Nvidia, Pinterest, Baidu Earnings Just Came Out. Those Stocks Moving HUGE!

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Nvidia earnings, Pinterest earnings, and Baidu earnings all just came out. All 3 of those stocks are moving big. I want to talk about Nvidia stock, Baidu stock, Pinterest stock, and my feelings on them. Enjoy!

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Always focus guys. We just got three big earnings here after the bell here today Baidu, Pinterest and video, they just came out I want to talk to you guys about all the numbers they reported, by the way, pay attention to financial education to channel tonight, I got a video coming on the Starbucks of China that is going IPO tomorrow called luckin. Coffee.

So I’m gonna kind of talk about that one in depth on the channel tonight. So make sure you pay attention to that if you care about it. Okay, so let’s go ahead and talk here about the stocks first off and how they’re reacting by dusa down around 9%.

After hours taking a big hit there on that one, we’re going to pull up a five year chart of Baidu you guys might be blew your mind might be blown by that chart. Okay. Pinterest down over 16% after hours that one just went IPO very recently, I think was just a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago that one went IPO down over 16% after hours in video.

Very good sign that one is responding positively after hours up about five and a half percent. And Nvidia can infect a lot of stocks out there. So anytime the Nvidia move down a lot or up a lot, it can affect a lot of stocks, for better or for worse. Okay, first one up here, let’s get into Pinterest.

Obviously, that’s the one taking the worst hit down over 16%. After hours, they reported a loss of 32 cents a share that was versus 11 cents were expected. So a massively bigger loss than what a lot of folks were expecting out there. Obviously, that’s a bad sign overall, you never want to see a loss of that substantial of a miss their per share revenue came in at 201 million versus 200 million was expected.

So a very slight beat on revenue there. The company provided revenue guidance for its full year 2019 of 1.0 6 billion in 1.0 8 billion, it wouldn’t be the first time Pinterest generates at least $1 billion in revenue. Okay. Pinterest reported 291 million global monthly active users for the quarter a 22% increase from the same period last year.

That is a good sign I will give them that one it had a 239 million monthly active users a company grew global average revenue per user, ARPU 26% of these same metrics you’re going to hear from you know, Snapchat or Facebook and companies like that, in the social space, they grew that 26% from the same period last year, up 58 cents in q1 of 2018 to 73 cents in q1 2019.

That’s obviously a very good sign that the average revenue per user is going up, okay, and just experience the most growth in its international markets compared to the US international revenue. Rose 107% saw a huge increase there year over year, but it jumped from basically 7 million the same quarter last year to 15 million.

So although the numbers seems insane, that’s a percent international revenue growth. The numbers are teeny like 7 million 15 million. It’s like nothing for a big public company like this K, by comparison revenue in the US Rose 51%. Obviously, that’s a much bigger base, up from 124 million in the same quarter to 187 million this most recent quarter.

International monthly active users saw significant growth, up from 160 million in q1 of 2018 to 206 million in q1 2019 a 29%. Increase us monthly active users rose just 6% during that same timeframe, to 85 million there. Okay, so Pinterest overall, like my question is why like, why would you want to own Pinterest stock?

Like I will never understand why somebody would want to own Pinterest stock. You’re talking about a company that loses a ton of money, okay, and isn’t expected to probably be profitable anytime soon. So essentially, you’re buying a speculative company. Is Pinterest really the best speculative company you could buy in the stock market?

Like I can probably think of 10 speculative companies off the top of my head that are like 1000 times more interesting than Pinterest. Overall, I like I can literally not understand why somebody would buy Pinterest stock, you’re buying a spec stock. And there’s like so many in my personal opinion, so many better spec stocks out there. But anyways, that’s the numbers around Pinterest.

Okay, let me know your opinion on Pinterest in the comments. All right. Bye do which is sometimes branded as the Google of China. They did miss by about 16 cents q1 non gap EP s came in at 41 cents that was a miss of 16 cents gap. APS of 15 cents missed by two cents to a miss on the non gap was actually much bigger than the gap.

So I actually that’s a good sign. Okay, revenue came in at 3.5 9 billion that was up 7.8% year over year. And that was in line with what a lot of folks expected. Okay, so Baidu is still a growth company. It’s just not a double digit growth company, essentially. Okay. Now, Baidu did have some light results around some organic user growth metrics.

So revenue Rose 15%, as we spoke about to 24.1 2 billion yuan excluding revenues from divested businesses. They Rose 21%. Okay, that’s very interesting there, but operating costs Rose 53%, and the company’s swung to an operating loss of 4.6 million you won on a gap basis, however on a non gap operating income fell 93% to 401,000. You want net income fell 80% to 967.

You want from 4.8 2 billion you want in the same quarter last year, daily active users have by dues app Rose 28%. Very positive sign there to 174 million daily active users for hockessin rows 768% from last year. That’s an crazy rise. Okay. And 16% from last quarter to 22 million in the installed base for the company’s voice assistant rows 279% year over year to 275 million with monthly voice queries rising 817% Okay.

That’s a massive rise in the voice assistant there, the company authorized a new $1 billion share buyback effective until July 1 of 2020. They’re also lost their VP on their search business. Okay, the company guide it below consensus as far as q2 revenues, they’re supposed to come in at 25 point 1 billion to 26 point 6 million yuan there.

And I think that’s a big part of why the stocks actually down after hours. Now interesting thing about Baidu, just pull up a five year chart of the stock and I’m just gonna make you sad, okay, I do is a stock that is literally down over the past five years, despite being a company that has grown quite substantially over the past five years.

But literally the stock you go back five years ago, this was 170 something dollar stock is you know, tomorrow gonna be in the 140s. So it’s been a nothing stock essentially for years now. Now, I will say with Baidu, it’s probably if I’m looking at it, you know it let’s say I was forced to sell off my Alibaba shares and let’s say.

I had to use that money to buy another Chinese stock tomorrow. The one I would probably buy at the end of the day is probably Baidu in my personal opinion, okay, if we look at Baidu you are getting this one for a pretty cheap valuation and it is still a growing company is growing super fast and now most of its businesses aren’t or as an overall you know, kind of metric but it is a company that’s at a pretty fair p e now a Ford p under 15.

The fact is, it is still a growing company. So I will say you know I do it’s very interesting at the particular levels it will probably be trading out tomorrow obviously, you know, with the tariff situation we don’t know if the Chinese economy could get worse I could obviously hurt by do more.

A lot of the money comes from advertising revenues if businesses are hurt, maybe they pull back strings a little bit so is something to kind of worry about there but if I’m looking at it, you know, if I had a cell Baba I do that’s the only other Chinese stock that really interests me a lot.

10 cents always been interesting as well but i do is probably the one I would stick my money in. Okay. Nvidia, so Nvidia this will always important one if not just because people own it because it affects a lot of other stocks in the market. Nvidia beat by seven cents a beat on revenues. In Video q1 non gap ups came in at 88 cents.

That was a bita. seven cents gap APS of 64 cents also beat by seven cents. Revenues came in at 2.2 2 billion that is down nearly 31% year over year, guys, that’s a massive decline year over year in videos business model has just been hurt substantially.

And that’s how you get a stock that was you know, back in what October and video was like 300 bucks a share or approaching $300 a share. And now it’s at 150 $160 a share. That’s how you get a decline like that when you see revenues decline like that.

Okay, but they did beat by 20 million. So that is a positive there. No, as far as their guidance, it was in line for q2 guidance of 2.5 billion to 2.6 billion is in line the estimate was around 2.53 are expecting gross margins to be between 59.2% and 59.5%.

That’s a very positive thing there. Okay, those are very strong, gross margins, revenue breakdown as far as gaming that came in just over $1 billion there as far as visualization that came in at 266 million data center came in at 634 million their auto came in at 166 million OEM and other came in at 99 million their non gap gross margin came in 59% versus 58.9% was expected operating expenses came in at 753 million compared to 760.

So pretty much everything was in line there within video, nothing out of ordinary on the positive side on negative side, that’s probably why the stock is up five 6% after hours right now. It’s just the fact that people are relieved that the quarter wasn’t as the you know, a disaster or something like that.

It just was it was a clean quarter. Let’s just call it what it is. Okay. Now, if you look at Nvidia, it’s kind of like, you know, short term is rough at the top, this company bottom line, it’s rough for this company in the short term. You know, it’s seeing revenues down 30 plus percent year over year is awful.

That’s awful. But the long term story with Nvidia stock is still intact, and that’s the positive with this company. And you so you look at Nvidia right now they’re at roughly a 22 forward PE and once again, short term, it’s not a stock that you probably going to do great short term as far as their numbers go.

But you when you look at the long term story with Nvidia, it’s an amazing company doing amazing things. And if you look at the long term bullish thesis around Nvidia, it’s still all in pretty much Attack it’s just a company that’s honestly hurt right now because of the Chinese slowdown data center slowdown.

You know, gaming slowdown is pretty much you know, and obviously the crypto market would happen the crypto crypto market over the past year has hurt than those sides that are number so pretty much anything that could go bad has pretty much gone bad for Nvidia over the past year however long term story is still intact still a great company still very well run still loaded with cash still very profitable even in bad times.

Like right now. Still a company is very profitable. So you know I love that company. Yeah, I’ve always wanted to buy it I never have maybe I get to do it at some point time guys. Anyways, let me know your opinion on any of the stocks we discussed here in today’s video.

Once again the lucking coffee that’s supposed to be going public tomorrow. Want to cover that on financial education too tonight, so be sure to check that out. Thank you for watching. Have a great day.

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