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Guys I think I found a stock that I am going to put 1 MILLION DOLLARS IN! And the strange part is that I can’t believe im actually buying this stock today!! This is a stock I haven’t talked about in a video for a very long time and here today I bought some stocks. And I am planning on buying more of this stock.

Hope you enjoy this video where I go into depth about a stock that I think will grow massively in the next few years. I will also tell you why I believe in this stock and I will give you my price predictions for this stock. Leave me a comment with your opinion on this stock. Also let me know if there are any stocks to buy or a stocks to watch.

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Hello guys welcome into today’s video hope you’re having a phenomenal day out there as always, I found my next million dollar stock. Yes, I did. Okay, I haven’t talked in depth about this stock we’re talking about here today in years on the channel Okay.

And thank you literally years we talked about a here and there before on the channel but not like super in depth and literally years Okay, as you guys know, I’m always on the prowl for new stocks.

I never just like get complacent and be like, well, I already hold a lot of good stocks, so I don’t need to research anymore. Now, if you know me, you know, like, one of the things I like better than almost anything in life is literally that feeling of you’ve been looking into a company.

And you found like the next stock you’re going to buy into and make a big position or hopefully make a lot of money over time. Like that’s honestly a better feeling than actually making the money.

I know that sounds really weird, especially if you’ve never experienced it, but that feeling you get when you find that next stock you’re gonna buy. It’s, it’s pretty darn exciting. Okay, Rooney Rona. Obviously, I had that in November.

And then we had the whole house move, and all those sorts of things as far as like the new house in Arizona had to get that all up and rolling. So November was just kind of like last month, as far as my research when, for the most part.

It’s been exciting to hear in December, because there’s just backup, and fully running, looking into stocks left and right again, and it’s a good time and I gotta say, okay, just like this kid can’t believe that.

I didn’t give him a chocolate chip cookie right now. I honestly can’t believe I am buying this stock. Okay. I can’t believe it. I really can’t. I mean, it’s almost like shocking to me that behind
Buying the stock. And the reason being is this is one of those stocks that you will hear people say this stock is an overvalued rip off, okay? It’s an overvalued rip off company. Okay. And honestly, I’m not so sure about that.

I think some people look at a few metrics. And also they start to think, Oh, this stocks super overvalued, the stocks are rip off. And they aren’t really looking at any type of long term perspective, but in with a massive growth company like this is that has huge opportunity in front of it.

You can’t just look at a few metrics, okay. And so this talk is kind of misunderstood, like I feel he was on stock was 10 years ago, you go back to 2010. I feel like Amazon stock was a was a misunderstood stock, like people just didn’t quite realize, like the potential Amazon has long term.

But you looked at the market cap back then. And it had a very large market cap like 69 $70 billion back in 2010. Okay, in next year was trading around you like $100 billion. And if you go back then when was a misunderstood stock.

A lot of people said it was an overvalued ripoff. And obviously, we know that was not the truth, okay, in the threat Amazon was to Walmart in 2010, is similar to this company in Amazon in 2020.

I don’t feel this company’s gonna take out Amazon by any stretch of the imagination or anything like that. But I do feel like this company we’re talking about here today is a sneaky threat to Amazon kinda on like the deal, like not a direct threat, not like.

It’s gonna put them out of business or something no different than Amazon hasn’t put Walmart out of business, right? It’s just like, I just look at like the next generation company.

And this just feels like that company. And I believe this company I’m sharing with you here today will be in the trillion dollar boys club by 2030. Okay, so basically over the next decade, some point in the next decade.

I believe this stock will reach trillion dollar status, okay, which by the way, here today, that sounds really epic, great, cuz there’s only a few companies in the world that have that. But keep in mind over the next 10 years, there’s going to be more and more companies reaching that.

And eventually, it won’t be as special like there will still be a huge number of the epic, but it’s not going to be as crazy as it is today, when we hear about a trillion dollar company. Okay, this stock I’m sharing with you here today has massive team.

And I mean, like, almost an unlimited, like total addressable market for this company is absolutely ridiculous. Okay, they have massive innovation. This is one of the fastest innovating companies out there. Okay.

They’re a massive brand in the go to brain for countless entrepreneurs, right. And I believe this has got to be a massive profit beast, in a massive cash flow machine business long term. I believe this is one of those businesses that you’re going to see a lot of their top line reach down to their bottom line.

I think it’s going to be one of the more profitable companies out there five years, 10 years from now in terms of actually taking that top line revenue and bringing it down to the bottom line.

Okay, so it’s going to be a pretty beautiful thing. It reminds me a bit of a combo of like Microsoft, Google, eBay, Amazon, you know, when you ever you’re kind of looking at a company you’re trying to put them into, like, like, what does this remind me a little bit of inner honesty reminds me of all those companies.

It reminds me of Microsoft and Google in the respect that those companies that have amazing profitability, and I think that’s what this company is going to have long term but it also reminds me a bit of like an Amazon in respect of like it’s in a similar space as Amazon, not the exact same space but a similar space.

And I just look at Amazon is kind of always That company pushing to the new frontiers and I think this company is exactly like that. Okay, so in this video here today, I’m gonna tell you exactly what stock This is. I’m going to give you my full bullish thesis around this. That’s what you’re really gonna want to pay attention to in this video.

It’s not just about the stock, it’s about how do I formulate these numbers the way I look at a stock, things like that, then this should be an important video cuz I know a lot of people like always ask me like, how do you value a growth stock? This is a lot of like my perspective, in my mindset around looking at a growth stock.

Okay, in number three, we’re going to talk about the shocking amount of money I’m going to put into the stock, I’m gonna tell you guys exactly what I’m looking to put into the stock, I’m gonna tell you exactly the price points. I’m looking at buying the stock, okay? And then I’m going to give you my price prediction for this stock. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed this video.

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I might have that as one of the pay comments. Okay. Alright guys, so this stock I’ve never talked about before. It’s called Tesla stock, it’s ticker symbol tsla. There’s a $636 stock a 600. Just kidding. Okay. Oh my gosh, if you ever watch this channel before, I think you know, I made a few videos about this stock in the past.

Okay, that’s not the stock we’re talking about here today. Okay, this stock is Shopify stock, ticker symbol, s h, o, p, okay. It’s a stock that’s a little over $1,000. Here today, this is a game changing company, that one of the fastest moving companies I can find out there. Innovation at the core of this company. Like I’ve seen how fast is companies innovating and changing the game.

And going from a company that was like no one had heard of five years ago to awesome, this is like a, like a big company that massive amounts of people know, like, every entrepreneur now knows Shopify almost overnight. And I’ve just seen the way they’re innovating products, apps, the user experience everything for the customers.

I’m like this company’s just like way faster moving than, like a lot, most companies I see. And I’m looking at this company, $132 billion market cap. And at first, it looks rich when you look at any type of metrics, but then you go through some things later on, we’re going to look at and all sudden.

You realize this isn’t as rich as it seems okay? But when you look at that trailing p it’s 654. When you look at the Ford p it’s 277. And when you look at those numbers, this is why this stock, you know, a lot of people won’t take this stock serious, because they look at those numbers.

I say this stock is massively overvalued. That’s ridiculous. Those peas are so dang high. Okay. And I gotta say, I used to look at stocks that way. Okay, but you can’t treat this stock like this, okay? because other people want to look at a Coca Cola and be like, well, Coca Cola trades at a 27 trailing P and a 25, or 24? Four P.

So that’s what Shopify should be trading? No, okay, that’s not the way this works. coca cola? What if I told you that company is going to shrink revenues by over 10% this year? And what if I told you this company what I’m talking about here today is growing revenues? 80% plus here in 2020.

Okay, one of these companies, obviously Shopify as case is a super growth beast, with decades of massive growth in front of them. And the other ones Coca Cola that is like already been, it’s like his best days are behind it, essentially.

Now, it’s just trying to, you know, cling on and try to do the same numbers or around the same numbers they do each and every year. Right. And so when it comes to Shopify, this company has extremely high customer satisfaction, okay, the amount of people that really love Shopify, and it’s by far and away the best option they have, it’s immense.

And you know, you just look at like the metrics, the numbers, the ratings, they get very high customer satisfaction, obviously, no company is gonna have 100% customer set, but it’s very, very high at Shopify, okay. And if you look at their app, which is kind of like where you can actually pay and like order track and things like that, look at that 1.3 million ratings and a 4.8 out of five stars.

That is incredible, okay, this company is going to continue to develop better and better products and apps and websites in the future, and they’re just going to continue to be an innovation machine. Okay. That’s why I love this. I actually got the idea to really start researching this company much more in depth, actually, from going last week on the very good food companies website.

And this is a this is a stock I own. It’s called very good food company. It’s like a vegan kind of, you know, plant based meats type company, okay. And I go down and I place an order, and I realize like.

Oh my gosh, like they’re actually using Shopify for all of this, and I just saw how seamless the experience And like, you know, paying through it and like the app and all those sorts of things. And I was just like, this is this is pretty darn amazing.

Okay, this is way better than trying to build your own website and do everything. Just a mess. Okay. And so Shopify, the beautiful thing about Shopify is business models, not just that it’s massive Tam, not just that it’s an innovation beast and should continue to innovate new game changing products, websites, apps in the future, but it’s a recurring revenue stream business. Okay.

They have basic Shopify $29 a month, they have the upgrade of Shopify, which is $79 a month, and then they have advanced Shopify, which is $299 a month. And that’s what most entrepreneurs are going to use. If they’re using Shopify, they’re likely on one of those planets, okay. But they also have two other very important plans. Okay. One is called Shopify plus.

And that’s for high volume merchants, large businesses, okay. And those plans start at $2,000 plus a month, okay. And obviously, the bigger the company that the bigger and bigger those numbers are, okay, so we’re talking about if you’re a large company, you’re a large business, you want to use Shopify, which could definitely make sense for you.

You know, although the number might seem huge, in terms of revenue, Shopify could be making up that company, and in a given month or something, it could actually be far less. And I mean, far less than if they were trying to build out all these different things and go through their own process and everything like that. Okay. So Shopify plus, amazing, okay.

And then they have what’s called Shopify lite, which is a beautiful product, because it’s super, super cheap, it’s like nine bucks a month, okay. And that’s kind of like the product I view is like a start small, get bigger type product, which is important, because if you’re going to have people have success, sometimes they don’t have the funds to kind of, you know, pay for some of the more advanced plans, get something like that.

You start small, you build bigger and hopefully you get to the more expensive plans over time, and hey, maybe someday you’re a large merchant. Next thing, you know, you’re paying Shopify, $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month, $50,000 a month, or whatever. Okay, that would be beautiful. Okay, now, let’s run through some numbers on this case.

So first off, if we look at analyst numbers, ah, you know, you guys know what I think about analysts for the most part, 90 90% plus of analysts have no clue how to run numbers. This is why they’re
consistently massively wrong on numbers when it comes to a lot of like high growth companies or just using very, very wrong, you see it time and time again.

So analysts have this company only grown 32% revenues next year. That’s just laughable. That’s the best way I can put it literally laugh out loud. Okay. Who cares about their numbers? Okay. It is time for Jeremy numbers. Okay, we’re going to have some Jeremy numbers here. Okay. 2021, this company, in my opinion, will do around roughly $4.5 billion in revenue. Okay.

And this is our base starting price to kind of figure out where revenue is going over time, then we’re gonna look at my projections for net income over time, and kind of go from there. Okay, but $4.5 billion, top line 2021? For Shopify, okay. Yeah, in 2022, I believe this will be a 40% revenue growth company. Okay.

So that will put their revenues in 2022 $6.3 billion in 2023, I think the company will grow top line 37%, which will put them at $8.6 billion. Okay. Now, this is where things are gonna get very, very interesting. Okay. 2024, I have this company growing 34%.

So still extremely strong growth, but the growth rates coming down a little bit each year. Okay. And that year, they should do, in my opinion, around 11 and a half billion dollars, top line, okay, that’s such a big difference versus what most of Wall Street has, okay.

Most of Wall Street doesn’t have this company getting to 10 billion or more until 2025. And some have this company only getting to 9 billion in 2025. And here I am, I think in 2024, they’re already going to be over that $10 billion number. So we have a big difference of opinion, Wall Street and me. And that’s pretty normal.

2025 I think this company is going to grow 30% top line, okay, that’s going to put them at $15 billion. Because remember, the beautiful thing about Shopify? Is there a recurring revenue stream, that’s money just kind of keep pouring in, right? It’s super innovative, they’re gonna continue to change the game with new websites, apps, and all those sorts of things.

So that like, you know, if you think like Shopify is not going to do anything over the next five years, they’re not going to come out with anything game changing. I think you’re just sorely mistaken. I mean, innovative companies continue to innovate. Okay, so 30% 2025, that’d be around $15 billion, I believe they’ll be doing in top line in 2025.

Okay, so 15 billion top line, I believe 26 to 27% of the top line is actually going to reach down to bottom line, net income. So that would mean in 2025, around $4 billion, will actually be bottom line. So about $4 billion in net income in 2025.

Now, that is massive cash flow, they’re going to be able to use that cash flow to continue to build the business or buy other game changing businesses do a lot of things with that money.

That’s the beautiful thing about this business. One of the many beautiful things about this business, Paul, they’re gonna be able to use that cash flow to just build the business bigger and bigger and bigger and add more and more talented employees over time. Okay.

And so when it comes to Shopify is a $132 billion company or So today, right? So we’re going to take 132 billion divided out by four, you know, billion dollars in net income.

And basically, this would put it at a 33 pe for 2025. Okay. And so, you know, whenever you’re investing in a super high growth company, you’ve got to think out four or five years in the future, at least three, but you’re really usually thinking about five when it comes to a super big growth stock like a Shopify.

Okay, so 33 P, based upon today’s market cap versus the 2025 earnings, right? Now, remember, this company, when it gets to around 2025, in my opinion, should still be a phenomenal growth beats, like a round a 30% grower, you know, like, those numbers are still very substantial. So it’s not like this company like, is like, Well, that’s it for them.

They don’t grow anymore. No, they’re gonna continue to grow for many, many years after that. Okay. So what I’ve done for 2026 through 2030, is actually have them only grown revenue each year 20% on average, right, some years coming a little better, maybe one year they grow 23%, maybe next year, they grow 17%, like the numbers could be shifting around.

But I think that’s actually conservative, great, innovative companies can actually grow for a much longer time, then then that as far as like 20% Plus, but I want to be a little more conservative and just assume a 20%. Okay, so that’s true. 2026, they do $18 billion in revenue as 20% growth rate 2027.

They do 21 point 6,000,000,020 28. They do 26,000,000,020 29 they do 31 point 2 billion, and in 2030, at a 20% growth clip, they do $37.4 billion in top line revenue. Now remember, this is a software business at the end of the day. Okay. So that 37 billion is pretty gargantuan for a software related business. Okay. No doubt about it. Okay.

Remember, like I said, I think those numbers are conservative, I think Shopify is probably going to grow better than that. But like I said, I would rather be a little like, you know, a little more conservative than let’s say, you know, saying they’re going to grow 25% 2026 through 2030, on average per year. Okay, so 2030, at this company doing around 37 billion, just a little over 37 billion in top line.

Okay, I believe 27% is going to reach bottom line, now, there’s a good chance they could improve that and actually get that up to about 30%. Possibly, we’ve seen other great business models that are more software related, actually, you know, end up getting there essentially.

okay, but I see about 27% reach into that bottom line, that would mean the company will be right around $10 billion of net income in 2030. Okay, now, if we look at a stock like Amazon, this is a stock that usually trades around 100, current p somewhere around there, roughly. Okay.

So if we go ahead and apply those same metrics, remember, Shopify is likely not going to be done growing at all, and 2030 is still going to likely be a growth beast, even after 2030. Okay, so if we go in and say, in 2030, Shopify is $10 billion of bottom line, net income, okay. And it trades at a P e of around, let’s say, 100, that puts it at a trillion dollar market cap.

And in my opinion, there’s, there’s no reason why you can’t see this company, potentially, you know, trading around a trillion dollar market cap in 2030, just based upon the fact that they’ll still likely have a huge runway of growth in front of them, even for the next decade.

The only way I can not see that is if the company just completely lets the foot off the gas, and they stopped innovating and they start, they stop changing the game. And you know, outside of that, I just don’t see it, I think it’s going to be impossible to compete with these guys. Okay.

And just in case, you’re not too educated on this space, you might say, Well, what about other companies like Amazon? Won’t they just compete with them? Well, even Amazon have already tried to compete with Shopify over many, many years. Okay. And both them got out of that business, both of them failed miserably, trying to do essentially what Shopify has done. Okay.

And so at the end of the day, it’s just not a good situation at all, if you’re trying to compete with Shopify, okay? Now, so that’s kind of my bull thesis around the stock, we’ll get into the price targets, I’m looking to buy, how much I’m looking to buy, and also my price prediction around stock.

But at the end of the day, when I’m looking at Shopify, I believe this will become one of the most important tech companies in the world. If we’re looking at 10 years from now, I think it’s already becoming super important. But a decade from now, I think there’s gonna be no question.

If you’re looking at the most important tech companies in the world, I think this company will be one of those you’re looking at in 2030.

And saying, this is one of the most impressive, like tech companies we have out there. They’re super profitable. They’re a beast grower, they’re, you know, if you take them out of the economy today, it’s just like, what you can’t even imagine that the same way we can’t even imagine like, taking Amazon how out of the picture today.

Like we can’t even imagine that right? Taking Apple out of the picture day. We can’t even imagine that taking Google out and having no Google and YouTube and an Android and all those things like we can’t even imagine that right.

And that’s the way I view Shopify, a decade from now, where in a decade from now, you’re you can’t even imagine Shopify not being a company not being around because they’re running like most of these e commerce First sites at the end of the day. So yeah, it’s a special company doing special things, is a special stock, it trades at a special premium, and it deserves every bit of premium. It trades out. Okay, let’s talk about pricing around this stock, okay, and kind of what I’m looking for. So under 15 $100, I’m buying the stock, as simple as that. As long as the stock is under $1,500.

This year, I will be a buyer of Shopify stock, okay, now under 12 $100. That’s where really, really like and that’s why I started a position here now, rather than wait and be like, well, it could go down, hey, if it goes down, that’s fine. I will buy a lot more shares.

But I’ve had to get a position started because honestly, I like it under 1200. It’s like, like, I don’t really have any fear that I’m not going to make money in the stock over the next 510 years. I really don’t.

Okay, like, like I said, unless they decide to just completely stop innovating out of the company, and they just get so lazy, they don’t do anything. Like, you know, I’m pretty confident I’m gonna make a lot of money in the stock over time.

Okay, under $1,000 a share. I love this stock. Okay, if it goes under 1000, which I would love it to, it might not happen. But if it does, and we get some weakness in the market, you know, let’s say an earnings isn’t quite what people were expecting. I don’t know, you know what the scenario could be. But if it was to go under 1000, that’s, I really, really love it. Okay. Under $800.

I highly doubt this will happen. But let’s say hypothetically, this stock somehow goes under $800 a share, I am loading the boat on the stock, okay? I mean, absolutely. Loading the boat and then be like, give me as many shares as you possibly can. I’m taking them all. Okay, that would be a dream come true, essentially.

Okay, under $600 a share highly unlikely this would be like a 50% drop for the stock a highly unlikely I would consider selling a kidney just to buy the stock. Okay. If the stock was to go under $400, which is less than a point 01 percent probability, I will consider selling my soul just to buy more stock. Okay. I mean, that would just be a little silly. Okay.

But yeah,needless to say, this stock is a deal and a half, I’m already buying it as a long term investor. Obviously, in short term metrics. You can’t You can’t say the deal and half, but on long term metrics, and you realize a long term opportunity for this company, it’s actually a deal.

And so yeah, anywhere around where it’s at, now I’m buying, if it goes lower on buying super heavy, Okay, number three is getting a number three here. Okay.What’s this shocking amount of money I’m going to plan on putting into the stock. Okay, well, here’s what I already put into it. so far.

I just bought the stock. Okay, so far, I bought about $200,000 worth of it technically a little under $200,000. Okay, so far, I’m up $4,135 as of right now, okay.

Obviously, you know, short term gains, I don’t care anything about that, we’re actually rather be down $4,100 right now, because this is a stock, I’m looking to continue to buy and buy and buy and buy for hopefully months, if not a year or two into the future.

So you know, I’m kind of actually rooting for it to go down to be honest. And if it does, that’d be a dream come true, because I will buy heavier and heavier into the stock. But as of right now we’re up $4,000 on and I literally just bought it, okay, now, I’m planning to build this actually into a million dollar plus position, okay.

And I’m talking, I put in a million plus dollars into the stock not like I put in, you know, a quarter mil and it grows into a million, that could definitely happen.

But I’m looking to actually put more than a million dollars of my own money into this stock, which would definitely make it one of my biggest investments in the entire stock market. Because I believe that much in this company over the next decade.

And I’m just like, I have to have a large position that know how he could see me getting to that number we’re actually have a million plus in it is if the stock was weakened, and it was to go down to let’s say 900 800 700, something like that. I’ll definitely I can definitely see myself buying for around a million dollars into this stock.

Okay, now let’s talk about the price prediction I have for this stock over time. Okay. Now, keep in mind, this is a long term price target. This is not like this stock is going to be at this price tomorrow or next week or next month or something like that. This is a long term price target for the stock. Okay, I think around $208 I’m just kidding.

Okay, well, that would be bad. Okay, long term price target for the stock I have is between $5,000.10 $1,000 a share for the stock long term if we’re looking at a decade from now essentially. Okay. Now, it’s also possible they can split the stock and all sorts of things, but just assuming they never split the stock.

I think this will be a 5000 to $10,000 stock in the future, which would give me very nice gains buying anywhere around 1000 essentially, it would be a beautiful, beautiful thing. So yeah, I’m really, really excited about Shopify. Like I said, you guys, I’m surprised I’m buying the stock To be honest, because, you know, when I’ve looked at the metrics in the past, like, it just I wasn’t able to quite get my brain around, like how powerful this company is and how important it is.

Something’s gonna be a decade from now. And how important is going to be like three years from now, five years from now, how many entrepreneurs are already counting on this business as like a critical part of their business.

And I’m just kind of like looking all this. And I’m just thinking like, long term, like, it’s really hard for me not to imagine this being one of the most important biggest tech companies out there. Okay. And a lot of people that are highly intelligent around grow stocks, understand the stock on a very high level and are believers in it, as well.

And so it just took me more time to study this one, research it. I did a video on Shopify many years ago on the channel, I think it was like three or four years ago, okay, the stock at that time was around $100 a share.

And I said in that video, well, evaluation looks super rich, but maybe I’ll just throw a couple $1,000 in the stock and put in the filing cabinet. I wish I’d done that. Okay, I never did that. But I wish I just threw like 5k in the stock. Because guess what, that 5k today would be over 50k.

Okay, I wish I put 10,000 the stock at 10,000 will be over 100,000 here today. Okay. But that time, I just couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. This company was at a 10 billion or so valuation, and it just couldn’t quite get there with it.

And what I’ve seen over the last several years is that company go from like a nobody company to a super important company that is likely going to be a profit machine, a growth machine and a company that’s growing 80% plus top line this year, I just saw one of their last quarters was like 96% growth. And this is a recurring revenue stream this company is going to be this company has a next decade plus made for them.

So I’m super excited. I’m surprised I’m buying it and I’m happy to be buying it. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash the thumbs up button that helps the YouTube channel massively appreciate each and every one of you.

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And that’s absolutely free to do so you can talk with investors from all over the world got all these different stocks. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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