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Today we talk about stocks to buy now, stocks to watch and stocks to hold! The Stock market is either hitting record highs or getting close to… Tons of stocks are flying up like WOW! LMK if you think any of these stocks are stocks to buy now or just stocks to watch! Also, LMK what you think about this stock market at the moment. The Nasdaq is a beast and the S&P 500 is as well.

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Hey guys, it’s another green Jay out there in the market here today and it’s a very, very Green Day in the public account here today as of right now we’re up over $22,000 in the public account here today, one of seven stock card counts.

You know this, this account has had an amazing past year like just amazing, we have absolutely destroyed the market. And I’m very thankful for where this accountant has gone needless to say, but in this video here today, we’re going to look at the public account in its entirety.

Okay, we’re looking at every single stock in here, I’m going to talk to you about stocks I might sell that are in that account, I’m gonna talk to you about some stocks I might buy, whether that’s stocks I already hold in that account, or brand new stocks.

I’m actually going to show you some stocks and we’ll also talk about stocks that I’m just planning on holding I’m not planning on selling them or buying them so I hope you guys really enjoy this and a lot of you guys been wanting me to do some you know more videos focus on looking at individual stocks talking about individual stock stocks to sell stocks to buy things like that.

I’ve been talking a lot about the market in general lately. So hope you guys really appreciate this and by you know appreciating you know, just smash that thumbs up button, we’re just looking for like, you know, 50,000 thumbs up on this video, something like that, just a modest number.

Okay, and by the way, just so you guys know, the count we’re looking at here today is called the public count. Every single move in that particular account is documented, I was let people know, you know, before I even make the move with socks, I’m thinking about buying with stock something about looking into and things like that.

So if you want to know a lot more about the private group, go ahead and check out the first link in the description. I want to go into a 30 minute presentation in here. You can check that out if you want down there.

Okay, so here we go. Let’s look at the public account. So I haven’t basically like sorted by the the worst stocks to like the best stocks, I guess you could say, okay, in the public count. First thing is the accounts doing amazing.

We’re up $209,000 that doesn’t account for the fact that we’ve taken I think $16,000 in profits in this account already this year, plus received a bunch of dividend money, like you know, it’s absolutely amazing 56% gainer on this one in total.

Okay, so let’s start going through each of these positions, c c, l obviously this is our bad stock in and when I say bad stock, I mean really, really bad stock. I mean, you know, it was a once in 100 year event happened basically right after we started getting in this one.

And you know, it’s unfortunate, it’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. But here’s kind of my opinion on CCL and this has been one I’ve held I’ve held it you know all the way down to shoot where bottom I think it bottomed at like $8 a share or something like that I was willing to hold all the way down there was born to hold it at 10 and 15.

And now it’s 20 plus and in my kind of opinion on CCL it’s like a more of a hold for me when I look at CCL I don’t really want to buy the stock but I’m not going to sell the stock at 21 you know i don’t know we’ve never been through a once in 100 year event with the obviously with the cruise industry. So we don’t know how fast things are going to bounce back or not bounce back.

But in my opinion overall the cruise industry will bounce back. It’s just I think the biggest question about this is does the cruise industry bounce back super strong in 2021? Is it more like 2022? Is it more of a 2023 those are questions that still remain like like I don’t know this I don’t think anybody knows this because once once again.

This is a once in 100 year event that the cruise industry has never been through. So that’s why this one for me. It’s just a hold. It’s not really like something I got like I got to go by carnival. But it’s at the same time I’m not selling Carnival like I’m just like I’ll just hold it and you know hopefully eventually who we go green on that position.

It might take us a year might take us two years. You know who knows maybe longer than that we’ll see. But as of right now when I look at CCL it’s a hold footlocker next stock up here ticker symbol f l am I gonna buy this one sell this one hold this one. footlocker.

I think this one I would like to buy, but I don’t really want to buy at the moment, I would love this one to go back on your cost basis, which you know, goes a long way from here because now it’s up like 14%.

But I would love to add this one into a bigger position. I would have loved to build this into a 20k to 30k position. I actually like footlocker as business. They’re one of the few physical retailers that you know, still really does most of their business and physical retail that actually love you know, the champ stores or footlocker stores.

And those stores are still very busy. Like even as this economy has started to open back up, like I’ve gone to, you know, a few different foot lockers and they’re actually like, busy, like people want to buy new shoes and things like that. And I’m like, you know, it’s just awesome to see.

So footlocker, I would love to buy this one. Ah, I don’t know if I necessarily want to buy it up. 14% if we have a drop in the market are dropping footlocker in general, and it goes back to that, you know, $29 cost basis somewhere around there.

I’ll probably buy some more footlocker because it is a very profitable business when that when they’re making the profits and they can actually be open. They make some very nice profits and they throw some big fatty dividends, okay, and so footlocker love that one, okay, maybe not so much.

You know, 14% winning resorts. Okay. Winning resorts. This one is very Are you similar to a CCL with me but obviously when I’m up on vs CCL I’m down on, but the way I look at it very, very similar. Okay, so Wynn resorts obviously they operate gaming properties here in Las Vegas, the city I live in, as well as Macau, okay.

And Macau is the bigger business and they also have a property in Boston, but that’s just a little mini property. Okay, it’s really about Macau, then it’s about Vegas, then it’s about the Boston property. We’re up 11% on this one and this one, I can’t really buy more.

I want to sell Wynn resorts at $103 Absolutely not. Absolutely not. But do I want to buy not really and here’s the reason why. It’s very similar to a CCL it’s a once in 100 year vet. I don’t know how Vegas is going to open back up. We know Macau is opened back up and Macau is open.

Super weak. I mean, if you look at the Macau numbers, they are beyond awful they down like 90% plus ggR numbers like it is is so bad in Macau, I can’t even explain it to you guys how bad it is. It’s like the numbers are awful.

Okay, so we still got to see Macau, what the heck is gonna happen in Macau? Okay, we’re still gonna see how Vegas opens back up. And I’m definitely going to be going out on strip several times over the next few weeks and just kind of driving around walking around and seeing like, like, Are people coming? Are people coming?

Are they not coming? If they are coming? are they spending money? Like what is really going on in this whole situation? So, you know, that’s another one. You know, the gaming industry has never been through a once in 100 year event before just has it.

And this is a first time and we’re going to get to see how this whole thing opens up. And that’s why it’s just a hole for me. Okay, notes what appears Planet 32. So this is a new stock up in the public count.

Actually, I think I’ve just added a couple days ago, so far is doing amazing. For us, we’re up like 33 34% on 10,000 shares. Absolutely, I would love to add more Planet 13 it’s a little hard to add some Planet 13 when the stocks up like 34% in a matter of, I don’t know, two or three days, however long it’s been since we bought into this one in the public count.

But ultimately Planet 13 has a massive opportunity in front of itself, I can definitely see this stock, you know, being a 5x 10x maybe a more than 10x stock over the next five to 10 years as they open more and more locations around the United States.

They you know, get more and more delivery options and things like that. I think that business model is going to just absolutely take off. I think obviously MJ is going to be federally legalized over time.

Also, I think it over time, once you know MJ gets federally legalized, then Planet 13 Holdings will be able to go on the nysc that will be a whole game changing thing for the stock price in general, because then people won’t look at it as well.

It’s an OTC stock, which is how definitely some investors look at it right now they say, well, it’s an OTC stock. And it’s higher risk for that reason. And it definitely is then say, you know, a stock that’s held on the nysc or something like that.

But over time, I think I think, you know, MJ will be on the right side of history. And I think ultimately, over time, these things will get federally legalized. And I think ultimately over time, Planet 13 is going to be a 510 x if not more than 10x stock over time.

So I might end up buying some more than one but it’s gonna hurt me to buy if I do buy more in the public account because literally, you know, I don’t usually buy stocks that are up more than 10% and to buy a stock that’s up 34% in a few days, it would be a painful pill to swallow, but I might end up doing it. We’ll see.

Okay, it’s definitely a possibility for me buying some more there. Okay. cruzi doozy, 105% gainer on this one on 200 shares, okay, up 70 $400 on cruzi doozy and in terms of Cirrus Logic, phenomenal audio chip supplier, this has been a stock I haven’t you know been in and out of many times over the last.

I don’t know, probably seven, eight years or so. And in terms of cruzi doozy this company is phenomenal. But I can’t buy any more of it. Okay, can’t really buy any more of it. We’re up. We’ve already doubled up our money already took a ton of profits in this stock last year in the public account.

And the way I look at cruzi doozy is it’s just it’s just a hole. Now I’m just holding those 200 shares and I might ultimately sell them off over time. Although I love the company, they do get about 80% Okay, about 80% roughly, of the revenues from just Apple, okay.

This is something that’s big, because it is a big risk factor for cruisey doozy, cruisey doozy, I probably would have held longer term if it wasn’t for that risk factor. But whenever you’re so reliant on just one customer, if that relationship ever goes bad, it’s just devastating to the stock.

I mean, you know, if let’s say, you know, Cirrus Logic came out and said they weren’t going to be in the next generation iPhones because something happened with the relationship with Apple, or maybe you know, cruzi Duda didn’t have the tech to do that or something like that, like the stock is going to be down 30 4050 plus percent the next day, Okay, the next day.

It would be that dramatic because you’re talking about 80% of your customer. So we know cruzi doozy it’s a hold for now. And if it goes you know up to 85 $90 maybe hits a 52 week high I might end up selling off that last 200 shares and cashing out that last bit of profit.

They’re okay so that was more of a sell for me but it’s just not a sell yet. Okay? Oh, on a shelf This is a makeup and beauty company so it’s very affordable products that are very high quality and people have a lot of good things to say about elf This is one.

I got in I think it was around February roughly of 2019 some time around there and it did us amazing we took a ton of profits in this one that was kind of like a cruisee doozy last year took a ton of profits and we’re still holding profits still holding over $10,000.

In profits as of right now that we could literally take here today cost basis was $7.28 unbelievably low and with elf it’s another one I am I gonna buy more elf here No, but am I selling here? Not really. Okay.

I think in order to get me to sell elf the stock has to go over 20 if it goes over 20 I think that’s where I say you know what, maybe I’ll just cash out the last 1000 shows but also I’m thinking about elf beauty in the in the respect of maybe it’s just a super long term hold maybe.

I just hold those 1000 shares over the next you know five years or so and see where this company goes it is a very small cap company relatively speaking you know maybe this is one I just hold and just see where it goes maybe they become a massive beauty giant over time you know time will you know Time will tell with that one but.

I might just end up doing that with elf beauty So for right now at least health is a hold if it goes over 20 I will start having some serious thoughts about possibly selling off and taking the rest of the profit in elf okay that’s on a shelf ru vol ticker symbol RV lV on this one doing amazing for us okay now I mean we’re up over 48% of the stock up.

You know 13,500 on 2375 shares cost based on this one is $11.86 and for me in terms of revolvy Now I have to hold Okay, it’s a hole I would love to buy some more revolve actually you know I would love to get up to about 3000 shares roughly if not go a little over 3000 shares.

I you know somewhere around there roughly but I’m not paying a 48% Premium from where you know my cost basis is on revolve at the end of the day so when I look at this one I would love to add some more shares but for right now since we’re up so massively on this position in a very short.

Amount of time this is a 2020 ad you know this is a very like in a very short amount of time the stock has gone crazy. So for me it’s a hold Okay, it’s a hold in my selling revolt anytime soon. Even though that huge that fast?

Absolutely not because this is a company that if they can execute on a high level, there’s massive upside potential here and I don’t like to sell out of stock with massive upside potential when you’ve made you know 48% that goes back to my whole you know, bread crumb chasers chase the breadcrumbs.

I’m looking for the loaf of bread Okay, so when I looked at the end of the day with revolve it’s a hold it’s just a hold for me and I can’t wait to see where things go over the next few years if it if the stock ever dips huge again.

I’ll likely buy more shares but outside of that it’s just a whole I got a nice size position there 2375 shares you know, it’s it’s it’s a good size position. Okay, fizzy get dizzy they make the look for a product they make other drink products but look for it as the main one.

Okay, busy get dizzy 43 and a half percent gain on a drink maker that we’ve held you know, this is a start there’s another one of the stocks we bought this year in 2020 and it’s just absolutely smashing it for us.

We’re approaching a $17,000 profit now in fizzy get busy if we were to go ahead and sell out on 960 shares so fizzy get dizzy. I’m not selling that stock anytime soon. Okay, this is definitely a hold for me.

No just based upon valuation when I think the likely turnaround for that businesses and why it’s similar to like an elf cosmetics which I bought last year. I think that I see a lot of similarities there.

But at the end of the day when it comes to physical busy, I love the diversity it brings my portfolio and whenever you run a portfolio of any size, especially you know one that has you know, 600k in it.

Let’s say you’ve got to really think in terms of EMI, diversified and fizzy get dizzy the fact that it’s a drink maker has a lot of stability in there because something like Lacroix it sells well regardless if there’s a recession great economic times or just okay economic times.

And so it adds a lot of diversity in balance sheet phenomenal profitability through you know, unbelievable profitability let’s just put it that way. So at the end of the day fizzy get dizzy am I buying more? No, I hold almost 1000 shares I’m good with that.

Am I selling absolutely not in a physical with a 60 $70 even $75 I still wouldn’t sell out that stock just because I love it not just on the valuation once again but on a diversity reasons. Okay. I bought AI robot stocks.

This one’s almost an $18,000 gain and for us if we sold out of it here today, up 75% and I could tell you with iRobot I’m getting close to thinking about selling it okay. Am I gonna buy a robot up here? Absolutely not.

Okay, when I bought entire robot and my cost base on iRobot is about 46 bucks. Okay. When I when I was thinking about buying into that One of the way I kind of looked at it is I think we’re gonna to x our money over the next let’s say three to five years, okay, a to x, so meaning the stock goes to 90 bucks.

Or somewhere around there roughly Okay, and here’s what’s happened, we’ve been in the stock for a very short amount of time. And it’s, you know, it’s up 75% Plus, okay, which means essentially, what I thought was gonna happen with the sock is might end up happening way sooner than I thought it was gonna happen.

Which means essentially, I’ll be likely starting to exit this position sometime soon. Okay, I don’t know exactly when it would be. But it will be sometime soon. Okay, if this stock goes to 85, plus, I will start to sell it on my shares.

And I will slowly start to sell. And when it comes to a stock like I robot, where I’m up huge on and it’s a decent size position, what I end up doing is I sell in chunks, okay, so I sell a little bit, then a little bit more.

So I might sell five to $10,000 worth and another five to $10,000 worth, then another five to $10,000 worth. And I’ll do that over time. But really, I’m looking for the stock above 85. To make me start selling this one, I’m kind of looking more around there.

So that one, definitely getting very close to selling that one and not interested in buying more iRobot Okay, the F the B Okay, the FB amazing stock 50% gainer for us up over $28,000 371 shares one of the biggest stocks in the entire portfolio, I’m definitely not selling that one. not buying it either.

Although I could make an argument that I should be buying even at 230. But I won’t be buying it, okay, I’ll just be honest, that 230 I’m not going to buy it, I should be buying it. It’s just dumb that, you know.

I just had this thing that I can’t find a stock that I’m up 50% on, but it’s still honestly easy money at the end of the day, over the next five years, like the stocks gonna be definitely massively higher in five years from now than it is today.

But with that being said, it’s a hole for me it’s a hole for me, it’s a it’s a very large position, obviously, you know, we’re talking about 85k in that stock over 85k rate of a 600k portfolio. So we’re talking about a good chunk of change is just in that one stock to FBX.

So at the end of the day being that it’s such a big position already. And being that we you know, we’re we’re up huge on at 50%. Plus, I’m just gonna go ahead and hold this one. Do I want to sell FB? Absolutely not.

If FB could go to 300 tomorrow, I wouldn’t sell FB literally, if you go to 300. Tomorrow, I wouldn’t sell it could go to 350. Tomorrow, I wouldn’t sell it, I have, you know, pretty strong confidence that the FB will be the biggest market cap company in the world.

Within five years, we’ll see what happens. You know, who knows what could happen with government regulation or anything like that, that’s all wildcards out there. And those definitely risk factors you have to take into account and that’s why even with a stock like this I have a ton of belief in is you know.

I still have to limit position size. Let’s put it that way. So that B is a hold and no plans together that one anytime soon. Okay, and that’s one of our longest holds in the public count. By the way.

Definitely one of the Long’s holds in the public count if not the longest K, Sky work solutions ticker symbol SW KS, up over $40,000 on this one. Now, they do Skywalk solutions, okay? over 81% gain now on skyworks solutions.

So literally, we could sell out of this and take a 40k profit now 650 shares, scour solutions, massive 5g opportunity for themselves is a great company when it comes to connectivity chips in general.

But when I look at Sky work solutions, up 81% of $40,000, I’m like I don’t really want buy anymore. And it’s a it’s a very similar situation to FB where, yeah, it’s probably gonna go up higher over the next three, five years. Otherwise, I wouldn’t own the stock, I would have already sold out of it.

But at the same time, it’s almost $90,000 we have in the stock out of a 600k portfolio. So it’s a massive position. And when you’re talking about a massive position that is up huge, it’s very hard to add more shares, okay?

Because otherwise you get like under diversified or you might just be adding up prices that might not be like, you know, the passage put it that way. So when I look at skyworks solutions, yes, I do think the stock is going to go up more over the next three, five years, especially as 5g gets rolled out, and that that revenue from 5g starts rolling in, which should be you know.

What they’re going to get for their 5g chips versus everything that’s been 4g in the past should be substantially higher. It’s a great dividend stock that pays, you know, good dividend, especially based upon our cost basis and they will likely continue to raise dividends each and every year.

Amazing balance sheet. Holy smokes, I better stop talking about the stock. It’s making me want to buy more of it. Okay, great management team. One knock I gotta say on them as they do get about 40% of their business from Apple.

So it’s not as as you know, crazy of a number as it is with like, Cirrus Logic, but there’s still that risk with Skywards. What if you know, the relationship went awry? What if you know Apple wants to use somebody else?

Instead, Scott works. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but it is a risk out there. And so you know, but there’s a lot to be excited for with sky work solutions. Okay, let’s talk up here and then we’ll talk about stocks.

I could be potentially buying in this particular account that I actually Don’t hold in this account is Tesla 150 shares here. And this one’s a hold for me. Okay? Do I want to sell Tesla? Nope. Do I want to buy Tesla? Nope, it’s a for me, it’s just a hold.

Okay, here’s it, here’s kind of the reason very similar to skyworks and FB, do we think Tesla’s probably going higher over the next five years more than likely, but at the same time, it’s 132k. I mean, this is a, this is a massive weight in the portfolio.

And Tesla, in this particular account, has begun to become such a large position, that now Tesla is starting to move the entire account based upon really where it goes, because it’s so huge. It’s 132k, and of a 600k portfolio.

So I mean, if Tesla was to have an amazing day, guess what the public counts, like, they have an amazing day as well. If Tesla stock has a horrible day, the whole accounts probably having a horrible day as well.

So when I look at my testimony is, uh, you know, position here in the public health uncomfortable, I would say that I’m comfortable 150 shares, you know, up, almost $100,000 on, which is a crazy number.

I don’t think I’ve never, you know, if I saw that this stock in the public comment, make almost 100k I don’t think I’ve ever made 100k from one stock before, like, that’s a really large number, just from one stock and that stock we’ve held for what, two years, roughly, maybe somewhere around there.

So like, we’ve held this for 10 years. And you know, this is like a two year you know, stock we’ve been in or something, the gains have been insane. It’s a hold, it is a hold for me. And that it you know, it is what it is with Tesla.

I believe it’s going higher over the next five years, but I’m holding it. Okay, so now let’s go ahead and talk about some stocks that I could be potentially adding in the public count that I don’t already hold. Okay.

First one up here is Berkshire Hathaway. So you guys know, I admire Warren Buffett investing legend, no doubt about it. Has he gotten a little outdated over time? Yes. Okay. You know, I will say kind of like great athletes over time.

They kind of, you know, fall off after a little while, you know, the the buffet man, he’s still the man. But you know, with the fact that the tech industry has just roared over the past 2030 years, and it just come out of nowhere and taken over so many businesses, and the fact that Buffett can’t really participate when it comes to all these.

You know, world changing companies, it has made him a little, you know, outdated, but at the end of the day, Berkshire Hathaway has an amazing business model, extremely profitable. Cash like to the sky, right, we’re talking about roughly 140 billion in cash.

And that number could be going higher, well, likely is going higher over the next few years. Because all the cash flow of the business is produced that are at Berkshire Hathaway. And I will say it’s a cheaper valuation in the past.

Now the stock has come back quite strong along with the market recently. Okay. So that makes me say, I don’t necessarily have to buy now don’t really necessarily believe that for P of 100. I highly doubt that for P is going to be at 100.

Okay, that’s going to be way lower than that over the next 12 months, their company is going to show some amazing profits, not just from the businesses that I own, but they have to actually count any change in investment values as well.

Okay, which means essentially, the guests what’s happening all their stock market positions have likely gone up substantially over the past couple months, which means that numbers they’ll show for net income are going to be absolutely ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous.

So that 100 P is the furthest thing from the truth you’ll ever see pretty much in the stock market. So Berkshire Hathaway love it man. It’s a really good company. I just like it just frustrates me because it’s just gone up and up and up along with the market and I’m just like, dang man, give it give a man a chance to buy some shares.

I mean, come on, but I would love that as a Berkshire Hathaway in the public and I think it’s a great stock with great diversity. Look, stock up here. It could be potentially adding any public count is Hasbro so they make a ton of toy.

So let’s put that way toys and games and things like that for kids. And big kids like myself. We love to shoot Nerf guns. Okay, so Hasbro ticker symbol, h a s $10 billion market cap. And there’s a company that you know.

Has this another one kind of like a Berkshire Hathaway, it’s come back stronger, stronger with the markets now over 80 I really wanted to get in this one in the 70s, particularly the 60s. But it’s just ran so much.

But if this comes down either because the market comes down or just comes down in general, back into the 70s. And especially if it ever went to the 60s, I will not you know miss my opportunity, I will take 100% advantage.

I will add this one the public count and I’m likely going to add this one the dividends only a count as well if it does go back down there because this is a phenomenal, phenomenal dividend stock. I mean absolutely amazing dividend stock very consistent, and will likely stay very consistent in terms of paying out dividends over time.

Okay, let’s one up here I could potentially add is the real real ticker symbol. This one is real, okay. There’s some real real upside potential in the real real over the next 510 years, in my opinion.

Very small market capitalization 1.2 billion and I definitely see this company being a potential 5 billion $10 billion company over the next five or 10 years long as they execute on a high level. And real real.

The hardest thing for me with the real real is it was 11 bucks very recently, and I was thinking about buying it, and I didn’t buy it that particular day. Next thing, you know, the next day went up a bunch, it was in the 12.

And I was like, well, maybe I’ll come back down then it was in 13th, and 14th. And I’m like, What the heck now it’s almost 15. So it’s been quite frustrating for me to watch a real real continue to go up without getting a position built.

But I have, it’s not one of those stocks I’m desperate to buy. The reason being is they don’t make any money on their bottom line. And then I expect it to anytime soon. And so whenever I look at those type of companies, I try never to get desperate and buying them and try never to get really like FOMO in general to the stock market.

But especially when it comes to a stock like real real but if it real real comes back down a little bit, you know, I’ll be buying some real real in the public account. Now the next thing people might be asking is will it be buying any puts in the public account like any any put options out there any bets that the market will be going lower particular stocks will be going lower?

Anything like that. Okay. And obviously, it’s a very fair question, because, you know, I do not like where valuations are right now. I think everybody knows that. I think valuations are extremely rich on the high my high majority of companies out there, I think we still got a lot of uncertainty to work through.

And here we are today, NASDAQ just hit a 52 week high, which means if it hit a 52 week high and an all time high here today, Who would have ever thought it the NASDAQ hitting a 52 week high within you know why a once in 100 year event is still going on called Roni Rona? Right.

Absolutely extraordinary. And so for anybody to be asking, will I be buying puts on this market? I think it’s a very fair question. The answer is unfortunately, no I can’t I mean, you could have made an argument that the NASDAQ was rich 1000 points ago 1500 points.

Ago at the end of the day I can’t buy puts on this market and the reason being is you just don’t know once one you don’t know really how the economy is going to do how things are going to open back up.

So what if things opened up that backup really short corporate earnings get read back then alson valuations start to make little sense you know, that’s you we don’t know if that’s going to happen it could potentially happen maybe it does maybe it doesn’t so I can’t I’ve never been able to buy puts in this market even though.

I’m kind of you know, anti how much it’s come back so fast without proving anything we haven’t proved anything yet in terms of corporate profitability or anything like that. And the market has just run like crazy.

But I can’t bet against it. I just can’t man is too dang dangerous because you know, who knows maybe the NASDAQ goes over 10,000 11,000 12,000 and you got all these put option positions and you’re just getting absolutely decimated.

I mean, absolutely decimated I’ve seen a lot of people and happened to over the last several months you know, they they saw everything that was going on with economic numbers like it’s going to get worse it’s going to get worse you know, it’s going down NASDAQ’s go to 5k Apple stocks going under 200 this stock you know.

Amazon is going to be down to 1500 and just you know looking at all the different stocks and saying you know it’s gonna go down here gonna go down there and they placed a lot of bets that you know, these stocks were gonna go down like that and a lot of them just obviously haven’t and they’ve gone up massively and people have lost you know.

You know, all their money and that’s why throughout this whole thing I’ve been like I can’t I can’t short this market I can’t buy this put options on this market. I’ve said that time and time again because it’s just too dangerous in the end because you know, that’s how you get absolutely devastated.

Okay, so, but anyways, I hope you guys really enjoyed this video hope you got a lot of value out of it going position by position, giving you my opinion, if I’m selling buying and alongs new stock so make sure you smash thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video as always, and let me know of any stocks you think I should buy in that comment section.

We’d love to hear from you guys. As always, thank you for watching and have a great day. If you want to know more about prepper group link in the description. First one

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