportunity because of flat out honest truth is Google will continue to grow, right?

We know Google from Google search, right? Google searches the search giant of the world, right? It’s one of the most profitable business models in the world, right? They obviously own the platform you’re watching this video on right now, which is YouTube, which is just you know it I mean.

If YouTube was a standalone company, it’d be one of the biggest companies in the world, then they own Android. And they own a ton of other you know, product services out there they provide in the world, including cloud products and things like that. So when you look at Google, hey.

I actually think isn’t I think it’s an opportunity. You know, is it the cheapest stock in the world to buy? Absolutely not. But at the end of the day, is Google stock higher and five years from now than it is today?

In my opinion, without question, Google’s stock is higher in five years than it is today. Okay, so yeah, Google, I would say there’s actually still some decent opportunity there. The FBX we look at the FBX. Right.

The FBX is the most interesting of big tech, in my personal opinion, looking at a stock with let’s say, around a 33 four p, that number is probably high. I think they’re gonna you know, be way more profitable than what Wall Street thinks.

But it’s around 33 as a company that will grow massively in future years. Look at the revenue growth expected next year, around 24% revenue growth expected next year, and don’t be surprised if they beat that number. Okay.

And so at the end of the day, the you know, the FB looks dang attractive, their FB owns not just Facebook platform, they own Facebook Messenger, they own Instagram, they own WhatsApp, and they own Oculus. Okay, so just a beast of a business model and a beast of a balance sheet.

So if I’m looking at big tech, I actually see opportunities in Google and Facebook the other three now you know, I love those companies that just don’t think there’s as much opportunity because those shots have rained so much.

And you know, an apple Microsoft is limited growth in Amazon’s case they’re still big growth but that valuation is just so rich I my opinion kind of Google and FB they kind of represent just that perfect balance of being these companies insanely profitable very nice growth going in the future for them and valuations that are somewhat realistic.

You know, versus you know, something like an Amazon obviously, that’s got a four p well over 100 Okay, so that’s big tech, and that’s my opinion on big tech k. Now, let’s talk about some growth stocks. Okay, which is a little fun. I know a lot of you guys love the growth stocks.

Okay, so first off, I want to tell you a little secret. Okay. Let me tell you guys a little secret, okay. growth stocks are meant to grow a lot. Okay. A great growth stock should see its stock price appreciate massively over years and years and years. Okay.

That’s why it is a growth stock. If you’re talking about a company that’s going to grow revenues 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% plus a year consistently, this stock should appreciate a lot, the stock price should go up massively, okay. This is not a Coca Cola stock, a coke cola is not going to magically double and McDonald’s is going to magically double okay?

And Procter and Gamble that’s not just going to magically double okay, but where we come into some trouble is sometimes people see some of these growth stocks double let’s we’re gonna grow stock that I’ve been talking about more than any other recently, which is Planet 13.

Right? Everybody thinks this stock is way too expensive now, because the stock price has doubled. Right? It was went from a 240 260 $270 million market cap to now it’s over $400 million market cap. And everybody’s like, oh my gosh.

So you know, basically the market cap, the stock price, everything has doubled up. And so now the stock is way too expensive. Well with a great growth company. That’s what should happen. The stock price should appreciate Okay, it should be doubling and hopefully doubling and doubling and doubling over in future years.

Why? Because a company is expected to be one of the fastest growing companies and then tire stock market next year. Okay. And in future years as well. Next year, the company is expected to grow revenues over 100% I you know, I track hundreds and hundreds of stocks.

I do not know of another company in the entire world as far as public companies that is that will grow revenues over 100% next year. Plant 13 should easily grow triple digits next year. That’s just growth on a whole other level.

Okay? So of course, the stock price is going to go up a lot. It’s natural. It’s a growth stock. Okay? This is what should happen. This isn’t Coca Cola, this isn’t Procter and Gamble, this isn’t McDonald’s, don’t compare it to those companies and be like, Well, no, you can’t.

There’s apples and oranges. Okay, tests on my so right, as a stock that’s $1,650 here today, okay. And everybody says the stock is massively overpriced, or I don’t say everybody, but a lot of people say it’s massively mostly people that don’t own stock.

It’s massively overpriced. And it shouldn’t be trading at that price and those sorts of things. Okay. But the reason most people are saying that is because it’s gone up so much over the past year, right? It was 200 years ago, about a year ago or so it was $200 a share.

Now it’s 1006, hundreds of people like it shouldn’t be that. But keep in mind with Tesla, right? This stock did nothing for almost five years, like just pull up a five year chart for Tesla, and you’re gonna find the stock price did a whole lot of nothing.

Okay? Which is extraordinary, because you just think about the changes that happened in Tesla’s business model. over those five years. Think about the technology, this company launched over those five years.

And all the progress that company made over five years, and the stock price did nothing for five years. Okay. And so some folks look at this and they’re like, look at how much the stock price gone up. It’s like that’s natural stock price did nothing.

This company has amazing tech and they’re going after amazing things. And when you look at the growth that’s expected for this company, right, expected to grow 20% plus in a what during a once in 100 year you know, Roni, Rona event.

That’s extraordinary. That’s extraordinary if they put up that type of number, right, next year, analysts have this company growing 37% extremely strong growth. Let’s be very clear about that. But we’ve heard Ilan musk go on record that he thinks the company can grow at 50% a year for you for like the next decade.

He basically says, Okay, I mean, imagine how largest company is going to be if you’re talking about a compounded rate of return of 50% revenue growth, year after year after year, for a decade straight in this sort of situation.

We’re talking about a company that will end up being probably the biggest revenue company and then tire world bigger than even an amazing song even if amazings on continues to grow, like a growth beast they are and just think about that for a moment. Okay.

And so it’s not about just like being like, well, if stocks going up a lot lately. It should, okay, it’s a growth stock. These companies are really exciting. They’re doing massive things in the stock price should appreciate in a real huge way.

Okay. You look at something like a revolve stock a stock, I hold an RV Lv, right. This is another one of those stocks, that it’s climbed a lot recently. Okay, let’s be very clear about this. But it’s a $1.5 billion market cap.

That’s really, really small. When you think about the where this company’s going, and how they’re the new age of like a Nordstrom slash Macy’s and you think about like, a lot of the traditional business models that have been hurt, you know, and, you know, mall based retail, the dillards, the Macy’s, JC Penney’s, you know, forever 21.

All those stores are, you know, for the most part, most of them are going under, right. And so, if you’re shopping for clothing, then you’re going to go somewhere else. And revolve is that company that could be, you know.

Let’s call them the potential Amazon, but of clothing, okay. And especially the, you know, the higher end clothing, you know, let’s talk about clothing products over $50. That’s really their specialty.

Okay, not to say they don’t care about those, those lower brackets, but that’s really their specialty, those orders of you know, that somebody will buy $100 dress or $200 dress or something like that, okay.

And so when you look at this company, it’s a company that could easily be a 5 billion plus dollar mark cap in the next five years. And it’s 1.5 billion. So those stock prices went up a lot. Recently, it still could potentially go up massively over the next several years, because they have such a massive opportunity.

And the company executes so well, the management team is so forward looking with that company. It’s absolutely amazing. So don’t be surprised if that’s, you know, 3 billion 5 billion $7 billion company down the road versus 1.5 day.

So you when you just think about that, it’s like okay, 1.5 today, and it could go to, you know, 5 billion or so like that valuation is a little compelling, right. Okay. So listen, guys, just because it went up.

And when I say it went up, I’m talking about stock price, okay? It doesn’t mean it’s not a buy, just simply put, just because a stock price went up a bunch, it whether it’s in a few months, time or year time, wherever doesn’t mean it’s not a buy, you got to really look at the valuations of these companies.

If we look at Tesla, for example, right in the public count, we have 150 shares of Tesla cost basis to 27. We’re up 213,000 on that. Let’s dig a little deeper. Let me show you details around I know my purchase About Tesla, because I didn’t just buy 150 shares all at one price.

Okay? Look at how many different times I bought Tesla shares in that public account about 27 shares at 272. I bought 10, shares at 236 12, shares at 234 11, shares at 254 12. shares at 226 17. shares at 219 29. shares at $196.15. shares at $188.17 shares at $223.

Look at that, I purchased that stock so many different times different shares different prices. And it wasn’t like I looked at that stock, and I said, Oh, man, it’s higher than I bought it last time. Like, heck, I bought it at 234, then I buy it, what a couple days later for 254.

Because at the end of the day, I’m just like, this stock has massive potential. And so why not buy some more shares? Just because it’s $20 a share more expensive than it was two days ago? Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t buy some more shares here today. Because guess what, I thought this stock had the potential to be a 2000 $3,000 plus stock in the future.

And if I’m thinking that way, right? Does it really matter? If I’m buying the stock at 232 50? To 70 180? Of course not. I mean, I would love to get the cheapest possible, but at the end of the day, it’s all gravy in the end, because of this stocks 1000 2000 3000 plus dollars in the future.

What does it matter in here today? Obviously, the stock 16 $100. So it really didn’t matter what price I was buying it at that time, it was all gravy and simply put in the same thing goes for today.

I mean, if you really think Tesla’s going to be a 3000 or $4,000 stock, does it matter if you buy a 14 $100.15 $100 $600.17 $100? Of course not. That just matters that you buy. And then if you think the stock is going to that place over time in planning 13th case.

I own the stock and four different stock market accounts with cost basis is that are dramatically higher than other accounts. This one $1.25 cost basis, this $1.47. So first off, this is already met, you know, if you run the percentages on buying at $1.25 versus $1.47.

We’re talking about a massive difference in percentages. But the same time I looked this talk I’m like this is probably gonna be a $10 plus talk in the future. So does it matter if I bought it? $1.25 or dollar? 47? No, it just matters that I’m paying.

Okay, this account, look at this one $1.69 we’re talking about that that’s a ridiculous percentage increase versus $1.25. And this is my highest one here. $1.70 cost basis on this stock, right? When I when the first shares I bought was $1.25. You know, we’re talking about massive, massive gargantuan difference in cost basis there.

But at the end of the day, when it comes to great growth stocks, it doesn’t, it doesn’t really matter the specific price you get in you know, value stocks, different story, you really got to be very specific about those prices.

But when it comes to great growth stocks, it’s all gravy. Okay, let me tell you what has cost me more money in the stock market the past 12 years than anything else. And this was, you know, specifically my first like, 10 years and last year too, I really kind of got out of this frame of mind.

Thank goodness Finally, but the first 10 years of stock market this cost me more money than anything, okay, I’d research a stock look into a fully I’d buy that stock, and it would go up 5% 10% 15% from I bought and I would say no, I’m not buying anymore.

I’m refusing to buy when all along in my head, I understood that this stock has you know, opportunity to 50% 100% go up 150% 200% in the future, and I wouldn’t buy just because it went up 510 15% refuse to buy and it would go up more and more and more.

Everything would play out just as I thought it would play out and I never bought more because why that’s just stupid because it went up 5% 10% 15% if I expect the stock to double up or more than double up in future years, why was I not willing to pay 10% more that cost me so much money in my first yield 10 years basically in the stock market.

Like I said it literally in the past year or two that’s when my mindset really started changing I realize how dumb that strategy truly was to you know, not buy a stock just because it went up 5% or 10% or something like that the other day if it’s especially when talking about growth stocks.

If man you got to take advantage you know, if we’re talking about waste management be very specific with pricing. We’re talking about Pepsi stock v be very specific with pricing. If we’re talking about Walmart stock be very specific with pricing, but with great growth companies.

It doesn’t work like that. Okay, so we’ve covered big tech, we’ve covered growth stocks. Now let me tell you about some slept on sectors, in my opinion, some opportunities out there and some different industries, okay.

The restaurant industry there are a lot of public companies that are in the restaurant industry. Okay, now, they’re not all of these stocks are pies, I can tell you that but there’s definitely definitely some opportunities if you’ve got a little bit of a risk, you know, appetite for yourself.

You might have an appetite and no pun intended for some of these restaurant stocks. Okay, because some of these restaurant stocks are still heavily beaten down, right? Because a lot of them have had to close their indoor dining, and a lot of business models just got absolutely destroyed in March and April and May, okay, and they, you know, started to come back to life.

But the flat out honest truth is a lot of these stocks are still down 30% 40%, some 50% plus from their highs. And if you look at the balance sheets, and some of these companies, a lot of them are have a very good opportunity to, you know, basically stay alive and thrive in 2021 2022.

And moving into future years. Okay, obviously, you guys, if you follow me closely, you know, my number one play in the restaurant industry, the number one, you know, ROI opportunity I see out there is Cheesecake Factory.

That’s the number one I personally see, I own 800 shares, I think this is in the public count. And then I also own another account, which is this one here, this, I think my main private account, and I owned all over $38,000 in that account.

And so far, we’re doing pretty good on it, I think we’ll do even better in the future. And when it comes to some of these being down restaurant stocks, some like cheesecake factory, it’s going to make it through this mess, in my opinion is going to easily make it through this mess.

And at the end of the day, this is likely going to be a you know, 35 if not 40 plus dollar stock, you know, within the next couple years. And so when I look at that, I’m just like the ROI is too dang attractive to just, you know, not not look at essentially, and so they’re not the only ones in the restaurant space.

There’s some other opportunities out there for you guys. I think there’s just that’s just the interesting sector that hasn’t come back, you know, because ultimately, the business models haven’t come back yet.

And so Wall Street wants to see a little more proof. And then you know, they’ll start jumping back in those stocks. Okay, you know, CCL, I got to actually say the cruise operators, some interesting values here, you know, I at the end of the day, these companies more likely gonna make it through.

They’ve made it through the toughest spot and cruising should start at the end of this year, and moving into 2021. And from what we’ve heard from these cruise operators, his demand for 2021 cruising is actually extremely high. Okay, guess what? newsflash, people that love to go on cruises. still love the cruises.

Okay. And we’ve heard this from almost every single cruise operator out there. 2021 demand is extremely high. It ended like I said, it’s not just for Carnival, if you look at what the other guys have set out there, you know, from Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, they look like you know, demand is just really, really strong for 2021 as far as people booking cruises in the future.

So if I look at something like CCL stock that is heavily beaten down still gets not $8 like it was at the lows, okay, but the flat out honest truth. Is this a stock that was usually what $40 plus right? When it came to Carnival Cruise Line, this was like a 4050 $60 stock in the past.

It’s 15 bucks here today. It’s still a dang you know, cheap company. And I get questions. Sometimes when people are like, well, would you rather buy like the cruise operators like a CCL or Royal Caribbean or something like that?

Or what about the airline companies like Southwest Airlines or delta or American Airlines or something like that? And so let me put up this slide I made for you guys. Okay, this is why I love the cruise companies a lot more than the airline companies. Okay.

Cruise company, you know, I mean different ways these guys make money. It’s ridiculous. Okay, first, I’m going to sell you a ticket just to get on board the ship. Okay. Then once you get on board, you’re probably going to want to party a bit, you’re probably going to want to drink right?

So then any, you know, alcohol, you’re gonna you’re gonna consume on board, you’re gonna pay for that out of pocket. Okay, some crews are like, you know, it, I guess you could say like, it’s included in it, but that’s not most of them. And if you want to get on one of those ticket prices, usually extremely expensive. Okay.

So you’re going to go to the bar, you’re going to have drinks, you’re paying for that out of pocket, okay? If you want to get the better food and eat it, the better restaurants, okay, you got to pay for that out of pocket.

You can get like buffet food, basically complimentary, but any of the upgrade of foods, you’re coming out of pocket for that, okay, there are clothes for sale on board, their jewelry, on board, all those sorts of things.

I mean, anybody that’s been on a cruise that’s watching this video, leave me a comment down there. Okay, you guys know what it’s like being on these big cruise ships. There’s so many different ways you end up spending money, right?

They have spas on board. So all sudden you want to get your nails done or your hair done. You want to get a massage, you want to get a facial something like that. That’s a big money making operation for them on board.

Okay, they have gaming on board. And I’m not just talking about arcades, I’m talking about adult arcades as well, okay, casinos on board, all those sorts of things. There’s, and there’s more than that. But that’s just kind of like the main things are making money from once you get on board that ship versus an airline company, right?

They sell you their ticket, and they might make some money off you on baggage right? I can tell you I don’t think I’ve ever paid for baggage in my life flying anywhere because I don’t take a lot of baggage with me when I fly.

So if I book a flight on Southwest or whoever, okay, they make money off the ticket and that’s it. And that’s what really differentiates the business models my opinion what makes me a lot more attracted to the cruise operators versus the airline companies because as a cruise operators, man, they got so many different ways to make money is currency.

Okay, airline companies like tickets. That’s it and hope maybe you you’ve checked some more baggage or something like that. Okay. So yeah, cruise companies. I think there’s actually some opportunity T there.

Okay, next one up here, Mo based strong brands, there’s actually some opportunity here. And these are these are basically companies that are in the balls, okay? But they’ve been beaten down because they’re just thrown in the category of mall based retail.

But the fact is, these particular brands are extremely strong. I’m going to mention a few specific ones here, but these aren’t the only ones Okay, and there’s been a lot that have been heavily beat down. First one up here is footlocker ticker symbol.

fl think there’s a lot of opportunity anytime the stock is under $30 a share specifically, okay, this stock is going to 40 plus again in the future years and my personal opinion, okay, too strong of a brand.

It doesn’t matter footlocker man, they’re just they’re in with, you know, the biggest players, specifically Nike, and they just do a great job with that business and they invest in new platforms that are coming up and you really need to you know, once you really do your research in this company, you’re gonna realize they actually own a lot more than just footlocker stores.

They own a lot of other massive brands and growing brands and the management team is just really dang good at this company. And so they get lumped into that mall based retailer when the fact is, they’re going to be around long after malls or you know, traditional malls or whatever are around Okay, tapestry TPR same exact situation.

They get lumped in with everybody else that’s in the mall based retail tapestry owns amazing brands that have been around you know, some of these brands have been around for 50 years, 100 years, right? They own coach, they own Kate Spade, they own Stuart Weitzman.

So phenomenal brands that honestly you know people shop online for these brands. Okay, if you want to coach you know, purse or coach bag, handbag, whatever, or coach wallet, you go to coach calm and you buy it right there.

It’s not like you have to be in the mall and happen to walk by a store and be like, Oh, I gotta go buy a $300 handbag, or something like that, or gotta go buy a you know, $250 pair of high heels from Stuart Weitzman or something like that it’s not the way it works so tapestry has been lumped in with all these.

Other mall based retailers and the fact is this company is likely going to be a $30 plus stock in future years once they you know get back on their feet let’s just put that way okay no pun intended Capri holdings not my favorite company in the world but I can tell you there’s likely opportunity in this one cook pre they’ll Michael Kors, they own Jimmy Choo and they own Versace.

Okay, the reason it’s not my favorite company by the way is just because I thought they way overpaid for Versace when they bought Versace you know a few years ago okay, but the end of day Capri holdings ticker symbol CP ri Yeah, they’re gonna likely make it through this mass and likely it’s going to be a much higher stock in future years than it is today.

And another one of those that own some phenomenal brands. But you know, everybody’s just like, doesn’t want to own it right now on wall street because it’s a quote unquote, mall based retailer which I think is just absolutely ridiculous already.

So we’ve talked a little bit about big tech stocks, right we’ve talked about growth stocks, we’ve talked about some value stocks that are some you know, interesting valuations out there that should see good price appreciation in future years but we haven’t talked about dividends Okay. Do but that’s okay.

Banks, the banks Okay, not the sexiest stocks in the world believe me, okay, these aren’t the type of stocks that you’re gonna double up your money and double up your money in but the banks have you’re looking for some good dividend money as you think the banks are pretty attractive here.

Okay. JP Morgan Chase, over three and a half percent yield on the stock Bank of America 2.7% yield on the stock. Remember, these banks are basically backed by the federal government, okay. It’s just facts, you know, the all these big banks that, you know, they’re just not going to let them fail because it’s just too big and they just cause too much damage out there.

Okay, US Bancorp look at this one, four and a half percent dividend yield on US Bank Corp. When you look at these big banks, it’s dang attractive when you look at these dividend yields, and you’ll likely probably get some price appreciation over time in these names as well.

And the fact is, you look at you know, savings account interest rates point 06 percent mean, I would much rather put my money in a US Bank stock and get that four and a half percent yield and take my risk with the stock myth, then put the money in a savings account where I get new, literally nothing on it.

I mean, that’s just ridiculous. Okay, so if you’re looking for dividend plays, I think the banks are actually some pretty intriguing prices here. Okay. Next up, we’ve talked a little bit about travel earlier and we talked about cruise companies, airlines, things like that.

What about something like Wynn resorts I think Wynn resorts is actually an intriguing price anytime it’s under 100. It’s pretty intriguing. But what I’m seeing is I’m seeing kind of a you know, a bit of a things are getting better for when let’s just put it that way and a lot better.

I mean, this business model was devastated. They had to be forced to be closed in Macau and to be forced to be closed in my city. I live in Vegas for months, right. The business is getting back on their feet again, which is phenomenal news. Okay. I live in Vegas.

I can tell you I go down the strip. Okay, go down there. See how businesses and weekends are actually getting pretty strong. I will say that now or is it back to normal? No, but I will say you know, Thursday evenings are getting a you know, pretty decent but Fridays.

Saturdays and Sundays are actually pretty dang busy on the strip now their business is really lacking is weekday still okay? monday, tuesday wednesday are really really weak because those are usually the days when we have a lot of you know, companies come in town and like a lot of convention business and things like that.

So that business is still extremely slow and probably will be extremely slow all the way until, you know, probably almost 2022 but the fact is weekends are getting stronger and stronger. And I’m noticing more and more people down there which is definitely good news.

Okay, as well as when I go by the VIP rooms you know, at the when those places aren’t ghost town it’s actually a decent amount of people in there because guess what, there’s a lot of people who still a lot of money that want to go do something, and some of those people love to go get in some gaming action.

Okay, but it’s not just about Vegas, you know, the biggest thing for when is the Macau market. Okay, by foreign Wait, it’s just way bigger for them than then Vegas, okay. And things are starting to finally move in the right direction in regards to China, and basically kind of taking some of the reins off and letting some more folks start to go to Macau.

Because Macau numbers have been, you know, down like 90% plus for months and months now, okay, but it’s because China has been so restrictive and who can even go to Macau, but it looks like things are gonna start easing up into the full time.

That’s phenomenal news. And hopefully China’s you know, eases back even a little bit more, as long as you know, hopefully no, Roni Rhona’s go crazy or anything like that. And then hopefully as 2021 rolls on.

Macau will get stronger and stronger and stronger, and the numbers will look less bad, less bad, and then maybe in the back half of 2021 they can actually get to some very nice growth year over year and so that’s going to be a massive change for when the business model and ultimately its stock price as things start to ease up there.

So I actually think there’s some opportunity in some of those players lbs you know, not not a bad one as well out there. So hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up.

This was a very in depth video, and we talked about a lot of stocks, hope you guys got a lot of value out of it. And that definitely helps out the YouTube channel in a massive way. And if you’re looking for some help out there, you want to scale your stock market portfolio to much bigger numbers specifically.

If you have five figures plus in the market right now, or you’re looking to invest five figures plus this year, check out first link in the description down there, go ahead and apply and hopefully we’ll be able to get on a call with you tell you about a product and service we have in the market to help you scale your stock market portfolio. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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