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Holy Smokas This Really Aint No Jokas! Investors money are being stolen from their robin hood app and nothing is being done!! Robinhood users have experienced their accounts being liquidated and when they try to contact robinhood they are getting nowhere!! This is huge news and really bad news for Robinhood. Robinhood doesn’t even have a customer service phone number!!

Let me know what you think in the comments, especially if you are a robinhood investor. This news is insane that a company that has such a big valuation doesn’t have a phone to call for emergencies. Demand a change if you are a user from robinhood! Again let me know what your thoughts are about this issue. Does it bother you or do you not mind?

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Well guys, we got to talk about some very serious and bad news in relation to the Robin Hood app. Your two day Robin Hood users say accounts were looted and no one to call about it, literally people’s money being stolen out of their accounts and no one to call before we get into all of this. Okay, let’s address that no one to call situation.

Okay, literally, you type in like Robin Hood app phone number. There’s like literally no one to call at Robin Hood. It is ridiculous. Okay, absolutely ridiculous. I mean, there’s Reddit forum after Reddit forum, what’s the fastest way to contact Robin Hood?

customer care? can’t find any phone number anywhere. This is ridiculous. Okay. I mean, this is Robin Hood, we’re talking about you can’t even like Like, if your money is being stolen out of your account, something crazy is happening. You can’t even get on the phone and call somebody and be like, Hey, hey, can this get fixed?

What’s going on here? You can’t do that. That’s ridiculous. Okay, I have a very small business and in our very small business, which doesn’t like take people’s money and invest it for him, right for small business and financial fortress.

Once you’re in you get contact information for every key person on the team. And we get back to you ASAP. And here Robin Hood is a massive company literally one of the biggest fin tech companies in all of the world with an $11.2 billion valuation on new funding all the time, this company can snap its fingers and get like 100 million 100 million 100 million of funding like it’s dad, okay.

And here’s this company with no like, like, the customer support is awful. No phone number, like it’s insane. Okay, demand Robin Hood to start phone support ASAP, or you will leave the platform, trust me, there will be a day when you need to contact these guys and like get on the phone and like, you’re going to have an emergency and you’re going to need to contact them.

And they’re not going to be there for you unless you demand them to change. Okay, money talks and Bs walks. That’s a bottom line. And if you threaten these guys with change, they will make the changes, okay, they got an $11 billion valuation to fulfill.

And in order to fulfill that valuation, they need Everybody stay on, why have they not fix this problem? Because a flat out honest truth is not enough people are threatening to leave the platform are demanding this, if they see enough demand for this, they will fix this,

I can promise you that money talks, okay. I mean, I’ve been with Fidelity Investments now for 12 years, okay. And I can call them up if I have any emergency or anything in general, I can call them up at any time of day or night, it could be two in the morning.

And I could call these guys up. That is what you call real customer service in real customer support. And when you have your life savings, or a lot of your life savings in a brokerage account where you’re invested in stocks, you expect that that type of customer service that you can call somebody if you have an emergency something going on or your accounts being looked at.

Okay, I mean, there’s been several times when I’ve been talking to fidelity representatives, very late at night my wife will come down she’s likely talking to I’m like is Jake from State Farm, you know, and she’s like, Oh, sure.

Jake from State Farm and I’m like, no, it’s actually Jake from Fidelity Investments because how else do you think I get all these video ideas? Okay, 1300 videos on the main channel, another 364 videos on the second channel, like do you think I’m creating all these video ideas?

I’ll just call it fidelity reps in like the middle of night. I’m like, hey, well you guys think I should make four videos tomorrow they kind of left me Okay. And then after that I go ahead and give me Kevin a call.

And he’s working on like a 14th video of the day he’s just not the by the way me Kevin. How’s that guy every Have you ever noticed He’s everywhere? I mean, he’s the only guy I know that can record a video release a video comment on my videos comment on Graham’s videos didn’t say bye bye bye in my private discord chat.

Like how is that guy everywhere all the time in me Kevin. You are impressive dude. By the way in terms of discord chat, I just launched a free discord chat. It’ll be the pin comment down there it is going to be epic. Okay, let’s get more into this story.

It tooks over I’m sorry if I pronounced your name wrong a day to learn that 450 shares of Madonna had been liquidated in her Robin Hood account in that $10,000. And withdrawals were pending. But after learning the online brokerage of what she believed was a theft in progress.

She received a frustrating email. The email wrote it would investigate and respond within a few weeks. Now her money is gone. That is ridiculous. Okay, we’ll investigate and get back to you within a few weeks. And imagine you’re in your account and your money’s literally being stolen out of it.

That’s just not acceptable. Okay, just not acceptable at all my worst nightmares, like I log in the public account in the public counts like $0 or something like that. That’d be ridiculous. I would start thinking what did they do?

Did I do a Jim chinos and like start shorting Tesla stock or something like that, like that’s what that would make me feel like like what in the world Going on this customer is among five Robin Hood customers.

Who recounted similar experiences to Bloomberg News, saying they’ve been left in limbo in recent weeks after someone stole their investments and withdrew funds because the wildly popular app has no emergency phone number, someone said they tried in vain to intervene, only to watch helplessly as their money vanished. Unbelievable.

Okay, absolutely unbelievable. And what is Robin Hood’s response to this? Let’s hear Robin Hood side of the story. Robin Hood says a limited number of customers appear to have had their Robin Hood accounts targeted by cyber criminals because of their personal email account that which is associated with their Robin Hood account being compromised.

Outside of Robin Hood. A spokesman for the company said in an email, we’re actively working with those impacted to secure their accounts. Okay, that’s Robin Hood’s response their big hairy a Washington a tourney in three other Robin Hood users said they also contacted authorities including the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Two of those customers said they have heard back from an official at the SEC seeking more information. Now even though the firm said this year, it has more than doubled its customer service team. Clients complain they’re struggling to get quick help when their funds are disappearing.

Big here he says quote, they don’t have a customer service line, which I’m quite shocked about in Yes, I’m quite shocked about this. I mean, we’re talking about this company has an 11 billion plus dollar valuation on it. And they don’t even have a customer service line you can call. That’s ridiculous.

Okay, that’s all I have to say about that mental stress that 100% I don’t think this is what Robin Hood is quite understanding. Okay. Rao Hey, Chicago software engineer said his account was hit on October 6.

His bet on Netflix was liquidated in $2,850 was soon withdrawn. He said he sent more than a dozen emails to Robin Hood’s customer support address, and that he’s even tried messaging some of the brokerage executives on LinkedIn, you want to talk about you you’re desperate for answers.

You start like like basically sending like LinkedIn messages that that just shows like, like how, you know, these people are going through some stuff and like they need answers, man, okay. I’m in a tremendous amount of mental stress right now, because this is all of my saving, said route 36, whose account was frozen by Robin Hood in response to the fraudulent activity.

He said Robin Hood contacted him on Friday and unlocked the account after sending several emails late Thursday asking for help. Okay. I mean, it’s just it’s not a good situation.

Raul showed Bloomberg the same email responses from Robin Hood, that bag Hillary received, we understand the sensitivity of your situation, and we will be escalating the matter to our fraud investigations team Robin Hood customer service agents.

Wrote to them, please be aware that this process may take a few weeks, and the team working on your case won’t be able to provide constant updates. That’s just not good enough. Okay.

That’s just not good enough Robin Hood. I mean, imagine you’re going through the situation your life savings are part of your life savings. Literally just being stolen out of your account in your sent an email like this that like like what makes Robin Hood think like this is good enough customer service.

I mean, it’s just not it’s just ridiculous. Okay. Now this is big cake. This is huge. Actually. Raul said he had previously set up two factor authentication to access his account and bag Hillary said she’s certain her Robin Hood password is unique from all others, including her email.

Neither believed they had been duped by phishing scams, or malware. Both said they use the same email for Robin Hood in other accounts, and that only Robin Hood has been affected. Okay, now we’re getting conflicting information between what Robin Hood says where it’s just like, Oh, it’s just some phishing scams.

And this isn’t this has anything to do with us. It’s just you know, some people got their information and things like that. And then you have these individuals saying no, and we have this email for a ton of different accounts. Why was this the only one that was attacked? And neither one believed they were part of phishing scams or malware or anything like that? Okay.

This is really big because it makes you start to worry. Is there something bigger potentially going on here that we’re not being told about Okay, that is a big, big thing. I just showed you there. Unfortunately, now this is CEO of Intel 471 saying this case, unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence that online accounts of monetary value are bought, sold and traded by cyber criminals, which monitors activity of digital criminals.

This shows the importance of people practicing common information, security hygiene, such as not reusing the same password across multiple accounts, and enabling two factor authentication, which Robin Hood supports. But but but but once again, these individuals, or at least one of these individuals said they had two step authentication, okay.

And yet, this was still happening. So I mean, this is where things get really, really crazy. Okay. At the end of the day, what do you do now, if you’re a robin hood, app customer, you demand Robin Hood to get a phone number support line.

A sap or that you’re gonna switch to another brokerage, believe me, if they have a mass amount of customers, either switch from Robin Hood, or basically demand and threatened to switch from Robin

Hood to when these other brokerages, they will make changes, they will put an emergency phone number so you can actually talk to a Robinhood employee there on the spot and get answers when you’re in a very stressful situation like this.

We’re also in somebody’s in your country, you know, selling all your stocks and transferring the money out. Okay? Because what what’s going on right now, this is just not good enough. And keep in mind, like everybody’s free nowadays. Okay. Like back in the day, like years ago, when Robin Hood was only free trading app, I can understand people saying, Well, you know, we’ll put up with it.

Because Robin Hood’s free, everybody’s free nowadays, I don’t know, one big brokerage that you can’t place free trades. So that’s taken away from Robin Hood, now the playing field has been leveled. And it’s absolutely unacceptable that Robin Hood does not have a phone number.

And unless you let them know about this, because believe me one day, you’re going to need to call that phone number. Trust me on that, okay? Unless you let them know about it.

They’re just gonna keep going about things the way they are. And they’re gonna keep things the way they are, believe me, when people complain, you know, whoever’s running the company or doing the thing will go ahead and they’ll respond, it would be like, let’s say, next week,

I just post a whole bunch of videos on the YouTube channels where I’m gardening, and unlike trimming my bushes in the backyard, you guys are gonna flood me with comments saying What are you doing? Do Can we please talk about stocks and the stock market and money?

Like we don’t care about gardening? you’ll you’ll flood me with thumbs down, you’ll flood me with negative comments. And I’d be like, Oh, yeah, maybe I should probably get back to make the stock market videos and Quit making gardening videos, right? That is how it is done.

Okay, you let the folks know about and if you don’t let the folks know about it, they they’re just going to continue to do it, demand them to get phone support. ASAP. There’s no excuse for this absolutely zero excuse that they don’t have an emergency phone line that you can contact you can get better customer service. And what they have is company has 11 plus billion dollar valuation.

They literally in a snap of fingers, they raise hundreds of millions of dollars. I think they just raised like 600 something million dollars very recently, his company can raise any amount of money whenever they want. And the fact that they don’t have I mean,

it’s not even that dang expensive to hire out, you know, 10 2030 4050 employees. Heck, they could hire hundreds of employees to get on the phone. These aren’t like super high paying jobs. Okay?

It’s it’s no excuses companies, not like some small company like, Oh, well, we can’t really afford that gimme a break man we’re talking about this is one of the biggest companies in the world valuation wise, especially in the FinTech space, they got to get serious about this and the only way they’re gonna get serious is if you guys take this serious and you let them know you are switching to a more established firm, or they make these changes ASAP.

And believe me, they’ll make the changes if you are a robin hood app user. I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section on if you’ve ever had to deal with any type of stressful situations where you’re dealing with customer support and the support is just like not very good or something like that.

Let me know in that comment section because I would really love to hear your guy’s opinion on all this. As always hope you guys enjoyed me covering this for you. If you don’t mind, smash that thumbs up if you want to be part of the new free discord chat for stock market investing, check out pinned comment down there.

We just literally launched that last night so super excited about that. And, as always, thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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