stock market crashed again after Trump tweet

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Well, there he is. our shining star Donald Trump to crash the stock market once again today… Trump sent a tweet escalating the trade war even worse and there was no need for the tweet. The Dow Jones has gone nowhere the past 12 months because of this constant trade war crap. What will Trump tweet next to crash the market even more? Maybe even more tariffs? Let us just do 800% Tariffs on everything why don’t we… We can get it out of the way at least.

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Hey you guys remember that super popular Britney Spears song back in the day was like boobs. I think I did it again. I played with your heart and I crashed the stock market. Oh baby baby that is Trump’s favorite song. If you walk by the White House, he’s blasting it out of the White House.

That’s literally I think Trump’s favorite song he sings out all the time because, oh, I think he did it again. Okay, and if you didn’t know, he sent out this little tweet today that it completely tanked the stock market. Okay, and the you know, there were several tweets that were sent.

And this is honestly the tweet that really got everybody freaked out a case that our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China and oh boy did the markets not like that look at what ended up happening to the stock market.

Okay, by the way, futures were up today, okay, futures are up going into the market. And needless to say, he got to be an ugly day, NASDAQ ended up falling 3% Okay, the Dow ended up falling well over 600 points. And tweets like this are starting to become more and more regular.

And the market gets really freaked out when they hear stuff like I hereby order you to take your production out of China and bring it back to the United States. The market gets freaked out the market thinks Oh boy, the trade wars getting even worse at this point.

Okay, it looks like it’s just getting worse and worse. It looks like China and the US will never make a deal. And if the China and us don’t make a deal, then guess what company earnings are going to be hurt for years into the future. This isn’t just like some type of short term thing going on. Okay, China is a massive massive market for a massive amount of huge US corporations.

And if there’s not a deal done, their earnings will be hurt for several years out for a ton of companies out there okay. And this is why if you look at just a chart just go and do a one year chart last 12 months of the Dow Industrial Average and you’ll see the market has gone nowhere in an entire year and usually the markets go up you know.

8% roughly a year in the market has done absolutely nothing like literally just pull up a one year chart look at that one year chart of the Dow Jones it has a hell of a lot of volatility and there you will see a lot of peaks and a lot of crashes.

Needless to say in cases especially got ugly back in December, but at the end of the pie the markets aren’t really doing anything like it’s unbelievable. Okay, that’s what we have going on. So let’s go ahead and look at some of this Carnage that happened on Wall Street today.

Okay, let’s go look at some particular stocks because a lot of stocks got hit way worse than what the markets got hit. Okay. We had Elle brands down over 9% today Okay, the homie down over 7% today, AMD stock down 7.4% today, Nordstrom was down over 7% home and Nordstrom were doing so great.

They were on the comeback and then that tweet got sent out and now look at those stocks. Unbelievable. Okay, what a difference you know, a 24 hour period can make Eli down over 6% today Skechers you know the shoe company down over 6% today obviously they manufacture some products outside of the United States.

Matt some technologies another business that gets a lot of business from Asia down nearly 6% today Under Armour if you didn’t know Under Armour makes most of his products outside of the United States of America. Okay, including the lot in China. And look at the way that stock got hit today.

Okay, nearly a 6% die for Under Armour here Okay, United natural foods was down well over 5% today down about five and a half percent. That one kind of doesn’t make sense has done so much considering most of their businesses all US base us products dealing with us retailers.

John deere obviously a business that does International Business down over 5% here today and obviously with the whole situation where China is buying less and less agricultural products from the United States that’s not good for farmers if it’s not good for farmers, it’s not good for farming equipment.

And you know trade war gets worse and worse. You know, you see why a stock like john deere is down over 5% here today Nvidia stock down over 5% today okay it’s another one that’s obviously you know, a company doing amazing things there but they do a lot of business internationally including China.

And you know, with things getting worse and worse who knows how their business is going to do in China overall, including a lot of their products are manufactured actually in China. Okay, and when you have these type of tweets, it’s gonna scare a lot of people US Steel down another five plus percent here today.

That was once the darling company that Trump would say look at our steel jobs are coming back and look at us steel that stock has fallen from like $47 a share to 11 bucks a share in like a year’s time or a little over a year like pull up the one or two year chart on US Steel. It’s unbelievable.

Okay. hesco Corp down nearly 5% Here today Tesla stock down nearly 5% here today okay got hit hard down you know $10.75 a share needless to say you know China retaliated with some tariffs recently of 25% on auto manufacturers you know that are basically importing their cars into China okay so it’s something short term that hurts Tesla but remember test so the.

Shanghai factory is opening probably within the next three months and so that tariff situation isn’t actually that bad for Tesla but you know it just it gets caught in the crossfire that the end of the day okay, that’s just what’s going on right now with the trade war and tariffs and all this stuff.

Okay. Qualcomm one of the biggest semiconductor companies in all of the world that was down about 4.71% so you see these a lot of these stocks are down much more than what the stock market in general was down CCS which is a huge builder of homes in the United States of America okay otherwise known as century communities.

That stock was down 4.65% here today Apple obviously you know, the where most Apple devices made they’re made in China and that they okay as far as actually putting devices together their their their you know, manufactured in China and they have a huge China business that is really hurting right now.

Since this trade war and tariffs started off and it looks like things are just getting worse and worse and look at Apple stock here today down 4.62% tapestry brands down 4.56% they have a big business in China and Asia in general Capri holdings company down four and a half percent another company that does big business in China and a lot of their.

Products are manufactured in China and other parts of Asia so needless to say stock like that’s going to get hit today hard square stock down 4.48% you have ambarella down 4.4% you have sky work solutions and always as a potential huge player in 5g Look at the way that stock got hit today almost 4.4% hit today winning resorts obviously not so winning today.

That stock was down over 4% today, obviously with you know, trade tensions and you know, the relationship between the United States of America and China getting worse and worse literally pretty much by the day right now. It’s doesn’t bode well for even a player like Wynn resorts that gets a ton of their business from the Macau region and who goes to Macau it’s mostly all Chinese people.

So it’s just it’s just a real bad situation for a lot of these companies. Okay, AMC, which is obviously a movie theater company mostly United States base but that one even fell today you know down four plus percent a stock like Alibaba is obviously going to get hit when you have all this drama going on.

Right Alibaba down 4.3% here day on a shelf Elf on a shelf fell 4% Okay, in order to get l stock to go down. You really you really have to work hard at it. Okay, so congratulations, Trump. You even got all stock to fall 4% today, okay, that’s that’s an impressive accomplishment.

Okay, that stock is just a beast. Marvell technology fell 4% today, and mu which is one of the biggest memory chip companies and all of the world and they do a lot of business in China selling memory to different Chinese players. Okay, that one got hit over 4% here today Textron Corporation down 4%. FedEx down nearly 4%. So this all kind of bothers me. Okay.

And it’s not because like stock prices are falling or something like that, you know, stock prices fall. Okay, I can go ahead and buy stocks for cheaper prices. Okay, that’s not what bothers me. If I look at a government’s role, government’s role isn’t just to make sure the United States economy grows and those sorts of things. The government’s role is also to stabilize markets.

Because if you look at something like the stock market, right, it’s already an incredibly volatile place, okay, stocks are all moving up or down big on given days with earnings and with different things that are going on as it is, okay, so stock markets already a very volatile place.

And then you go ahead and you throw in an individual who wants to send these tweets that said, the market tanking on a given day, and it makes the stock market even more of a volatile roller coaster at the end of the day, okay. And when you have these type of moves in the stock market, these dramatic moves.

First off, you know, the government’s role is supposed to be to help out all individuals right? By by creating all this volatility, all it really does is help out individuals like myself and other big investors in the market who can take advantage of these deals that are short term. Okay. Keep in mind, most people aren’t like myself that will go ahead and take advantage of deals.

Most people aren’t big fund managers that can take advantage of this. Most people are normal people, meaning they’re not meant for this type of crazy volatility. And the government’s role is supposed to be the best for all people, not for the 1% government’s role is supposed to be the best for all people. Okay.

And so when you have the stock market being crazy volatile like this, and news headlines about the stock market crashing and oh my gosh, look what happened the stock market day, it feeds a very negative narrative around the stock market in general. Right.

And that scares away a lot of folks looking to get involved in the stock market just like no, I’m not even talking about people buying individual stocks like I teach and whatnot. I’m talking about people just buying an index funds because they look at lesson I like, Oh my gosh, let people just lost so much money today.

Oh my gosh, look at all the wealth that was lost on this given day, okay, and it freaks people out. And so if I’m looking at it, the government’s role should be to try to like stabilize markets as much as possible, not having the boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, like, that’s just not good for the average person out there. Okay.

And you know, what else it does? It creates a lot of short term mindsets, okay. Short term mindset. So the stock market and investing in general should be a long term game thinker should be thinking long term. But when you have all this volatility in the market, when you have all these tweets and whatnot in the drama, going back and forth, all it does is create a lot of short term mindsets and people starting to think, gosh.

I gotta start timing out the market. Oh, the stock market’s gone up a little bit old Trump might be about to send another tweet, let me go ahead and sell out and Ollie starts doing his producing people to have these very, very short term mindsets, which is a very, very negative thing for the market.

And individuals in general, the best businesses in the best investors are ones that focus long term and aren’t worried about the short term day to day stuff that’s going on. But it’s hard to even focus long term when you have so much drama going on out there.

At any moment, a tweet can be sent and the market goes down 700 points and stocks fall 567 percent some of these stocks at any moment it can happen. And so the stock market starts having anxiety. And if we go back and look at that tweet here today, does that tweet do anything?

Does it do anything other than create the stock market to be a more volatile place? No, that tweet is a whole lot of nothing. That tweet Oh, I hereby order companies. Okay. No one cares about that. Do you think Apple cares about that tweet? No, Apple doesn’t care about that tweet.

Okay. Nvidia, do you think they’re like, Oh, crap, he sent that tweet. Oh, gosh, we gotta move production? No, they don’t care. Can you think AMD cares? You think Amazon cares about that tweet, okay. None of these companies really care about that. But the stock market in general does care about that.

Okay, and it created an unbelievably volatile day. So all that tweet did is it just scared a bunch of people out of the market. And it scared a bunch of people from even getting involved with the market. That’s all that did. It didn’t actually accomplish anything. Okay.

United States has been a great place in a thriving place for such a long time and I think will continue to be in future because we don’t act like we’re a dictatorship it’s no one individual saying Oh, all you companies over there you can’t produce products there you got to produce them over here. Oh, you can’t do business with them.

You just got to do business over here something like that the world works better and economies work better when they can all work together. Okay. And I understand like, like, you know why governments sometimes they don’t get along and why they have differences.

But by sending a tweet out like that, it accomplishes absolutely nothing other than hurting the stock market there’s so much that can go on behind closed doors in a better setting to get your point across the rather than send a tweet like that that just completely freaks out the entire stock market and causes the stocks just absolutely tanked.

It’s just not the way it should be done in the end it all it’s doing is creating a ton more volatility in the stock market. The stock market is not going anywhere you pull up a one year chart and it’s like wow, the stock market has done literally nothing over the past 12 months.

It’s pretty unbelievable and it’s just creating more and more short term mindsets and more and more anxiety around all stock markets up a little bit now. Oh maybe the next Trump tweets gonna come out let me go ahead and sell shares in a start and create a lot of short term mindsets out there of people trying to time the market based on you know when a tweet might come out or might not and that’s just not the role of government.

So anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this video. As always, make sure you smash that thumbs up button and let me know your opinion down there in the comment section. Let me know if you picked up any shares today for you know, a little discounted price. I would love to hear from you guys. As always, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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