Stock Market Crash IS WORSE! ELECTION 2020 + STOCKS = BAD

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Stock market crash keep getting worse. Almost every single stock was red today! Talk about a red day! Why is this happening? Is it because its Halloween? Is it the witches and vampires that are terrorizing the stock market? Whatever it is we need to prepare for a big buying opportunities.

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about the stock market and the down trend it is on. Also hope you enjoy me talking about multiple stocks that might be a good deal now that the stock market is crashing. Leave me a comment with your opinion on the video! Let me know if there is any stocks you are buying now. Or if there is a stock you are watching.

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Who is smoking guys? Look at that stock market here today down uh, once again looking at NASDAQ now under 11,000. At 10,009 in one in one and 59. There, okay, down two and a half percent for the NASDAQ here day, down 274 points.

Look at that five day chart for the NASDAQ. It’s just pretty much down, down, down and down and the NASDAQ peaked. What was that about two months ago, roughly somewhere around there.

And I believe the NASDAQ was somewhere around 12. Five, somewhere around there. Roughly 12 312 five, and yeah, now we’re at 10. Nine now. s&p 500 fell another 1.2% here today. It has been a rough past five days for the s&p 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average it was the was the least bad of the punch.

Okay, that one was only down 157 points. But remember, this one has had a pretty dramatic fall in the past five trading days alone. Okay, look at this here. Dow dropped 150 points as Wall Street post worst one week sell off since March. So I could say about that. Okay, that’s scary. Anytime you get put in the same category as March it’s a little scary.

This is put that way because remember, March was pretty much the worst stock market crash at least the fastest stock market crash we’ve ever seen right from from peak to trough. It was something like what was our 30 35% move in like 22 trading days? Absolutely incredible. So yeah, it’s been a tough past week or two for the stock market.

Needless to say some would even say scary and tomorrow is Halloween and it has just been scary in the stock market recently. And maybe that’s the scariest part scariest part is Election Day is this coming week and we’re only a few days away from election day guys only a few days away now from Election Day and this is going to be massive.

Okay, so in this video, I want to go through a few different things. The first is like what the heck is going on in the market? Okay, number two, what are what should we expect from the market next week?

Next week is election week, like what in the world is about to happen okay, and number three, we’re going to talk about some stocks to watch some interesting values potentially out there in the market. There’s definitely some more opportunities I’m seeing in the market now that the markets had, you know, a rough past couple weeks let’s just put it that way.

So definitely more ops out there than usual. All right. Hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up that helps YouTube channel out massively. I appreciate each and every one of you guys for the algorithm.

I appreciate you okay. Also, if you haven’t gotten a chance to get in stock club yet do it. It is absolutely free. You can chat stocks with a bunch of other investors out there. And it’s a lot of fun in there already.

Guys. Let’s start looking at this stocks fell on Friday led by major tech shares as Wall Street wrapped up a difficult week in which Roni cases rose quite substantially. Us fiscal stimulus talks broke down in traders brace for next week’s presidential election.

Holy smokes man, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 157 points as we spoke about, obviously, the NASDAQ was down the worst a bunch down two and a half percent. The Dow and s&p 500 fell 6.5% in 5.6%, respectively, and posted their biggest weekly losses since March.

Wow, those are pretty big moves down for the market there guys. Okay, the NASDAQ lost more than 5% over that time period, and also had its worst one week performance since March K, that those are some pretty big numbers for the market.

In general, the losses just add up and add up in that one day, when the Dow was down nearly 1000 points. That was the big downward move day, okay, but just you know, you if you’re consistently losing points and points and points, like eventually it’s going to start adding up to some pretty big numbers.

Look at this chart here. Okay, by CNBC, look at this. This shows you the last 14 trading days that I have circled there, okay. Over the last 14 trading days, we have 10 days that were down for the market in only four days that were up for the market, okay, which is a substantial difference in absolute substantial difference in the amount of down days versus updates over the past 14 days.

But it’s not just the fact that there are way more down days and updates recently looking how much the down days are down versus how little the updates are up. We’re talking about substantial differences.

I mean, there’s at least five down days that are much bigger than even the biggest updates for the market. Okay, think about that for a moment. That just shows you how severe the markets kind of been over the past, you know, couple of weeks in the trading market. It’s just it’s it’s down and down and down.

Okay, that chart is self explanatory there. We see things like this. Mitch McConnell expects Rona stimulus in 2021 while Pelosi and Trump push for a deal sooner. Okay. You know, in my opinion, yeah. expect 2021 to be more likely than this year.

Okay. We’ve heard so many times that there was going to be a stimulus deal. And you know, where is it? You know, where is it this still hasn’t been done. All we got is that first one and ever since the first one came out, it was immediately talked about a second one and we got our hopes up.

In the spring in the hopes up in the summer and now we’re in the fall time and, you know, it’s just like, yeah, if it comes, it’s likely coming in 2021. Let’s just put it that way. We saw President Trump claimed legislation would come immediately after the election.

Okay. But the question with that is okay, is that if Trump wins, so let’s assume Trump wins. He wants to push for stimulus, Kay. But what if Trump doesn’t win? What if you lose the election? Is he going to push for stimulus then?

I think that’s a big question. I think that’s a really, really big question. Okay. You know, a lot of folks expect Joe Biden to win. If you look at the polls and things like that doesn’t mean he will win.

A lot of people expect them to win. So if he wins, is Trump gonna push for legislation? Or is it gonna be like, Oh, you guys didn’t vote for me? Whatever. Okay. Yeah, we’ll let Biden handle that. We’ll have to see that’s going to route on it’s going to remain to be seen what happens in that whole situation.

Look at this here, okay. This was as of yesterday, as of yesterday, at 3 million people have already voted in 2020. That’s unbelievable. Okay, we’re going to have 100 million plus people, in my opinion, vote before election day even comes.

It’s, you know, like I said, the numbers overall, for many folks you’re gonna vote in this election, I think are going to be around the highest we’ve ever seen, or at least the highest in recent history, but maybe ever.

And the numbers are going to be substantial in the fact that we’re going to likely hit 100 million plus have voted for basically before we even get to election day that thinks that’s extreme and absolutely extreme.

And you guys know, I’m on record going out there. And I said, You know, I think Biden’s gonna win. I’m just gonna be honest, I am not voting for either candidate. I’ve never voted once in my life.

I try to keep you know, I don’t ever want to push a bias. But if you’re at if you’re forcing me to say who do I think is gonna win? I think Biden’s gonna win. I got my hair trimmers ready.

I said, If Trump wins this election, I’m shaving my head because that’s just gonna prove I was wrong. So that’s kind of my my thing out there.

I’m gonna shave my head. I got the I got the Remington ready, okay. And if I’m not using the Remington we’ll use the wall is how you pronounce that the wall razor, shave off all my hair, which I absolutely hate.

I got my, my gown already. Okay, so if Trump wins election next week, man, I’m gonna have to do something I absolutely regret which I hate. Because I like my hair. Man. I like having some hair around.

He has a shaved my head man. But Jeff Bezos mode 2.0 that will be activated next week, if Trump wins. So hey, regardless if you’re voting for Trump or against him or not doing anything should be an entertaining next week.

Okay. And so we see things like this, right? Biden, he wants higher taxes for corporations, right.

And he wants higher taxes for people making over $400,000 a year. Okay. Now, if you’re looking at that on face value, that definitely could say it’s a bad thing for the stock market, right? Overall, it sounds like it’s worse for the stock market than is good for the stock market.

Right? Look at this here, he wants to put corporate tax rates to 28%. From right now they’re at 21%. That used to be a 35%. Okay, then Trump lowered it down to 21. Now Biden’s talking about going to 28. We’ll see what happens there. Okay. And also, you got to think about who mostly invest in the stock market, it’s full.

I mean, the majority of money in the market, right, is from people that probably make over $400,000 a year, right? It’s people with money, sometimes multimillionaires, billionaires, those sorts of folks, they control a lot of the market in the money in the market.

And if you’re going to go up on taxes on them, that’s less money they have to put in the market, which could be seen as a signal, that is doubt, you know, just not good for the market overall. Now, something very important to keep in mind here is just because you say you’re going to go up on tax rates, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to actually get that through.

And I think that’s something not a lot of people even think about I had to take off my hat just to show off my hair, just in case this is the last video ever have hair, and I have to shave my head after this video.

Okay, but Nina say not a lot of people think about this, when it comes to getting tax policy through, you could have all of these plans and all we’re gonna raise taxes here and raise taxes there, it’s a lot harder to raise taxes than it seems on face value, because you can’t just do that by yourself.

You need other people to approve that as well. And believe me, it’s much easier to get lowering of tax rates and tell everybody I’m gonna lower your tax rate. And I’m gonna take less money from you, then oh, we’re gonna take more money from you.

So So just because Biden has these these these plans, does not mean he’s going to be able to get them through. That’s just something to think about.

And if he does, it could take several years. Remember when Biden takes office? Obviously, you got the Rona, Rona situation to deal with. Right That’s a whole situation then you got the stimulus deal to deal with and and then you obviously you just the whole situation of your your new new person taking office.

Like sometimes it can take years to get things through. Okay, so don’t just expect magically overnight, the tax rules to change. Okay. I think you know, even when Trump came in office, it was a few years before he got his tax rules to be inactive. Right. And that took years to get done in terms of it actually going through and that was lowering taxes.

Now we’re talking about raising taxes for corporations and folks that make over 400,000 doesn’t always Go through a snap of fingers. Okay, that’s just not the way it works. Okay. Now a lot of people are thinking that because basically, you know, corporate tax rates could be going up with taxes on the wealthy, they’re expecting a stock market crash under Joe Biden.

That’s what a lot of folks say. They’re like, Oh my gosh, man, who will just wait, if Biden gets in office? market’s going to crash? Kay, absolutely. down to the floor. Okay. I can’t tell you how many people I saw saying that if Trump got elected, the stock market would tank Okay.

Go look at all the past, you know, if you can find in the past articles from around 2016 there was so many dang articles that were written out on there. And basically people that did videos and I’m not talking about like YouTubers, I’m talking about people that went on like CNBC. In places like that.

They’re like, Oh, yeah, Trump gets elected markets going down. 25% mark is going down, you know, 50%, like people just making all these predictions, worst case scenarios and things like that.

And the fact is that the stock market did not crash under Trump. It just didn’t okay. Even with the you know, obviously we had the Rooney roenick crash. Right. But that even since then the market has come back quite strong. Right. When when Trump took office, the Dow was under 20,000.

In here today, even with all the drama that’s happened especially recently right with Ronnie Ronan the economy haven’t shut down. Still, the Dow is at 26 five. And the NASDAQ has been a beast since Trump took over. I mean, that’s that’s probably doubled up. I don’t know exactly where the NASDAQ’s at performance wise since Trump took office.

But I would not be surprised at all if the NASDAQ hasn’t doubled since Trump took office, you know, roughly four years ago. So yeah, the stock market? No, it’s actually up since Trump took office. Okay.

And also remember, I remember shoe when when Obama took office? Oh, my gosh, I mean, the amount of conversations and people saying Obama is horrible for business, the stock market’s going to be awful for you know, as long as the Obama is in there and things like that. Obama took office, the Dow was under 8000, he left office, the Dow was near the 20,000. Okay.

The fact is, you know, at the end of the day, people just like to make these predictions about, you know, all the stock market’s going to crash into this president, that president and the fact is, it’s just fear, fear.

Fear is fear mongering at the end of the day, that’s all it is. It’s pure fear mongering, oh, this guy’s going to crash the market.

That guy, it’s whoever, basically whoever people are against, you know, if it’s Republicans, it’s the democrats and they’re all socialists are going to crash the market, they’re gonna crash, all businesses, things like that. If it’s the other side, they’ll use the same arguments and I’ll say, that guy’s gonna crash the market.

He’s crazy. He’s gonna do this and that, and it’s just, it’s all fear mongering, man. It’s all complete bs fear mongering, because people want their person to get elected. Okay, the USA, you want to know what the USA stands for?

You can’t short the American economy or stocks, okay, or get ready to take big ELLs forever. Okay. The fact is united states is a beast, okay. And you just can’t hold our economy back.

It doesn’t matter who’s president who’s in office, who’s out of office, things like that. Maybe some presidents of the market, the economy, the in the stock market, in general might do a little better or a little worse, right.

But at the end of the day, it’s the United States economy is a flat out beast and the stock market is as well look at the stock market throughout all these different presidents over time.

under some presidents, the market did really, really well, right. under some presidents, the stock market was okay. But at the end of the day, what is the trend over time, up, up up in a way that is the stock market and pretty much regardless if it’s a Republican, Democrat, all those sorts of things? Okay.

And there’s been weakness in the market in the past, whether republicans were in office, or whether there were democrats in office, and there’s been great markets, whether it was democrats in office or Republicans in office, okay, the rest just always remember, the rest is fear mongering, just simple as that.

But with that being said, Where’s the market likely to go? The market likely to go down? It doesn’t matter pretty much who wins this election, Trump Biden, or Kanye? Okay, maybe not Kanye, okay. But it pretty much doesn’t matter who wins this election?

likely the markets going down? Okay, why we’ll just look at the facts. Look at the data in past times, okay? The past is not always reflect the future. Just because this has happened in the past does not mean it will happen in the future.

But if you look almost every single time, the day after week, after in month after election, the market goes down. Okay? So once again, you can’t say for sure this is gonna happen. This is why I’m not selling out of my stocks, because it might not happen.

Okay, who knows, maybe this is the different time and maybe this time, the market goes up right after the election, who knows, but the fact is, usually doesn’t matter who wins the election, the markets going down the short term case, so you got to have some cash ready to take advantage of this, but it is going to be a crazy next week in regards to this whole election situation.

And we might not know who the winner is on election night. And that’s gonna be the first time and I don’t know how long I mean, I always remember the you know, the big Who the next president being being announced on election night? Because there’s been so many mail in ballots this time and things like that.

You know, we’ll see. I don’t know, it could take days, it could take a week for the president to be announced. We’ll have to see what happens in this whole scenario. Okay. In terms of some stocks, look at this.

Look at big tech here today. Okay. The FB they had beast earnings yesterday, stock down 6%. Okay. amazings on had a 9.5 out of 10 earnings, I graded them on amazing earnings, the stock was down five and a half percent.

Apple had okayish earnings, that stock was down 5.6%, Google, Google had beast earnings, and the stock was up as much as like 10% after hours yesterday, and it finished up only 3.4% here today, with some beast earnings out of Google McDougal.

Okay. I mean, look at that, that’s kind of like, wow, okay, wow, that shows you there’s real weakness in the stock market right now. Not just like, you know, sometimes we go through these time periods where it’s like, you know, the markets just kind of moving around. And it’s kind of acting like we’re going down and it doesn’t really go down. Okay.

There’s real weakness in the market. There’s real fear in the stock market right now. Okay, for those amazing earnings to come out in those stocks to go down. I mean, there’s real fear in this market, no doubt about Microsoft, right. A lot of people thought Microsoft’s numbers were amazing when they reported a few days ago. And don’t forget Microsoft stock also wind down after those earnings.

That’s incredible, right, that shows you there’s real underlying weakness and lack of confidence in the market at the moment. And there’s also a lot of fears about 2021 being bad and no stimulus until springtime, and in my opinion, that’s why the stock market is going down right now.

And that’s why the stocks that are reporting amazing earnings, like huge beats, like these companies are crushing their earnings. That’s why the stock market’s going down despite these amazing numbers, because at the end of the day, there are a lot of investors out there that have real fears about no stimulus coming anytime soon.

And also 2021 being a much worse year for then a lot of folks expected because a lot of folks expected Okay, 2020 is going to be the huge trough, okay. And in 2021, things are gonna get better and better and better. Now, with all these routing numbers going and getting worse and worse.

There’s a lot of true fears from investors, whether they’re real or fake. There’s a lot of true fears. That man, that 2021 might not be everything it is cracked up to be. And that scaring a lot of folks out there. Okay. Now also very strange. Look at the bank stocks today. This was very strange. Wells, the Bank of America and JP Morgan.

All up today. Isn’t that strange? Very strange. It’s one of those where you scratch your head you’re like how what how, how, what in the world? Like, like, what I’m just so confused. Okay. Very strange that those talks were all up okay. Now also something I want to point out here. Look at the high flyers. You notice this okay? The high fliers tend to always get hurt much worse. And I mean much much worse.

When we are in a downtrending market look at Stitch Fix here today. down almost 10% Okay, on no news for Stitch Fix. It’s just the stock was down huge. Okay, we’re looking at revolved stock RVL v. I love that stock K. It’s been a high flyer the past six months is down over 8% here today.

Okay. Look at Tesco. myosin, we all know, Tesco bias has been a beast for the last six to eight months. Right? And you look at Tesla, it was down 5.55% I love numbers on sequence. By the way. Look at that.

I mean, that’s a big downward move for Tesla mostly here today down 22 plus dollars a share. Look at peloton, peloton. Okay, that stock was down almost 5% we know that one’s been a high flying hot stock. Everybody buying those $5,000 bicycles, right?

I mean, my goodness, that’s a big downward move. By the way, if you’re wondering, I still got my peloton. short position open that opened like a week ago. And yeah, we’ll see what happens with that one. So far.

It’s doing pretty well. I don’t know what’s going to happen as my first short ever so you know, maybe I lose money on the stock, and it goes up a bunch. But in my personal opinion,

I think that company is going to have a very tough next year and when I say tough, it doesn’t mean they have negative numbers.

I just think analysts are way too bullish. And I think a lot of people are setting themselves up for a lot of disappointment when it comes to peloton stock because the valuation has gone so unbelievably crazy for that stock.

I mean, when I shorted that one, I think it was at a $35 billion market cap or something like that. For an exercise bike company. You know what, we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I lose money. Oh, well, I’ll be able to take my L and say, dang, man, I think it’s shortened or maybe we make a little money there.

We’ll see. Okay, look at the cruise lines here day. You got to watch these stocks. Hey, RCL, Norwegian Cruise Line and carnival. I think these are interesting stocks to watch and you may not want to buy them but at least like watch these stocks because they’re gonna be entertaining. You know why? Cuz literally just today, CDC announced that you know, these guys can start cruising again.

So over the next six months or so, these these companies are likely going to start back up their cruising business And start having passengers again and we’re gonna see what happens. Like you know, does do they get back to normal?

Or do we start hearing a bunch of stories about Roni went crazy on these cruise ships or what’s going on? Okay, so definitely watch these ones if for nothing else for entertainment reasons krcl Norwegian Cruise Lines and the Carnival Cruise. Okay. real real is a real real opportunity in the market, I think.

Okay, this one I might have to pay so don’t tell anybody, but I might have to buy this one soon. A real real is a real opportunity out there is 12 bucks a share here today. I really liked that one. You’ll want to know another one. I really like Nick. At those who share a gun, I’m just kidding. Okay, just kidding.

Boeing, in all seriousness, Boeing, it keeps going down, it’s down to $144 a share. Now, I can tell you guys, if this one goes to like $120 a share or under, I might honestly have to consider buying some Boeing even though I feel like it’s gonna be several years, several years, not quarters, years before Boeing’s business gets back to normal.

If Boeing goes to 120, under 120, going into 2021, I’m gonna have to pick up some shares, man, I’ll have to pick up some just because it’s a great company, they will come back it’s going to take them several years to get back to normal. But goodness, I mean, it Hey, at the end of the day, if the price is right for a stock, you know,

if it’s just super cheap, I’m gonna go ahead and I’ll go ahead and buy it. Okay, so, so definitely bowlings a potential for me out there as well. Okay, get ready. It’s election week, guys. It’s about to be crazy. Okay. So get ready, get get your cash ready, get your money ready, get everything ready. Okay, maybe get other stuff ready.

You don’t know what’s gonna happen this whole election. Okay, it’s about to be crazy. That’s all I got to say. And also, I put out a very helpful video probably about two or three days ago, on my newest channel, it’s called financial education three or you can just like type in my name Jeremy Lefebvre.

And go and check out this video millionaire explains what to do when a stock market crash. I think that’s definitely a video that will help a lot of folks out there. If you haven’t had a chance to check out that channel.

It’s usually not even about stock market that channel is mostly about like entrepreneurship, personal finance, things like that. But I want to put out that video on that channel and it was just kind of like a low key video.

Definitely very helpful to a lot of you guys out there and I hope you enjoy that. So hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind smash thumbs up. It helps huge in the YouTube algorithm.

I appreciate each and every one of you also if you want to take stock market investing super serious and you want to try to get my private group learn all my strategies be part of the group with all the six figure seven figure members, things like that, you can go ahead and apply in the description area.

You know the best time to get in the market and start taking things serious is when the stock market is going down and a lot of stocks are having trouble is not when everything looks grand and everything’s at record highs.

That’s when the market is having trouble. There’s a lot of fear out there things like that. That’s always the best time to get involved in the stock market. So if you want to go and take that opportunity, first thing you got to do is fill an application first link in the description. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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