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The stock market is real nasty today. The DOW is down 600+ points and the S&P 500, along with Nasdaq are being destroyed awful style.

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Holy smokers boys and girls get ready to hold on to your doughnuts because the stock market drama is back in full swing. Okay, here today the Dow is down over 600 plus points a big downward move for the Dow Jones, s&p 500 is down about 2.4%. The Nasdaq is by far taking the biggest hit today down over 3.2% and massive massive downward move for the.

NASDAQ there always cracks me up these pictures CNBC as for like some guy that’s on Wall Street, like making some silly face like oh my gosh, the stock market’s crashing. Okay. So needless to say, we got the drama back in the market, we got some some craziness going on.

And some great values, in my opinion are starting to emerge in the market now with you know how bad the market was last week. And then obviously, after today, there’s some there’s some stocks that are starting to emerge, I’m saying, Okay, now we’re starting to get some good values in the market. Because the last few months, we haven’t had a lot of good values in my personal opinion.

And now we’re starting to get some really good value. So that’s what we’re going to go through today, I’m going to show you a whole bunch of different stocks that i think you know, have good value for the long term here. So hope you guys really enjoy this video today. Hope you get a lot of value out of it.

Make sure you smash that thumbs up button if you want to join my private stock market membership group that is linked in the description and we actually have a sale going on right now. Okay, le Baba is a first stock, I see some pretty good value emerging here. Alibaba is under 170 bucks a share.

Now at this point in time, Alibaba is caught into the whole negativity around China right now, obviously, with the tariff situation that could potentially hurt the Chinese economy even more. Alibaba is a company that gets most of their revenues and profits from China. So needless to say, in the short term, at least.

Alibaba has kind of caught up in all this negativity and kind of this, this negative news cycle around China, and what the tariffs are going to mean or don’t mean and things like that. And their business could potentially be hurt a bit, but it’s still a business that’s going to grow massively.

Regardless if the Chinese economy gets worse, or gets much better or stays about the same from now. It’s just one of those types of stocks. Okay, massive, massive company doing amazing things absolutely love that one and the values emergent. Okay, next up is Tesla stock.

Okay, Tesla stock today is at $226 a share, that would be the lowest it has been literally in years. Okay, this is the lowest Tesla’s ships have been in years. All right, Tesla stock is down 13 plus dollars a share down about five and a half percent today. And by the way, pay attention to financial education to my other channel.

Later this afternoon, I got a little video coming around Tesla. But Nina say Tesla represents an amazing value, my personal opinion, on a risk reward balance, the risk, you’re taking what Tesla shares versus the reward, I feel like I’m gonna potentially get with Tesla shares the reward, you know, so much outweighs the potential risk with Tesla, in my personal opinion.

Because we’re talking about a stock that I think has the potential to go up hundreds of percent, or maybe even 1,000% over the coming years versus you know, if Tesla somehow becomes irrelevant overnight, which then they’re becoming more and more relevant when you eat with each and every day, right?

They’re gaining market share on all the cars, you know, the whole waves going toward them. So if anything that becoming more relevant, but if they just became a relevant overnight and somehow went bankrupt or something, you lose 100%. But if I’m looking at my reward potential, with all my bullish thesis, if that all plays out, like the reward is massive, so that one.

I think, represents a really good long term value a little more speculative, okay, Whirlpool, I think represents pretty good value here. That one’s down about, you know, 5% today, taking a big hit back down to the 120s. Very good dividend play, very safe business model appliance brands, so well known around the world, they own some other brands, other than just Whirlpool, but.

I mean refrigerators and ovens and microwaves and, and dishwashers and laundry, all these sorts of things are not going away. They’ve been they’ve been here for 50 plus years, 100 years, some of these appliances, they’re not going away anytime soon. It’s just like their needs based things.

I love their business model. Overall, I love their brands, overall, I love their receiving their dividend payments each month. So nice to say Whirlpool I think represents really good value. Next one up here is Apple, Apple is starting to represent good value. So you know, it got above $200, just a few weeks ago, and it was even approaching like the $210 range.

And no at this point in time Apple’s back in the mid 180s. And so they’re starting to be value that’s emerging there with Apple, you can’t it’s not a stock you should expect much from over the next few years. And needless to say, but it is a stock on a long term basis that has an.

Unbelievable business model that has an unbelievable mo that has an unbelievable way of satisfying customers and bringing them in and kind of keeping them happy and keeping them in the ecosystem of products and whatnot. So Apple’s an amazing company, five G’s coming probably within a year or two.

I think 5g supercycle and phones and smartphones in general is going to happen. So needless to say Apple i think is emerging as a very interesting value play now at this point in time. And as that stock continues to fall, what happens that dividend yield is going to get bigger and bigger by the way they just upped their dividend Very recently.

Okay, next ones up here that I think represents some very, very good value, I’m gonna go in depth on these in my private stock market membership group this week, but Wynn resorts winning resorts, down to the low 120s. Now in MGM resorts down to about $25. Now, I think both these stocks represent very good value in their, their their space.

I guess you can say, I think, you know, their properties are very undervalued from where they’re being valued at at this particular time, I think the type of properties, you can’t just emulate those overnight or something, these are properties that cost billions of dollars to build. And they’re in the most prime locations possible around the world and whatnot for both those companies.

So love both those stocks, and they represent very, very good value here. But both of them are caught under the negative China cycle right now, because it will both those companies get very large amounts of their revenue and profits from the Macau region. And specifically Wynn resorts I’m talking about MGM is a little less, you know, relying on the Asian region that’s a little more reliant on the US market.

So I guess you can say if the US is really strong, China’s weak you say, you know, MGM might be a little bit of play. But both of those, if I’m looking at a three to five to seven year, you know, time horizon, I think both those are significantly undervalued.

Okay, so like both of those, this next one is probably going to shock some you guys, because you guys know, I don’t like IPOs generally ever, okay, I’m almost never interested in IPOs. This is the closest thing I’ve come to buying an IPO or a company has just went IPO very recently.

Maybe ever, okay, and that would be Uber big Uber, okay, Uber is down to 37 bucks a share, this puts its valuation in the 60s, billions of dollars. And you see, I haven’t been this interested in buying a stock that just went IPO probably since Facebook. And it’s been a long, long time.

When I look at Uber and I look at their overall business model, I’m looking at a business model that obviously right now is losing money. And you shouldn’t expect profits for at least a few years. And that’s in my opinion, the hardest thing to kind of go through if you’re going to buy Uber stock.

So if I’m buying Uber stock, let’s say I bought Uber stock today, the hardest thing for me to kind of get mentally past is the fact that man, I’m going to have to be in that stock for several years before they even start to make any profits. So that’s the only tough thing.

But if I look at their business model is a pretty unbelievable business model is definitely asset light, they have the you know, obviously the brand recognition there. It’s so relevant, like if I’m thinking of like if I you know, had to take a ride somewhere around I can’t use my car, let’s say the first thing.

I’m thinking about is Uber, okay, I already got the thing downloaded, like that’s what I use, that’s why uses a pass like I’m using Uber, okay, and if I’m forced, let’s say Uber really wasn’t working that day or something, then I would say okay, I guess I’ll have to use a lift, I’ll download the Lyft app and do that.

Okay, after that there’s no other brand I possibly know. And I’m completely lost, okay, I don’t know, I have to like call up a taxi company or something like that at that point in time. Okay, so that brand is amazing that Uber has and the way they expand and Uber Eats and things like that.

I think the business model is very rarely can I ever say in a company that just went IPO might actually be a little undervalued but I can’t possibly say that with Uber it’s just the hardest thing is knowing that you’re gonna have to go through a stock that on the bottom line they’re gonna lose money for at least a few years.

So very, very interesting Uber here I might not buy quite yet I might hope it drops a little bit more and then I might actually start adding some shares as my my my spec play out there. Okay, next ones up here are a couple of commodity related stocks.

Okay, one being m you huge memory chip maker one of the biggest memory chip makers in all the world for a lot of your different devices out there and all those sorts of things basically anything that needs memory micron provides it pretty much okay US Steel is obviously a steel company I think that represents very interesting potential upside there neither the stocks.

I’m personally that interested in just because they’re more commodity plays in generally I don’t like commodity plays because I’ve been burned on commodity plays many times in the past you kind of have to time them so perfectly because you know when it’s a commodity related business.

They can’t control their pricing is completely you know dependent upon a supply and demand type situation so probably not the best stocks for me personally however you if you’re more of a someone that doesn’t mind owning a commodity stock those could be those those in my opinion represents a very significant possible value in the coming years.

You know, their type businesses aren’t really going anywhere steel and not going anywhere. Okay. And you know, obviously the memory business micron has is absolutely amazing. Okay, so definitely two very undervalued businesses my personal opinion to companies that raked in the cash like crazy and you just have to deal with the fact that you know, supply and demand businesses.

Okay, next one up here is Google Google McDougal is down three plus percent today down over 35 bucks a share. It’s down to the low 11 $100 range. Google’s another stock has been caught up and you know, the the negativity in the markets. The funniest thing is Google not even reliant on China.

Like if China got really weak. It honestly matters very little to Google. And then because Google’s profits and revenues are in China is like nonsense. system like YouTube, you can’t have YouTube in China, okay, you can’t run ads on YouTube in China, you can do you know, obviously Google searches in China or anything like that unless you have some type of, you know, fancy thing or something.

But then ads can play. So it doesn’t even matter in the end. So Google’s business in China is pretty much irrelevant. And it’s another stock that’s been kind of hammered recently, some was because of their earnings that came out. And some is just this negativity around the stock market in general right now.

So if I’m looking at Google, I’m looking at a stock that’s been hit for basically no reason other than the fact that it’s a stock in the stock market. So very interesting value is starting to emerge in Google stock similar to Apple, but Apple is much more reliant on China than Google is Google’s business like.

I said, it’s like non existent. Okay, next one up here is ticker symbol n v. In Video Corporation, one of the most amazing companies in the world, one of the most well run companies in the world, one of the companies that’s changing the world doing some amazing things in videos.

This stock is down another five plus percent today is down to about $159 a share and if we remember back in December, when the stock market was kind of like hitting its lows right there like December 2018, which was a disaster and the stock market, if I recall, Nvidia hit somewhere in the 130s.

So we’re talking about you know, down now getting into the 150s we’re getting close to you know, somewhat close to those December lows in hit literally back in December 2018. So in video, the the value is starting to emerge. They’re very profitable business businesses doing amazing things as far as artificial intelligence, self driving vehicles, things like that, you know, amazing company as far as gaming goes, and all those sorts of things.

So needless to say, you know, Nvidia has an unbelievable business, unbelievable management team, and unbelievable products and services at that company. So love that business, a phenomenal balance sheet as well. Okay, so starting to get some interesting value their next one up here is Corning ticker symbol g L and W. Corning’s getting hidden over three and a half percent today, okay.

Corning is partially a play on 5g with some of their optical fibers and things like that, that’s kind of used for 5g infrastructure. Also, they make Gorilla Glass and some of those sorts of products. I think Corning is a very interesting play at this point in time.

Good dividend company, company has a great management team in place, their company has been around for a long time, and they just kind of they find the next market to kind of go into and they end up prospering in that. So Corning absolutely loved that business, love it overall, interesting value starting to emerge in that business model unbelievable patents with that company.

Okay, next one up here is, in my opinion, the best investment bank in the world. And I think it’s technically the only banking related company I’ve ever personally owned, and that is Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs is under $200 a share now at this point in time, okay, anything under $300 is pretty interesting with Goldman Sachs, under 200, it gets real, real, real interesting.

Okay, this one’s down around three and a half plus percent today is just getting hit with the market overall. And Goldman Sachs, when I look at Goldman Sachs, overall, I don’t just see an investment bank now I’m starting to see a company that’s moving more and more into the commercial space, but not just a commercial space.

I’m thinking like average everyday consumers with a lot of their online banking products with the Marcus you know, savings accounts and things like that, that are kind of attracting people into using Goldman Sachs for you know, checking and savings accounts and whatnot.

So Goldman Sachs is kind of transforming into just a company used to think about that work with massive corporations that work with super high net worth individuals to now in maybe like facilitating, you know, big companies that were going to go public to know a company that can deal with smaller businesses to now a company that can deal with, you know, average, everyday Joe’s and their savings accounts, and all those sorts of things and checking accounts.

So Goldman Sachs is getting much, much more interesting. Now as far as an overall business model in relation and the they’re not just chasing, you know, billionaires and people that have, you know, $10 million plus networks, okay? They’re not just chasing those individuals.

They’re just chasing the next massive IPO or the next massive company that needs to invest their money in something now they’re chasing off, you know, everybody, essentially, in general, is a potential Goldman Sachs customer. So I think that’s an interesting thing for their business model.

I think in the short term, it’s just it’s caught up into all the negativity right now. And that’s just kind of the way it is with Goldman Sachs. But anything under 300 is very interesting for me with Goldman Sachs, anything under 200 is like, Are you kidding me? Okay, are you kidding me? Mix one up here.

This one I haven’t been into in a while. And I gotta say their management has made a lot of mistakes over the past few years, but they’re starting to clean up their act, they’re starting to make some very intelligent moves over there. And that is Elle brands, Kay, the owner of Victoria’s Secret bath and Bodyworks.

That one’s down to 22 bucks a share all right, down another seven plus percent today. And like I said, with that one, this fact that management team screwed up so many things over the last two or three years, they made so many mistakes, but I’ve got to say I’ve you know, ever since I sold out that stock, you know, I don’t know what that was a year ago or nine months ago or whatever.

Ever since I got out of that one. I’ve always still paid attention to him. I think when we got out of it, it was like I don’t know, somewhere $27 or something like that. When we got out of that one. I always wanted to pay attention to it because their brains are great Victoria’s Secret phenomenal.

In their pink brand has an amazing brand in their bath and Bodyworks brand those are some of the strongest brands you can possibly think about when you think about their type of categories so I’ve always wanted to pay attention them and I will say.

I have seen management make Smart Moves recently that I my opinion are setting the company up for long term success in this kind of new environment so very intriguing stock and another stock that’s getting absolutely decimated here today in 22 bucks now it’s down to I’m starting to say maybe it’s worth potentially taking a risk on that one still a business model.

That brings in mass profits so this isn’t like some company that loses money or something like even though their business has been hurt over the past few years like you can look at their their profits are still amazing for this company. Okay, so it’s gotten much much much more intriguing recently to me and now at 22 bucks it’s a good value has emerged their next one up here is Capri holdings you may have never heard of this one before but.

I can promise you you’ve heard of their brands before si p r i Okay, this one’s down about 40 bucks now five and a half percent downward move for Capri holdings. Capri holdings owns Versace, they own Jimmy Choo okay the one that makes like 1000 plus dollar high heels. They own michael kors.

I can promise you unless you’re hiding under a rock you’ve probably heard of those brands at some point time, specifically Michael Kors, and Versace. So they’re kind of like a fashion house now at this point in time and they kind of you know pray they have price points all the way from you know, the Michael Kors brand might be for some you know like mid consumer type pricing and then.

All the way up to the very high end with Jimmy Choo you know 1000 plus dollar heels in Versace clothes and things like that right so so very interesting fashion house there. I think the value has emerged extremely profitable business and a business model that I I absolutely love that because if one of their businesses falls off for a short time, let’s say Michael Kors, a little weak.

Jimmy Choo and Versace, you can kind of pick up things. Let’s say Versace and Jimmy Choo aren’t doing so well. Michael Kors is probably doing well with some of the the mass consumers and whatnot. So I like that business overall. I like the management in place there.

Okay, next one up here is ticker symbol D Deere and company, john deere, as you guys will know it, someone’s getting hit about $10 downward move today six plus percent downward move for deer in company they obviously their agricultural related company, they make products, you know, that basically farmers use they do have a construction side of their business as well now, and that’s kind of, you know, expanded over the past few years.

So I have a big construction business, but their main business has to do with obviously farming related equipment. And obviously with the tariffs that China enacted on the US today a lot of people are worried about farmers won’t be upgrading equipment and things like that.

And that’s certainly possible at least in the short term. But eventually the the you know, the farming equipment has to upgrade, okay, things start to break, you need to order parts. Where do you order parts from you order from john deere, your machine breaks in general, you need something better, something more efficient, you’re going to buy the new john deere product, things like that.

So everything that kind of hurts in the short term is going to also be a long term benefit. If somebody is holding out further, that just means there’s further expansion opportunity in the future, right? It’s no different than let’s say everybody is a keeping their current iPhones, you know, or whatever their current Samsung device and they’re not upgrading.

Guess what those are going to start to eventually get old, the batteries are going to need to be replaced, the phones are going to break things like that. And that just means that the next potential upgrade cycle can be even bigger in the future. Right. And the next time everybody, you know, gets excited about something same exact thing with farm equipment.

So although you might be a cutback here in the short term, you’re looking at a long term basis is actually a very, you know, big reason to be bullish over a three five year span, because there’s going to be you know, mass upgrades needed.

And another one very similar business model, but there’s just much, much bigger on the construction side, rather than agricultural side. And that is caterpillar. Okay, Caterpillar is taking another big hit today down $6.75 a share down well over 5%.

And obviously, like I said, Caterpillar, massive construction business they have they get a lot of their profits from the Asian region in China in general. So all these tariffs situation is going to worry, you know, out of VC Caterpillar investors.

But once again, the tariff situation will pass at some point in time. The question is, does it pass in a few weeks? Does it pass in a few months does it pass in a year we don’t know. But eventually this will pass and things will kind of you know, regulate again.

And so if you’re looking at long term basis, there’s a lot of good values that are emerging. And I’m just you know starting to pick some stocks here and there and starting to deploy some more money. I’m starting to deploy more money than I have in in many months.

And the last time I deployed a lot of money in the stock market was between October and December when the markets just kept falling. I just kept you know plowing money in left and right. And you know, all of a sudden January February, things started move up haven’t deployed that much money in the market.

And now we’re starting to get rolling again with some big deployments so very excited about some things there make sure you guys watch my other channel financial education too tonight. Got an interesting video for you guys coming on there.

Let me know what your opinions down there in the comment section. I really want to hear from you guys. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day the thumbs up button.


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