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Nikola stock was down over 20% today… many folks are wondering if they should buy nikola stock now or wait… I will give me full opinion on Nikola stock currently. Would you put Nikola stock in the stocks to buy now category or stocks to watch? LMK!

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Well guys, welcome into today’s video. First and foremost, let me just say thank you for coming and spending a few minutes out of your day with me here today to hang out and talk about Nikola stock ticker symbol, and K.

La if you remember, this is a company essentially trying to become an electric slash hydrogen semi truck maker as well as a pickup truck and some other products out there. Okay to try and do big things.

They have big hopes they have had big hype and the stock. Yeah, I mean, you you see it there. I mean, it’s got absolutely destroyed today, this stock was down 21.27% here day, that is a massive, massive move down, right, the stocks down to $38.45.

Here today, keep in mind at the beginning of this month, okay, July 1, I think today’s the 20th, I want to say or something like that, right? On the first, this stock was nearly $68 a share. And here today, it’s 38. So literally just in the past few weeks, the stock has gone down like crazy.

Okay, and it’s not like it’s just because the whole space is going down or something like that, because you look at a stock like Tesla, right, and another electric vehicle maker, but obviously they actually have products and the real world and those sorts of things.

Look at what that stock has done since July 1 July 1. Love the stocks 1100 here today, it’s 1600, obviously so you can’t just say well, it’s all the stocks are weakening, because that’s just not accurate. No Last time, we talked in depth about Nicolas stock and we’re talking to your day, if I think this stocks a buy now.

Or if I think you should continue to wait in my personal opinion. Okay, well, last time we did a big video on this was back when the stock hit almost $90 a share after hours. I think during that video, it literally had hit over $90 after hours, that particular day, right.

And that was 41 days, almost 42 days ago. Now. Okay. And so I hope that video actually saved people a ton of money because if you remember, I was super, super negative around the stock and that stock price.

And I basically told people like, you know, if I was in their shoes, and I had made a bunch of money on that stock, like just take the profits and run. So I hope that video saved a lot of people a lot of money from getting in that one at $90 a share or so.

Okay, but here we are today, the stocks $38 a share, we’ve got to ask yourself, Is this stock a buy now? Or should we be waiting on the stock and I’ll give you my personal opinion. So hope you enjoyed today’s video, as always guys, smash that thumbs up, if you don’t mind for the algorithm that helps out the channel tremendously.

Okay, thank you, thank you. And also just so you guys know first link in the description if you’re somebody that has $10,000 or more and you’re looking to build into six figures, or someone, let’s say 100k 200k in the market.

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Okay, Nicolas, speaking about big numbers. Holy smokes, okay, this company still even after the dramatic fall in the stock price, still has a market capitalization just under $14 billion. Okay. $13.877 billion.

Here today. Nicola has Okay, Nicola, remember, this is a company that is going to try to come out with a pickup truck, semi different types of products, they want to be an energy company, they want to do a lot of big thing.

Okay, let’s be honest, this company has big visions, they want to go after big things. They’re super excited, right? But the company hasn’t proven anything. Yeah. And pretty much in the business world, right?

I mean, they go ahead and search up nickel of revenues last year, and you’re gonna find zero, okay, this company is not doing anything revenue wise, with the business as of yet. Okay. And when you see a massive valuation, especially when it was pushing up to what 30 billion plus, you know, or somewhere around 30 billion, just you know, all of that 4050 days ago, right?

When you see something like that it’s not so much a reflection of Nikola it’s more of a reflection about investors desperate to find the next Tesla. Okay, look at Tesla, you know, it’s a 1600 plus dollar stock investors are desperate, I mean, absolutely desperate to find that next big opportunity.

And I’m looking at Nicola and being like, maybe this is the this is my test, because maybe I missed out on Tesla. So now I got to get a next one, right? You look at Tesla when this company went public.

I mean, basically, you go back 10 years, let’s say we rewind the clock 10 years ago, right? We’re coming up here on the end of July, but we you know, let’s backtrack all the way till August 2010. The stocks under $20 a share, right?

And here today, it’s $1,600. Think about that for a moment. Okay. That’s a long way. Okay. When I first started dating my now wife, right? That was November 2011. When we started dating, this talk was $32.

I remember we ended up going to a test the store I think within a year or so after we started dating. That was the first time I ever had seen like a test to store and got engaged with the brain and things like that was $32.

And my goodness, you know, people lost a lot of money short selling that stock along the way because it’s a long way from $32. You know, just like the people that didn’t believe in Tesla, there’s some people that didn’t believe in a relationship and hey, man is still working.

Okay. Now I want to say some good news out there in regards to Niccolo, okay, I got to give them some respect, they’re starting to open up a bit more, okay, if you go to like their YouTube channel, for instance, Nickolas YouTube channel, you’re going to find actual videos showing their actual products in action.

And I think this is a big win for the company here in the short term, and they need to do a lot more of this. Let me be very clear about that. Before there was so many videos about just the investor hype and a lot of talk.

It’s a investors at the end of the day, want to see what’s actually going on. Don’t just tell me you’re trying to do this, and you got this. You know, anybody can say they got anything, right, I could say I started some semi truck maker that’s in my garage right now.

And we’ve got a semi truck that’s gonna go 1000 miles doesn’t mean it’s true at all. It can mean it’s just complete Bs, show us what you actually got in the real world. Let’s start seeing some of that stuff.

Let’s see, if you’re not just talking about the game. Let’s see if you’re walking the walk. Right. And so I like that. I mean, I even watched a recent video. I think it was a 40 minute one there. Okay.

And Trevor Milton, the CEO, even says specifically, I think within the first minute or two, he says, Yeah, here’s some people think our trucks are just vaporware. And I thought that was a big moment when he said that because hey, guess what, just over a week ago, Galileo over hyper change, put out a video called Nikola motors is vaporware.

That’s big, right? That means obviously, he’s seeing what’s going on out there perceptions out there from somebody that’s very influential in the community. And he just understands the company started understanding Gosh, we got to kind of show some stuff off here guys, if we want to be believed at all in the situation.

So they need a lot more of this a lot more of the shows which actually got show us these products in action. And let’s see if you really you know, are doing big things like your say you’re doing big things, you know, some one of the reasons people believe in Tesla so much, because these are real products that are actually on the road is not like Tesla’s just like.

Oh, yeah, we’re gonna make a bunch of electric vehicles, and we’re gonna be able to, you know, partially drive themselves or fully drive themselves. You can experience these products today, even cybertruck a product that’s not on the market yet, right?

You know, that day, people were even able to go on test drives of the cybertruck. The day the launch event happened, right. Jay Leno hops in a cyber truck that’s supposed to come out next year is able to personally drive around things like that.

We’re talking about a real product, real product that’s out there. And that’s big. And that’s why investors can get confidence when they see a real product because some investors will just, you know, just buy the stock on hysteria and hype and things like that.

But practical investors want to see stuff in the real world. Don’t just give me a hype hope case. Okay, that’s how you get hurt very badly as an investor. Show me the real deal Holyfield in the field. Okay, that’s what matters. Okay. Now Nicola badger.

This is supposed to be their pickup truck. Right, Nicola badger pre orders open on June 29. At 11am No, we haven’t seen any numbers out of that yet. At least I haven’t been able to see any numbers coming out of that as far as pre orders went.

So I don’t know if those pre orders are going great or not, from my understanding is people had to put like a $250 deposit in if you wanted to preorder it now Niccolo world that’s supposed to happen on December 3 through the fifth, and that’s big because they’re supposed to show off the Badger.

According to some interviews I’ve watched with Trevor Milton on sin, Bunsen and some other networks. He basically says that you know, they’re going to try to show off the Badger on that date. Okay, preorders secure a Nicola world 2020 ticket and receive a discount all vehicle purchase, all pre orders qualify for a chance to win a badger.

They’re talking about the bV is expected to offer 300 miles of range, while the hydrogen f c e v, will offer approximately 600 miles of range is what we’re talking about with a no they’re putting out out of ambitious numbers without having proven anything yet.

And you got to ask yourself, are these numbers believable these realistic? Or is this just pie in the sky just just put some stuff on paper and and hope for the best right? electric zero to 60. And approximately 2.9 seconds for a pickup truck?

That sounds really really ambitious right badger anticipated to generate over 906 horsepower and 980 foot pounds of torque, right? these are these are really, really big ambitious numbers. And we got to see is this really going to happen?

Or is this really possible? Let’s see this man. That’s what everybody is basically saying at this point in time right? Now there is something important coming up here in a couple weeks. Nicola is going to announce their second quarter 2020 results in webcast K.

That’s in about two weeks from now, this is going to be big, not from perspective, you’re basically going to hear them generate no revenue and things like that. But let’s hear some updates on the vehicles. Whenever things have gone into production.

We’ve heard about 2021 production. We’ve heard about longer out production. We’ve heard things like Nicolas nine going to build the vehicles themselves. And they’re going to actually outsource that to somebody else that might license the technology.

They might partner with companies. Well, you know, we’re hearing a lot of conflicting information and a lot of things that sound like oh, my goodness, Nicholas has so much work to do just to even hope to launch any of these products is not even funny.

And so this is this is really important. And then you see things like that. Okay, and Trevor Milton one Here’s why people, you know, are disliking him or hating on the company and things like that. When we see things like this, it rubs us really the wrong way.

You have a company that’s produced nothing in revenues, you’re talking big, big talk, you’re not showing much respect to other people that are actually doing big things, this industry, and you’re buying mansions, like the most expensive house in Utah is the type of stock that investors look at.

And they say, Hmm, this seems a little sketchy. This company has no revenues. They haven’t really shown much of the product off especially, you know, until it basically like a week ago, right. And you’re buying the biggest mansion in Utah.

Hmm, this seems a little This seems a little strange. Okay, this seems a little strange. And that’s not the only moral or ethical question in regards to Trevor Milton and his company. In general, we see things like this, right.

Nicola claims $10 billion worth of orders for 14,000 semi trucks, but government filings meaning sec documents, make clear that those are more like expressions of interest cancelable with no deposit money required, how can 14,000 semi truck order for you know, $10 billion?

How can that be taken serious, if you didn’t have to put any money down, you can cancel that well shoot, I could have went in there and placed a bunch of orders for semi trucks had no intention at all of actually buying those. Right.

And just, you know, bluffed out those numbers. You know, this type of stuff that you know, is the people here top line, Oh, my gosh, $10 billion in orders they have, and they don’t even look further into and realize, oh, there’s no money down.

You can cancel at any time and things like that. This is this is where we get into a lot of moral and ethical questions around this company and where people start getting, you know, I’m not so sure about this one, right? Look at this.

Okay, Milton in his company, right? They ended up taking $4 million in federal paycheck Protection Program, forgiveness loans, meant to help small businesses. And that was despite the company having $85 million dollars in cash on Nikolas bank account at the end of 2019.

And despite them raising at least $735 million in new capital, and yet this company asked for, you know, a $4 million bailout from the government. This is this is what this is. So you know, this is what pushes investors and makes people really want to talk negatively about the company because you’re doing stuff like this.

It’s just as ridiculous. Meanwhile, Trevor Milton just bought the most expensive mansion in Utah. So you’re telling me you got all that money. And on the other company’s balance sheet, you need $4 million while you’re out buying the biggest mansion in Utah, right?

I can tell you I surely don’t have a company that has, you know, 700 $800 million in cash on the balance sheet. And I asked for $0 you know, why Trevor Milton? Because it’s not right. Okay. It is simply not right. I’m doing just fine.

And I don’t think it’s the best luck if I’m asking for government money when I got a house being built in Arizona, and a house being built out here in Vegas, and I’m driving $100,000 SUV, I don’t think is the best look that I’m like, Oh, the federal government I could have easily got money I could have easily got money. I’ve employees. I’ve independent contractors.

I have a lot of people counting on me. I could have easily asked for money. I could easily got that money. But I don’t think it is morally or ethically right. And why is it right that this company that just raised 700 plus million dollars, and it’s $85 million in cash at the end of 2019?

Ask for $4 million? This is this is this is what rubs people the wrong way. Okay, look at $735 million in new capital. just ridiculous. Okay, so let’s do a recap on Nick. Okay, there’s some positive things and some negative things and I’ll give you my perspective on if I you know.

I’m buying the stock if I’m interested in buying the stock, or if I’m interested in waiting on the stock. Okay, number one, we’re on a hype and hope company right now. That’s just, that’s just facts. Okay, there’s no way you can debate that company has non existent revenues, hype and hope company as of right now. Okay.

Number two, and company is opening up more and more, which is phenomenal news. In the past one to two weeks, the company has shared more than possibly ever in relation to what their vehicles are actually doing, showing them in action, things like that.

I think that is massive for this company. I think if they want to be respected and looked up to as like, Oh, this company is actually doing big things. Show us what you’ve got. Show us what you’re actually doing.

Don’t just be like, well, we don’t want our competitors to copy what we’re doing. If you’re doing something that that is that big and that important. Believe me companies can’t just copy that stuff.

It’s not that easy. Okay. If it was you believe me that would already be people in your organization. That would be leaking information. Trust me about that. Okay, number three, and company has a 13 plus billion dollar valuation on a right now even after how much the stock has fallen, right?

This is just a stock recap number four, they’re going after a huge market opportunity in an industry that needs disruption, right semi trucks, you know, there hasn’t been that much innovation in that industry decades upon decades upon decades.

It’s definitely ripe for disruption as the whole auto in History is in if you know Nicolas trying to come out with a pickup truck as well, that’s an industry that’s absolutely, absolutely ripe for disruption.

So they are going after big opportunities, there’s no doubt about that. Number five, the company has a ton to prove, and will need to partner with a ton of different companies out there, or they’re going to need to raise 10s of billions of dollars to pull off what they need to pull off, okay? because believe me.

They have to pull off all the infrastructure of infrastructure build out a loan could be billions, if not 10s of billions of dollars, then never mind ramping production lines of semi trucks, as well as you know, pickup trucks and other potential future products.

Companies literally gonna need to raise 10s of billions, or they will have to partner with a ton of ton of companies. And you know, partnering is not that easy. It’s not that easy. It’s actually quite complicated to partner with another company, especially on projects where we’re talking about the other partner needs to fork up, you know.

Potentially billions of dollars to get something up and running. Okay. Number six, the company has a lot of moral, ethical, big questions. Trevor Milton has those, the company in general has those Okay, we went through.

I think, what three of them and just In this video, we probably could have gone through even more than that, Okay, number seven, the company has a good level of interest around it, that’s a very positive thing, right?

I’m doing this video on this video is probably going to get a lot of views right. In my past Niccolo videos have gotten a lot of views, there’s clearly a high level of interest in this company, okay? Which means if they can succeed, and they can, you know, put some products out there that gets a lot of people excited.

They’re gonna have the world’s attention, right? Because a lot of people are paying attention this a lot of people want to see is this going to be a success or a failure? What are their products gonna be like, there’s a lot of eyeballs on this man.

I’m telling you is a good level of interest around and that’s phenomenal news, the hardest thing to usually get is a high level of interest in this company definitely has a very good level of interest. Okay, number a Niccolo world is happening in December, right.

And that’s gonna be a massive positive or negative for the stock, we’ll have to see what it is. Obviously, none of us know, because we haven’t seen the products and those sorts of things. But you know, if that badger trucks actually on stage to actually driving it, and they can actually take people on test drives, and it’s a good experience, you know.

Maybe there is huge potential there, then they still have to obviously execute on infrastructure, as well as ramping up production lines and potentially partnering with companies and things like that or raising tons of capital, but you know, hey, if they show off, you know, a product that you can actually drive around in and go for a test driving that would be big Okay.

At the same time if this event is delayed, for some bs reason, or things like that are just like you know, things aren’t that impressive and it’s just like a trucks up there on stage but no one can drive the truck or anything you know, that could be a big negative for the stock can add up to even more questions because like, wow.

You have a pickup truck that’s supposedly on stage but yet no one can touch this No one can go for a test drive on it hmm that would be very much a negative right? So my opinion on on if I’m thinking about buying the stock or waiting personally Wait, you know, that’s that’s kind of my two cents on this one.

You know, do whatever you want make your own moves, you want to buy the stock short, sell the stock wait in the stock. I certainly won’t be short selling the stock and tell you that much. But I’m certainly far from buying the stock.

I am just waiting Okay, it’s way too spec for me right now, I mean way to spec you’re talking about a company that doesn’t have these products in the real world yet and has basically $0 of revenue. That’s a whole other level of speculative right there’s some speculative stocks you can buy out there that are smaller market.

Caps but are actually generating revenues and profits and those sorts of things. This company is not really doing anything right now. They’re just hoping to you know, do stuff and they’ve got research and development going and things like that way to spec the valuation needs to come down another 50%.

Plus so we’re not gonna is one of them talking anywhere close to me buying the stock valuation would need to come down 50% or more or I would need to see some huge showings for this company likes potentially you know, if they show us something December and that truck is you know, the the Badger is awesome and people can test drive and it’s like, oh, man, this is such an awesome trunk.

Okay, then maybe we’re talking but as of right now, yeah, that valuation needs to come down a long long way from here even though it’s come down a long long way it needs to go actually a lot further in my opinion to make somebody like me actually interested in this Okay.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video as always kind of an in depth look at Nicola what’s going on there and things like that. Make sure you smash the thumbs up if you don’t mind. For the YouTube algorithm. It definitely helps out the channel.

And also if you’re looking to scale your portfolio, check out the first link in the description out there that will help you out immensely. Thank you for watching, and have a great day.

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