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Well what a stock market we are in! Today I was down about a quart mil and then all of a sudden im up slightly in my public account. This stock market has been acting really SUS! Everyone has been asking me in the private stock group to the youtube comments about what to do is this type of stock market.

In this video I am going to talk to you about what to do in a stock market like this. I am going to tell you exactly what I’m doing in this stock market. I’m also going to talk about when this sketch stock market is going to end. I am going to give you my opinion on all this and I hope this helps a lot of you that are new to the stock market and have never experienced anything like this.

Leave me a comment with your opinion! I would love to hear what you guys are doing during this stock market. Are you selling stocks? Are you buying stocks? Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Well here is a sketchy stock market continues. The Nasdaq continues its drama, the tech stocks, the high value stocks, the drama continues. We have a lot to talk about. I’ve been trying to keep you guys up to date as much as possible on my third channel called just Jeremy Lefebvre or financial education three.

By the way, shout out to the financial education three squad you guys always show up. If you’re not subscribed over there were notifications on Make sure to do it the last 48 hours we’ve been pumping out content on that channel.

But the NASDAQ is now negative year to date, the market has gone negative and people are saying what is going on what the heck is about to happen in the stock market.

I’ve been in this game for quite a while now. I’ve seen a lot of different markets, I’ve seen crashes, I’ve seen corrections. I seen sketchy stock markets.

And I gotta say, maybe max level sketchiness happened here today, okay, we’re going to talk about that I’m going to show you some things that are not to be trusted. Okay. In this video, we’re gonna get into two core things. Okay.

We’ll talk about what I am doing in the stock market right now. We’re gonna talk about stocks. I’m specifically buying up there like stocks literally, I bought today. Okay. And then we’re gonna talk about when will this drama in the stock market end? Okay.

It’s been absolute craziness right now. I mean, today, I think I think it was down over a quarter million dollars when I woke up this morning. And then next thing you know, I’m gonna be up on the day and it’s like, what? Okay, this is just the weird stock market wins.

So hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, hope you get a ton of value out of it. Make sure you smash as always, never ever take smashing for granted. Okay, let’s try to hit 10,000 thumbs up on this video I think is definitely possible for us if you’re looking to apply from a private stock group and learn how to take advantage of deals out there in the market when presented how to value companies all those sorts of things.

That link is going to be in the description might also have that as the pin comment down there. completely random guys. I just saw this as an interesting, okay, Best and Worst credit scores in the United States of America. Does this any of this surprise you? or anything like that?

My parents actually live in Sun City West, I send this to my dad. I said, Man, you guys got a good credit score over there. 789. Look at you guys. He said, Man, I don’t know why they even let us live here. We don’t have that good of a credit score. But anyways, interesting stuff already.

First thing up here, we’re gonna talk about what I am doing in this market stocks. I’m buying things like that. Okay. Well, first off, if we go back in time to just three or four weeks ago, I was up to about 24% ish. cash. Okay. And today, I’m at about 19% why I’ve been deploying money into the market left and right, specifically, very recently, okay.

And basically, the more deals that are out there in the market, the more the stock market goes down in presents some stocks that are you know, very undervalued, in my opinion, that’s just going to mean less cash for me, because I’m going to be deploying money in the market and buying those stocks and buying those stocks.

When there’s less deals in the market. And it’s hard for me to find any good deals out there. It’s gonna mean I’m building cash. That’s basically how I hedge myself in the stock market. People are like, well, you short stocks Do you buy put options? What do you do in a stock market where you feel it’s overvalued? I just add cash, okay, that’s what I do.

I add to my cash balance, I try to never go over 30% cash that’s like my, if you ever see me at 30% cash, that means a maximum pretty much bearish on the market. But you know, I got pretty high I mean, 24% you know, cash that’s pretty darn high. I mean, I usually like to stay at 20% or preferably even under 20% cash, okay.

And that’s my deal. And for me to get up to 24% that just shows that literally just a few weeks ago, I just know that I thought we were kind of overvalued on the market. Do you know what I’m gonna I’m gonna say kind of straight up overvalued.

Okay, but a lot of stocks have come down quite considerably, and specifically some stocks I love, okay, look at this just within a two hour period this morning. Okay, this is just in one account. This is just in my main private account.

I bought over $22,000 worth of course, era gaming. See RSR, they’re basically a big gaming company $2 billion, like high $2 billion market cap, and this stock was trading big time down here at the open. This was a stock that was $50. Not that long ago.

It was trading in the 20s here today. Then I went ahead and I bought over $9,000 worth of tattoos chef, a huge growing company in basically the plant based food space.

Then I bought another $4,300 worth, of course, their gaming, and another $2,900 worth, of course, their gaming, and that’s just all in my main private party within a two hour period. And if we look at just that account, and you know, the past few days, basically this week,

I’ve been deploying money out there aggressively about 52,000 plus dollars worth of the FB on three one on three, three, about $15,000 worth of course they’re about another 5000 plus dollars worth of the FB on three three about 16,000 plus dollars.

RSR on the fourth about another $9,600, a tattoo chef on the fourth as well. And that’s just one account. Never mind what I was buying in the public account. And the other accounts, I have chase accounts and things like that.

So needless to say, you can see how I went from, you know, let’s say, like 24%, cash to 19% cash, you know, between all my different accounts buying, buying, buying, man, whoo, okay.

And if we look at a stock like Coursera, gaming CRS are, this is a stock that very recently has just been reaching lower lows pretty much including today, the stock got all the way under $29, this chair, okay. And by the way, let me be very clear, although this one has bounced back into the 30s.

I could definitely see a possibility that this stock moves back to the 20s. This is why I don’t go all in in the market in one day or something like that. Because what the stockland course they are gaming, basically, a lot of the insiders going to be able to sell out some shares, not because they don’t believe in the company, but just like the lockup period ends.

And some people want to you know, buy a house, make a down payment on a house, buy a car, or go on vacation, diversify some wealth and things like that. So with company, like course they’re gaming.
This could easily easily go back to the 20s again, and I will be there to pick up any shares possible anything in the 30s or 20s, as somebody that believes a lot in this company over the next three to five years.

In the short term here, give me all your shares, you want to sell your shares to me, okay, that’s all I’ll say about that. I’m going to, you know, continue to buy that stock, but it’s reaching lower lows. And when a stock keeps reaching lower lows, you know, don’t be surprised if we reach this is even further lower lows.

Okay, I remember the day course air hit down to 33. And I didn’t wake up in time, and I was like, Oh my gosh, I missed Coursera 33. And then look at that Coursera hits 29. Now, some people might say, Well, why not just wait until it goes even lower, you don’t know when the lows are going to be basically Okay, maybe their stock goes down to 2725.

That’s a possibility I’ll be happy to by the name of the game is you can’t get perfect around price, you see a stock that’s a deal for a long term deal. You got to take advantage of course here in my opinion, will be a $50 $100 stock in future years. And so you know whether I buy it, you know, 3129 27 doesn’t really make a difference.

I will just continue to add shares as it continues to go down. Okay, tattooed chef, another perfect example. Look at the stock, it was in the $17 range. Congrats anybody that picked up that one today in the 17th, especially anybody that’s going to be a long term shareholder of this company in the next five years, they should grow massively. I mean, it was trading at a $1.4 billion market cap here today.

Keep in mind, company just said recently, they have $200 million in cash came in this company is rapidly growing in there in the exact space you want to be in, in the food sector with a huge growing brand that has literally a decade of growth ahead of this company.

There’s I mean, there’s got to be a food giant in the future. And the company was trained on 1.4 billion today with like $200 million cash on the balance sheet. You know, this is, you know, there’s some deals out there, needless to say, and some people say, well, let’s talk a little expensive.

And they’ll say it’s expensive, because it’s a food company. But how many food companies are growing revenues 40 50% they’re expected to grow revenues this year. 50% if not over 50% how many food companies in the industry are growing like that? Okay, that’s why this one trades rich and deserves to trade at a premium to pretty much any other.

You can’t value this one like you value craft or conagra foods or something like that. Those companies are trying to barely keep the numbers the same. Okay. I mean, they’re lucky if they don’t go negative as far as their growth tattooed chef over here is grown 40 50% a quarter in a quarter out of two, you know, just way different companies.

But yeah, look at that. This is just very recently the company said the company’s total cash balances now approximately $200 million. So they have set up for massive expansion. They got the money around to build more factories. They’re a vertically integrated company.

They want to open up more farms, they can do that get distribution out there anything they need machines, more employees, more folks on the sales team, he doesn’t matter more top level executives from some of the food companies that aren’t growing at all, and some of those executives are like boring, you know, just bored over at those companies like Oh, man, let’s hope we can sell as many you know, Oreo cookies as we sold last year.

Okay. I’m sure some of those people would love to jump ship and come to a company that’s grow the beast like that company. Okay. Gigi, TT f so I didn’t buy this stock today.

I’ve been buying very recently, but I mean, it made a huge upward move like 14% here today. Okay, absolutely big move. Now, you know, it’s up for you guys to kind of make sure you know, these lies are basically told his lies, okay? Because people are just like, well make up stuff out there. Look at this. Okay, so I was on the like, the message boards.

I was like, Oh, let me go through the message boards on Yahoo. and kind of see what people are talking about with this stock and things like that. And I saw something like this is Jeremy just sold his entire position, sell, sell, sell back to 30 cents. And that’s, you know, that’s the type of garbage that goes on out there. Okay.

And people are going to try to freak people out of the market or freak people out of stocks and things like that, and just make up Straight up lies and I can’t be out there to defend myself you know on the big brand and that’s just like what happens essentially at the other day people will just make up lies. You guys got to look out for other investors and other people out there and set the record straight.

Okay? stuff like this is going on in the comment section everyday we have two banned accounts after banned accounts after being accounts, what they’ll do is they’ll take my profile picture in basically the the name of the channel.

Jeremy Lefebvre, whatever is on the third channel and then they’ll leave comments like this thanks for commenting inbox, my trade, you know, analysis for Bitcoin crypto investments, they’ll they’ll put a bunch of crap like that with like some WhatsApp number or something like that.

Make sure you guys report knows I know a lot of you guys are reporting those accounts. And I appreciate that. And thank you for that. If you ever have a question, if it’s a real account or something like that, like just click on the name, usually the names highlight it.

First off, if it’s actually from me, it’s like highlighting, you know, basically reply or comment, but you can click on and see if it’s actually the real account. And 99% of the time, it’s not.

And we have to be in a ton of different accounts on all the different channels every single day. And this happens on everybody’s channel happens on Graham’s channels, Andres channels, Kevin’s channels, every single person in the finance space is basically having this go on.

And so some people will message and then they’ll give like crypto money because they think it’s like one of us or something like that’s absolutely insane. On Instagram, it’s getting really bad right now.

Okay, Instagrams out of control. So essentially, what they’ll do is they’ll like change a couple letters in like, you know, the username, so you can’t do the exact same username on Instagram, but they’ll change they’ll like, basically copy my whole like thing, you know, like, Everything I have is my text, they’ll copy the profile picture, it’ll change like one or two letters, so people don’t notice.

And they’ll just message all my followers about like, you know, hey, have this course and you just have to give me some crypto or something like that. Okay. I’m never gonna dm you unless you DM me.

And even if you DM me, sometimes, you know, it’s up for calling, you know, I don’t have time to just be like, Oh, let me let me go out of my way and start dming everybody that follows me or something like that, Okay, guys, like, you know, just be on the lookout for things like that.

When you see these fake accounts on Instagram and platforms like that makes sure you’re reporting them in mass, because the sad part is, some people fall for this, and they send crypto to these people, you know, try to get in some course or something like that, okay, you can’t get less, okay. You can’t get in my private group.

Unless you go through a whole like application process and everything like that. If you think I’m out there just messaged people, like, oh, give me give me, you know, $500 worth of Bitcoin, I’ll let you in my private group, something like that, like, give me a break. Okay, you have to go through an application process and things like that.

Back in the day, we let just you know, anybody join, it basically was just a fee, and you can join it. Now you have to get on the phone, you have to do an application, we had too many sketchy people trying to come in there and either scam people or give Intel about stocks I was looking into and then front run us on moves and things like that.

It got to a whole like messy situation, there are over 100 people in there with over a million dollars in the market. I mean, we have CEOs in there. We have like, you know, professional athletes in there. And like I have to protect these people at the end of the day.

And like, we can’t just let anybody in there. So yeah, make sure you’re checking account and I’m never gonna be like, Oh, yeah, give me 500 bucks. And I’ll let you just make sure it’s crypto and I’ll let you in my private group. Like, give me a break, guys. Okay, but make sure you’re protecting everybody, even on the millennial money channel, the brand new channel, this is how bad these these situations are getting.

Okay? on Millennial money, they’re copying. Basically, you know the name because you can do that on YouTube, which is unfortunate. You can copy the name in the picture, and then they’ll put this crap out there, guys. Okay, make sure you’re reporting those accounts in mass. It is such a problem out there. It’s ridiculous. Okay.

And it’s really sad, but it’s it. You know, I don’t know if YouTube can do anything about it that I think YouTube should put something in place where they you can only have one username, but even then they’re still going to just change one letter or something like that. And maybe people will notice that same thing that happens on Instagram.

Okay, so anyways, back to the market. I just had to get that out there. That’s really really important stuff, guys, you got to look out for each other. Otherwise, it’s just, it’s bad situations. Okay, but back to the market. Okay.

So here’s the situation, if the market continues to go lower, I will continue buying heavier and heavier and heavier, lower the market goes, I buy heavier and recently got, you know, fidelity to go down to 1.55% margin interest rate in rate at the perfect time because essentially, if this market continues to go lower.

Who will be tempted to do a little bit of margin, not the biggest fan of margin, but my gosh, when you can get 1.55% and, you know, we could be looking at stocks that continue to fall.

Hmm. UK, you know, Let’s all say that. Okay. So when will this market drama, and this is a next big question. Well, first off, valuations are coming back to reality valuations got really out of whack and they needed to come back to reality and they’re finally starting to come back to reality and so that’s good news. Okay.

But still some valuations are very original stocks even though we’ve had a big drop like some still are rich and some of those still need to come back.

Reality more, okay, there’s a D margining going on out there. So it’s funny, I’m starting to get a little into margin and meanwhile, everybody’s having a D margin because people you know, it’s what always happens, the stock market goes to all time highs, people margin like crazy it basically right at the highs, and then the market sells off huge people get margin calls, and then all sudden the market will go low and no one’s margin. Like it’s the craziest thing.

And it’s so unfortunate, but it’s what happens in the stock market. So there’s d margining going on out there in the markets. And believe me, this stock market keeps dropping, whoo, you’re gonna have a lot of big margin calls out there.

There’s no doubt about that. And a lot of funds investors in general are going to have to sell off shares, okay. In remember, okay, this is very big. I brought this out on the video on financial education three last night. Basically, we’re laughing 365 days since a big stock market crash last year.

Remember a lot of folks a lot of funds, a lot of investors were buying in February, March, April, as that market was just really down and out. Because remember, even though the market was selling off heavy, and there was a ton of funds and investors selling shares, every time there was a share sold, there’s a buyer on the other side, okay.

And a lot of those buyers have made a lot of money in some of those individuals want to take profits or need to take profits for different reasons. And when you have big sell offs like this, they really get scared and they’ll be like, Okay, let me definitely take profits, okay.

And we’re hitting this 365 day lap right now that’s going on in basically as soon as we hit like 365 days would happen. market started selling off almost immediately from the time basically the stock market crash last year, right. soon as we started hitting about 365 day lap, we’ve seen weakness and weakness and weakness in the market. Okay.

So in my opinion, if we’re thinking about a bottom, I think within the next 30 to 60 days, we will bottom in the market, okay. 

And then the whole stimulus thing will happen will start climbing back and things like that. But I think somewhere in the 30 to 60 day range. The market came back huge today. Okay.

And some folks will look at this and they’ll say we’re good the markets good now we’re back up, you know, huge reversal in the NASDAQ. NASDAQ was down you know, two 3% and you know, who knows where the NASDAQ kind of finish up today. Maybe it’s up a 1% 2%. So people are gonna say this is a huge reversal. And everything’s good for now. Okay.

I’m looking at this and I’m saying this is sketch K. Very, very sketch come back in the market. Very, very strange. 

Okay. Very, very strange, huh? I don’t know. Okay. I don’t know. You know, it’s sometimes I look at the market. I’m like, I don’t trust you. You know, stock markets showing fake love to me.

fake love to me. I got a fake stock market. Jones. Oh, my gosh, I can’t sing Okay, saying that was just awful. I do apologize to anybody that just had to hear that. But the stock market no doubt it’s sketchy. Okay. It really is sketch to me.

His whole comeback today. Just smells a little funny. Okay, that’s all I’m gonna say about that just smells a little funny. Maybe there are a lot of call options expiring some fund managers maybe got you know, weren’t in a good position.

And then, you know, Ah, man, I you know, I don’t know what I can say. But it’s just it’s just it has a sketchy feeling as somebody that’s been doing this for 1213 years now. 

You know, there’s just certain time periods when I’ll watch price activity in the market I’ll say doesn’t doesn’t feel right doesn’t look right.

And that’s kind of what I feel NASDAQ here today, when it bounced back huge. I’m like, I feel like it’s just a trickster at the moment, okay. 

Now, no one knows exactly when the stock market is going to bottom if the stock market was to bottom today, or next week, or next month, I think the stock market’s gonna bottom in the next 30 to 60 days, but no one knows exactly when the stock market is going to bottom. Okay.

So what you can do is you just got to basically if you see deals in the market, you just got to keep buying, okay, the chances you’re going to load up on shares at the very bottom date is unrealistic, right? I mean, 

You know, I could get course air shares for maybe cheaper in two or three weeks. Who knows? Maybe I do maybe I don’t All I know is today it was a deal.

Today was a deal and I was gladly buying Okay, and if it goes lower sweet, if it goes to 27 I’ll gladly buy like that’s just the name of the game for me. 

I don’t deploy all my money out there one day I’ll gladly continue to add deals and add deals and I’ll buy into weakness of tattooed chef wants to go back to 17 1615 I will be there to pick up as many shares as possible that’s the bottom line okay.

No one knows exactly the exact day the markets going to bottom or something like that. I got really fortunate when I came out with that video 351 days ago, okay, it was a video called when the stock market will be bottom in my opinion okay. In within literally, I think it was like like two trading days of that video coming out. Like literally stock market bottom.

Okay, that was really, really fortunate. All right, but I never even predicted the exact date I just said the stock market would bottom within 30 days. It just so happens that the stock market bottomed A few days after that video came out. That’s it somewhere in the next 30 days Oh, bottom, I just didn’t know exactly when.

And you know, if anybody’s trying to predict they know the exact day the markets in the bottom, it’s very unrealistic you can guess. But no one knows the exact day, you just have a kind of like, if you’ve been doing this a long time.

On a high level, you just have kind of a feeling of like where valuations get when things start to really make sense to buy heavy and when kind of things will bounce back. So yeah, you know, I’ll continue to take advantage of deals out there.

You guys, make sure you continue to take advantage of deals out there. Make sure you understand how to value companies, this is really, really key, the last six to nine months. 

You haven’t needed though, basically until recently, you haven’t needed to even worry about valuations. It was just by anything, by anything, it’s going up by anything. Okay.

It’s not the way the stock market usually works. Okay. valuations do matter. If you’re talking about potential interest rates going up, if you’re talking about potential inflation, believe me valuations are going to matter more than ever okay? And so if you don’t know how to value companies, you don’t really know how to run future numbers and things like that.

It’s It’s a scary time to be investing in high growth stocks six, nine months ago, man, buy anything like in like, literally, you could just buy anything at any valuation, it’s like, boom, you make money, okay? in future years, it will not be like that.

That’s the way the market changes over time and valuations do matter most of the time. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, don’t forget to smash as always, I appreciate guys lets me know you get good value out a video like this where we cover different subjects. If you’re looking to apply for the private stock group that’s going to be linked in the description.

I don’t have there’s a pinned comment down there and that will definitely help you understand how to value companies along with a whole lot more than that. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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