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Revealing my $53k Dividend Stock Portfolio

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Today I share with the Financial Education Nation all the stocks I own in my Dividend Stocks Only account. I also am going to share with you guys the dividend stocks I am thinking about buying for this dividend portfolio. I hope you enjoy me sharing all this with you guys. Smash a thumb for the Algo. Thanks!

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Well guys, today in this video I’m gonna go ahead and reveal full dividend is the only portfolio I have this account has about $53,000 or so in it right now, I own only dividend stocks. In this particular account, I’m gonna shoot every single dividend stock I own in this particular account, as well as cost basis everything across the board, okay.

But also after I show you everything I own in that particular account, I was going to share with you any future dividend stocks I could be adding in the future that I’m kind of like is dividend stocks, I think they’re really good dividend paying companies and I could potentially add these particular stocks into this account and overtime.

So I hope you guys really enjoy this hope you get a lot of value out of it. No, I know in terms of the people that watch the channel, we have people that have been in the market for decades, we have people that are like the newest noobs watching the channel.

We have everything in between so any of the new people to the stock market, if you don’t know what a dividend stock is very simply put, it’s a stock that makes payments to you, those payments usually go into your brokerage account every three months, okay, that’s a dividend stock, not all the stocks or dividends out there.

Some companies are more focused on growth, some companies just can’t provide their shareholders with form of dividends. But these companies, they generally pay out every three months, the money is credited to your account, you know, whatever they may for profit.

They’ll take a portion of that, go ahead, throw it off to us shareholder and then you can do whatever you want that money can go spend that money you can go invest that money usually what do i do i just reinvest the money into that same stock or two different dividend stocks out there.

And by the way, if you don’t know how you’re taxed in relation to dividends, here’s how you’re taxed. Okay. Essentially, if you make less than 40k usually don’t even have to pay any tax on the dividend money, which is a thing of beauty. Okay?

It’s a thing of beauty if you make under 40k, you don’t have to pay tax on that. If you make about 40k to about 400. And let’s say 30k or so you pay about 15% which is a capital gains tax you pay in the form of dividends.

If you’re a big baller, you’re paying 20% Okay, so just so you guys have a little information there now I promise you guys this video back when we hit I said if we hit 100,000 subscribers on financial education too, I was gonna go ahead and do this video so I’m going ahead and do it I’m releasing this video on the main channel but hey, you know I have to be a man of my word.

So don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button for the algorithm All right, so let’s start getting into this guy’s as of right now his account is up 4.76% that does not account for any dividends received there’s just a change in the stock price case.

So once again that doesn’t reflect any dividends we have gotten today’s kind of a negative day for the account them I think the markets are all pretty red today. So account was better as of yesterday we were up 3000 was a $3,700 and a particular account as of yesterday but today we’re up to $1,400 once again, not including dividends received Okay.

This account is available in my private stock group so everybody in that group can see every single movement making this count as well as a public count if you want to learn more about that in the description area.

Okay. footlocker This is the first stock up here in the account law you guys probably know footlocker is a shoe store, okay. It’s also an apparel store, very popular. They also own some other brands out there East Bay brand which is more popular with athletes male zone champs sports and a few other brands out there.

But then the day the the way they make their money as they sell shoes, okay. And sometimes very expensive shoes. I remember there was a guy in front of me at footlocker I was in line, this is a couple weeks ago, and you know, right after footlocker started opening back up, and man, I think he got like one pair of shoes, and he paid like 400 bucks for it.

I was like, What the heck. But the shoe game is something I’m being educated on. And some people will pay, you know, hundreds and hundreds of dollars for some of these Nike pairs of shoes and whatnot as a whole new game that I’ve been up on recently.

And footlocker is a very well run business while it’s just put that way, good balance sheet, great dividend payer, usually they’ve had a cut their dividend, the short term, they’ll probably bring it back very shortly as more and more of their stores open and they start making money.

I’m sure it will bring back that dividend. And so I don’t want to sell out of that stock just because they cut their dividend the short term because ultimately they’re going to bring it back long term my opinion.

Okay, as of right now, in this particular account, we’re up over 9% on our footlocker position. $1,463 is our gain as of right now, once again, that does not include any dividends I’ve received in the past from footlocker and this account.

I really view as an account I’m just kind of getting up and rolling because this account is really an account and starting to take serious and 2020 and so all these positions are really baby positions as of right now in terms of it’s not like I’ve held these positions for years and years or something like that.

Most of them had it honestly in 2020. Okay. 615 shares their cost base to 2580. I would love to add some more footlocker over time. I do want a little more clarity around Ronnie wrona situation or what the stock price to drop a bunch because of uncertainty.

One of those two scenarios happen. I’ll likely be adding some more footlocker even though I’m up 9% and I very rarely add stocks and I’m up 10% plus on butter, you know footlocker I like that one is a different stock, j w n ne.

Trump I believe this is our worst performing stock in the entire dividend account. Okay, so JW n Nordstrom they’re another ones that you know cut their dividend in the short term I think they can definitely bring it back in 2021 so which Why don’t want to sell out of it and Plus we’re down 21% on it down $1,482 Like I said, I think this is our worst stock in the account.

As you guys know Nordstrom they are either operate you know, department stores, they caters more of the high end they also have Nordstrom Rack business they also have trunk club but their main business are those Nordstrom stores which are in malls right and also the.

Nordstrom Rack and both those businesses have been closed for substantial amount of time some of them have started to open back up but it’s hurt their business model very very bad here in the short term.

So overall Nordstrom I do like it but it’s not like a have to even buy it even though it’s down 20% I probably will buy some more over time but it’s not like I have to go out there and buy it just for the mere fact that they’re they’re in a tough place here at them in the short term.

It’s not it’s not their fault it’s just you know once in 100 year event has come out of nowhere called Ronnie Rona and it’s just tore up their business model Okay, cool calm next one up here ticker symbol q calm on this one.

Qualcomm I mean this one I should have bought way heavier. Like that’s my, if you’re thinking about one of my biggest regrets in terms of buying a stock so far this year, it’s Qualcomm it’s usually not a stock I bought, like like a JW, enter or even a CCL right?

It’s not like those type of stocks where it’s like it goes down a bunch. Yeah, sure. Yeah. But at the end of the day, my biggest like my regrets if I ever have regrets in the stock markets, if I don’t buy a stock heavy enough, then with Qualcomm, it’s 100% true.

I bought this stock like a baby and this accountant in another account, and I should have bought much heavier than I did this is going to be one of the likely one of the biggest 5g players out there if not the biggest direct beneficiary of 5g technology taking off over the next decade.

And I just bought it like a baby so we’re up over 32% on it up $863 but I only put you know $2,662 in this stock only about 40 shares in this dividend count it’s a great dividend paying company dividends will likely get raised over the next five years quite substantially and I just bought it like a little baby when I should have been buying in heavy heavy into this one.

So you know now at this point do I want to buy more Qualcomm not really not when I’m up 32% but at the same time man I am I’m just regretting this one a lot heavier. I can tell you if it ever drops to anywhere remotely close to that cost basis even in the 70s I will definitely not make that mistake again.

I will definitely buy this one very heavily Okay, next stock up here the dividend stocks in this account is ticker symbol t p r tapestry Corporation. So if you don’t know tapestry Corporation, they own the coach brand.

You know, this brand has been around for probably 100 years now Kate Spade brand, also a phenomenal brand. They’re now on Stuart Weitzman, which is more like for high heels and things like that. So they got super strong brands, a lot of people think like them as a retailer, it’s like, no, they just happen to have retail stores, but their type of brands will thrive, even if malls go away.
Because at the end of the day, these type of brands are the brands that a lot of people love to buy. Okay, and so when it comes to TPR work 8.56% I can definitely see myself potentially buying some more TPR down the road.

Okay, we’ll 1015 shares in this particular account was one of the biggest positions in this particular accounts a $14,000 position cost base at 1272. If we go under cost base, some absolutely for sure buy more TPR.

But even even up 8% I’m very tempted to buy more TPR at the end of the day, phenomenal brands, like I said, if all goes if malls go away TPR will still be just fine long term because of their brands.

And that’s it. You know, if somebody goes into a coach store, they’re not going into a coach store just to go in a coach store. They want a specific like coach wallet or coach purse or something like that.

So I absolutely love that one. It’s usually a great dividend payer, they will become a great dividend payer once again, probably as soon as next year. Okay, WPA Walgreens Corporation. This is also one I’m interested in buying more shares of pharmacy.

You guys know back in the day who used to work for Walgreens right. Back when I was 118 1920 years old, used to work for Walgreens in the photo department making I think it was like $9 and, and 10 cents an hour or whatever.

I made 875 or something. And so Walgreens does a great dividend payer, a very consistent business model right pharmacy, it’s just they sell needs based products. At the end of the day Walgreens does need a box of band aids.

You go to Walgreens you need a new toothbrush you go to Walgreens okay you need something from the pharmacy you go to Walgreens is a very much a needs based business and I love that about it like I said great dividend payer they’re one that is not going to have to cut their dividend in this whole situation when the few companies remember a lot of these companies.

Now these dividend stocks have had a cut dividends somewhat or cut dividends completely. A company like Walgreens, I don’t think they’re gonna have to you know, do any cuts or anything like that. I think there’ll be just fine and 65 shares as of right now cost base of 3970 Three, if it goes under cost, I’m for sure buying it.

Even if it doesn’t, I’ll probably still buy more because this one I really loved as a dividend stock a last position up here and then we’ll get into dividend stocks I’m thinking about buying and adding to this account that.

I don’t already own when he resorts. So when he resorts, we’re a little above breakeven on this one up about 2.71% and this one on 190 shares. Current Value on this one’s over $10,000 across space of 8481.

And that’s one it could potentially add. I want to definitely go under cost to add more of this one. As far as Wynn resorts you guys know I love that company. They’re in a real tough spot once on 100 year event, no different than anything that relies on the travel industry right now.

It’s just in a real tough spot, but when it comes to Wynn resorts, their business will be back okay, at the end of the day, people that have money love to go to the wind properties they love to go those restaurants they love to gain at the wind properties have to go to the shows they love to go to the clubs and the pools and they love the shopping the whole experience that a.

Wynn resorts property brings you and you know once the Rooney Rule has passed us when will once again thrive and I’m just not desperate to buy it let’s just put it that way. If it falls, you know under cost then I’ll start buying again.

I’m really looking for this one in the 70s okay 70s that’s where I really love it and if it ever got down 15 that’s when I load the boat Okay, now before we get into those other stocks that could potentially buy just to show you in terms of the count any dividends.

I received recently, only two dividends I received recently one was in May I received a dividend from footlocker they paid me out in May $246 in this particular account, and then a Walgreens boots alliance in June they paid me out $29.74 those are the only two recent dividends.

I’ve gotten super recently in that dividends only account like I said what do I do with that money I don’t spend it or something like that. I just go ahead and Bri invest in it’s been like that for you know anytime I’ve ever received dividends I never go spend the money or something what I do with the money.

I reinvested I’ve been doing that for over a decade now way before I was on YouTube and I still do that to this day. Anytime I only dividend stock. It’s going right back into some more stocks. Okay. Now what dividend stocks might hype high next Okay, Ash talk about cash.

So McDonald’s Corporation ticker symbol m c. d, when it comes to McDonald’s is way too rich at the moment in my personal opinion. Okay, I would love to add this one down the road? Absolutely would you know it’s McDonald’s super stable business model.

He sell Big Macs and double cheeseburgers and french fries and sodas and all that good stuff. Okay. It’s McDonald’s. It’s super solid, you know, arguably the best well run massive food conglomerate in the world.

It’s, it’s trading rich right now, I’ll be honest, this is why I’m not buying it right now. But I can tell you, I’m keeping an eye on it. If it goes to 175. If it goes to 165 especially, I will start buying in this one.

I will start building a position and then in this one, specifically in the dividend account, because I love this one as a dividend play. It’s a phenomenally well run company that just you know, it’s just it’s just solid a solid gets and when you’re looking for a great dividend stock, you’re not necessarily looking for a stock that’s going to you know, blow the doors off growth wise.

If I’m looking for that I’m looking for growth stocks, right and I’ll buy that in my more like growth stock focused accounts, okay. But for dividend stocks, I’m just looking for stability. I’m just looking for those companies that will consistently pay out dividends and consistently likely up their dividends each and every year.

And I feel like McDonald’s is really one of those companies just the valuations a little rich right now. Same exact situation with Starbucks. I would love to add some s box Okay, I would love to it’s trading a little rich.

I feel very similar to McDonald’s and it’s one where I will keep an eye on the stock right now but I’m not actively buying if Starbucks falls to 65 if it falls under 60 especially, I will absolutely start buying some Starbucks in the dividends only account maybe even across some of my other accounts for Starbucks.

But absolutely I love Starbucks as a potential dividend play and a potential company to raise your dividends many times over the next you know next 510 years. So s bucks definitely possibilities just trading a little rich right now.

Hasbro ticker symbol h j s love this one. So this is actually a toy maker they actually make nerf products and a ton of other you know very popular products This was put that way that kids love to play with and heck maybe even someone was grown up so to play with some of this stuff.

Okay, so Hasbro and this one is a potential add soon I would love to get it under 70 If possible, but even here it’s it’s somewhat interesting the valuation is trading very similar to where it usually trade that valuation wise and actually you know as far as a market cap position.

Is actually much cheaper than where usually trades and their business hasn’t actually been hurt much by actually believe it or not this whole Rooney Ronan situation. A lot of people with their kids being at home and not a school have felt like they had to get some of these more Hasbro related products to keep their kids entertained recently, so actually loved this one as a dividend company. very consistent.

I don’t think they’re gonna have to there they haven’t had to cut their dividend. I don’t think they’re gonna have to cut their dividend whole situation, which is once again just kind of like a testament to how strong of a company this really is, especially in relation to dividends.

So Hasbro look for me to potentially add that one in the dividend count Activision Blizzard ticker symbol at vi we know this is a video game conglomerate massive company brands like Call of Duty Black Ops as well as several other very popular console games.

And then they have their mobile business which they haven’t you know now Call of Duty mobile, they have Candy Crush brand and Candy Crush soda saga and all those unbelievably popular King brands as well. I love Activision Blizzard.

It’s another one kind of like a McDonald’s situation. It’s trading a little rich at the moment. But I would love to add this one phenomenal balance sheet this company, very well run. You know, like I said, I would love to add this one. It’s just trading a little rich for p right now. 29.

We know obviously, the video game stocks have been hot, because it’s kind of that whole, like, stay at home play, right? Everybody’s been at home. And it’s like, oh, what’s everybody doing playing video games, and they’re on Netflix and these sorts of things. Right?

And so Activision Blizzard, man, I really wanted that one. I’ve been in it before, and I made some good money, but I wanted it again. And, you know, hopefully that happens. Okay, JP Morgan Chase, you never really see me by the financials.

But I gotta say, Okay, first off with these big banks, they’re basically government backed, okay, with these big us banks, and basically government back, they’re not going under no matter what happens, okay, at the end of the day, the Fed will rescue these guys.

So even if, let’s say a horrible scenario happened, and JP Morgan Chase got in a lot of trouble. You know, for whatever reason, loans just started being default or something like that, at the end of the day, they’d be rescued by the US government, because they’re, you know, quote, unquote, too big to fail. And that’s what you have with some of these stocks Now.

As far as these big banks. And so it creates a situation where there’s, there’s very limited downside risk, it really is. It’s not like, you know, like, they’re gonna go to zero or something. It’s just so unrealistic because the Fed, just, you know, if the feds gonna bail out some of these other companies and buy corporate bonds of somebody that had an individual company.

You think they’re not going to do that with JP Morgan Chase, the, you know, arguably the biggest commercial bank in the United States of America, the JPMorgan Chase is kind of fed in a certain extent, okay. So at the end of day, that that definitely prevents some downside risk.

I look at the valuation, it’s pretty dang interesting for p basis, look at the dividend yield over 3% dividend yield. I love that about this one, and probably will be a consistent dividend payer. In the future.

We’re looking at a stock right now, that’s much closer to the 52 week low than the 52 week high. And so when it comes to jpm, I actually love this one as a dividend play. And I could potentially buy it somewhat soon, you know.

We’ll see what happens in the market here, I would love the market to go down a little bit and get a little cheaper. But even here, I gotta say, I should be buying jpm and add that in the dividend account sometime soon.

Same thing with Goldman Sachs. So GSK. They’re also, you know, they’re a little more on the investing banking world, but they’re getting more and more into commercial banking when it comes to Goldman Sachs.

And this is a company that’s out of pretty attractive valuation right now. And when I look at Goldman Sachs, it might even have you know, stronger growth over the next few years and something like a JP Morgan, you’re looking at a four dividend yield. When it comes to gold, Goldman Sachs of almost two and a half percent.

I think they can definitely potentially add to that dividend in future years. So Goldman Sachs is another one that that’s a potential buyer. Okay. American Express company ticker symbol eight XP. So American Express, obviously, with you know, less than less people recently, using cards for transactions because a lot of business has been shut down.

Something that hurts American Express Corporation short term, but at the end of the day, American Express is American Express, super strong company, when everything passes, they’re gonna still be a super strong company. Even now, with everything going on.

They’re still a super strong company. It’s American Express at the end of the day, ticker symbol a XP, okay, unbelievable business model, super consistent. You know, what can you say about American Express, I just love it.

It’s a great dividend stock, I should probably be buying it 100 bucks, the valuation is pretty dang compelling. You know, anytime you get this, if you can ever get this stock under 90, that’s when it’s really like, you know, almost like stealing money with this particular stock.

Believe it or not stealing money from a credit card company who would ever thought that okay, Lowe’s companies ticker symbol low on this one. We know everybody’s been at home, right? So many people have been at home. They’ve been around their house.

They’ve been wanting to do stuff around the house you’d like you know, you sit at home all day and all sudden you start thinking maybe I’ll go plant a garden in the backyard. Maybe I’ll go You’ll change these floors off this paint.

I don’t even like this paint anymore. Maybe I’ll repaint this all this bathrooms messed up. Maybe I’ll remodel this bathroom. People start thinking like that. And I will tell you through this whole Rooney Rule situation I’m talking when things were shut down, right. Lowe’s was still open.

And I can tell you Lowe’s was packed man almost every day. Well, I didn’t go to Lowe’s every day but every time I ever went to Lowe’s during when things were actually shut down. Lowe’s was packed man.

It really was like people really are like getting into like doing stuff around their house like home improvement type stuff and And it’s benefiting Lowe’s in a massive way and it will probably continue to benefit them. It’s trading a little bit right now.

I’ll be honest it is he I mean, you look at where the 40 usually trades that choose me and like a 16 to 18 range. Right now we’re pushing up against 20. So it’s a little retro right now Lowe’s, but it’s a great dividend company.

It’s one of the few companies that’s actually thriving despite everything that’s going on. And super solid, I probably have to buy Toll Brothers ticker symbol t o. l on this one. So Toll Brothers is a company that usually trades anywhere from a four to like a five and a half billion dollar valuation right now they’re 4.1 billion 4.2 billion somewhere around there roughly.

Okay. Toll Brothers, very inexpensive for p wise, and you would think with everything has been going on Toll Brothers business model would have will have been, you know, hurt substantially. Actually, a lot of the home builders have been, you know, posting numbers recently that things have come back actually quite strong. Like there was a big dip in March.

But as you know, the back half of April came through into May, business actually was, you know, fairly strong, which is almost like how, you know, you think about everything that’s been going on, like how the heck are these companies shrunk, but you’ve seen actually, prices rise.

I mean, who would ever thought a once in 100 year event, Ronnie runner comes out nowhere, it shuts down everything. And home prices have been rising around the US median home price. That’s just crazy.

Toll Brothers plays on the high end of the market. And so if you’re thinking about them, you’re really thinking about homes priced over $600,000 for the most part, when you think about Toll Brothers, and you know, you’re really thinking about the 800k even a million up type price brackets, and for Toll Brothers, you know, those customers are still actually doing pretty well.

Okay, they are honestly still doing pretty dang well. And literally right while I was prepping this video, a well known, you know, real estate YouTuber who will not be named, he says, you know, that, you know, in his area, particularly, like real estate’s been like, amazing.

And I’m hearing this from a lot of different folks out there that actually, you know, when it comes to like a big time seller’s market right now, like if you’re selling your home, you’re actually in a real like position of power right now.

And so Toll Brothers actually pretty dang interesting to me here. If it drops back into the $3 billion, you know, market cap area, I’m gonna have to pick up that one in the dividends only account and maybe in potentially other accounts.

Okay, let me know in that comment section, any other dividend stocks, you guys are buying out there. I would love to hear from you guys in that comment section. As always, once again, we have free resources linked down there in the description.

So make sure you check out those how to outperform the stock market in 2020. If you want to know anything about my private group, check out the first link down there. And other than that, guys, it’s a Friday. Thank you for watching and have a great weekend.

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