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Today we go over the top 5 dividend stocks I own that I use for my dividend investing. If this video gets 2,222 thumbs up I will fully reveal my dividend-only account tomorrow on the channel. In this video, i want to share with you what these dividend stocks are so if you are interested in dividend investing you can look further into them.

I value a few things when looking at a dividend stock. One does I see the business increasing over time with the dividend stock. Next is do they pay a dividend yield over 2% and have a great probability of increasing the dividends over time. Then I look at the income statement, balance sheet, competitors etc.

I am not only into dividend investing. I invest in no dividend-paying stocks as well. it is nice to own those dividend stocks though as they throw off cash flow to you. That is the beautiful thing about dividend investing and the passive income you acquire from owning them. You can take that passive income and put the money into more dividend stocks to grow the amount of passive income you receive. Who doesn’t love some dividend passive income :))

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Good day subscribers Hope you guys are having a great day out there as always, if you’re new here I am Jeremy and today I’m gonna be sharing with you my top five dividend stocks that I own. Alright three things I want to get accomplished in this video I want to share with you what these five stocks are that I own that are dividend stocks that I use for dividend investing.

Okay, I want to tell you a little bit about each of these five stocks so you can have somewhat of an idea and if it’s a company you want to look into further and say maybe I want to look into this company a little further Hey, you can go ahead and do that. Okay, and number three thing I would love is I would love to hear from you guys.

If you own any dividend stocks out there. I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, I write 2222 thumbs up on this video by tomorrow and I will reveal my dividends only account in detail showing you cost basis and everything I got a full dividends only account that’s going we started that about a month ago or so.

So if you guys want that make sure you smash the thumbs up button. And you know what, let’s start getting into this guy’s first one up here of the five as a company named sky work solutions ticker symbol s w k s by the way, these dividend yields on these five stocks I’m about to show you they all vary.

Some of these stocks pay a two 3% dividend yield, some of them pay like a six to 7% dividend yield. Okay, but skyworks solutions are market cap on this one a $13.53 billion enterprise value of $11.8 billion always good to see an enterprise value less than the market cap price to sales ratio of 3.8 on the stock forward p e of 12.4 on this stock skyworks Solutions is a semiconductor company at the end of the day okay.

They sell a lot of different semiconductor related products to kind of give you an idea of some of the products they offer which most of the revenue and profits they make are from smartphones all right so if we look at something like an iPhone 10 s like tear down.

Okay, what you’re going to find is several several sky work solutions chips in there and you can literally pretty much go through tear downs of almost any smartphone out there and I fix it does a lot of these like tear downs you can pretty much go through a ton of different companies and you know Samsung LG HTC or.

Google or any of these different players that make smartphones almost all of them you’re going to see sky works solution semiconductor chips in there so that’s the main part of their business okay, now they have huge potential to expand the business with 5g over time Okay, if you didn’t know 5g phones are coming Samsung they just announced their first.

5g phone ever in over the course of the next like 12 to 18 months pretty much every single you know phone manufacturer out there every single OEM is going to be offering 5g phones and this is just a huge growth market it’s as a you know, skywalks opportunity to expand content the phones so maybe they were only making let’s say you know, $10 a phone also now they might be able to make 15 or $20 a.

Phone over time with more and more content in these 5g devices. Okay, so there’s a huge opportunity for sky works, they have a great opportunity to expand their business dramatically in future years All right, now only a 2.34% dividend yield on this one.

So this is a smallest dividend yield of the bunch but look at the payout ratio it’s also super low on the stock only 29% and keep in mind they should be able to increase earnings quite dramatically in the next three to five years which means that dividend yield should increase dramatically over future year so whatever I’m getting for dividend money now is going to pale in comparison in my opinion compared to what.

I’ll get three years from now five years from now seven years from now with that particular stock Okay, so that’s the first one up stock number two up here as good old winning resorts okay ticker symbol w y and and on this particular stock market cap of $12 billion, trailing P of 14 almost 15 for D of about 15 price to sales ratio of 1.8 on the stock they own six different massive resort properties.

Okay, Casino Resort properties, they own two here in Las Vegas where I live the win in the Encore right on the Las Vegas Strip more toward the north side. They own two properties in the old part of Macau, aka Wynn and encore property. The new hottest part of like the Cotai strip, they have a massive over .

$4 billion resort they built their Wynn palace it’s unbelievable is one of the most profitable properties in all of the world and will continue to be for at least the next 10 to 20 years in the future, in my opinion. And then they have a property that just opened about two months ago, it which is called encore Boston Harbor, which is right outside of the Boston Market.

Okay, unbelievable property there. And if you look at this stock, they’re actually expected to increase ETS quite dramatically. Okay, so 599 expecting the current year, but then next year, expect to do $7.25. And then if we could get a trade deal or something like that, and things get a little better in China in general, everything cools down with the Hong Kong protests.

Those numbers next year could even be a lot stronger than that. We’ll have to see all that shakes out but needless to say, should be a strong growth year next year for epcs which is great for dividends at the end of the day. Okay. So as far as the dividend yield right now. 3.6% payout ratio of 42 percent.

And this is a company that I believe in the future, you know, in future years, I think they’ll get to a place where they’re making over $10 of epcs per year. So it’s means they have a great chance to up that dividend in future years, but still a 3.6% dividend yield is nothing to sneeze at as of right now.

And I think we’ll get good stock gains on that stock over time as well. All right, stock number three up here is Nordstrom ticker symbol JW n on this one market cap a little under $5 billion here trailing P of 10. Forward P of nine a price to sales ratio, that’s unbelievably low k point three one like what a low price to sales ratio.

All right, they got a few different businesses they have, okay, they have their department store business, which sells to, you know, basically people that have good money, okay, you know, like they you don’t go to Nordstrom to buy cheap products, you go there to buy, you know, higher end like the fashion names and things like that the top 10% of income earners, top 10% of the wealthy.

They’re the type of people that are Nordstrom customers, then they have their Nordstrom Rack business, which is basically stores that are in strip malls, and they sell some of the name brand products, but for much cheaper prices. Maybe it’s offseason. Maybe it didn’t sell normal stores and things like that.

And so that’s just a great business for him or, you know, people like me that are too cheap to go buy stuff at the break of a Nordstrom store. Where do we go we go to Nordstrom Rack, alright. And then they have trunk Club, which trunk club basically sends you Personalized Products.

A lot of people are loving that business model very similar to like, like a Stitch Fix, but maybe just a little higher end products and things like that, you know, you sign up for something like that you can look as good as that guy. Holy smokes. Okay, now look at this one $3.30 of EPA is expected this year, only 341 expected.

So this is a stock that you shouldn’t expect hardly any earnings per share gains in at least the next year or two. Okay, but that’s fine with me because I’m not expecting huge earnings per share numbers because this one already pays a dividend yield of over 5% it has a P e ratio under 50%.

So if I look at a stock like Nordstrom, I’m like, okay, you know, not a stock we’re gonna get a ton of gains as far as earnings per share, go. But you know, when you’re talking about over a 5% dividend yield for just holding the stock and you’re talking about stock that has a payout ratio under 50%. I’m looking at the stock and I think it’s a stock that has a great opportunity to expand that dividend in future years.

And I think the earnings per share can start increasing you know, a few years down the road I think just here in the short term with the tariffs and all those sorts of things is hurting the business here short term, but if I look on a longer term perspective.

I love this business to four strong brands at that one Okay, that’s why it’s number three Coming in at number four is a company named tapestry Corporation Okay, ticker symbol t p r on this one’s about 22 bucks stock market cap on this one, a six and a half billion dollars for T on this one of eight price to sales ratio of about one on this one, you know, I love that four P of only eight.

All right, they own three different great brands. All right. First one is obviously the coach brand, which is you know, one of the best brands as far as handbags go and wallets and all those sorts of things over the course of the past, you know, 100 plus years that brands been around forever.

Kate Spade has been a brand that, you know, has come out of nowhere over the last 10 years, and you know, become a very popular brand, especially among some of the younger folks out there a lot of people in their 20s and 30s. They love the Kate Spade brand, you know, similar to like a coach, but just It appeals more to the younger audience out there.

And then the third brand they own is a brain called Stuart Weitzman, okay, and this is basically a footwear brand. They sell boots, they sell high heels, all those sorts of products, obviously a very women focus brand there. So three very strong brands, to more on the handbag type segments slash wallets and accessories.

One more on the footwear side. Okay. If we look at TPR once again, it’s kind of like a Nordstrom in respect of not expected to have huge APS gains over the course of next year expect to do about 255 this year, about to 76 next year. So not huge, like like not huge numbers expected over the course of the next year as far as growth goes. But still growth is expected and I love a business that is expected to grow and not shrink.

Okay? Now also look at the dividend yield on this one over 6.5% dividend yield and a payout ratio of 61% which means that payout ratio is pretty safe. Okay, so if I look at that stock, yeah, not another stock kind of like a Nordstrom that we’re not going to get big gains as far as like earnings per share.

It’s not like this is a massive growth company No, but expected to grow. And we’re looking at a 6.5% dividend yield. So I get to just hold this stock, I get to just hold the stock make 6.5% of my money, I likely get share price gains over in future years as well and maybe even this year as well. And I get 6.5% on my money.

Okay, so needless to say, especially with those type of great brands, those are the type of brands that should be able to have success, regardless if there’s more ecommerce or things like that, because it’s just great brands and people love great brands.

They love to buy great brands, they love to show off great brands. It’s just the way things are guys so I love that one that’s why it’s coming in number four Coming in at number five okay? You remember that Drake song he was like, I think was off the take care out and he’s like all my exes live in Texas like, I’m George Strait that reminds me of this stock because this stock is actually one of my exes.

Okay, and who is it is good old l brands ticker symbol l d on this one stock I used to own a while back sold out of it. And, you know, wanted to see them kind of turn things around with the management team. And basically, very recently, I feel like you know, management’s made a lot of good decisions, they are starting to turn around the business, I feel like it’s kind of in a trough scenario.

So very, very recently, I just started buying the stock once again, and this is a company that has about a $4.7 billion market cap for P of under seven, okay, 6.874 p on this one price to sales ratio of point three, six, unbelievably low, they own three gray brands, kind of like TPR. But you know, these brands are probably even more known. They own the pink brand. All right, pink brand, very, very popular.

They own Victoria’s Secret, which Victoria’s Secret is a great brand that’s in full scale turnaround mode right now that brands gone through a lot of drama over the past two to three years. And I feel like that brand is starting to trough now and should start to increase probably in the back half of this year and go into 2020 Okay, but neither state vs brand, it’s a great brand, it’s just in turnaround mode.

And then they own a brand that’s clicking on all cylinders, which is bath and Bodyworks. They sell soaps, candles, things like that unbelievable brand, and they’re clicking on all cylinders. That’s definitely not a turnaround when it comes to that brand, unbelievable sales numbers they’ve been putting up over the past several years.

Okay, number one, kind of like the last few where it’s not expected to have a lot of growth in NPS 243 expecting current year to 47 next year. However, I think that number 247 next year, I think that’s actually a really low number, I think it’s going to surprise to the upside and you know, outside of some type of big recession or something like that, outside of that scenario.

I think the ETS will actually increase quite dramatically for this company l brands over the course of the next year or two, because I believe the vs brand has kind of sorted the bottom now. And I think that’s going to increase from here and get back on the right track when I look at what the decisions the management team has made there.

And then bath and Bodyworks it’s just an unbelievably strong brand there. So needless to say, I think there’s upside to those numbers. Now even if there wasn’t upside of those numbers, look at the forward dividend yield on this one we’re talking about, you know, basically over 7% and you get to make on your money.

Okay, assuming no more cuts or anything like that payout ratio of 86% so is a bit high, so which means there’s not a lot of wiggle room to really up that dividend over future years in less, the ETFs increases quite dramatically. So it’s not like they can, you know, just like you’d like you know, increase that dividend dramatically.

Like, you know, a Wynn resorts might be able to or skyworks solutions or something like that, but I get to make over 7% of my money just for holding this stock. And you know, with those type of great brands I’m willing to do that and with the focus on management team on the long term health of this business, which.

I feel like over the course of the past you know, nine to 12 months and they’ve really like figured out like oh we made some mistakes and we need to fix those mistakes before I felt like they were in denial about the mistakes and now I feel like they’ve actually acknowledged and they’re like okay, we got to get these businesses turned around specifically vs business like.

I said bath and Bodyworks unbelievable numbers out of there but the vs business has been turned around I feel like they’re they’re you know starting to get it turned around there so you know in seven plus percent just to hold the stock that’s what I love about dividend investing in dividend stocks guys So anyways.

Let me know your opinion on any of these stocks down there and as always make sure you share with dividend stocks you guys own I love looking at the comments and kind of read through what dividend stocks you guys actually own are out there guys, you want to see that dividend count make sure you smash that thumbs up button. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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