Shlomi Waitzman


I found Jeremy in a Facebook comment while I was day trading. I looked him up online and did some research. Watched his videos, joined his team, and got the mentorship. Before joining I was at 25-30K. The coaching part is like having somebody hold your hand. You are informed where to look and what to look for. Now my chart shows 330% returns in a Year.

All right. How’s it going? Everybody, this is how do you get in with another member of Jeremy’s financial group, a member of finance of the financial group? But Jeremy, I do wish on the. Well, how are you? Not bad. Not bad. You know, I want you to tell the viewers a little bit about yourself and how you found out about Jeremy and how you ended up joining. 

The funny story, I’m from Iceland. I found Jeremy on Facebook and a comment section was doing the trading for a while, studying something professional, trying to be. Then I saw some guy put on paper coming down his name and a picture. And he said, listen to this guy. 

He made a lot of money. For me. Well, obviously, I looked at the. And then I started seeing some videos online of YouTube videos and. A very skeptical guy, so I didn’t really think he’s the real deal, but I did some research on video, you he showed me a different way because I look like a veteran that I look like more of a traitor. So I did some research, saw some video on. 

Got some weird statement from her about think AK thank you. Don’t like, what the hell is that? If I’m putting money there, I should know that’s what you’re doing. Wrong track. Yeah, I was like, OK, OK, this is stuff. I don’t know. So obviously, I want to know he. 

Start looking into it, and it took me a while to see where I can actually sign up for him, but it wasn’t like click here, buy my program or something like that. I think it still has the. Put them put a request to be added to the private group. Stuff like that. So I dig that a bit. 

Then I got contacted by email with somebody again, did some research, did some homework, and I finally got in. I got also got the mentorship with Bryce. They attached Bryce to me later on after some question, stuff like that. I mean, that’s how I found it. 

That’s that’s why I like I like the fact that you were traded before, to be honest. That’s kind of that’s literally the point of this the whole group is to turn people to kind of man you go. It’s good, though. It’s actually good to know when you look at chart, even now when you’re investing and investing. I’m not gambling. I’m not trading. It’s good to the charts. It helps you.

 It just gives you a more clear side of what you look. It’s good to know it’s not more like an add on to get a better investor shouldn’t be another tool, another tool, but should not be a main tool in my eyes. I know people are doing trade and they’re doing millions, but they’re probably better than me. I was not 

I was not bad at it, but I was I wasn’t making it. Yeah, no, that makes a lot of sense, to be honest. Yeah it’s, it’s, you know, it’s good to use everything at your disposal, but how long have you been in the market? How long have you altogether in the market altogether. Around two years. When Jeremy and the support were like, I would say six, seven months that. 

That’s nice. So it’s like about half almost and, you know, what was the size of your portfolio around before? Before joining, let’s say before joining? I was 25. 25 to 30,025 30. That’s nice. And you know, I’ll leave the question to how much it is now. A little bit later. 

I will keep that. So what was probably the before joining obviously you said you were a day trader and you were using a lot of charts and technicals, but what was one thing, let’s say, for investing that you are struggling with? I have a feeling it was from your story.

 It’s kind of like not almost everything, because you learn everything, everything, everything you just said. I was struggling with where to find it because I didn’t I didn’t see the company. I saw them because I thought, you know, I see a sticker, I see the volume pattern of triangles. 

I’m looking for free play for breakouts, breakdowns and like shorts. And like so long. I have a swing. And I didn’t look at them as I don’t know who the CEO. I don’t even know. I could see the ticker. I start going 5 minute charts and minute charts, you know, stuff like that. 

Yeah so I was new to everything. So for me to find a company to see what it’s doing with the product, they’re profitable. What’s their cash flow and how their quarterly report is a conference call to tell you that, you know, like I didn’t even know. 

Now I listen to it on the way home. I actually like to wake up. Add 5 for free market with my coffee looking at charts. Now, I wake up at 5:36 o’clock, but I listen to YouTube interviews with CEOs of companies that I own or I to do a conference call again, or again and again and again. Why bother. So it gives me a lot. So for me, it was everything. 

And I’m still learning. But like I know everything, I’m not easy. But whoever, whoever started doing this kind of stuff, just because you literally like started from. Absolutely like you didn’t know, you didn’t know. Like you had no clue what to know, what you don’t know. 

And you were just like. And it’s good to know because there’s a lot of people that are kind of in those shoes right now who are and they obviously don’t even know anything. And they know that they don’t know enough. So that’s even scarier when, you know, you do. 

And honestly, the best thing ever. And the best thing is when you don’t know anything, you can learn the right thing. But the scary part is when you don’t know that you don’t know. And you think that you know, and that’s when it becomes a little scary because you can get yourself and, you know, you can lose all your life because obviously what you don’t know can hurt you. 

But what you don’t know can help. There you go. That’s so I’m assuming now, like, obviously, with you. Have a nice systematic way, at least now to pick a stock, to find a stock to know if it’s a good stuff. And you’re with the coaching program. 

Maybe maybe give us a little insight on the coaching and how I’m not in it myself yet. But obviously, a lot of people would love to know about it, if you can. Yes or no. So the coaching part, mentor coaching, however you want to call it. Pretty much. 

You have like a guy almost like sitting next to you at the meeting. Usually in the beginning, I did it like a week doing of spreading it out before more, take more time to do the research and stuff that you guys need to do. But it’s like having somebody hold your hand. 

Yes, so he tells you how to value the company, what to look for, even where do I start with somebody tell you to go look at or take a look at their interviews or product where you look at the website and see beyond the only product? OK, but now what? Then you go to the investor. But even that, you have a lot of items, so you actually pinpoint. So we look at this and you give you an order. 

You start with the if you like it, you don’t like the company, don’t even like it, but it’s worth your time. So people are using what their know, people are saying, what is that? I thought is available market. It’s not total addressable market, but who they can reach. Are there. 

The biggest player. Then you go in and you start looking at their reports, ceos, you like him, but you know, you’re going to need something. You actually got not be seen to know what he’s doing, things that he’s ambitious, he is hungry. 

He wants to make it a big company or is just writing the way the market like this. Right, so it really tells you everything you need to know. But he’s not telling you and he’s not doing it for you. And for me, it’s important because. 

I’m the one that I’m a person that you need to tell. But if you tell me what to look for. And like you help me look over there, you can look there, you can look there, you can look there, I will portrait, I will go deep. I don’t I don’t I don’t even sleep. But I need to know where to look, because if not, I lose interest. I get bored or I, I just get lazy and I’m like, look, I don’t even know where to start.

 But you just told me that, you know, and it’s very, very important. I don’t know whether we ever can afford it, and I don’t think it’s even that bad. The best thing in yourself is much better than to go for, I don’t know, $4 or $5 in a company. 

You don’t even know what I mean. So invest in yourself if it’s something you can do. Obviously, I don’t know what everybody’s financial situation is, but if somebody is. You know, somebody can do it must be called. This is building a future. 

This is the foundation. What do you want to be if you put a good foundation? You’ll do it, you’ll do. It’s hard work with foundation. I don’t see how anybody can fail with that. I honestly, I like there’s three points that you mentioned there that were just I think like you nailed it on the head. 

The first one was it’s one thing for someone to tell you, you need to read the can you listen to conference calls, look at their investor relations. OK, but like, that’s such a loaded. It’s so that they go look at them and see how long it takes you to read the whole thing, like it’ll take you a good week, and that’s if on a good reading space.

 And and the fact that you’re getting told where to look at a certain speed and then what to look at and what to know if it’s a good thing or not what you’re looking at. Yeah, I think that’s a very good point that you mentioned, is that not only I’m just telling you, go look at them because anybody can tell you, go look at it, then go look at it, put it on the screen right now.

 I still don’t know 100% If I can. Whatever it is, it’s hard. You know, I’m still finding out whatever recolonise that whatever you role, because for me, it was in some way, it still is a lot of numbers and like. And we just heard something it. What the hell was that? You know, so so you see that. And then you go and you check what it is. 

And you start educating yourself, but you know where to look. And that’s the key in my. And honestly, I don’t even like that that’s such a because you mentioned that you lose a lot of focus, right? You know, I’m you and I are probably very alike. You know, I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for. If I don’t know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m wasting my time on. 

Then for me, it’s like I’ll just lose. So much focus. I lose. So much interest or lose. So much confidence. And it’s just like, why am I doing this? It’s just like I’m banging my head against a wall for an hour. And speaking of which, all I know, like you said, let’s look at it K. Why not? 

You know, it’s like if you look at this thing like, you know, it’s a few if you. I don’t know if you guys see the page number up here, it’s 129 pages of just information. And it’s like, yes, you can read all of this, but like, will you even remember what was on page 5 by the time you’re on page 100. Like it’s that kind of thing. And if you’re efficient. 

And what to look for, then it becomes like it’s you know, it seems crazy, like, I’ll do it tomorrow. And every time every time I go through these things and these, you get longer and longer. And you know, what helped me a lot with that is the effect on Jeremy has a course on the package there that actually goes through and does not know you, but you go through it tank. 

It goes like every line, which is. It’s you know what? No, I mean, I look forward to, but how to rethink it. Everybody give you like, you know, a wide range of. Yeah, look at the place where what page. And there was something over there that helped me a lot. So that’s I mean, that’s a thing to like. You know, you’ve and we’ll get to that. We’ll get back to that. 

Actually, it’s very cool because that’s part of the massive the stock market. Yeah another thing that you mentioned that I really, really liked was I hope I don’t have a blank thought here, but the investment in yourself, like it’s I’m usually the one that’s kind of bringing it up. 

But you brought it up yourself. It’s like, you know, you’re going to buy a stock like if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing in a stock. And then, like, is it really are you really buying an investment? And if you invest in yourself, you’re putting all you’re doing, you just putting a bunch of work in front of you. 

And if you invest in yourself and you learn to work. And it’s like then it becomes like a stock, we can become stock picking becomes a business for you. It becomes something that you do for your wealth, for your future, like you mentioned. And it’s the best thing to put it. It’s like you don’t see it as a cost. You see it as an investment. 

And that’s probably the best way to look at it. And that’s the way you need to look at it for you to accept the humbling kind of thoughts of nothing. And I need to learn. And it’s simple. It’s absolutely what it is. I mean, I already think I feel it in my eyes. I’m going to be like, I am a millionaire. I’m not planning to veto. I am making it my life by trying to learn as much as I can. 

At the end of the day, you know, I’m a business owner. I’m happy with my business. I love my business. But I do want to make the stock market, the best thing. I think that. But for that, I need to be much better than what I am right now. 

The program is helping me get there. That’s that’s beautiful because that’s going to help me. It’s going to be a good transition to your business owner. So you you number one, I basically wanted a get your take on the private chats on the private group, number one. But I think if I can couple it with the fact that you’re a business owner. 

So everybody knows business owners are working like, you know, nonstop. You don’t really you don’t have a time off. It’s not like I mean, if you don’t, you don’t stop where you’re working all the time. And time is of the essence. Like, time is like very valuable to you. 

So your money is your time. It’s not the money itself. It’s actually the time. That’s and how much time, first of all, first and foremost, does the first, you can tell us maybe about the private group. And how you’ve benefited from it. Number two, and how much time does it say to you and your research and how it actually fits? 

Well, with somebody that’s like probably the business, you’re going to get as a business owner. So how does it fit in your schedule? Even a lot of people are out there like, I don’t know if I can put time into reading some chat, there’s so much that goes in people’s minds. 

If you can give clarity on even with the little time that you have time to benefit from it. Sure so the private group, as I look at it, as a stock trader. That’s me, ok? That’s how I look at it, because I used to do the training, I used to scream all the time. 

And private group for me is a great people there, and you can you talk and you communicate funny stuff over there, but it’s like for me, I look at this stuff, Korean people and random people that you don’t know when you recognize their username, they put some stock company name, stock picker, stuff like that. But they’re not just telling you. This is nice stuff.

 They’re putting a bullish thesis over there. Like what? Why they believe it’s going to be any. When you go into this stuff and you start going with the Jeremy way, OK, see, that’s like putting a bullish thesis on a company. One of the main things, that’s what it means, Bryce, to. 

The best thing for me is preaching to me all the time policy to see what you’re doing, why this, why this country, why you like. So much, where they’re going to be and fight them. And these people are putting companies there and they’re doing the work for. From their point of view, then, if you like it, you can start looking at it from your point of view. 

And if you find negative things, great, but you can communicate with them, and they’ll give you. Yeah, I saw it. But I think this and this and that overcomes that and becomes like a dialogue. But really to investors, one thing this one thing is that. And for me, the scariest thing that for me, is the stuff. I don’t know or the stuff. I don’t know. 

So to get a different point of view is great. And I always look for the stuff. I don’t like in a company. First and try to see what other people think. And then I just see the value overcomes the negativity or the negative things that I. So just for the private group. 

By far, the best community, the best community regarding stock and investment, and everybody is with the same mindset, and you even have like the stock is the most popular stock over there that are the people. 

Can you just talk about this company or this and maybe see a bunch of investors that get you information that you didn’t even know, like news came out? In Canada, something. I don’t know. And you’re seeing it first time there, give you a better perspective, if you were on the fence. Should I buy more or should I build a bigger position? 

And then you see somebody posted something like, oh, that’s what I was waiting for, or this isn’t something to consider. And then you can there and you decide to do what you want, but, you know, you have the information. And timeline, that was the biggest thing Britney had in the beginning. I mean, I’m never off. I’m my business is also have emergency services. So I can get it for free in the morning. And I my eyes on that. 

But for me, it was it was very time consuming in the beginning, but. Right but my coach, we form a system in which we do like. Three times a week, I will sit down for two hours. And I would review the first time, I will look for a company that I like. If I like it, if not for another company. So one day I will look for a company. 

And I really and dig in to the management CEO, see if I’m interested in putting more time into that. The second the second question. I will do it myself will be going into their product, going into their tap, going into where I see them in five, 10 years. And then the third time, if I’m still interested, I’m going to do a conference call earning stuff like that. Pe ratios like I’m big into the financial.

 So for me, it was a three about six hours a week. You know, if you really want something, you will you’ll have six hours, you know what I mean? Yeah, but if you don’t want it, obviously, you’re not going to do an effort to make the time for it. So that’s where that was coming in here. So basically in my eye, when you want something, you make.

 If you don’t want something, you don’t want it enough that you’ll find an excuse. Yeah, every day that every day is the war between you and your. Getting up, doing that. And winning conflict with yourself every single bit, so. I’m just trying to win the one thing that came to mind when you were explaining that is efficiency. It’s like, you know, business owner six hours a week. 

You know, if you’re spending time reading it, going through process one to process 10, step one to step down in the process, I’ll never forget you’re going to spend hundreds hours a week. But it’s funny to the efficiency part. And one thing that he was telling you is we’ll go back to coaching as well as at the jeremey and the coaches will give you a process of what to look for, where to look, but also kind of use it as a stock screening mechanism where it’s like you can go through step one, two, three, four, a million stocks in a short period of time. 

And weed out the ones you don’t want. So then you spend your time researching something that you’re not going to want afterwards. But you read the 10 K like, you know, you read the 10 K and you know, but you if you had done something prior to the 10k, which would have put it in a little bit, I wouldn’t even waste your time on it. And there you go. 

You just saved yourself a week. We’re not talking hours. We’re talking a week. Yeah and when you think about it, because I came from trading. I actually, I did the calculation with myself after when I was trading, I would spend more time. OK, during the day on and stuff like that, then I’m doing right now, but right now, I’m actually making much more game and the big three and the less pressure, I’m much calmer right now. 

Trust me, the market goes down. I’m actually happy. Yeah Yeah. Because, you know, I’m going to the outlet deals. Every sale, it’s. It’s the worst thing when there’s deals out there and you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. That’s honestly, the worst, because if you’ve done your research, like you said, and you found a way to kind of know which what you want and where you want it, at what price, when the market correct or the market goes down, your eyes light up like a Christmas tree. 

And, you know, I do it, to say no. But in this day, even I still have a little. Oh, my God. You know, one day when things are crashing, but then you not like the other people in the group, help a lot with that, too. It’s because there are a lot of you know, like the group itself, there’s so many six, seven figure people that have been in the market for like for ages.

 You know, they had been through the worst of the worst. So you see something going down and they’re just like talking so positively. I’m like, what the heck are you a market man? Like, yeah, I’m seeing the market because it’s now. 

And that’s what I want it to be done was like in the beginning, was very stressful. And people were like, happy, oh, crash on the block. Like, we’re losing money. We got to sell, we got to do something like, oh, come down the house. I want to get to maybe one more thing about the coaching and then maybe you can tell us a little bit about the course and show us your games, which I’m actually excited to see the chart, you showed me earlier. Yeah, the coaching you were mentioning how, you know, Bryce, you love him a lot. 

And the reason why you like him is he tells you what to do and where to look, because you said your personality type is you need to know what you’re doing. And you will grind you will work, your butt off if you know what you’re doing. 

And can you tell us a little bit how the coaching tailored to your situation specifically? Like because that’s one thing, it’s not a one shoe fits all or one size fits all type of thing. It’s not like the coach does it one way. And that’s it. 

You know, the whole point of the financial focus is to see your situation, your goals, your investing style and your risk tolerance and tailor something towards that. And how does Bryce do a good job of that? How how does it work when you’re recommending someone to the coach? How would you explain that to them? I would simply say that the beginning, the first session or two, you basically. 

And you. You is not going to go to this company every day that you see is your schedule, my. What do you do, you guys, you’ve got friends, and then you share with them their schedule, basically. But you know what? How much time. Can you give? 

Huge, so he detailers this for you in two hours, three times a week was his idea of me saying, hey Bryce, I think I can do a little business owner. He has other clients and other. Investors that he’s working with, that they have a lot of time. And I see something, they put their feet down. He’s got a hell of a job. I wish I would be able to do that. 

And he’s telling me, yeah, listen, you don’t have as much time. The 9:00 to 5:00 job or something. And, you know, you’re not working after work. For me, it’s different. So it’s OK, you got to think and plan, when are you going to sit down? 

What are you going to do when you break it down for two hours? Like I said before, to for the company. I did, the management is worth your time. It’s only two hours. Everybody has two hours to watch TV or you do something. So instead of 50, I’m working. 

I’m not even working on a study. I’m working on myself. And then he basically showed me the pack and I walked in there. So if you don’t have it, you think you don’t have time. Any court that you will help you. Find the time and pinpoint and you’ll see that even if it even if I was tell, I don’t have six hours, we have only three. You would build a different system. 

Like you said before. You will tailor it to my site. Yeah, that’s yeah, that’s good. That’s probably the best thing to do. You need to have confidence in the person that’s teaching you. And again, you need to want it. You got to want. It doesn’t matter. Somebody can tell you everything. And they can’t even tell you what sorts of violence or why. 

Yeah yeah, that’s probably. And like, would you recommend it like would you not recommend it. But would you say this is for anyone. Like anybody can benefit from this. That’s not just meant for intermediate or beginners or whatever. Oh man. This is actually something that everybody. Let’s see something new, someone you think there, which I doubt everybody will think that there’s always something to learn.

There’s always another perspective like yourself or. You know, they say you can learn from a five-year-old. It doesn’t matter who everybody you talk to can give you a different perspective. When we are in a situation where we don’t see the outside or what we see outside is limited. 

And to see somebody looking over you from outside, he is probably seeing things that you’re not. And you know, or your future, this is something that you didn’t see anybody yourself put to work this time. This is something that if this was something that I even tried to sign my dad up for is. And he’ll probably sign up soon. But yeah, just so it’s for everyone.

 That’s all you’ve put it, you put it on. I always use the analogy for somebody that’s looking over you from the side. You’ll see things that you don’t see. It’s like a chess game, like you have two players playing each other. But if you’re on the sideline watching, you’ll see. So many things that they missed. And you’re like, why haven’t they seen it? 

It’s because you’re detached from the situation. You know, you’re using that view. And that’s what the coaches basically. And he’s guiding you. Very briefly, very briefly, maybe maybe tell us a little bit about the becoming much of the stock market. 

You said was first thing that Bryce told you to do. Yeah forced me to do it. Actually, you have to finish. That give you basically the German way of. Takes you from A to. What apps you can looking for tracking or researching for stuff like that? What not to do. 

What to do. Where to buy brokerage accounts. If you don’t have one, you recommend a bunch of. Tells you about the evidence, what to look for and give you what happened when it’s about crashes and everything you need to know about.

 But not like. Something like two hours, something that you can actually go and watch everything that 10 minutes, 15 minutes for five minutes and uma, you know, it’s like, yeah, but you give you everything and go yourself to this. No, it’s not boring at all. Like iPads. Everybody thinks I feel like I got so bad that I feel great. But it’s not great for us. 

We are where we. When we see the stock after ipo, it’s already up on the other company, you didn’t really make sense. Make I don’t know, whatever you can correct, it’s great, but it’s not really that I learned that from that, which helped me a lot. And I wanted to be an IPO or get easy money. Right what do you think the mentality mindset is trying to get you into the right mindset? 

Let me. I could on and on about every little thing I remember exactly what every person us. So diversification, how to do the portfolio, how much stocks you recommend. You have to begin to have the spread of the funds effectively. You can have your gambles, but limited the percentage of your portfolio. So you won’t kill yourself in the process. 

Confident brand by the company, which is what brand. They are, like stuff that you don’t really hear on YouTube, but when you do, you see the people that have found them are very successful with a lot of them had a problem with. Yeah, I mean, it’s the I think the one thing, the mindset, the mindset, it’s a shift, it’s a complete shift when you watch that. 

And like I suggest what you need to watch it more than once, if they have the time, obviously. But it just puts you in a mindset that you need to do something different than what you were doing before. I’m still working on my life, but I’m still working on it. I still, I didn’t I still didn’t want to shake my habits from a trade like Airbnb IPO. 

I had to go. Yeah, Yeah. I had to. I don’t know. I had to. I was not a bit, and then I was up a bit, I told after a day of horrible talk to Verizon is like, it’s OK. I felt like an addict or something. But it. He was a funny thing because it’s OK. It’s OK. 

We have our though like, OK, but that’s really I mean, I really like your story because it’s going to resonate with a lot of people because people a lot of people are business owners. And that’s the one thing about it, is that business owners, they’re all over the place. But there’s a message of madness, but it’s all over the place. 

And knowing that somebody like you is benefiting from it in such a way that you explained, it’s kind of it’s cool to hear. It’s good to hear. And I think a lot of businesses can look at this and think to themselves, this is me, or it could be me. And if he’s having success, why the hell can’t I? 

And, you know, it’s certainly something that individual like in my life where I’m just working for I’m not where I want to be working to get there. And by the honestly, whoever wants to invest in himself. And that’s my next thing, is that if, you know, if you’re looking at someone that’s a business owner or even a friend that’s just has a 9 to five or something, something that you think that you know, someone that you care about, let’s say, you know and you know and they’re on the fence. 

They don’t know they want to join. They don’t want to join, didn’t want to put the investment in themselves and have that come out of their account. But because they want to go there, because I was in that position, I wanted to put more money in the account rather than invest in myself. What’s your take on that? What would you recommend? I would recommend not to fear from doing the right thing. It’s never wrong to invest in simple. You’re on the fence. 

Let’s look at it this way, if I get into this. And I give it my all. What’s going to happen? What can I do with a lot of knowledge? End of the day. That’s how that’s how I do, I never buy things that never, ever, ever picks up gym stuff or clothes for my wife or whatever. I never put investments in meat, but for a lot of money. So for me, it was OK. What’s the worst that can happen? 

And by it, a follow through on do the best I can. I don’t see how I can lose if I didn’t make money right away. OK, maybe it’s just the cycle of give them. But whatever on the fence, just make sure you are doing it like your committee, which is not committing it will be a waste of. 

Well, I think that he dropped the bomb there. I wish I had like I need to get one of those keyboards. I kind of get those sound effects. No, they’re starting this podcast soon. US whenever somebody says something that’s going to drop the bomb, drop something that. 

No one last thing. What do you do for a living? And just to give some clarity to people. Oh, I have a restoration business. I do motivation’s water damage here. And we and we also have a cleaning department across the street and stuff like that. 

There you go, folks. It doesn’t get more time constraint than that, honestly, because there’s no time left for a flood to flood or carpentry or anything with water. And it can happen any time and anywhere. Seven days a week, every hour of the holiday season is we have a lot of holiday. 

I yeah, that’s pretty much it. And that’s honestly, that’s I think you summed everything up the way your experience showed you, and I think so many people are going to benefit from it. So I hope so. And I thank you for being here. 

That was that was really cool to speak to you, to be honest, getting to know people from all across the world. And by playing pretty cool. And I like this. I like doing this right now. It’s pretty fun. I appreciate it. We appreciate it. And I think a lot of people are going to thank you for it. 

Doing it right, we ended it early, but we forgot about on probably the best part. Yeah, I wanted to see the charts man. People want to see the charts. Let’s let’s take a look at that one from. That we really bring. I do, I do, but this. So this is basically the last year return 334 82 mark and did 15.3 inches difference. 

Yeah, me too. I mean, honestly, even this year, like the year today, we’re looking at 23% right now. That’s low, can you go back to that five year just out of. Yeah, I do that next year. And then kind of like guide us. You joined around. You said at the beginning. I joined. I enjoy the ride around here. 

Where do you see the mark. I you like. It was like a little bit of a little bit down a little bit, a little bit down, and then you can see, I came with Jeremy, went up and went down because I had to. When you go in with the coach, you it doesn’t tell you to sell stock, but he give you a recommendation. Yeah, because I had like 22 stocks that I own. 

So I cut everything down to I think around nine in ten Voorde know want to spend. And then from there, basically from March. We’re daily going up and up and up, and, you know, I’m not saying that I’m a 300% gainer every year. And I am not. 

The market is pretty crazy, so I don’t. A realist, I know it’s the return of the yeah, but, you know, every year, but I wish, I wish, but no, I’ll open a YouTube channel. So I’m not expecting it, but I am expecting anywhere from 15 to 20, and that’s what I want to. And that’s going to look for. And if I can get more like this great beauty, I’m not going to lose any sleep over.

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