The Hidden Risk to your Money in the Stock Market Right Now!

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In this video, we talk about the hidden risk for your money in the stock market right now. Some people feel like buying any stock right now is a big mistake.

Are stocks overvalued? What is the risk with your money right now? What costs people a lot of money in the stock market?

What about this whole thing where people are saying “you are only making money in the stock market because we are in an amazing bull market”: anyone could make money the past year” hmmm… Let us discuss

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With today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the hidden risk for your money in the stock market right now, if you’re buying stocks right now, if you have money in the stock market, what is that big risk? That is out there that some folks are talking about a little bit? Okay.

We’re going to talk about that in this video here today. Some people are saying that buying any stock right now is a big mistake. We have those folks out there that say, Man, you buy any stock, it doesn’t matter what it is, he was selling them on the bullish case, they’re saying, You’re making a big mistake.

If you’re buying any stock right now, we’re going to talk about that, okay. It’s an amazing day in the public count the public account here today is up over 23k absolutely an incredible, incredible day, one of the top 10 best days for the public account, literally in its history. Here.

Today, we’re going to talk about this whole thing. I know some of you guys, you get together with friends or family and you try to get them into stock market investing, you tell them about type of returns, you’re getting in the stock market or the type of return you gotten a stock or something like that, you hear this, you’re only making so much money because we’re an amazing bull market. Anyone?

Anyone could make money in the market right now. We’re going to fact check that I think that’s really interesting. I think every single person on this video needs to know is that statement real? You’re only making money because the stock market is so amazing.

Is the stock market really so amazing? Let’s look at the facts. Okay, and usually those people they just use a feel the salt kind of coming out of that skin when they kind of see that. Okay, and by the way, the big risk we’re talking about in this video has nothing to do with Ronnie Brown.

Everybody knows about Ronnie Brown. We don’t know how that’s gonna shake out. That’s obviously the biggest risks in the market right now. Does the economy have to shut down again, things like that everybody kind of knows about Ronnie Ron. Okay, so hope you guys enjoy today’s video.

As always, make sure you smash that thumbs up button. We don’t really have a goal for this, just do a lot of smashing, okay. And make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and you have notifications on not all the time. YouTube kinda you know, promotes the videos out there.

So if you want to get notified every time I come out with a video, turn on the notification bell. Okay, so looking at the market here today, Dow Jones Industrial Average having a great day. 338 points up, NASDAQ is up 184 points up 1.81% NASDAQ, I think it’s right around an all time high here today.

So good day overall in the market, and you ever go to the food store before and you’re at the food store and you buy some stuff, then you go back like a few days later, or the next week, and you find out you just bought a whole bunch of stuff that man last week, it wasn’t on sale, but now all sudden it’s on sale.

And you’re like, dang, why did I buy 14 yogurts last week, because last week, I had to pay full price. And this week, they’re like 10 for 10 or something like that, right? I think we’ve all been there. And so some people had that same type of thoughts around the stock market.

And so they start to think like, let’s just wait a few weeks or a few months. And guess what prices will be much cheaper on stocks, it’s just a matter of time, you know, stock prices will come down the downs at this, then as I said, this is going to have to fall, things like that.

It’ll be much cheaper in a few weeks or a few months from now. Okay, kind of like when I bought my model three performance edition, right? Literally three weeks after I bought it. Tesla lowered the price on the performance edition by $3,000.

Literally three weeks after I bought they lowered the price 3k and the performance edition Oh gosh, that’s what people are thinking with stocks, okay. But here is the underlying problem with this type of thinking old meal stocks will get cheaper and a few weeks or a few months from now. Okay.

Here’s the big problem with that. Okay, let’s look at a few stocks. And I’m going to show you examples. Okay, first one, let’s talk about Tesla. I mean, it’s obviously the stock everybody’s interested in right now, whether you own it or not, right?

Tesla stock, you had about a three week span to buy this stock for $500 or less in the March to April timeframe, right, it was $500 or less, it actually felt under $400 for a couple days there, right? Very, very low for like, you know, tests a stock, for instance, right?

And some folks were like, I might go even lower, you know, might go back to the two hundreds again, remember, last year was in the two hundreds, maybe a fall of 200. So it falls from 900 to 500, then to 400. And then it even reaches in the three hundreds for like a day or two.

And a lot of folks said and no still I just wanna I just want to wait on this one right. Now here today, the stocks $1,331 case over 13 $100 a share. It’s a bit of a dream if you want Tesla stock to go back under $500 a share now, not to say it’s impossible.

Anything can happen out there to the markets or to any stock. But I mean from 1300 to 500. It’s a little unrealistic. You had this opportunity for several weeks. It wasn’t like it was just one day it was several weeks to get the stock around $500 or cheaper.

But a lot of folks said it might go even lower, it might go even lower. And let me continue to wait because it might go to 200 it might go to 250 and that’s where I’ll buy and things like that. It’s like yeah, you can keep waiting and you know, sometimes you never get that opportunity.

Okay, that’s how to start. Let’s look at Apple stock right? Apple stock for three weeks was $260 or less than That March and April timeframe and at its lows, I think it went all the way down to like $230 a share roughly somewhere around there, right?

If you were interested in buying Apple stock, you had a pretty dang good opportunity. But some folks were saying $240 I want it even cheaper, I want it to go down to 20. And then if it went down to 20, people will be saying that one of that 200.

And if it went down 200 people say, Oh, I want to 180 it’s like, at some point in time, you run into some big issues, because here we’ll look at an apple stock here today, right? It’s $372 a share. It’s approaching 380. Right.

And so now the hope Apple stock goes back down $240 a share $250 share, it’s not impossible. But Gosh, it’s a little unrealistic. Now at this point in time, right? The fbn these are these are all great companies.

I’m pointing out to you, I’m not even pointing out like very speculative companies or something like that rates, the SP right, the FB was for two weeks, you got to who had the opportunity to buy this stock under $160 a share. And that’s Lowe’s.

I think it was in the 100 and 30s range, right? You had two weeks to go ahead and purchase whatever shares you want. People said, Ah, it’s not even low enough. It’s like what do you want the shares for free for $1 a share something like that, it gets a little unrealistic look at the FB now it’s nearly $240 a share, right.

And even after the whole, you know, ad boycott that was going on recently, right? where it was like, oh, we’re gonna you know, all these advertisers came out, right, you would have thought that would have dropped the stock massively, well, it definitely dropped the stock, but it dropped it to what like $210 $212, somewhere around there.

So we’re not even getting anywhere remotely close to 140 $130 a share for the FB and this is what I like to call the I want to even lower syndrome, okay, the I want an even lower syndrome. This happens in the stock market, okay.

And this costs investors crazy amounts of money each and every year by investors saying I’m staying on the sidelines with this stock or the stock market in general because I want it to go down and this the Dow right at the bottom in March it reached about 18k. Right?

You know, you could have said Imagine if you’re on the side and you’re like I wanted at 17k or I wanted at 17 five, that’s when I’ll buy in right? It didn’t quite hit that and look where it’s at today right NASDAQ reaches 6000 something right?

Because at one of that 5000 something so you stay on the sidelines now the NASDAQ 10,000 plus the I want to lower syndrome a cost investors so much money, guys. I mean, we know about these type of things that cost people a lot of money, right?

day trading, Penny stocks, options, trading, you know, margining out money calls and things like that. Those are all different activities that for most folks, they don’t work out right. And most folks lose money from that we all know that.

But this one that I want to even lower syndrome, like literally people have no clue how much money this actually costs stock market investors, and it’s ridiculous sums of money, including the guy recording this video more added Jeremy Okay, Jeremy, it has cost me a lot of money.

Let’s just put it that way. Okay. And I mean, a lot of money because I’ve gotten caught up on this many times, on so many stocks in the past, where I wanted a few pennies cheaper or $1 cheaper in man, I never get that position built the way.

I really wanted to get it built, and it ends up costing me a fortune because guess what, that stock, everything ends up working out for it. And it just ends up costing me an absolute fortune. Okay, this is a big risk in the stock market.

So the next time one of your stocks that you’re looking into that you absolutely want to build a massive positioning goes down a bunch of K, just keep this in the back of your mind, just think, hmm, am I gonna Am I gonna lose this one over, you know, 10 cents, or 20 cents a share or something like that.

And the next time the market dips huge again, whether it’s this year, or next year or whatever, you’re right, almost every single year, the market has some type of dip, opportunity to buy Okay, next time you look at it, just look at it objectively and saying Am I putting myself into a bad situation where.

I’m gonna wait for the stock market to hit this price and it’s so close to that price, but I’m not going to buy in because I gotta wait for this specific price. Just Just to have this in the back of your mind. Okay, it’s very, very important because it’s cost me a lot of money.

It costs every investor out there so much money by by just like worrying about a few pennies there. And it’s like the massive opportunities over here like, like, if we’re that worried about a few pennies, why are we even getting involved with this stock in the first place?

Something really important to think about there. Okay. Now, I want to talk about this. This is actually the more thing I’m even more excited to talk about than what we just talked about, okay? This whole thing like, like, oh, you’re only making so much money because we’re an amazing bull market. Anyone could make money right now.

Oh my gosh, anybody could make money. And that’s that’s what I do back to them just really okay. Now, you know, when somebody says something like that already know, the level of ignorance is is at an all time high when I hear somebody say something like that because they just are judging off the motions.

They don’t even look at the facts. Okay? They’re not even looking at the facts. Let’s really look at the facts and let’s see about this amazing bull market that we’re in or something like that. Okay, let’s look at the s&p 501 year rate of return and what we will find is the One year rate of return for the s&p 500 is 6%. Okay. 6% s&p 500 you should usually expect to go up seven to 8%.

On a one year return. Okay. We’re at 6%. Year to date. s&p 500 is down 1.86%. Yep, not up. Okay. Down. 1.86%. Okay. Yeah. So amazing. Okay, just so amazing. Yeah, it real amazing. Okay. The Dow Jones Industrial Average the Dow 30.

What everybody looks at who even like, pays attention to market? Right? sp 500. A lot of us that are, you know, super into the stock market? A lot of us look at that. A lot of people look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually much more popular dow 30. Right.

How is this so amazing. The one year rate of return in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is negative 2.75%. For the Dow 30. The most popular index in the entire world is negative 2.75%. Where’s the amazing bull market in that year to date? The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 8.26%.

Just Where is it? Okay. Tell me about the amazing bull market. Once again, just on a factual basis, we are not in an amazing bull market. Okay, we are not the Dow is down 2.75%. In the past one year, the s&p 500 was up 6% in the past one year, if you have a 9%, a 9%, one year rate of return on whatever account you have.

Whether it’s through Robin Hood, or fidelity or TD Ameritrade or whoever, okay? You are doing really good for yourself, you are doing really dang good for yourself, if you just have a 9% return literally okay? If you have a 12% plus return on your stock mark, count, be very proud. Okay, be very proud because you’re doing flat out. Amazing.

Let’s be very clear about that. And you need to be proud of that. Don’t let somebody you know, brush you off to the side and be like, Oh, you’re only doing amazing because it’s an amazing bull market bs man. It’s not look at your one rate of return.

And look at the one year rate of return for the s&p 500 dow dow 30 or whatever. Let’s see about that amazing bull market. Okay, nevermind. If you have, you know, other types of returns like a 70% return.

That’s a whole different level. So don’t even let me get started about the folks that will look at the 2009 lows and try to cherry pick that and be like, well, the stock market since those lows in 2009.

It’s up X and X and amount making out like everybody has been investing that whole amount of time. First off, I was broke in 2009. Like I was trying to buy some stocks. It was like a couple $100 at a time.

I wish I had like a million dollars to invest back then because I would have made crazy money. And most of you guys were not investing heavily in 2009. Like, like 98% of you guys watching this video right now, if not 99% of you guys right, but they’ll pick off the cherry pick off 2009 lows.

Okay, if you want to cherry pick prices, and go from the exact glow in the great financial recession, we can cherry pick, we can cherry pick k 2007 13 years ago, 13 years ago, the Dow was over 14,000 points. Okay, over 14,000 it’s at 26,000 a day.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow 30 hasn’t even doubled in 13 years. How is that an amazing bull market? 13 years have gone by the dollar has gone down and down downright massive money printing, corporate profits are through the roof share buybacks, everything that’s transpired over the past 13 years.

And the Dow hasn’t even double. So once again, just tell me how is that amazing performance? I would I would love to know how is that amazing bull market dollars gotten weaker buybacks gone through the roof corporate profits through the roof and we haven’t even doubled up the market in a 13 year span. White okay.

The Nasdaq the premier index in the world right the best index with all the best stocks right? And 2000 the NASDAQ was over 5000 Okay, here today 20 years later, okay. 20 years later, the NASDAQ’s barely over 10,000.

It’s doubled up in 20 years for the best index out there right with all the amazing companies in everything right. So if you want to cherry pick from 2009 lows, let’s also cherry pick from 2007. And let’s also cherry pick from 2000.

Okay, we can play that game. But the fact is, whether you’re looking at a one year return, or whether you’re looking at a 13 year return for the Dow or 20 year return for the NASDAQ regardless, whatever way you want to slice it, we haven’t had an amazing bull market and if you’re severely outperforming the market, then be proud of that.

Don’t let any friends or family members or somebody on a community board on the stock market or something like that, say, oh, you’re only doing this good because we’re in something like they just they’re just a little ignorant. They just don’t have the facts straight.

Okay, you know the facts. Don’t let it bother you. Let somebody else’s opinion ruin your gains in what you’ve actually worked hard for and actually researching a company actually going out and they’re doing it because most of people that make comments like that, they’re just people that are really really salty because they haven’t made any gains.

And they don’t even really keep up with the market. So they saw it go up big one day and they’re like, oh, man, the markets doing amazing when they missed like all these days when the market was down or something like that.

So anyways, I hope you guys really enjoyed today’s video, make sure you smash that thumbs up button. And, you know, maybe share this out to one of your salty friends or something like that. No, don’t do that.

They might hate on it. And they might be like, well, look at that. That’s 2009 lows, how much of the markets up? Oh my gosh, okay, so anyways, by the way, I have a free resource for you guys down there. If you want to learn how to build a high reward, low risk stock market portfolio.

I have that link down there in the description. I think it’s actually the first link down there. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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