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Today I reveal my entire public account which is a stock market account available in my private group. I started this account 2-3 years ago with the goal of growing it so my private group can see how I build up an account from scratch.

Since then this stock account has become a beast! Should be at 1 million + by the end of this year or in 2021 at some point. Would you put any of these stocks into the stocks to buy now category or just stocks to watch? LMK!
Created by Jeremy Lefebvre.

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Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

Hello guys, do I have an exciting video for you plan here today Today I’m going to fully disclose the public account, I’m going to show you all 15 stocks held in this account, which is now I think it’s over $850,000. Actually, it might even be over $880,000.

Now, this was an account by the way, I started like two or three years ago in the private group. And it was kind of just to show everybody like how you build an account from scratch and the type of moves I make.

And everybody in there can see every single cell I ever make every single buyer or ever make everything into detail. And we’ve been fortunate to have a ton of success in this account and grow to a massive account, which now like I said, it’s over $800,000.

Now, in a matter of a few years, like I’m definitely very happy with this count, and I try to never take money out of it other than one time a year. And that’s basically just pay the taxes on whatever I sold for gains in that account in that particular year.

And other than that, if we sell for a big gain on something, that money is just redeployed in there. And I tried to make a deposit in there like at least once a month to kind of just, you know, continue to build it. So I’m never forced into a situation where I have to sell a stock just to buy another stock I want to buy or something like that.

Okay, so I mean, it’s it’s been amazing. Let’s put it that way. So I’ll show you guys all that into detail. And then we’re talking about if I would consider this account diversified, in my personal opinion, not based upon other people’s standards for what they think diversified is, but when I look at the stock market account, do I personally feel as diversified?

Or do I have some work to do there Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video. As always, if you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up button that helps out the YouTube channel in a massive, massive way.

So I do appreciate each and every one of you that do that. Also, if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio to six figures, seven figures, maybe even eight figures in the future, check out the first link in the description.

You’ll be able to apply down there hopefully get on the phone with somebody high up from my team in regards to a product or service we have out there that can actually help you reach those type of levels. Okay, alright guys, let’s get rolling with all 15 of these stocks.

So I sorted them essentially from the smallest positions to the biggest positions. Okay, so first off smallest position of the entire account is Upwork ticker symbol up Wk somewhat of a newer stock for us, we’re up over 9% on it right now. So far, we have a gain of over $1,000.

On this particular stock, we have 825 shares current value $12,100 cost basis of $13.43 on this one, so it’s doing pretty good, I would ultimately like to build that one into a much bigger position in this particular account, because I mean, you know, that’s okay.

But I would like to, you know, have at least probably 25,000, if not 30,000 in Upwork and justice particular account I do on Upwork and several of my other accounts, but I would really love to own some more shares in this particular account the public account.

Okay, next one up here is cruzi doozy, Cirrus Logic, the second smallest position in this account, and I thought I would say I would like to buy some more cruzi as well. Now obviously, we are up huge on this position up over $5,000 on it, but ups almost 72% right.

Big gainer we took a lot of profits in the stock in the past, especially when it was in the high 60s and the 70s I think we even were able to take some profits in the 80s. But now I’m looking at it back at $60. And you know, recently it was even 59.

And you know, when it gets around 60 or under 60 it definitely is a stock that interest me 40s is is where I really love this stock. Who knows if we would ever get back down there but 50s and even around 60 I should probably be buying some more of these shares only own 200 shares of this particular stock in this account and our cost base on this one’s 3548.

So, yeah, that’s a beautiful one. Okay, Dropbox next one up here, another newer stock for me in this particular account. We’re only up 3.6% on it right now, but $540 on 755 shares cost based on this 119 85 this is another one Dropbox definitely definitely looking to add more rate around here, you know.

Just because it’s gone up 3% doesn’t mean a heck of a lot to me, honestly, you know, whenever I look at a stock like this, you know, I’m thinking it has much better ROI opportunity than a 3% gainer.

So I don’t ever really like sweat that you know, if we’re talking about 30% gain in the stock or 40% gain that’s a little different that makes me really have to think hard if I’m gonna buy some more of those shares but for Dropbox at 3% gain.

That’s like nothing for me to buy more of this particular stock and I would love to you know get this into a position that maybe we have 30 to $50,000 in in this particular town I do on some Dropbox shares in other accounts as well but I want to build this one up bigger. Okay.

Look, stock up here is a red one for us. So footlocker So as of right now we are down in footlocker in the public count here, we’re down 1.16% down $191 on 560 shares cost based on this one, it’s $29.48. And when it comes to footlocker now, their stock I definitely want to build larger in this account, maybe up to 25 to $35,000.

Somewhere around there would be about right for footlocker, I do own the stock and the dividends only account which is also available for everybody in my private group to see every single move I ever make in that account, and that’s for dividend stocks only.

So I do own it in there pretty good amount of shares and that account and I do own some private accounts as well but ultimately in this Public account. I want to build it bigger. Okay, so it needs to it needs to get to be, you know, larger position where it’s at today at 16k.

Let’s put it that way. Okay. Next one up here is Elf on a shelf, elf, cosmetics, elf beauty, whatever you want to call it, a huge gainer for us. We took a lot of profits late last year on the stock because we just did absolutely amazing on it.

And you know, honestly, now I’m wishing I didn’t take those profits because the stocks just is a continues to be a beast, okay, we’re up 163% on this stock up $11,870 cost base of 728. Normally the type of stock I’m interested in adding more, but I’m also I also feel really comfortable just holding those 1000 shares we have in this account.

I’m actually not in a rush to sell those, I mean, you would think up 163% I’d be like, Oh, I gotta sell this stock. I just really like like how they’ve turned this business model around. And I love the price points they hit in the cosmetics industry, an industry where you know, cosmetics can be very, very expensive.

Sometimes I love the fact that elf is really just that player that is in the market. And they provide affordable cosmetics that are very high quality and they’re known for that. And I think a brand reputation like that. It’s just it’s it’s too good to just get wrapped up or something like that.

So ultimately, that 1000 shares, you know, it could go up to 100% 250% 300% I probably still wouldn’t sell this one, I think I just feel comfortable holding my 1000 shares, and it will be what it’s gonna be okay, and I think it’s gonna continue to be a good one for us.

Next one up here is cake. So Cheesecake Factory, a lot of you guys know Cheesecake Factory. So restaurants, they not only own Cheesecake Factory, they also own what’s called Fox restaurant concepts at launch is kind of kind of like a bunch of different concept restaurants.

They try to see which one will click and what’s going to be the next Cheesecake Factory or something like that one of their restaurant brands is called North Italia. And that one is doing amazing. And I think that one has huge potential, I think they could potentially add hundreds of locations of that particular restaurant chain around the United States.

And right now they have, you know, a very limited amount of North Italians around the United States. So I think that one has massive potential, and hopefully they’ll get a third model launch that will be kind of a game changer for Cheesecake Factory overall.

In terms of one I’m good with kind of holding what I have in this account for right now we’re up over 28% of that stock up $4,800. So it’s not like I have to, you know, say I got to get rid of this stock.

It’s not like I have to say I got to go buy more shares of stock or something like that. I think I’m just comfortable kind of holding where I’m at. And if it goes down, I’ll buy more shares.

Okay, if it goes down a bunch, I’ll definitely buy more shares of stock and maybe get it to a current value of 30,000 35,000 something like that, but for right now I’m just holding k Wynn resorts This is that next one up here so this one now we’re getting into some bigger positions.

Okay, this one’s a little under a $30,000 positions so $29,256 This is a red position for us when it comes to Wynn resorts down 6.56% down $2,000 on 345 shares cost base of 9075 on this one obviously you know winds been just devastated by the whole grown your own situation.

Macau the numbers have been awful out of Macau I mean just awful. You know I’m hoping things can get back rolling in terms of Macau toward the back half of this year in terms of numbers improving and then into next year and this should be a position that hopefully responds quite well for us and starts to build up and build up but as of right now with Ronnie Ron is still going on you know.

It’s going to be something that’s probably a muted situation for now. Vegas you know opened back up a few months ago I live in Vegas by the way for anybody that doesn’t know and you know, things are getting better but they got a long way to go.

Okay, and so for something like Wynn resorts you know, I could potentially buy some more shares of this stock probably not a lot more maybe like you know, I can see myself maybe adding another 55 shares getting this up to maybe 400 shares in this particular account or something like that.

And I could definitely see when as long as Macau continues to recover that cap this year going into 2021 I could definitely see when bringing back that dividend in 2021 at some point that’s that’s hopeful Okay, next one down here we’re on a roll with the red ones case CCL.

This is our most read stock by far and away in the Public Accounts history. Okay, just an absolute you know, travesty of a stock down 56 per almost 57% down 45k on 2250 shares okay cost based on this 135 52 and you know, CCL like a win just devastated but even worse because.

I mean at least wins Vegas properties in the Macau properties lease sale open right, CCL they still can’t even cruise. Now the good news with CCL is it should be able to start cruising in the back half of this year.

And I will say the way back half and I believe some of their other brands have actually started somewhat cruising now out of some other regions in the world. So that’s good news. So CCL, you know it’s one of those stocks.

It’s a very troubled stock right now obviously, right, and an ugly situation. But at the same time when you think about you know, once Ronnie Rona passes, and we fast forward 234 years in the future, as long as CCL is still in business CCL is going to be a very profitable business model at the end of the day, man massive amounts of people around the world love cruising almost each and every year more people go on cruises than the year before.

And people love that type of experience. So and then you think about with all the baby boomers retiring, right, you know, a lot of retirees love to go on these cruises, you know, a seven day 14 day some even like a 21 day cruise, so CCL, as long as they make it through this, this will be a 35 plus dollar stock in the future.

Again, in my opinion, it’s just gonna take a while to get there, you know, just flat out but it rests for right now it’s devastate stock. Do I want to add more maybe a little bit, you know, I might add a little bit more shares.

But at the end of the day, it’s just like, you know, is a painful mix one up here is Planet 13. stock. Okay, so this is actually a count, I think I own the least amount of shares and only own 10,000 shares of plant 13 in this particular account up over $23,000 on the stock right now.

183% is doing absolutely amazing for us current value on this 130 $5,552 on a cost basis of $1.25. Oh my gosh, oh, what did I buy 100,000 shares in that account that day, when I bought the shares, oh my gosh, I only bought 10k in this particular account, it should have I could have easily bought 100,000 shares worth I should have, I should have done that.

But hey, it is what it is. It’s doing absolutely amazing. For us, I don’t really have plans to add plant 13 in this account, right now, if it went down to the twos or something like that, I probably would.

But as of right now, it’s just kind of a hold for me. And when I say hold I’m talking Long, long term hold on this one, I’m really thinking like 510 years in this one because it has such a big opportunity in front of itself, the stocks ran a lot, no doubt about that.

I mean, we’re up 183% so it’s ran a lot but I think it has a lot more over future years. Okay, I robot is the next stock up here and you’re going to notice these a lot of these stocks are handsomely green.

Let’s just put it that way, when it comes to iRobot up $15,800 up 66% on this stock on 520 shares current value just under $40,000 in this particular stock and so now we’re getting to some bigger and bigger positions here cost base of 4604 when it comes out robot not a stock I’m interested in selling at all and not a stock I’m also interested in buying up you know 66%.

It’s not but I don’t want to sell this stock because at the end of the day, you know they make the Roomba vacuum cleaner the Brava which cleans your hard floors, right and sanitize them and things like that.

I mean, in a roomy road environment and environment that for you know, it’s gonna be ingrained in people’s heads for decades to go in the future, about cleansiness of your house and your property and all these different things.

And I think just you know, the fact that this is a premier player in robotics when it comes to like cleaning your floors and cleaning your house. I just think this is the company it’s in a great place with a great balance sheet with a very good management team that’s led this company to growth over the past several years.

And I look at this one and I say I’m up 66% yeah up over 15,000 almost 16,000 right and I’m not interested in selling it. I’m just not you go to 80 I’m not selling and go 90 I’m not selling it. It’s just one I like to hold for right now.

Revolve Nick’s stock up here ticker symbol RVL v on this one revolve group. This one’s a beast. Okay, we’re up over 69% on the stock. We are up approaching $20,000 now on the stock up $19,460 current value on this 140 $7,618.

So it’s one of the bigger positions we have in this particular account on 2375 shares cost basis of $11.86. That is beautiful. Okay, when it comes to revolve, yeah, I’m not really interested in buying more shares, I added a lot of shares in this account.

And then I think in my big private account, I added II think even more shares in this revolver it was it was a really big position I had in the private account, as well, my main one. And so when I look at revolve, I’m good with just kind of holding where I’m at. It’s not really like I want to buy more.

But at the same time, it’s not that I’m not even considering selling this one. Because when I look at this stock, I mean, this stock is still a very small market cap because this company has an opportunity in for themselves as long as they execute over the next several years, which they’ve done in the past. So they execute.

This is a type of stock that has the opportunity to you know, have a 5 billion 10 billion plus dollar market cap 510 years out. So when I look at it from that, that standpoint, I’m just not just not interested in selling the stock at all.

For me, it’s another one of those kind of like an AI robot, where I’m just like, I’m just gonna hold this baby but the only difference is between this night robots I think revolve has a lot more upside potential than revolve a little riskier, but I think it has a lot more upside potential than I robot.

Okay, mix one up here. Now we’re talking about we’re really getting to the big dogs now. Okay, fizzy get dizzy. 75,000 plus dollar position. In this particular account. We’re getting to the fun one now, guys, okay. 93% plus gainer on this 130 6000 plus dollars in profit we could take today if we want in this particular stock 960 shares we own in this 140 dollar and 42 cent cost basis.

And I know I’ve gotten some questions recently, especially from some folks in my private group. Wondering am I interested in selling the stock it’s up a lot year over year almost almost a home run stock now, it’s a drink maker am I interested in selling and honestly.

I’m not, I’m not even remotely interested in selling the stock even despite being up huge. And the reason being is when it comes to physical Disney stock. This is one of those companies I love to just hold for diversification reasons in this particular account, because I’ll be honest.

I own a lot of you know, either like kind of like the let’s call them like the leisure type stocks like restaurants, travel, things like that. I own a ton of tech stocks, and just having a drink maker in there, a company that sells drinks.

I just love the consistency that business ball brings. I love the diversification it helps the account have especially for a bigger position like this 75,000 plus dollar position, hopefully even bigger in future years.

And so I look at this one with an amazing balance sheet, you know, 200 and I think 50 mil plus in cash sitting around, and I’m like I’m good. I’ll just hold that one. Well hold that one. We’ll see where it goes over time as possible. Maybe someday fizzy ends up selling out to like a Coke or Pepsi or a bit you know.

Dr. Pepper Keurig or something like that. It’s always a possibility for the stock. And if that happens, it happens but for right now I’m just like, I’m just going to hold this stock and you know, it’d be a pretty penny if you know Coke or Pepsi or curae current companies want to buy this one they need to pay up big time for this one.

So yeah, that one’s a hold. I love the diversification it brings sky work solutions. Next one up here getting almost a six figure positions now. Okay, Sky work solutions 92,000 plus dollars we have as far as our current value in skyworks solutions. 88% plus gainer for us on Sky work solutions beautiful.

If you don’t know sky works, by the way, they make semiconductors that go in smartphones, tablets, they make a ton of different chips for a ton of different devices, not just those, it’s just they get a big portion of their revenues because the smartphone market is so huge for them.

Huge 5g opportunity as 5g starts to get launched in 5g smartphones start to get launched around the world, that’s going to be a huge opportunity for the next several years of basically growth year after year after year for somebody like a Skywalk solutions, because they’re just gonna make a lot more money on a 5g device versus what they were making on a 4g device.

And as a stock we’re up over $43,000 right now on it pays us dividends every single quarter, which I love that just go ahead and reinvest that money into other stocks 650 shares cost basis 7570 not interested in selling stock whatsoever right now, this isn’t this, in my opinion is going to be a 200 plus dollar stock in future years.

And I just look at this one. I’m like, No, I’m good. I’m not interested in selling this one at all at 142. When I think this one’s going to 200 plus over the next few years. I’m just not interested, you know, pristine balance sheet, huge 5g opportunity, great management team, great employees at that company.

Why do I need to get out of that stock? It’s just one of those stocks I’m interested in holding. Okay, there are two stocks in this particular account that I have 100,000 plus dollars in and the first one here is Facebook, otherwise known as ticker symbol f Bo okay.

371 shares this $112,000 is our current value for Facebook. It’s almost a home run for us. Oh my goodness, guys. It’s so dang hoes. I mean, look at how many you know clothes, home runs we have in this particular account.

It’s like Facebook’s flirting with the home run skyworks Solutions flirting with the home run fizzy get dizzy are all socks that are flirting with, you know, home runs here. And when it comes to, you know, the FB Whoo, you know, 55,000 plus dollar gainer on this.

And I mean, that’s amazing. Because this is a stock we’ve only been in for you know, this place counseling like two or three years old. And I think that started buying, you know, FB and s account in maybe 2018. And here we are in 2020. In the games, you know that big? You know, it’s done tremendous for us.

As far as the quantity of shares beyond 371 shares cost base of 153 35. You know, when I look at FBA, am I interested in buying more shares? No. am I interested in selling? Heck no. Okay, if you told me I had to buy or sell FB buy before, so let me just tell you that much.

Because this is a stock that’s, that’s going to 400 500 plus dollars over the next few years. And so, you know, to sell out at 300 just it would be a little short sighted in my personal opinion, but just think about the opportunity this company has over the next several several years out there, you know.

Around their platforms, and just how hard it is to disrupt their platforms and what they’re going after with e commerce, you know, watch out for the FB man, they’re gonna sneak up on a lot of companies, you know.

Everybody thinks e commerce they think amazings on and they think Shopify, and they should think of those two companies, those companies are amazing when it comes to e commerce. But I’m telling you guys watch out for what’s going to end up happening with the FB and by the way.

FB is gonna you know, basically, as far as the creators on that platform, the sellers on the platform, it’s not calling creators, the sellers on a platform, a lot of them are going to use some Shopify software in other company software as well. And that’s just man, that’s just a massive opportunity.

So yeah, you know, if I was forced to buy or sell the stock, I would buy it before I sold it, but I’m just I’m just comfortable with holding when I got in the stock. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. Okay.

And you know his stock is coming the last one, the beast of these this stock clowns every other stock I hold in probably every other stock out there okay, Tesla, my Escuela de la is a ticker symbol on this one guys look at this one.

I mean, it’s just it’s flexing on the entire account in the biggest way possible up over $288,000 on this particular position of 846%. This stock is an absolute animal, okay, current value in this one to 322,000, almost $323,000 on our 150 shares we hold in this particular account cost based on this one’s 227 54.

I mean, what can you say about Tesla, I mean, it’s so much and yet I’m still not selling that stock. I mean, you look at that 800 plus percent gain, and I’m still not selling it. Because at the end of the day, just it was a hurt for me to sell Tesla man, it would hurt for me to sell test, I just don’t know.

I mean, maybe if it went over 3000, that would, that would maybe get me closer to something like that. But at 2000 something, even though it’s gone up so much, man, it’s just it’s too hard for me to you don’t say I’m going to go sell Tesla or something like that.

So you know, that’s where I’m at with that one beautiful, beautiful stock. As far as I count in total, we’re at $458,000 on just these current position that does not account for any profits taken or dividends received in this particular account. So you know, very thankful for that.

And, you know, I’m happy, let’s just put that way, it’s amazing gains. And this is why being a stock picker pays off. In the end, if you’re able to deploy my type of strategy and you’re willing to put in the work ethic, man, the gains are ridiculous. It Like I said, you know, Tesla kind of dwarfs everything every other game.

But when you look at stock after stock that we hold, it’s just a lot of crate stocks. In the end, I made, you know, on CCL, that’d be a stock that, you know, obviously that’s the most negative stock, that would be a winner.

You know, if it wasn’t for a once in 100 year event that came out that one would be winning for us as well. And so that counts just a beast. You know, I’m very thankful for kind of the the way I kind of created this investing strategy over the last decade or so.

And I’m thrilled that I’m still willing to put in the work to these stocks, I’m still willing to stay up late at night and listen to conference calls and research. He stocks them. You know, I’m happy that just across the board when it comes to all that but yeah, $887,000 account as of right now.

You know, I always thought this account might hit a million dollars in like 2022 2023. But I mean, with how close it’s getting it could hit potentially this year. I think it might it might not hit this year. Okay, because you know.

I don’t know if shocks will continue to roar, we’ll have a pullback, something like that. But I would definitely definitely now have moved up my targets. I think this account will hit a million next year, in my opinion, which is amazing.

Okay, I’m just I’m thrilled across the board. And by the way, just for full disclosure out there in terms of profits we’ve taken in this particular account so far this year, we booked $15,940 of profit in this accounts as basically shares I’ve sold off and then I’ll have to pay taxes on this particular account.

And right now I don’t really have any plans to sell. Okay, now let’s talk about am I diversified is this even a diversified account, in my opinion, once again, this is not going upon what other people believe is, you know, everybody can have their own opinion to what’s diversified, what’s not diversified.

And all those sorts of things fine and dandy, okay, I do things my way I invest, the way I invest, I get the type of gains I’m able to get. And I’m thankful for that. And I put in the work for that.

And I deploy my own strategy out there, my strategy is actually quite different than other people’s strategies out there. And so I respect if you don’t think there’s accounts diversified, respect, okay?

To me, it is actually diversified, okay, our top three positions make up about 60% of the total for this particular account. Now, also, when I’m thinking about diversified, I’m not talking about a pretty expensive house I live in, right.

And I have two other very expensive houses being built right now. Right One In Arizona, one in Vegas, I have businesses, I have a lot of diversity of wealth, but I’m taking all that out of context. And I’m just when I’m talking about my diversified, I’m just paying attention to this account, I just want to be really clear about that.

Okay, so 60% of the count is in the top three positions. For me, I’m comfortable with that, okay, for me, like anywhere from 40% to 60% of top three positions, making up about 60% of the account, I’m comfortable with that I want at the end of the day.

I want to be riding with the three companies that I think have the biggest opportunity long term, okay, the biggest ROI opportunities, the companies that I think are going to double up or more than double up over the next five years, and the type of companies that I think it’s almost impossible for me to lose money in that stock over the next you know.

Let’s say five years, and when I was buying into Tesla when it’s binding to FB and when I was buying skyworks solutions, that’s exactly the way I viewed it. I said these stocks all have the potential over the next five years to double up or more than double up their stock prices.

In almost all of these stocks every single one of those stocks. It was just impossible, literally impossible for me to imagine being down on those positions in five years because No one wants to be in a sock for five years and you’re down in it, right? That’s just a waste of money, essentially, right.

And at the same time, if I’m willing to put in all this work, I better be getting at least a double up if not more than double up every five years, because I want to wait, I want to destroy the stock market in general, right?

So for me, 60% is about right, then in the rest of the account, those other 12 stocks, those account for essentially 40% of the portfolio total that I feel comfortable with, and those positions away, I can always view those, it’s just those of the holding type stocks are those stocks.

I’m trying to build up to become bigger and positions, you know, something like an upward Dropbox, you know, footlocker, those stocks, those three stocks, in particular, those represents smaller positions right now that I plan to continue to build out over the next several months.

If not the next several years, okay, it’s not like I just buy a stock one week or one month, I never buy it again, I could potentially be buying those stocks for years ago in the future. And so that’s where the other 12 stocks 40% of my holdings are in Okay, where I start feeling a little uncomfortable is if top three get to a place where it’s like 70% of the portfolio.

That’s when I have to start making some changes. And I have to say, Okay, I either need to you know, really focus on building up those other 12 stocks, or maybe I need to take some profits and some of the big dogs or something like that, that’s where things can get a little uncomfortable for me because I ultimately I don’t want to be you know.

80% 90% especially, you know, even remotely close to 100% invested into the top three I want to have those be my biggest positions I want to have over half my count in those top three. But there’s a big difference between having half your account and 60% and having 90% or 100% or something like that.

So overall I’m definitely very happy with where things are at and where things are going. So hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always, I hope you enjoyed me really sharing something in depth that only my private group gets to see which is that public count.

Hope you guys really enjoyed that if you don’t mind smash that thumbs up helps out the YouTube channel in massive way and lets me know that you guys enjoyed a video like this where I show you my entire public account and also let me know your opinion you like to count you not like the count you like the stock to hold in there do not like the stocks.

I would love to hear your guy’s perspective. I’ll be reading through those especially for the first few hours of videos out and just kind of hearing from you guys on what’s your opinions on the account. Do you like it? Do you not like it?

Anything across the board. And lastly, if you’re looking to scale your stock market portfolio to six figures, seven figures, eight figures plus something I’m very successful at doing go and apply down there you might be able to get on the phone with somebody higher from my team might be able to tell you a little bit about the private group if your application is accepted.

And you can actually learn directly from me exactly how I pick stocks and how I build these accounts in a six figure seven figures plot. Thank you for watching and have a great day.

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    We will never rent, sell, or spam your information.