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Well, folks we just got the news that 30% of Americans missed their payments in June!!! That number is unreal! Especially considering the stimulus money put out there as well as the unemployment payments of $600 per week. This recession is still going strong and the RONI RONA is still going strong… Can you say the Fed to the bailout once again?!

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Well, guys, just a few hours ago, I was doing a little bit of reading and I was looking at some statistics around the economy and what’s going on out there. And I had so much to always keep up with, right.

There’s always so much news breaking, there’s always you know, so many different data points coming out and I just saw something that was so ridiculous. I’m like, I have to make a video about this. Because even for me, it blew my mind.

It blew my mind completely. I’m like, literally, like, shocked that this number? Is this high. We’re talking about 30% in this video, okay, no clue. I mean, I think this is gonna open up some of your guys’s eyes that might not have known this as well, I guess maybe I’m not the only person that didn’t know this.

I’m like, this is amazing. Okay. And no one in my opinion is really paying attention to this. This wasn’t even something that was covered on like the front page of a financial publications. I think that like none of people are paying attention to this talking about this, his numbers crazy.

Okay, I’m explained to you in this video why this is so bad. And I’m gonna explain to you what needs to happen. And if some things don’t happen, it’s gonna get so ugly out there. I cannot even explain it. Okay, and just a little hint.

It’s gonna have something to do with Superman power. Okay, Superman pal is gonna need to come to the rescue in a big way because this is a problem. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always smash the thumbs up button and leave me in the comment section. If you knew it was this bad out there?

Because I I’m like, wow, that that’s numbers crazy. Okay, let me know your opinion about this whole situation that comment section 30% of Americans missed their housing payments in June. Or you’re flipping my flapjacks. 30% of Americans.

Okay. missed their housing payments in June. Are you kidding me? I mean, that number is crazy. I mean, I had a feeling it was kinda you know, relatively high. But like, they will talk about almost one out of every three Americans that numbers ridiculous, okay.

I mean, just imagine you could you could imagine, you know, being in a neighborhood and three out of 10 houses, Mr. payments in June, or imagine it’s like an apartment complex, right? apartment complex. They’re measured three out of 10 units. They’re missing their payments this past month.

That’s a crazy number to me. I’m like, even if it’s one out of 10 that’s really high three out of 10 30% then numbers just on unreal. Absolutely. Unreal. Okay, and here’s the here’s like, the most amazing part when you really think about this.

Okay, that’s with 12 $100 stimulus checks hitting most Americans pockets, what an April, like most people got that money in April. Okay. And where’s where’s the 12 $100? stimulus money? Is it already gone?

Like, what happened to that stimulus check money, like people had a credit to their account, they got checks, like, almost everybody I know that, you know, makes under 100k a year, they all got 12 $100 stimulus checks credited to their bank accounts, or they basically got like one like, mailed to them in the month of April. And so where’s that money is already gone?

Is already been spent, like what happened there? What was in that money used toward those payments? Like, this is just like crazy, because it’s not like that money was given like a year ago. It’s like, just like a month or two ago, most people got that money, okay. $600 a week unemployment.

So if you’re out of a job, you’re still getting that $600 a week in unemployment. And some, you know, cities are even getting more than that. And so it’s like, you know, it’s crazy when you think about these type of numbers.

And it’s like, where’s the money going? Like, where’s where’s this money going to? I mean, it’s not even like there’s a ton of businesses that are open you know, over the past few months that you could even spend a lot of money that so.

I don’t know if everybody’s starting Robin Hood accounts and like putting the money in the Robin Hood accounts and investing the money What the heck is going on? But this is crazy guys. 30% of the Americans missing their their payments in the month of June, when you got stimulus money in unemployment, all this stuff.

That’s crazy, guys. Okay, now, here’s where it can get really, really crazy. Okay. Additionally, the current 30 million unemployed Americans, which is a crazy number in itself, okay. Additionally, the current 30 million unemployed Americans will lose the extra $600 per week, then federal unemployment benefits. At the end of July.

I’m recording this video. I think Today is June 17. I want to say I think it’s June 17. Right. So which means within the next 45 days, roughly, Americans but the majority of Americans that are on unemployment right now those $600 payments, it’s gonna end and you think about it, right?

Imagine 30% have been missing their payments in June. Imagine if that $600 a week unemployment goes away. What are those numbers go to? Does it go to 40% of Americans missed their housing payments, does it go to 50%?

like are we talking about four out of 10 five out of 10 because we can assume that it’s going to get worse right? If all sudden the unemployment goes away, and let’s say people aren’t employed again, that’s gonna be you know, a scary scary situation. I mean, imagine it like this, right?

You know, you imagine it’s a bird or you know, it’s a bird nest, and eventually those baby birds, they have to fly out of the nest, okay. And as of right now, we’ve been trying to, you know, through the Federal Reserve what the government’s doing everything, but trying to keep it all copacetic and keep everything calm down.

And at the end of the July, man, you’re flying out that nest no matter what, and we’re gonna see what happens to Americans what happens to America and in all, obviously, the global economy, when some of these programs that are supposed to go away, go away, okay, that’s gonna be crazy.

Obviously, we know the stock market’s very optimistic about everything, the stock market is either looking the other way, or maybe the stock market is right about this, and everything’s gonna be just fine and dandy, or maybe the stock market’s wrong and being that have been in the stock market for about 12 years.

Now, I can tell you, I’ve seen the stock market be wrong, just as many times I’ve seen the stock market be right. Okay. So it’s really a coin flip on if the stock market is going to be correct about this or not. Okay.

We know that a lot of people do have acid inflation fears. That is something we do know we’ve talked about that in videos in the past. And so that could be part of the move up in the stock market, not just about like optimism about all corporate profits going back.

But just people like scared about their dollars being worth less and less with everything the feds done, and what could potentially be done in the future. Okay, some legal experts expect at least 50,000 eviction filings in New York City alone, when the state’s blanket eviction moratorium lifts June 20, as in like a few days from now, okay.

Most for non payment of rent a more restrictive eviction ban is in place in the state until August 20. Okay, this the type of numbers, we’re looking at mass numbers, not like, Oh, it’s a few people here and there no 50,000 eviction filings, New York City alone, that numbers death. I mean, that’s just a crazy number. I don’t even know how they’re going to process that. I don’t think they’re going to be able to process that.

I think if there’s anything you know, some people have to look forward to if you haven’t been paying your rent in New York City, there’s no way they’re gonna be able to process 50,000 plus eviction filings in any short term, like, it’s just such a ridiculous number.

And it takes way longer to do that. Okay. So let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s imagine nothing is done. Okay, here’s what’s gonna happen if nothing is done to help out this situation, because it is a dire situation, homelessness is going to go up substantially.

And it’s just facts, okay, it’s gonna be a lot of people that are going to be homeless, or, or have to move in with who, you know, friends of friends, take minute out friends, we’ll take them in, might end up being family members, but a lot of folks will just end up you know, basically being homeless.

If this whole situation plays out, the way it looks like it’s gonna play out as of right now, housing prices are going to drop substantially. And I’m specifically talking about homes under the price points at 200k.

Because a lot of these individuals that are not paying their rents or paying their you know, condo payments, or that they’re there’s the say they have a single family house, they’re not making those payments.

A lot of those folks live in homes that are you know, valued around 200k or less. And so we’ll see housing prices drop across the board, if we have mass foreclosures, mass evictions, and all those sorts of things.

We’re gonna see housing prices drop across the board if if that scenario plays out, but we won’t see it as much on the higher end, it will be a lot of that 200k 150k 100k type price points, you know, across the board that would be you know.

It’s just we’re going down Okay, economic worries obviously would go up substantially in this whole situation if all sudden you know, you have mass evictions, you know, massive amounts of people on the streets.

And you know, you see everything kind of getting worse and worse, that will ultimately lead to a lot of spending contraction, right? Imagine you know, you’re in a situation where you have to take in family members while some become homeless, because they lost their jobs or something like that.

And you have to also take in those people now that’s less money you can spend it other businesses because you got to you know, put food on the table for those individuals as well. Now, costs go up for you, you start getting more worried about things you can track your spending spending contraction we obviously know that’s a really bad thing for economic activity out there.

But is that going to happen? Probably not. Okay. I’ll just be honest with you guys. Not not in today’s you know United States of America we’re living in a different time we don’t we obviously we just don’t we don’t want to face any of those realities which are very harsh those are very harsh realities and we don’t want to face that we don’t want to face homelessness.

Going up we don’t want to face you know housing prices going down we don’t want to face economic worries going up we don’t want to face further spending contraction that we’ve already seen wouldn’t that’s probably not going to happen you know, Superman pal, he’s common Okay.

Here comes superpower to save the day, once again, more than likely and it’s gonna need to be done. Okay. So what do I foresee potentially coming in this whole situation? unemployment, $600 extension, especially if Rona like continues to go crazy or much higher throughout, let’s say this summertime, moving into fall I definitely see an extension in the unemployment $600 payments.

That’s definitely a possibility, maybe even another type of payment like that. You do get a job you might receive like a bonus on top of that from the federal government just for you know, or a tax break or something like that for basically getting your job back or getting a job back period, you know, to incentivize people to really go out there hard and like.

Look for work and things like that. So you know, if Rhona goes crazy, I definitely see $600 extension or some type of plan where, you know, they’re trying to get people to really look hard for jobs. Let’s put it that way.

Okay, I definitely, definitely see more stimulus checks coming at least one more stimulus check coming within the next one to two months, in my opinion, I believe it will get done. Okay. I believe there’s a lot of things that you can have question marks about.

But I believe both sides do want to get another stimulus check done within the next one to two months, that will probably be another 12 $100 per person, up to maybe, let’s say $4,000 per family. I think that is a real scenario that could play out there.

And we’ll just have to see all shakes out. But I think that’s what’s going to end up happening. On top of that, you’re likely going to have states that basically put in place like longer eviction laws.

So you know, let’s be honest, right? New York City doesn’t want to listen, you know, 50,000 households tall, some be homeless, like that would just be No, okay, just know, there’s no way that’s going to happen.

Okay, so states and cities, they’ll put in longer evictions laws, basically, some of these could be all the way Intel, whenever Roman is over, which we don’t know when it’s going to be over, but it could be next year could be a heck even the year after.

So I can definitely foresee that the whole scenario like the Hey, you just not tell, you know, late 2021 is when you know you can actually evict people or something like that. It’s definitely a possibility.

Okay, we’ve seen it before. Heck, it even happened in Vegas. After the housing crisis, it got so bad with the foreclosures were eventually they just kind of made it like illegal for you to kick somebody out.

That’s how it wasn’t actually, there was people that literally lived in homes here in Vegas, for like, I think it was like 2010 to like 2013 for free, literally for free. And you couldn’t legally kick them out.

It was, you know, crazy, crazy situation. So this is not something that’s new, I could definitely see this happening around, you know, states and cities around the United States. We’re just like, nope, you can’t kick them out no matter what, who cares if they don’t pay their pay, if they don’t make the payments for nine months in a row, it doesn’t matter, you can’t kick them out.

So who’s the only ones that really take ELLs in this whole situation is landlords okay? Let’s be honest. You know, it’s one of those things, it’s one of the only, you know, real risk, I guess you could say with becoming like, you know, somebody that does real estate investing.

I mean, there’s definitely some risks out there. But one of the biggest is a situation like this, where it’s like, imagine you have a tenant, you know, in a property that you rent out to them. Well, it could be imagine your apartment complex, you own an apartment complex, you own even like a single family house or condo or something like that.

And the person in it isn’t making their payments, who came and kicked them out, literally can’t kick them out, just because legally, you can’t kick them out. So the ones that only that end up taking the elves and this are the landlord’s.

That’s really it, this whole scenario, okay. So at the end of the day, there’s one or two things that are will happen over the next three months, and there’s over the next three months, okay, one to see this.

It’s either this or either that, okay? The stock market will go down massively, real estate will go down massively, jobs will continue to be lost. That’s one scenario play out, or Superman pal is going to come to the rescue.

And, you know, basically bail out the whole situation. And if we’ve seen what has happened throughout time, we know Superman pal will come to the rescue, because we know ultimately, at the end of the day, no one wants to see all those scenarios play out.

And obviously, the government doesn’t want to see all those scenarios play out because of those scenarios play out, get ready for a lot more craziness, then what we’ve had, okay, you guys think some of the stuff that’s been going on in some of these cities recently has been crazy with past few weeks, just wait to see what happens if all sudden, you know, mass evictions start happening.
And there’s even more economic uncertainty. And you know, it would be it would be, you know, a big, bad thing. And obviously, these politicians, they definitely want to get reelected, right, that’s the most important thing for them, and then to get reelected, and then again, not going to get reelected.

If things get worse and worse and worse, there’ll be the next person in charge will basically be the next person in charge. That’s the type of scenario we’ll end up in. So Superman pal, he will come to the rescue, which is basically the only reason we have a stock market right now that’s trading at 26k.

For the Dow rather than a stock market right now that’s trading at 15k or 18k. For the Dow, because I could tell you, if it was not for what the Fed has done here, the stock market would be down about 50% right now, real estate prices will have would have dropped 2030 maybe even 40% already, right now.

If the Fed has not stepped in, you know, there would have been even more like, you know, the Fed is backstopped a lot in this whole scenario. And you know, I know we always like to you know, make fun of the Fed and the printer go and burn but at the end of the day, you know.

It wouldn’t be you know, we wouldn’t be in the place we’re at you know, as far as like, like, you know, even having a chance of this if it wasn’t for the fact that you know, it’s just been like the Fed is just backstop everything there.

The amount of company bankruptcies we would have seen already would have been like, piled to the sky, the amount of job losses would have been probably 10 million to 30 million higher if it wasn’t for the fact that the Fed has bought so many bonds of so many companies.

And help with the debt situation on so many of these companies as well as go ahead and put banks in a position where they kind of like have to put money money out there, the PPP loans, like, like, you know, if it wasn’t for all this guys that, you know, it would have been like, you know, we’re already in a scenario that’s pretty bad.

But I can tell you, it would have been so much worse than it’s been, and it will be so much worse, but the Fed will bail things out again, okay, until whenever running, run is over, and then we’ll start moving throughout time, but until then, it’s craziness guys. Thank you for watching and have a great day. Let me know your opinion in the comments.

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