Passive Income 2018 Must Know Tips

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Today we do passive income tips for the 2018 video. I hope you guys learn a lot from this passive income video because I am giving out straight diamonds of passive income in this video.

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Get ready cuz today I’m dropping gems and diamonds on you guys today I’m giving you the five best passive income tips I can possibly give you from someone who makes an unbelievable amount of money from passive income more money than I ever thought was possible to make in general.

Never mind just from passive income. Some people look at my lifestyle and they see things like this, like friends will see, oh, look at this video I created months and months ago, it’s brought in almost $200 just in the past 28 days, this video I created months and months ago.

I probably create this video 689 months ago, and it’s still making me 300 plus dollars every 28 days. And obviously I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of videos on the channel, I have tons of different passive income streams.

The main one being core sales that kind of like trumps everything and almost kind of makes YouTube revenue kind of look like a joke, my core sales and whatnot. So today, I just want to give you guys the five best tips for anyone out there who wants to create a some type of passive income lifestyle.

So you guys can kind of be on the right track and know you know, what you should be looking for and knowing what to do and what not. So I hope you guys enjoy this. Now by the way, if you guys are just looking for strictly ideas on how to make passive income.

I have plenty, plenty of videos on the channel about just like strictly ideas on how you can make passive income. These are like the five tips for when you want to go after that you can hopefully achieve it guys. So hope you enjoy this, make sure you follow me on Instagram.

If you have not already we’re blowing up on Instagram. Get on there, guys, tip number one of five I would give to anybody who wants to create a passive income lifestyle is the first thing is you got to keep in mind, this takes time, okay.

You’re not going to build a passive income stream or a passive income lifestyle or passive income business overnight, it is going to take you time I don’t care how talented you are, I don’t care, you know how you know, bright you think you are how you know.

You think you’ve got the best angle, you think you’re doing something no one’s ever done before. I don’t care, you know anything about that, this is gonna take time, this is a process, okay? And you need to you’re really trying to build yourself a passive income business, okay.

And that’s how the mindset needs to be, you’re building a passive income business. Now, when you’re creating a business, okay? When you’re creating a business, no one goes out and creates a business unless they’re super unrealistic and was like.

I’m gonna build this business up to the really awesome within a few weeks, or within a few months, okay, no one goes out there and says, oh, man, I’m going to build this business, or you know.

What happens to these type of people that think they’re going to create a business and somehow it’s going to work out in a few weeks or a few months time span, those people go out of business real quick, and they go back to the workforce, okay.

If you want to create a real passive income business model, this is going to take time, guys, it was probably over a year before I started receiving any type of substantial amounts of money from passive income, okay, over a year, over a year until I started, you know.

Just making any type of real money out there and passive income world, this stuff takes time, you need to be willing to put years into building this, okay? And you need to be willing to get better and better and better. It’s gonna take a while, guys.

If you’re just hoping, you know, you can create some passive income stream and just make a bunch of money from it in a real quick amount of time. You should probably leave this video right now.

Because you’re not cut out for this. You need to treat it like it’s a business you’re building. Okay? And businesses aren’t, aren’t built in weeks or months. Okay. Amazon didn’t become Amazon because they were created last week.

No, Amazon was created back in the 90s. All right, these things take time to build out. So that’s the first tip. Don’t get impatient with it. Understand, it’s going to take a you know, a time, at least probably a year before you might even start receiving any type of financial compensation for whatever it is you’re doing.

And that’s fine, guys, that’s fine. That’s why you kind of want to do something you are passionate about. It really worked out for me because I get to speak about stuff. I’m passionate about every single day money, okay.

I’m talking about money every single day, I love to talk about money and love money conversations, guess what I talk about stock market investing, passive income, making some personal finance stuff. once in a blue moon.

I might talk about real estate. It’s all money related stuff. That’s what I love to talk about. And I get to do each and every day. So the passion can help you get to that place where you’re willing to push through for a few years to do whatever it is you’re doing.

Whether that’s something on YouTube, whether that’s something you know, on an online business, where you’re creating a website, you know, your top 10, electronics, laptops or whatever, for 2018.

You know, and have Amazon affiliate links in there, whatever it is your thing you’re doing, which there’s a million different passive income streams, you can create and earn passive income business models, whatever your thing is, you just got to realize it’s going to take time guys.

That’s number that’s tip number one, and that’s the most important of all them. Tip number two of five I would give to anybody out there is trying to create passive income streams and a passive income business model is don’t worry about the competition.

Okay, and whatever you’re trying to do, don’t worry about what competition is doing. Don’t worry about what the other guy is doing. Don’t worry about what the other girl is doing out there. Okay.

Worry about what you Doing celebrate your own victories. All right, celebrate your own victories, don’t worry about what somebody else is doing. So many times people get caught up in in the passive income game. And they get frustrated for two reasons.

One was the time thing they think it’s, you know, it’s kind of just worked out really quickly, and it doesn’t, okay. The second part is the reason a lot of people get, you know, frustrated with passive income, is they look at the competition and competition is doing way better than them.

And they get jealous of that, and they end up you know, just losing that passion they had behind it, or they end up looking at it from the perspective of, you know, what, you know, the system doesn’t want me, you know.

I created this website is so much better than this other guy’s website over there, but his websites getting favored and Google wise is getting favor, you know, the system’s against me or whatever.

And they get frustrated, because the other guy’s getting huge results, and they might not be getting much for results or any results at all, and they get frustrated and very quick amount of time. If you focus on the competition, it’s not going to work, guys.

When I created the financial education channel, I’ve never focused on competition, what anybody else is doing, I care about what I’m doing. I celebrate my own victories on the channel when we reach 10. When we reach 1000 subscribers.

I celebrate that okay, when we reach 10,000 subscribers, we celebrate that 50,000 subscribers, 100,000 subscribers, every milestone along the way, we would celebrate that and that was a celebration for me and the people that watch the channel, okay.

And that’s kind of the way you got to view it not not Oh, somebody else, oh, I just hit 1000 subscribers and somebody else just hit 10,000 my stuffs better than them and they hit 10,000 No, no, don’t worry about that. Guys.

Don’t worry about competition worry about what’s going on for you celebrate your own personal victories, you’re building your own business model here, short term stuff is going to happen maybe short term, they pass you up maybe short term.

You know somebody else’s channels growing up somebody else’s websites blowing up, somebody else’s book is selling really good. And yours is really you know better. Who knows, maybe over time, it’s going to end up working out for you Don’t worry about the competition game.

Just realize maybe sometimes they’re doing some stuff that is really smart. Okay, maybe sometimes don’t copy everything. But maybe sometimes, you know, their strategy, there might be a little smarter than your strategy, maybe there’s a there’s a piece of that strategy you need to take from them.

And go ahead and apply that to your passive income business model. Okay, the competition can can get you frustrated real quick, and can get you out of this game. Don’t get caught in that guys, trust me, tip number three of five is if you stop the cycle.

If you stop the cycle, just realize your money gonna start going down and down and down. Okay, so in the passive income business model, okay, passive income business model, you basically have a cycle of money, all right cycle of money that’s being created.

But the thing is, with passive income, a lot of times all these things are slowly dying off you’ve created in the past, okay, so basically, passive income in the simplest terms is you create something in the past, and that makes you money into the future.

But the future doesn’t mean it’s gonna make you money necessarily 100 years from now, or 10 years from now or even five years from now might just make you money for you know, the next 12 months, the next 36 months in next 48 months or something like that, and it slowly starts to die off, okay.

So there’s money’s flowing around, okay, we got money flowing around all over the place with the passive income. But if you stop producing whatever it is, you’re doing, just realize slowly but surely, these things are going to start to go away slowly but surely.

You know, things are gonna start to die off for you. That’s something you got to keep in mind with the passive income model. They do not stay intact forever, but it’s kind of naturally because at the end of the day, it’s a business model.

Okay? Any business out there if you don’t pay attention to it or give it some more you know, I guess you say fuel on the fire is going to slowly but surely start to die off okay. No matter how good you think you created it doesn’t matter how you know, great you created religious put it that way, doesn’t matter.

Eventually, if you stop putting fuel on the fire, the fire is going to die out. Okay? So meaning if you create, you know, a website, you create this website, and you’re getting tons of traffic to it.

So like I said, let’s say it’s you know, electrical, we use electronics, let’s say it’s a swimsuit website, okay, your your you create this swimsuit website, getting tons of traffic, because you’ve done you know, Google Google keywords and whatnot.

You know, top bathing suits are 2010 sexy as bathing suits a 2010 or 2010 2018. You know, the cheapest bathing suits for 2018 cheapest bathing suits from, you know, whatever company 2018 you created all these different blogs, all these different web pages on your website, okay.

All those have links to the retailers or Amazon or whatever, that that actually sell those bathing suits. So maybe you’re making, you know, some Google Ad ad income from that. And maybe also you’re getting a ton of affiliate money from that. Okay, that’s great.

All right, that’s great. But guess what? You create all these 2018 swimsuit videos, right? You create all these 2018 swimsuit videos. What do you think is going to slowly start to happen to that website, all of a sudden when 2019 hits when 2019 hits all those blogs.

All those webs web pages you put up about 2018 webs, you know, swimsuits, guess what’s going to happen, they’re going to start to get more and more irrelevant by the day by the day, you’re they’re going to start getting less and less and less clicks. Okay.

So if you can go out there and do the same thing again, but for 2019 and guess what, you can keep the new the fire roaring, or you can say, No, I’m done with that. I don’t feel like doing that anymore.

Just realize you’re gonna start having money go down and down and down. Okay, I can tell you, you know, from YouTube’s perspective, which YouTube is very simply, you know, YouTube’s owned by Google, okay.

So if you’re trying to do anything that’s, you know, Google where people are, you know, typing in top 10 laptops for 2018, or whatever, or, you know, top 10. I don’t know, to plasma TVs, or LED TVs, or whatever it is, right? People search those terms all the time.

Whether you’re doing that in YouTube, whether you’re doing that in Google, just realize, you know, As things get older, they’re going to become more and more II relevant, okay, my passive income 2018 video, my stock market for beginners 2018 video is not going to get nearly as many clicks in 2019.

As it got in 2018. And in 2020, is going to get even less than 2021 it might not even get any clicks. 2022 It might not get any clicks, okay, so just realize that you’ve got to if you want to keep the fire, roar, and you better be willing to keep producing content, or whatever it is.

You’re doing that passive income, you know, business model, if you’re, you know, your your passive income way is, let’s say, writing ebooks on Amazon, you write ebooks, all right, just realize, you know that that ebook that sold phenomenal this past year.

Guess what the sales are probably going to go down a little bit next year and down even more. But if you create a sequel to that book or another, you know, you know book that is somehow in relation to that people know you as the author, then you can probably keep that firework guy.

So that’s something Keep in mind, if you want to walk away from it, just realize the money’s gonna start going down and down over time. Tip number four of five I would give to anybody who’s trying to create passive income out there is you got to try some different stuff.

Okay, you got to try try try some different stuff. So once you start having some success, when some things start working for you and your your passive income business model, try something else. Okay, you got this thing here.

Now let’s move on. And let’s try something over here. But you’re still paying attention to this over here, because this is still your, your golden goose that you know, started things. Okay, now you start going over here, you try something new. Alright.

And hopefully you get that work. And then you you have some success with that. And then you’re like, Okay, maybe I can do even better. And I start something over here. And it’s just moving on moving on trying to find the best things for you.

For instance, for me, passive income wise, I started on YouTube. And that was pretty much all I had for passive income initially. All right, then also, I started doing some Amazon affiliate links, I was like, Oh, this is kind of cool.

I can make some money off of this, you know, suggestion books, you know, I like and whatnot. And then I kind of moved on from that. And I wrote my own book. And I was like, Whoa, this is a way bigger opportunity.

Like this opportunity is massive. For me, this is huge. Okay, and then all sudden, I realized, like, That was nothing what people really want what the demand was really at was for courses. And that was like, bigger than this whole whiteboard. Okay, so I just kept trying stuff.

And I’m like, Okay, this is somewhat successful. But you got to find where the demand is that for your specific passive income thing. For me personally, it was courses. And it kind of makes sense, because I’m a YouTube presenter, right.

I do videos on YouTube. So if people want to buy premium content from me, they’re probably going to want to buy video courses more than a book because I’m not a writer. I’m someone that is great on video.

I’m really successful at this, but then you put me writing a book, it’s just not the same guys. So I thought I thought writing this book was gonna be you know, the big thing for me, when really it wasn’t, it was core sales for me and my passive income business model, because that’s what people really want.

They want, if somebody’s gonna pay for a premium product of mine, they want a course they want my my stock market strategy, everything I look for in a stock, they want that in course, form Video Course form, specifically, not in book form, because book form, who cares.

Like I’m not a writer, like no one, no one, you know, like, you know, gets a book of mine is like, Oh, my gosh, is such a great book. But I get a million comments a day on Oh, my gosh, I love your videos, and this and that.

And that makes me feel great. So you got to find where the demand is that for you. Okay, if I just tried one thing, and I was just still doing Amazon affiliate links, I would have never found the demand that’s actually there for me and one.

I’m losing out on opportunity there. And to the the people that come to my channel, they’re losing out on an opportunity that once you have some success, then go try something else and then go try something else and make sure you’re successful at that before you go on and try the next one.

Last one, tip number five of five is in relation to that last one. The last one was try and try some new things. But the key word was try when you have had some success in the last one. Okay. So what I’m going to call this last one.

I’m going to call it the $500 rule. Okay, the $500 rule is what this one’s called. Well, we’ll even put the rule up here. All right. What this means is, don’t go and try a new passive income stream until you got the first one making at least $500 per month.

Okay? So you have this is passive income bubble. The great thing about passive income is you create these bubbles of things basically and then you can go create another one, another one, another one, right? So you get this one.

Don’t go try another one till this one’s bringing in at least $500 plus per month. Okay, then once you get that and you’d be like, Okay, now we’re starting to make some money with this thing, then go try the next one.

Okay, now get this one to where it’s making 500 plus dollars a month, then go on to the next one and create the next thing and next thing and next thing, okay, but don’t don’t go out there and just doing everything right off the bat, because it’s a really bad idea.

People do that all the time. I’ll see somebody trying to create a passive income business model of some kind, and they just want the money real quick. And that’s once again that’s never good idea guys.

You’ve got to be patient with this okay? build something so it’s a success, then worry about building something on top of that, all right, Amazon didn’t start out by just selling all the items in the world right now Amazon started out by selling books Okay.

They started out by selling books online and then they built a few more product categories then a few more product categories in Amazon built to what it is today. Don’t worry about trying to build everything right off the bat because.

Then you’re probably not going to build anything at all guys build something substantial at least bringing in 500 plus dollars a month then get on to the next one and next one next one and you can continue to build guys.

Those are my five diamond gem tips there from someone who’s you know obviously pretty successful and making passive income those those what I’m trying to give to you guys out there and let me know in the comment section.

If you guys have created any passive income for yourself or if you’re interested in making passive income if you’re trying to you know take those next steps in your life I would love to hear from you if you’re looking for strictly ideas on how to make more passive income got a lot of videos on the channel about that.

So check those videos out when this one is over. I think I’ve got a whole entire passive income playlist if I recall, make sure you follow me on Instagram. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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