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Well its going to absolutely insane in the next 72 hours in the stock market! Earnings season is upon us and there is huge companies reporting earnings. Stocks will be either going up or going down this week! And like always I’m ready with some cash in the side to take advantage of any deals!

Let me know what you think. What stocks are you watching closely? Are the stocks you own reporting earnings in the next 72 hours?

What stocks are you looking to buy now? Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

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Hey guys welcome into rain Vegas is one of those few and far between rainy days here in Vegas in this video I want to share with you why the stock market is going to be absolutely insane for the next 72 hours and I mean absolutely craziness.

This is about to be one of the craziest 72 hour periods in the stock market in general Okay, I’m going to share with you what I think will happen in this whole scenario and I’m going to tell you what I am personally doing with my money and let me just say Holy smokes it’s a no joke that the stock market’s already starting out crazy and we haven’t even begun into the real craziest yet. 

Look at beyond meat today. I mean my goodness stocks up over 14% I try to find news for there’s no news for beyond me today. I don’t know if it’s a short squeeze or maybe somebody knows some information that maybe it’s not publicly out there yet or something okay, but that stocks moving huge off of literally no public news around it. Okay. 

GameStop Did you see GameStop I mean, the stock went to like $160 a share or something like that today and then went down below $70 like that stocks just insane. I mean, just craziness. You have testimony. So up $20 a share. 

That’s every day for Tesla. Okay, hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, if you want to go ahead and join stock hub, the biggest and best discord chat in the whole world for long term stock market investors. Now I’ll be linked in the description. I might also have that as a pin comment if you want to try to apply for my private stock group that’s in the description area as well. As far as application for that. I might also have that as a second pin comment. 

Don’t forget to smash the thumbs up this video. We need some help in the YouTube algorithm. I appreciate it guys. And let’s get an escape. So the real craziness starts in about 12 hours from now. Okay. And that’s just the start of it. Okay, we have a ton of big earnings coming. We have Johnson and Johnson. We have G three m, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, Dr. Horton, American Express, Freeport mcmoran. 

All reporting first thing in the morning, tomorrow. Okay, so we’re already gonna get a ton of big earnings right off the bat. And this is just a tip of the iceberg. Okay, that’s just a start. And these are a lot of big companies. Okay, a lot of great big dividend companies are in that right? A lot of people own Johnson and Johnson for the dividends. Three M’s, same thing, Verizon, same thing, right? We’re gonna get to hear from Dr. Horton, how’s the housing market looking? 

What’s the outlook like American Express? I mean, if you want to talk about a company that can gauge the spending of worldwide consumers, obviously, you know, mostly in the United States, but you know, American Express is all over the world. Like how is spending? What did they think about travel American express a huge company in relation to travel? are they seeing any pickup? 

They’re not yet what’s their expectations? Very important. Always look at a company like American Express because they can see everything okay. And then things start to get really, really crazy after the bell 24 hours from now cabe a ton of companies that you guys own are going to be reporting after the bell on Tuesday, AMD, I know a ton of you guys on AMD stock out there. 

Okay, very popular retail investor stock, you know, what also is Microsoft, okay? Microsoft, usually like the second or third biggest company in the entire world when it comes to market capitalization, usually just behind Apple, they’re going to be coming on with their earnings as well. So I know a lot of you guys either on one of those two stocks, Starbucks, another very popular stock. I mean, who doesn’t love a little buck? He’s right. And then Texas Instruments. 

Okay, Texas Instruments is going to be important. You know why they make a ton of semiconductors that go into cell phones. You guys might know Texas Instruments from the calculators it made back in the day that you were forced to get in like high school or something like that. 

But Texas Instruments makes a ton of semiconductors that go into a lot of different smartphones, including you know, usually they even have contracts with Apple as well. So yeah, very important company to pay attention to their will get a little gauge on on how smartphone sales are in many other products as well. 

So, yeah, that’s when the real real craziness is gonna start okay. And that is all just Child’s Play, just Child’s Play compared to what will go down on Wednesday. Okay, before the bell, Boeing, at&t Abbott Labs, the NASDAQ progressive in G Lw Corning, all reporting earnings. 

Okay, the biggest one and most important, one of the bunch is probably Boeing, okay, you know, I’m looking at if Boeing was to drop into the $175 range after earnings or something like that, I would probably pick up some shares just as like a long term investment play, but a lot of people have been playing Boeing stock on a recovery. 

Now we know that, you know, these airlines aren’t likely to purchase a ton of planes in the short term, however, long term, you know, Boeing will get back on track eventually, okay, it’s probably going to take a year or two, but a lot of people already been playing that one. I’m kind of looking at it as a you know, like, hey, if it goes you know, to 250 to 75, I’m not at all interested in the stock because it’s still kind of like, it’s gonna take a while for things to play out. But man, if this one drops, it’s one I’m actually keeping a very close eye on for this earnings season. Okay. 

And then obviously, those other stocks a lot of them are good dividend stocks, cake and Then within a 30 minute span, absolute chaos is gonna break out. Okay? absolute chaos Apple test. So Maya and Facebook, all reporting earnings within a 30 minute span.

 Are you kidding? You gotta be flipping my flapjacks. Okay, we got the biggest company in the world, we got the the most popular stock in the world and Tesla. And we got by far the, you know, the biggest social media giant in the world all reporting within 30 minutes of each other. Okay, so that’s when just absolute chaos ensues. Okay. 

Now in terms of Facebook and Tesla, I personally have big positions on these companies. And Tesla is actually even a bigger investment for me than Facebook is mainly because Tesla’s just gone up. So ting much. I got like 650 K, right into Tesla into this earnings. Okay. And like I said, that’s more money than I actually have in Facebook right now. Okay. In terms of Tesla earnings. 

I know a lot of you guys want me to talk about Tesla earnings, Apple earnings, and Facebook earnings. Okay, we’ll get into Tesla in just a moment. As far as Apple first off k will give respect to the big giant, I think they’re probably going to beat on revenue. 

Okay, revenues expect to be up 16.4% I think they’re gonna probably actually beat on that, which would be incredible, because that’s a pretty impressive number. When you talk about a company that’s doing like 100 billion of revenue, if they beat that, that’s extraordinary. 

I can tell you, there are many companies in the world doing 100 billion plus dollars in revenue in a three month span. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Okay, as far as next quarter and guidance goes, I think they’ll probably guide in line that’s what you know, usually they like to do, they don’t like to, you know, usually guide way above what analysts are looking for the probably guide in line or slightly above. Now, it’s very possible Wall Street could look at that, you know, let’s say they beat revenue. 

And let’s say they guide for just in line, it’s very possible Apple stock could sell off based upon that, okay, now, who knows, it might go the other way, as well. But I’ve just seen the time and time again, when if they just guide in line with a stock will actually sell off because a lot of expectations are there. And so even though that would be really good news, like if you guide in line, that’s silly, 27% growth next quarter. Unbelievable if they beat on earnings. 

Unbelievable, right? But the stock has risen a lot. So, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple stock didn’t do much or even pulled back a little bit. Just because expectations are so dang big. But I honestly think they will be now where things are gonna be interesting. I think they’re gonna actually crush the UPS number. Okay. 

Analysts expect Apple to do $1 41 A VPS. I think Apple’s gonna come in with $1 50 Plus, okay. And I mean, last year, they did $1 25. I think they’re going to destroy that number. Okay, absolutely obliterated, I’m thinking at least $1 50. I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly, if Apple didn’t come in with like, $1 75 number, okay, which would be shocking, just completely shocking, right? If I have $1 41, what analysts expect if they do $1 75, I’m not saying they’re gonna do that. 

But I wouldn’t be surprised. Because the revenue numbers are going to be strong, the profitability is going to be incredible for this company. Obviously, the services business is a very profitable business model for them at taking off, their corporate expenses are going to be likely down considerably year over year, because of all the virtual work for this company versus that corporate office environment. 

You look at all these different factors in in Yeah, I think they’re going to likely beat very nicely on EPM. Now, when it comes to Tesla, my So okay, analysts are expecting this company to have done about $10.32 billion in revenue. Okay. 

I would say they’ll probably be somewhere around that. Okay. Maybe slight beat maybe slight Miss maybe right in line somewhere right around there. Okay. The thing with Tesla is, we already know the units right, because tests already announced this out like a month before earnings ever even come out. So we already know the units they did, right? 

But the thing is, we don’t know average selling price. And that’s where things can get a little kind of like, Okay, well, you know, what’s average selling price? How many are leased? And at what prices? Are these you know, vehicles leased out? If they’re at least right, then also like, how many like, let’s say, self driving package upgrades did we have in a quarter? 

That’s like an $8,000 upgrade right over the air update? How many? How many of that happened? So we don’t know all that. So that’s where the numbers get a little crazy. So even though we have some information on this as public knowledge, we don’t know exactly. 

So I would say Tesla’s probably going to be somewhere roughly in there. Okay. Now, next quarter. Okay, as far as guidance What do they guide for it also expect a 60% revenue growth year over year? Remember last year in that same quarter the company was hurt slightly by the Rooney Rona? Okay. So I’m thinking in line or slight upside to Tesla next quarter. Remember, ball y is now you know, getting shipped all over the world versus last year. 

It wasn’t at this particular time. Okay. All over the world, even the China market as well for model y. So I’m definitely expecting some, you know, really huge numbers even next quarter, as well. Okay, as far as the EP s, that’s the one thing that I have no clue, to be honest. And I don’t think it’s sold really does unless they work super high up at Tesla, okay. 

I mean, because this company has so many moving parts. They’re always spending so much Money in different projects, right? They always try to cut costs back and things like that. But then they’ll also drop the price of cars very often, right? So let’s say they save some some costs on a model three in a market, sometimes they end up dropping the price. 

So this is where things get really confusing is when you talk about ups, also, how many regulatory credits as a company using this quarter? These are all questions that honestly, I can’t tell you, and no one can tell you unless they work, you know, maybe the top 10 most important positions at tests. Okay. And so yeah, the analysts are expecting $1. 

But honestly, when it comes to tests at this stage with this company, it’s like throwing darts at a dartboard and it’s completely dark and you don’t know where the heck the dartboard is okay. I you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if the company reported a 25 cent DPS number. I wouldn’t be surprised if the company reported $1 and 50 cent ETS number to be completely honest, I have no clue where that number is gonna shake out it. 

I can tell you if it is, let’s say it’s $1 $25 50. Dare I say? $1 75? I mean, you know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla stock continued to roar higher, because the the one that kind of pushed back, you could have a tussle in the short term is like look at the valuation, look at the P e ratio, and things like that. But if Ulsan this company is doing $1 50 A VPS. And all sudden, people are starting to run numbers and like oh, you know, test them. I do $6 to $10 a VPS this year in 2021. 

And they’re thinking next year they do $10 Plus, and you know, all sudden, you start to look at the stock, you’re like, Oh my gosh, this is actually a UPS story and not just a revenue growth story. So we don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll just that’s what I’m gonna be super interested in honestly, is what did that GPS number comes in at? 

Because I have no clue and no one really does. Okay, when it comes to FB I think they’re going to be in line or slight B when it comes to revenue number for you know, this quarter, they’re going to report they’re supposed to have about 25% revenue growth. Okay, next quarter. I’m a little blind about you know, when it comes to FB, okay, they’re supposed to do 26% revenue growth in basically next quarter. Now, keep in mind, this company was hurt last year by the Roni Rona. 

Okay, so the growth numbers should look very impressive year over year. But also we don’t know, like, how much of an impact Apple changes are going to have for you know, FB if you didn’t know, okay, iOS in the new update, essentially, it’s going to hurt, you know, Facebook, at least a little bit in terms of data sharing. Okay, back to the advertisers. So we don’t know how much this is going to actually hurt 

Facebook’s business while Facebook has went on record and said it’s going to hurt them somewhat. Okay, to a certain extent, okay, but we don’t really know how much is it like 5% hurt them? 10% hurt them, like 1% hurt them? We don’t know. So I think next quarter is really that quarter where it’s like, what the heck are they going to guide for? 

Because we really have no clue. Okay, as far as GPS goes for current quarter, I think they’re going to be I’ll be honest, they’re expected to do $3.21 I would say they will probably beat that number. Keep in mind, this company usually beats numbers. I’ve been tracking this company since Well, since I went public back in I think that was like, I don’t know, 2011 2012. 

Sometime around there. Maybe it was 2012. And this company usually just beats they beat consistently. Okay, if we look at their past four quarters, they had a slight beat. Then the Roni Roni quarter, they had a slight miss rate, but it was very slight Miss, then they had a huge beat. And then they had a huge beat. Okay, so this is a company that usually beats and beats and beats on earnings. 

And yeah, I’m expecting them to beat on earnings this time around as well. Okay. Now, the fund does not end there. Okay. Not even done yet. Okay. Then Thursday, we have a ton of big companies reporting, okay. Now, American Airlines, I didn’t circle that one as well. But that’s one that actually a lot of retail investors own. 

A lot of them have been playing that as kind of like airline recovery, like beaten down stock, maybe it’s gonna bounce back and you double up your money and things like that. So you know, that’s gonna be important one for some of you guys had actually owned that stock. But then we have McDonald’s. Then we have MasterCard, MasterCard, very important one kind of like an American Express. What’s going on there.

 Okay, McCormick, Sherman and Williams, which their numbers should be very nice. I mean, I’m talking you know, that company is in a perfect spot right now. A lot of people improving their homes home office’s throwing some paint on the walls, things like that over this past year with all the you know, everybody spending more and more time at home. Sherman Williams plus the housing market has been pretty dang strong.

 That’s definitely definitely an interesting one there okay, Southwest Airlines another important one ticker symbol love on that one to see what their number shakin and hey, we’re gonna have to listen like what’s going on with travel. Okay, then after the close, we have visa we have sky works. We have bunch of other companies in MicroStrategy.

Okay, Visa, just like American Express and MasterCard important to listen to them and hear what they have to say about transactions. Okay, Sky works and MicroStrategy important companies actually for me, okay, that MicroStrategy company mstr that’s my Bitcoin spec play. 

Okay, now I’m actually playing I put like 50 k in that stock. so far. We’re doing pretty dang good on roughly 20 $1,000 so far because bitcoins been doing pretty dang good since I invest in that one. So, you know, it’s it’s an interesting play in that kind of space, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens with that stock after earnings based upon the earnings conference call because no, not a lot of people are invested in that company actually for their underlying business. So it’s going to be around the commentary.

Is this company looking to purchase more Bitcoin? Are they looking to do other things in the crypto space in general, I think that’s going to be really important to kind of hear with that company. And by the way, I just want to show you guys this, okay. This is what I have to deal with when I’m trying to prep a video for you guys. Okay, I’m getting absolutely destroyed. My head was getting pushed in. I’m like, I gotta take a picture of this man.

 The people really know what it’s like for me to try to post one of these videos gay sky work solutions, ticker symbol, s w. k s. This is my 5g play. This is my biggest 5g play. I’m also invested in Qualcomm, now the direct player in the 5g space. Okay, but skyworks solutions, you know, in the public County alone, I have over 100 K and that stock, absolutely loved that company. Okay, as far as their earnings, they expect to have 20% revenue growth year over year. I think they’re probably going to have a very nice beat there.

 Okay, I’ll be honest, that’s still an impressive number even if they did 20% I think they’ll be in if they died for next quarter. I think they’re going to beat on that as well. Okay. 19.4% expected for guidance next quarter. Now like I said, I think they will be there as well. Keep this in mind. Okay. This is a tear down of the iPhone 12 done by I fix it. Okay. 

Look at how many chips sky work solutions has in the new iPhone. Okay, there’s the sky works. Sky five RF module 12345678 different chips. Okay. identified a different chips. That’s absolutely extraordinary. Okay, Sky works. We don’t know this specific numbers because we don’t have the contracts that are from sky works. Apple would not be good, right? But from our understanding sky works is likely getting $23 to $27 per every iPhone sold. Okay, that is a good chunk of change. Run up the numbers on how many iPhones will likely be sold in 2021.

 And then run the numbers of Skywards getting between $23 and $27 per iPhone sold and also very important is not like Apple’s skywalks only customer I mean, they’re pretty much an all the big players out there. Okay, something very important to keep in mind $2.08 is expected for GPS for sky work solutions. I think they’re going to destroy that number. I mean, I think they’re going to absolutely obliterate that number. Okay, which that’s very nice growth here for your dollar 68 year ago, two hours and eight cents this year. 

Like I said, I think destroy that number because I mean you just look at the revenue numbers you should be getting per iPhone, I doubt they’re gonna have a dip in profitability. And you know, gross margins should be somewhat stable as well. I think they’re going to destroy that and I think the iPhones selling incredibly well right now. I think this is going to be the biggest year ever for iPhone sales by a mile. Okay. 

Earnings history for this company. They usually beat Okay, look at that. They beat the heck they even beat in the Roni Rona quarter right very slight beat but they still beat than 11.6% beat 21.7% beat this company is beating consistently and I expect them to absolutely destroy obliterate that DPS number. I think they’re going to post something pretty dang epic. Okay, let’s just put it that way. So yeah, Scott works. Like, you know, I wish I would have bought that stock even heavier because I’m looking at the type position this company’s in. 

And I’m like, dang, man, this is pretty darn attractive. I think their profitability is about to go through the dang roof. Okay, then for the last few straggler stocks up here. Okay. On Friday, we have Caterpillar, Eli, Lilly, Erickson, SAP, Chevron, Honeywell, by the way, a lot of other smaller companies on Thursday and Friday, as well. But when it comes to the major one there, Caterpillar going to definitely be a stock to watch. Remember caterpillars that pretty much a five year high right now. 

Okay. I mean, this stock is riding high on hopes of just the I mean, honestly, a lot of stocks are riding high right now, but this one, especially because there’s a lot of thought about, you know, big infrastructure bill. I mean, we’ve heard about a massive infrastructure bill happening in the United States for like, I’ve been listening as probably for about a decade plus now, it still hasn’t really happened. 

We’ve had other infrastructure bills, more minor ones. We’re talking an epic one, okay. Does an epic one come? And if it does, that’s obviously going to be a huge benefit to a company like caterpillar. A lot of people are hoping around that also very important. Caterpillar is a big player in China. Very important to hear what is going on in China from a company that’s actually doing business there. And in hearing from that perspective, okay, so very, very important as well. Okay. 

Now, as far as me personally, I’m around 22% cash going into this earning season and I am Ready for deals if I’m presented with opportunities in different stocks out there no I wouldn’t have even a higher cash percentage but in the month of December last month, I ended up putting about a million dollars into wb a okay Walgreens boots Alliance which is doing pretty darn well and I’m glad I made that move, but at the same time, like I’m not as high of cash as I would have been, so if we get some market opportunities.

I’m definitely in a position where I have plenty of money around to go ahead and deploy I never like to go under 10% cash okay, but you know, I have a lot I definitely have a lot on the sideline to kind of play with and ready in my accounts and ready to you know, transfer from other accounts to other accounts, if we get some true great deals out there.

 Okay, I’ll be keeping an eye on several different stocks as we spoke about here in this video, but also a lot of smaller companies as well to kind of see if there’s any opportunities that have emerged Okay, it’s also possible some of these stocks could skyrocket Okay, and maybe I cash and take some profits depending on what particular stock we’re talking about. 

Okay, there’s some stocks I’m like, you know, I’m a believer in but it’s not like one of those stocks I’ll hold forever Okay, by the way on Saturday actually post a video that I don’t think a lot of you guys got to see on financial education to about five stocks I plan to actually hold forever now all my stocks meet that criteria is like stocks I plan to hold him for forever and ever right? But there definitely are some so if you didn’t get to check out that video financial education to think you guys definitely might want to check out that one. So hope you guys enjoy this video. 

As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up button. It helps us out huge in the YouTube algorithm and with the channel in general. I appreciate you guys in a massive way. And I hope you enjoyed this video here today. If you want to join stock hubs absolutely free to do so that’s gonna be linked in the description.

 Also, there’s a pin comment, if you want to try to play for my private stock group and get in there learn all my strategies, how I make money from stocks, how I run portfolios, even get one on one coaching, things like that. If you want to try to apply for that there’ll be linked in the description. I also had that as the second pin, comment down the Thank you for watching my bald head and have a great day.

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