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Well Holy Smokas This Ain’t No JOKAS! The stock market is RED today! Stocks are DROPPING left and right! So what do you do now, during these red days? So in this video I will talk to you about something weird that is going on in the stock market today. I will show you stocks that are dropping and stocks that are going up.

In this video I will also cover what to do in this situation. Is it the best thing to sell right now? Is it best to go all in this one stock? I will give you that answer and explain exactly why we should be doing this in the stock market right now.

Like always please do your own research before buying a stock in any stock market situation. Leave me your comment with your opinion on the stock market right now. Are you buying heavy? Did you sell stocks? Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now. ENJOY!

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Well you know sometimes in life you have regrets and you would have changed certain things around in your life right and you know I look back at my life as in like the past few hours and I would have said myself before you wake up Kirby, do not look at your stock market portfolio. Stocks are dropping and they’re dropping fast.

Oh my goodness. Holy smokes ain’t no joke. I gotta be flipping my flapjacks. Whoo, that market is dropping fast. Okay, especially in regards to certain stocks out there and this video here today, we’re gonna look at the carnage that is going on out there, especially in regards to some of these big high flying tech stocks.

It got ugly today, okay, we’re gonna talk about the ops okay? And I don’t mean the enemies, okay, I’m talking about the opportunities in the market, certain opportunities that I’m looking at out there that are actually very, very attractive, okay, and are getting more attractive. And then we’re going to talk about some strange stuff.

And I mean, some really strange stuff that’s going on in the stock market. Always smash, it is the most important thing in life even more so than buying stocks always Smash. Okay. Alright, guys, let’s start getting into this. So first off, I looked at the NASDAQ today, it was down almost two and a half percent.

I looked at Tesla, my Tesla, it was down 8.55% down $66.80 a share. And I said to myself, I said, Oh boy, I don’t even know if I want to look at my accounts. It’s gonna be a disaster.

And then I did Okay, so then I went ahead and I looked at the public account. And I say that actually wasn’t as bad as I expected. I mean, we’re only down $67,000. Today. I was like, Hey, man, okay, that’s not so bad in the public. 

I honestly thought it was gonna be a six figure down day today in the public account just based upon when I saw that NASDAQ down two and a half percent when I saw Tesla, so down 8.55% as I Whoa, but yeah, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it was still ugly.

Let’s be very dang clear. Okay, some of the stocks that pulled down that account the most skyworks solutions, which is an absolute beast in the 5g space, okay, they have eight chips in the new iPhone, absolutely amazing. But that one got hammered today.

And that’s just one of those stocks, along with all the semiconductor makers pretty much out there. If the NASDAQ gets hit hard, they all get hit hard. So that stock was down 4.29% today that pulled us down $5,356 tests on my esa was by far the worst stock in that account, right? That was down the you know, pretty much it was down the biggest as far as a percent.

But it was also done by far and away the most as far as money. Right? We were down over $50,000 in regards to test them. So today, a big number right. tattooed chef, it’s crazy.

Like even after that massive dip, we’re still at 1,400% it’s just nuts k tattooed chef down $7,000 in the public account here today. And Upwork down $3,778 which was also down a quite a big percentage there. 8%. What are you going to find a lot of times the stock market is high flying stocks that had been beasting. 

A lot of times when the market pulls back and has a pullback day a pullback week a pullback month, a correction, a crash, whatever you want to call it.

A lot of times those stocks get hit the hardest, especially initially because a lot of people FOMO into those positions, because they saw them going up. And that could definitely be true with certain stocks like a Tesla and up work that those stocks had been beasting.

And a lot of people just you know sold off, however, where things get really, really interesting is there were certain stocks in that account that were not only not down today, but were actually up and were actually up today on certain stocks. Okay. For instance Coursera gaming ticker symbol c RSR, right? A direct play on gaming, you would call it a tech company.

And look at that stock we’re up 4.33% today up $3,464 say interesting, right? Look at the planet today, the planet has been high flying stock and no pun intended. Okay, but the planet has been a high flying stock. And you would have thought okay, that one pulls back day to day? Nope. It was up over 3% today. That’s crazy to think about that.

When you’re looking at the NASDAQ down two and a half percent when you’re looking down stocks like Tesla down 8.5%. I mean, you would just assume the planet had to be down and it was up 3%. So there was obviously a lot of buying pressure on a stock like that say interesting, right? Wynn resorts up two and a half percent today.

How about that one? Okay. $1,761 in that. So some of those positions actually pulled us through to, you know, not as negative of a day as I thought. Very interesting. They’re also some very interesting things I noticed in my private account, okay, 

I’m talking about my main private account, which has a lot more money in that account than it does in the public account. Right. And in the private account today, there was actually that account was down less than the public count.

There was very, very interesting and it’s positions like this one is a new MJ play. I’m invested in only my private group knows about right now and I can’t really share that one publicly or this talk would just be it just go up like ridiculous.

Okay, so I can’t even share that one. Yeah, there’s like two early days. For that one but that position was another one of those that was up today it was up 3.23% today up over $5,200 on that stock here day right peloton my short position on peloton oh my gosh my only short I have an entire stock market if finally had a good day 

What do you know Okay, peloton had been a high flying stock short in I was like losing my tail and then finally Holy smoke is a no joke is finally you know who was a decent day in terms of peloton short don’t short stocks at home kids.

Okay,bad idea. So quick talk about that. Okay, Wynn resorts, another position that’s a you know, pretty big one obviously, in my main private account, and you know, 190 k, it was up today, interesting. And then the planet, the planet, I have the biggest position in my main private account, and that one was up $7,590 a day.

But that’s not even where things get really epic. Things get really crazy when I look at my dividends only account, okay, we’re only on dividend stocks. That account was nearly knocked down today. It was up 2% today, what in the world and by the way, that dividend account is doing so much better than I ever thought it would.

Okay, I started that in the private group about probably about maybe a year and a half ago. And it was like Okay, let’s fill out a dividend account. Let’s just see how it performs. Next, the public count. I always thought that account would do really bad.

That accounts up a silly whopping 115% and was up today almost $4,000 up on a day when just people are getting wrecked in this market, including a lot of my accounts are getting wrecked.

And that’s where things just get crazy here. It’s like wait a minute what type of market we’re in. But when you look at this, okay, the NASDAQ Yes, it was a horrible day for the NASDAQ down two and a half percent with countless tech stocks that are high fliers getting nailed.

But didn’t the Dow was up today. up today. Isn’t that it almost looks like a rotation of money, doesn’t it? A rotation of money out of super high growth stocks in into some of the more value plays maybe even into some of the beaten down travel plays. Look at a Wynn resorts take a look at Royal Caribbean look at a lot of those stocks that have to do with travel.

A lot of them most of them actually were up to date, and a lot of them were up substantially. It almost looks like a rotation of money into more of those positions, dividend stocks.

If I recall, Walgreens wasn’t down today. WPA right. And so it’s clear, there’s some sort of rotation of money going on. And this isn’t the first day this has happened.

That’s what’s interesting. This has been kind of a rotation that’s kind of happened on the DL I’ve seen over the past month or so. And this is what is really, really interesting going on the stock market right now.

Because and I feel like I feel like Tesla stock is the face of this rotation, right? And Tesla hit a high of I think $900 or so about a month ago, maybe a month and a half ago, sometime around then.

And ever since then, money has been rotating out of Tesla even even though like people say they’re buying Tesla and you you know, you’ve heard different funds saying you were buying Tesla, we’re buying Tesla.

Okay, there’s clearly a lot more selling pressure on Tesla stock, there’s buying pressure because now you look at that stock. And you know, obviously it’s much lower than it was literally just a few weeks ago, we’re talking that stock close today at $714. Right $714 versus a high a month, a month, month and a half ago of 900.

It’s very, very clear that that is going on. That’s where things are getting really interesting. Now all these different asset classes are kind of interlinked nowadays, okay, although people don’t want to admit it.

It is okay in time periods where the stock market is really strong Real Estate’s really strong and kryptos are really strong in time periods where those are weakening, they all weaken Okay, it’s a wake up call and Bitcoin is very, very interesting.

Bitcoin briefly dropped to a 48,000 here today Okay, it has bounced back since then, but it was a big big fall from where it was at in Bitcoin tank 10% after Elon Musk said prices seem high, it’s interesting to see kind of like a rotation maybe even out of that recently, which by the way, there’s no such thing as Bitcoin is high or not high okay?

That’s not the way it works like Bitcoin doesn’t have a P e ratio or price to sales ratio on it or anything like that. There’s no such thing like all it matters is what’s the next person willing to pay? That’s literally all that matters. There’s no such thing as the price is high for Bitcoin The price is not high.

That’s just an invalid argument there across the board. But it’s interesting that pullback and then we see a ton of stocks pull back Yardeni research, let’s go over to them. Okay. Let’s talk about margin debt for a minute. Look at margin debt. My gosh, it’s the highest it’s ever been by far and away right now. Okay.

It’s interesting, because usually every time you have a huge uptick in margin debt, usually have a big, you know, big downdraft in the market, at least short term.

It’s not like it lasts necessarily years and years, although it could potentially but that usually has to have something going on in the underlying economy. But usually, when you see a huge spike in margin debt, you usually get a 510 sometimes 15% correction in the stock market after a big run, and we’ve had a huge Run up in margin debt recently.

Okay? So it makes you think, hmm. But this is kind of playing out, right? I mean, I know a lot of people that were marching a lot of money into Tesla, right, and you see that stock hit about 900.

And since then it’s just been pulling back, pulling back pulling back in here today, it’s at 714. Very interesting, okay, I always keep an eye on the margin debt, because that’s just kind of shows you, like, you know, especially as far as brokers go, and retail investors, which kind of shows you how much confidence there isn’t a market at the particular time.

And if you want to track something really interesting, okay. The best time usually to go on margin debt is when margin debt is really, really low. Okay? When margin debts really, really low, usually means it’s a very good time to go on margin debt time periods, where the margin debts flying high, and it like went up in a straight line, usually not the most attractive opportunity.

Unless there’s something weird going on where you know, you you see some special opportunity in the market or something like that. But just as a general thing to remember, okay, 

Time periods where margin debts really low usually means it’s a good time to actually maybe potentially go on margin, although I’m not the biggest fan of, you know, a lot of investors going on margin, especially if you’re new in the market, but just something Keep in mind, and then time periods when it’s up in a straight line, unless you really have some crazy opportunity out in the market.

That’s usually the time to like a mistake way for right now. Okay, in terms of actually going on margin, okay. Now keep in mind in time periods of selling, selling leads to more selling.

And that means for selling, or that means choice selling, which by the way for selling could be you have a lot of margin, you get a margin call. And next thing you know, you have to sell off some of your stocks, could you get a margin call, or maybe you have a stop loss on a stock, and that stop loss gets triggered?

 And so your shares are sold, which puts more selling pressure on stocks, right? And which causes more people’s stop losses to get triggered on stocks, which causes more selling and more selling kind of breeds more selling.

And that’s why you can get such crazy sell offs in the market sometimes. And things can happen so much faster that people always like ask, like, how come the market can drop so fast or stock can drop so fast? And then it takes much longer for the market to go up in a big fashion? Well, at the end of the day, fear sells better than buying.

Okay, not nearly as many people have buy prices like oh if the stock goes up to a certain price I’m gonna buy more shares that’s not the way it works but selling they do they put stop losses on the stock, sell, sell sell and it forced it causes more for selling.

It causes other people say oh man, maybe the market is tapped out for right now. I’m going to try to time this out and get out. I’m not the biggest fan of timing the market or trying to do things like that. It’s a very hard thing to do. And when I say very hard I mean almost near impossible thing to do as far as timing out the market Believe me.

I’ve tried many times in the past I’ve seen many other people try it is it is not a game to be played okay. But the fact is selling breeds more selling look at a stock like AMC today. AMC was up almost 15% today it this is this is this is what I’m talking about where things are getting strange. Okay, you got tests like you know, basically just kind of like just getting destroyed. Okay.

And you have AMC up 15% and after hours it’s up another five plus percent. Geez, okay, that’s a that’s a big move there. I mean, I came out with that video $5 going all in AMC, man I should have should have went all in AMC, man. Let’s talk to all sudden turn into a beast over the past you know, basically since video came out like Holy smoke is a no joke is but that’s where things are getting real interesting in this market right now.

You look at a stock like tattooed chef K, TTC F, big long term opportunity that stock has continued to sell off. And it is a big long term opportunity, in my opinion with this type of growth. Like what I see in the real world right now is epic. For tattoo chef.

I go to Sam’s Club, like my local Sam’s Club here in Vegas now. And I’m seeing seven different skews for tattooed chef and all them are selling well. And I mean very well, from everything I’m understanding about this, the sell through is strong. So the getting more skews and getting into more locations and the sell through strong.

That company has such a big long term option for the aren’t even in grocery stores yet. That’s going to be something that plays out in the back half of this year. And going into next year. This company’s not even doing business internet, like oh my gosh, the long term opportunity for tattoo shop, I don’t even think people are conceptualizing how big it truly is.

This is a company that can be a 10 billion plus dollar company within the next five or 10 years, as long as they execute decently if they execute, as well as they have been doing. I think this could be a lot bigger company than that. Let’s just put it that way over the next five or 10 years in this is a type of huge long term opportunities I love in this market.

And that’s just a deal that is being presented for somebody like myself to take advantage of out there. I look at a stock like Eli which Eli is going to be taking over Top Golf at some point in 2021 officially okay and I was at Top Golf this weekend. That’s just it’s just a booming business whichever way you want to slice Okay, the business is amazing. The business model is amazing.

Eli, you can make a very good argument that that stock is a deal and a half long term, not just based upon their golf club business and their golf ball business. And that whole business that is very, very profitable. I’m talking about from the Top Golf side alone, the opportunity for that company is actually pretty darn immense.

And yet that stock is, you know, it’s been selling off, it basically peaked around 32. And since then, it’s just been kind of selling off selling off day after day after day. And, you know, if you’re at all interested in that I’m gonna say is, you know, look into it, look into that stock, and see if there’s something there for yourself.

you never know. But I definitely like that as like $1 cost average type stock where, you know, I buy into it, and it dips, and I’ll buy more, hey, look at Tesla. So today, the company lost around $70 billion in market cap today, around $70 billion in market cap tesam is low loss. today. That is not a small number.

I mean, when I was buying into stock A few years ago, that stock that stocks, entire market capitalization for reference, was in the 30 to 40 billion range, the entire company, and they lost about $70 billion worth of market cap today. Today. Okay, that’s a large number.

Tesla’s market cap is about 685 billion right now, which still, by the way, is pricing in several years, several several years of growth for Tesla doesn’t be very clear. It’s not like Tesla at 685 billion is like, Oh my gosh, like, how could it be priced at that that’s so silly, like, like, believe me, like, we’re still pricing in years and years and years and years of growth into Tesla.

But I will say Tesla 685 billion is a lot more interesting than when it was pushing up against 850 billion or so I think it might even got a little above 850 billion at one point. Okay. So that’s interesting, it could get a lot more interesting in the future.

Keep an eye on that one. I think that’s one of the most important stocks in the entire stock market to pay attention to in terms of the vibe and the feeling around the stock market. Dropbox is easy money, in my opinion, I’m just gonna go out there and say it I haven’t called it easy money.

This stock is easy money. In the last two to four years, I saw their latest quarterly numbers, fully convinced. I’m fully like on the Dropbox, train over the next two to four years. I know there’s some people that don’t believe in it. And I honestly really don’t care when I was buying Tesla stock back in the day, man, you want to really talk about a lot of people that didn’t believe in a stock. Okay, that was on a whole nother level.

Like That was crazy. When I was buying an Intel set 30 40 billion like, like, That was crazy that I was buying that stock. I got so much pushback for that Dropbox. You know, I don’t care if some people don’t believe in I don’t care. Some people don’t like it.

Like literally it doesn’t matter to me. That stock is easy money, in my opinion over the next two to four years. And the best thing for Dropbox right now is if their stock price can stay down, actually. And here’s why. They just announced a 1 billion a $1 billion share repurchase. Okay.

The best thing for Dropbox, the best thing for long term shareholders of Dropbox is that Dropbox shares could be priced really low in the short term. Why? Because if you have a billion-dollar share buyback on right, you can buy back a ton more shares for a lot cheaper prices. And that is phenomenal.

And that helps out long term ups in a massive way, a lot bigger than a lot of folks expect. So I am perfectly fine. If that stock wants to be low over the next 612 months. That just means the run up long term over the next 234 years is going to be way more epic.

Okay, bottom line with that one. Okay. So what do you do now? If you’re in the market? Like what in the heck are you doing? Now?

 If you’re on the sidelines, what the heck do you do now? Okay, so if big tech companies and tech companies in general that you’ve been wanting to buy or buy more have continued to weaken, and you love those stocks for the long term, hey, you’re getting your opportunity man, and you might continue to get your opportunity because sometimes the sell offs, you know, things bounce back a little bit and then drop more.

And so you get your opportunities, okay, the most important thing is to never go 100% in the market, it’s not situation you ever want to be in, you always want to have some money on the sidelines. I always preach to you guys 10 to 30% on the sidelines all times you know 30% 

If you don’t see that many good deals 10% if you’re just like plowing money into the market left and right, so then you can take advantage of deals in the market and if tech continues to weaken, you love some of those long term buy them okay.

Also, you know, you can deploy cash into stocks you love long term, something I’ve been doing okay, so for instance Dropbox, I’m looking at that stock. I’m like deploy deploy, course here last week, I was buying that stock heavily the stock was getting tore up Friday specifically I bought a ton of course their shares.

I was like that stocks just is getting very, very undervalued. And so I was buying that heavy and if that if that goes back down, I’ll be buying shares again. Okay, TTC, F. And honestly, even Here it looks like a deal and a half k by the way in regards to that one of my personal opinion, TTC f k, the tattoo chef, right now that that stock is a deal and a half,

 I will gladly buy more and more shares, by the way, TCF actually just announced this 30 minutes ago, okay, cash balance, now approximately $200 million, they’re going to be able to buy all the factories, get all the distribution that they need, they got the cash to do, you know, just expand this business rapidly.

They just reported preliminary revenue of $149 million. If I recall, that is about 76%. growth, year over year in terms of revenue. Okay, that business has massive opp long term, it’s a $1.5 billion market cap, Holy smoke, his tattoo chef ain’t no joke is if you don’t know

what you’re doing in the market, and you feel like you’ve gotten lucky over the past six to nine months, you just threw some money around some stocks over the past, you know, 1112 months, whatever, and you made some money, you better learn quick, okay? Because

if you don’t learn quick, you’re going to miss out on ton of opportunities, because you don’t really know when to take advantage opportunities, or you’re going to panic sell stocks that may have like huge long term Ops, you just get zero unconfident, you don’t know what you’re doing, like how are you going to hold in time periods where the sell offs and things like that.

So if you want to learn from me directly, if you want to try to join the private group and apply for that, there’ll be linked in the description, we also have that as a pinned comment down there. Whatever your level you’re at in the stock market, we will take you to the next level, if you are a complete newbie, we will get you to a level we are understanding a lot over the next few months.

If you’re like somebody in the market where you’re like I know a little bit I can know a lot more, we will get you to a level that is much more advanced. So hopefully you can scale your portfolio over the next 357 years to much, much higher levels.

We’ve been able to do it with you know pretty much almost everything that’s ever joined that program and yet we’re gonna continue to work and continue to try to provide value there and get people to much higher level so hopefully I can continue to receive messages like Hey, man, you know, a couple years ago I had this much money in my name and now I have this much money and it’s usually some pretty, pretty crazy amounts.

Let’s just put it that way. That’s what we strive for. That will be linked down there. Don’t forget to always smash Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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